UnderUsed Hall Of Fame

This page will serve to immortalize the achievements of some of the finest users UnderUsed has seen, displaying their excellence to be seen by all others.

Underused Mini-Tournaments

Mini-Tournament #1: Slumming it in UU

Winner: FlareBlitz

Runner-up: kokoloko

The very first mini-tournament put a twist on the Underused metagame, seeing low-usage Pokemon from the Overused tier drop down to conglomerate with old friends in this tournament. Flareblitz, a veteran member of the Underused community, was able to exploit a Grass Knot Tornadus to power himself over the runner ups kokoloko and Noblesse Oblige and take the title!

Mini-Tournament #2: No-Hazards UU

Winner: RT.

Runner-up: kokoloko

The second tournament took one of the most vital aspects to the Underused tier, removed it, and set its players into combat against each other, having to rely on powerful attacks and quality match-ups to power through walls and tanks. After a month of top-notch battles and kokoloko once again upsetting Omicron in a semi-final match, RT, another veteran member of the Underused community, prevailed as the winner!

Mini-Tournament #3: Back from the Future

Winner: RT.

Runner-up: DestinyUnknown

The third UU Mini-Tournament gave contestants some new toys to play with. It started right before the October tier shifts, and allowed players to use a handful of predicted UU drops. Abomasnow, Meleotta, Metagross, Mew, Tornadus, and Virision were added to the list of useable Pokemon, and battlers had to anticipate the changes to the metagame. RT again claimed victory after three great games with DestinyUnknown.

UnderUsed Mini-tournament #4 - Standard

Winner: hilarious

Runner-up: kokoloko

The fourth UU Mini-Tournament was a standard tournament with no special rules or regulations. hilarious won the tournament in a showdown with kokoloko, claiming his first tournament victory.

UU Mini-tournament #5: Sand Stream

Winner: Ernesto

Runner-ups: DestinyUnknown and kd24

This Minitour was played with Sand Stream unbanned. Players could use Hippopotas to summon permanent Sandstorm, boosting Stoutland, Sandslash, and Rock-type Pokemon. Ernesto beat users kd24 and DestinyUnkown in a three way final.

UU Mini-tournament #6: Slumming It In UU II

Winner: Ace Emerald

Runner-ups: SOMALIA and fatty

The second edition of Slumming It In UU brought down several Pokemon that were close to UU usage, most notable Haxorus and Reuniclus. Ace Emerald defeated SOMALIA and fatty in the last round, utilizing the overwhelming might of Haxorus and the combination of bulk and power that Reuniclus provided.

The Apocalypse Mini-Tournament

Winner: RT.

Runner-up: Hulavuta

The last tournament of the fifth generation brought players back to the beginning. All Pokemon banned from UU were unbanned in a crazy tournament metagame. RT. won the tournament using the mighty power of Kyurem and Wobbuffet in a best of one match against Hulavuta, who brought a very similar team.

Underused Challenges

Counter that Pokemon!

Winner: FlareBlitz

Runner-ups: Heysup

Hosted by JabbaTheGriffin

UU Dark Horse Project Round 1

Grandmaster (>2050 & top 3): Hyperbeem (Galvantula)

Bronze Class (1899-1850 & top 50): relaunched (Durant), FlareBlitz (Ditto)

#genvuu Challenges

Hosted by PsYch071c

Round 1

Winner: Ninjacalibur

Theme: Monotype

Round 2

Winner: FlareBlitz

Theme: All-Choice Team

Round 3

Winner: TP03

Theme: Low-usage Team

Round 4

Winner: hilarious

Theme: All-Choice Team

The UU Mafia

Winner: RT.

Runner-ups: Double01, Pokemazter

Hosted by PK Gaming

The last of the tiers to begin a Mafia-themed challenge also had a very short run with the idea. Although a winner in RT., beating all 5 bosses in 25 days, and 2 runners up (Double01 managing 3 wins in 25 days and Pokemazter, 2), the Mafia was deemed to be dying, as support from its current bosses was waning. PK Gaming has however promised another challenge similar to the Underused Mafia.

The UU Mafia 2

The second iteration of the UU mafia saw some changes to make the challenge a little easier. The mafia members had to form half of their teams from a bank of Pokemon used by team leaders in game and challengers only had to wait 48 hours between challenges, which was later changed to 24. Even with these adjustments, no user was able to conquer the band of elite UU players.