RarelyUsed October 2012 Archives

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np: RU Stage 11

Posted on Oct 20, 2012

Recently, the Senate had a vote to decide if Cresselia and Durant should be retested. They concluded that both Durant and Cresselia deserve a second chance, and thus marks the beginning of Stage 11! You can find the votes on Cresselia and Durant here and here, respectively. With Cresselia's unrivaled defenses and Durant's impeccable offense, the metagame is sure to be shaken up. You are now able to use the two former BL2 Pokemon on the ladder, so be sure to test them out and post your thoughts in np: RU Stage 11 - Bark at the Moon! ~DittoCrow

Letters go Live

Posted on Oct 15, 2012

I'm pleased to announce that hubs will now be working hand-in-hand with the Corrections & Contributions section of Smogon. C&C is well known for ensuring quality in both content and prose, and those standards will now be shared with hubs. A new C&C subforum, Letters, has just been launched. Letters allow users to write about important aspects of a metagame or battling techniques that would normally be too short to make a full article. Any letters for RU will be featured right here on our hub! To learn more about letters, check out this. If you'd like to pitch an idea for a possible letter, head over to the Letters Approval and Index thread. This is a great opportunity to spread your metagame knowledge and help others get into RU, so don't be shy. Keep writing, and you just might find yourself with a shiny new Pre-Contributor or Contributor badge. ~Jellicent

New Project: The RU Forum Ladder

Posted on Oct 6, 2012

The RU Forum Ladder is the next big project to hit the RU tier. It was first mentioned in the RU Standard Mini-Tournament, which was just recently won by SilentVerse! The tournament stated that people who did well in the tournament would have an advantage in the upcoming project; players who got far in the tournament got placed into higher ranks in the Forum Ladder. Since SilentVerse won the tournament, he is in the highest rank!

How this project works is that there are five ranks of players, 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest. Players can battle other players in their same rank; if they win a lot, they'll move up a rank, but if they lose a lot, they'll move down. This is a great way to get involved in the community. First, battling RU regulars gives you the chance to meet new people and get more involved in the tier. Second, this project is the chance that everyone has been looking for to prove their skill. The most prestigious RU players will be in rank 5, so there will be lots of competition on the way to the top! Finally, players will be rewarded for their efforts, as getting to higher ranks will earn you points towards the RU Awards. ~DittoCrow

RU Awards Round 2 Winner

Posted on Oct 4, 2012

Pocket has just been crowned as the winner of RU Awards Round 2! He dethroned ShakeItUp by setting a new record of 29 points, beating ShakeItUp's record by 2 points. Pocket came away with the win by achieving two of the main awards: Most Creative Poster and Best Teambuilder. Last round, ShakeItUp was awarded with the Community Contributor Badge since he was already on the Senate. Because Pocket already has the badge, he was awarded with a seat on the rotating council the next time that RU has a vote. Be sure to congratulate Pocket on his great efforts and contributions to RarelyUsed! Stay tuned for a new round of awards within the next few days. There will be many more upcoming projects and threads, so keep checking both the hub and the forum to stay up to date. ~DittoCrow

October 2012 Tiering Shifts

Posted on Oct 1, 2012

With the September Usage Stats come the October tiering shifts. The most used Pokemon in RU, Cofagrigus, has moved on up to UU; surely this change will shake things up. In return, UU has given our beloved RU their old favorite sand sweeper, Stoutland. These changes will almost certainly make the metagame all the more offensive, though only time will tell for sure. Now's a great time to start testing out some brand new sets and teams, so get out there! ~Jellicent