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Jan 21, 2013
May 31, 2011
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from Texas

lolfailsnail was last seen:
Jan 21, 2013
    1. Breakspear
      Hey man were opps for the BW doubles tour, I'm GMT+12 and can only after this weekend since i'm away. Lemme know about you, thanks.
    2. drcossack
      yup, that was me.
    3. pokemonrocks777
      hey Awesome thanks man i have not been able to down load it casue of a City wide Power Outage lol I'll down load it when I can ok and Btw you should Call me sometime
    4. kingofmars
      don't worry about it man, I was just thankful that I finally had one battle that didn't end in a dc. Let's try to get a rematch at nats alright mate?
    5. Brandon13569
      Yea it was me lol, sorry to seem like a jerk by D/C'ing but Pokecheck put me in a bad position to train. I'm really paranoid about my Nationals team being possibly stolen from Battle Videos, so I've been avoiding alot of Trainers I think are 'good Americans' I've been fighting alot of Japanese and other countries just to be safe. Sorry though D:
    6. Sixonesix
      Oh yeah, gg. Man I was sure I was screwed from the start because I misclicked and brought Amoonguss instead of Chandelure, heh.
    7. ZachDro
      Mario Party games are always welcome! And sounds good, I'll send a message once we figure it out. Gotta find out if my brother is coming or not first, he's the one that's filming.
    8. Stormfront
      No it really isn't...
    9. Stormfront
      Was that really worth VMing me instead pf PO/IRC?
    10. Baz Anderson
      Baz Anderson
      Hello there! Yes, I thought that might have been you on there. My signal strength turned red, it played out the rest of the turn but then disconnected me. It's been a little weird today, so it's a shame about the battle - but at least we were only a few turns in.
    11. V17
      lol did I just battle you? I played a guy named SNAIL from texas
    12. Killah
      gg brother

      can see why you're already 9-0 :toast:
    13. V17
      and you would never let me make one :c
    14. Eo Ut Mortus
      Eo Ut Mortus
      Alright, thanks. Don't worry about it; I'll play a sub if you're subbed out.
    15. Danish555
      yeahh its gonna be my first vgc nd ima be in the masters u?
    16. Danish555
      hey hows the regional goingg?
    17. Human
      Let's try to do the battle now.
    18. Human
      Actually has to be some time tomorrow I guess, but yeah, weekend if you can let Alaka know to give us more time.
    19. Eo Ut Mortus
      Eo Ut Mortus
      Okay, I'll probably be available at exactly 7 PM.
    20. Eo Ut Mortus
      Eo Ut Mortus
      Hi, we're opponents for the VGC10 tournament; when can you battle?
    21. RBG
      I should be able to battle tonight after 7 PM EDT.
    22. RBG
      I'm working on my team still, but it should be done early this week.
    23. pokemonrocks777
      hey sorry what time do you see him?
    24. pokemonrocks777
      oh that lvl 1 croagunk
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    VGC 2011 Dallas Regionals - Top 16
    VGC 2011 US Nationals - 40th Place
    VGC 2012 Houston Regionals - 6th Place
    VGC 2012 US Nationals - 9th Place


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