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Feb 5, 2012
Sep 12, 2010
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Feb 5, 2012
    1. PoJ
      Sorry for the long wait, Ald. I think I can fix it, so once I think I do have it fixed (In like, 30 minutes maybe), I'll come on xat and we can battle :D
    2. Aldieb
      Just exit and reconect, it will eventualy.
    3. PoJ
      Hmm... I hope my wi-fi lets us battle ._.
    4. lmitchell0012
      My inbox is full now. Let's continue our conversation on my wall, shall we??
    5. DracoMihawk
      i wasn't hacking, not my fault i got 2 first turn wakeups, besides if you look at it they didn't matter, so stop whining and disconnecting when things don't go your way
    6. smartgamer
      i had 3 bars, want to try again?
    7. 2704
      Hmm, interesting dc. I had full bars, so it wasn't me. Probably had it anyway.Good day, bro
    8. ray423
      I guess you did not want to battle then. Have a good evening.
    9. ray423
      been waiting awhile are you coming into wi-fi for the battle or should I look for a new opponent?
    10. ray423
      I do not know if my eyes were playing tricks on me or what but I put the wrong FC in for you. I do not know why either. I put an FC code in that began with 0560 and not yours. I got it fixed now and am going back in.
    11. ray423
      Just now realized I did not say which FC. Use my soul silver one.
    12. winnkey
      hmmm i accepted your battle on the thread but for some reason i can not connect to the NWC
    13. MisterMushy
    14. Aldieb
      OK, for people who are completely retarded (and a number of you seem to be) let me explain a few things.

      1. If you are acusing me of a DC, think about how the battle is going before you do so.... Im not fuken dcing on you when Im about to win, dont be retarded.

      2. I DONT hack pokemon, if you are doing less damage than expected, or are taking more, think of outside infulances on it, such as items, screens, etc.
    15. Gonzo206
      Want to OU?
    16. ray423
      i will ou battle
    17. M.Bosque
      i thought so, but wasn't sure
    18. M.Bosque
      good game my swampert really turned things around and yours was pretty nifty with toxic/ protect, crit on that heracross was lucky. i wonder if i used earthquake instead of x scissor???
    19. Intervention HD
      Intervention HD
      Good game, Next time tell me if you don't want to face Bliss/Skarm.
    20. SakuraStrife
      great game. XD Man, I was only able to take 1 of your pokes out. But yeah! gg ^^ You're really good!

      (I've been uploading the past 2 days ; ; So i think I'm gonna take a break for a bit and just ou/uu a bit without uploading for a bit. When I feel like uploading, you'll be the first I contact ^^)
    21. CelestialShadow
      Damn bro. Pro much? :D
    22. Metal x Soldier
    23. joshk_bra
      i didnt think my bug weakness would catch up to me haha
      you're the only person i ever play with a CS hera :P
    24. Tsunami
      please reply or should I report you
    25. Tsunami
      why'd you disconnect?
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    FC. 3654 2323 9197
    BW OU Record: 104W - 17L
    Smogon Server PO Peak (BW OU): 1703

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