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Jul 29, 2010
Mar 12, 2009
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Jul 29, 2010
    1. ariq2kpokemanz
      lol armedfro uses hacks
    2. BloodRose
      ...alright then
    3. BloodRose
      what happened ==" full signal here...ill battle you same moves if you didnt dc
    4. c l e a r
      c l e a r
      argh, if Swampert would have stayed a while longer, I would have a lot more answers to things.

      w/e, gg, what kind of Choice Togekiss carry Grass Knot anyways?
    5. _Nape95
      i know but toda i got a lot^^
      hm maybe we can redo our match an pther time i would like to go to bed now
    6. _Nape95
    7. _Nape95
      oh man, on more time i got an se miss :s
    8. geassmyass
      gg, i made lot of mistakes there
    9. Trackman
      gg, your venasaur was awesome
    10. Trackman
      armed im running a the wrong team can i run and we restart? sounds shady but i have a poke im leveling up on my team
    11. Danny
      Great game. Better luck next time =]
    12. KingOldBoy
      ok. I was just wondering.
    13. KingOldBoy
      gg. will i get see this battle on youtube? :D
    14. LetsJamWitLam
      okeydokeyyy ill battle you.
    15. ArmedFro
      first of all it was them the first one d/ced cuz i was winnning and the second one was cuz he had hg/ss and used a pokeball that wasn't int platinum i know my router and please don't do the shameless plug again thanks :)
    16. Enygma
      In regards to your previous D/C incidents: I don't think they were intentional. In fact, I don't think it was your opponents that caused the D/C, but rather your connection. I'm not accusing you of a D/C, but I think I know how to solve the D/C's. Try updating your router's firmware. Try heading onto their main website and downloading the newest firmware. It should patch things up. Or get a new one :P
    17. whitesack
      rematch same moves? and i didnt dc
    18. YankeeFan802
      Yeah I understand, figured I'd ask before I upload :P. I need to fix mine up to so maybe once we're both settled we can have a rematch :D
    19. YankeeFan802
      Check mine out too, http://www.youtube.com/user/Yankeefan802 I have to start uploading more @_@. You mind if I upload the battle we just had? I should have 2 uploads tomorrow, I'm editing a battle I had a while ago right now.
    20. YankeeFan802
      xD, around the last few turns I had to find my charger because the light turned red to 8D
    21. YankeeFan802
      Good game dude :D. I got a bit lucky when Hydro pump missed xD. My team could use a bit of work =/
    22. dude14159
      Like if wifi detects either trainer's pokemon are hacked then it does not let you upload the batttle video. I was trying to transfer the video onto my Edgecard so i could upload it but since it wouldnt upload i couldnt. I was sure that it wasnt my pokemon that were pokesavved wrong because i uploaded videos before. So you must have done something wrong with the ball moveset area obtained or IVs or something
      My suggestion is to check for IVs for stuff like shaymin on shoddy team builder because you can have an accurate iv count and put met at lvl 100 and place put 2001 which is a link trade. That way its more legit and change everythng to a pokeball haha
    23. dude14159
      Oh yeah you might want to brush up on your pokesav skills because your pokemon are not uploadable on wifi xP
    24. McLovinn
      Not sure what's wrong with it, it was the right FC.. I don't want to waste your time so I guess you can find someone else.. sorry, hopefully I won't have these problems when HeartGold arrives on Monday/Tuesday :(
    25. McLovinn
      I'll readd also I guess
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