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Aug 10, 2011
Mar 13, 2009
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    1. Rename Card
    2. Rename Card
    3. demondragon0
      oh sorry i did not know it was redis i thought it was semi redis sorry i been out of pokemon for long time so i been looking around on smogen to find out wats redis and wats not don't worry only person who got there hands on was shady no one else from now on
    4. FriDanny
      Hey Rysta, is your Ho-oh Redistributable? Just want to make sure since someone is advertising it as fully redistributable. Here is the post for more info.
    5. zdaman011
      Ah, combat arms.. I used to play alot
    6. zdaman011
      Ah, I see. So now you play the online shooting games you post on youtube?
    7. c l e a r
      c l e a r
      Thanks, so if you could send it over a bit later, it will be great.
      I just checked my mailbox now and I don't see anything.
    8. zdaman011
      Wow, so there's no point in trading anymore?
    9. zdaman011
      Really? How?
    10. zdaman011
      lol, I'm back after a year and half. And ah, interesting. Pokemon has been getting kinda boring for me, too. But I'm sure black and white is gonna renew my interest
    11. c l e a r
      c l e a r
      oh, you lost them? No wonder you left.
      Sure, send it over the e-mail address that I have here, I think it is crystal_clear_zero@hotmail.com

      If you ever do come back, I'll owe you something.
    12. SunshineCat
      Hey, is the Shuckle breeding project still on?
    13. SunshineCat
      Hey, sorry to bother you, but how's the Shuckle breeding project going?
    14. locoghoul
      thanks a lot. Let me know whatever you want on the meantime
    15. Eppie
      No problem (:
    16. Eppie
    17. Eppie
      Have you never watched this?

      Syberia uses the code for Slot 2, but as you will see in Command Prompt at the end of the video, it lists the slotcodes for all six slots, meaning once you choose your started from the bag of the professor, you can use RSEdecoder to find your OT + SID. Also it lists the PID / IV's / Nature etc of Pokémon, even if they aren't hatched yet.
    18. Eppie
      No, you have to trade the Egg by using VBA link from 1 save file to another.

      I have 340 save states, which gives me roughly a 1/25 chance of having a save file that matches the PID of the egg. How I do it, is I RNG the parents and stuff then I start hatching eggs and making save states, writing down the PID's of the eggs. When I have 10 or 20, I'll decode them to Binary's to check if one of the 20 matches with one of my 340 save states. Making those save states isn't hard, but annoying work, but it pays of in the end. I did 4 Emerald shiny's in three days.
    19. locoghoul
      calm blissey with seismic toss and aromatherapy
    20. Eppie
      Yea, but making 200+ save games is fucked up xD
    21. demondragon0
      yes i know but im makeing a change now im very close from my first rng abuse and my game at last is hitting 15 seconds at last and good delays
    22. Eppie
      All you have to do is play until you can pick the starter out of the bag, from that point Rsedecoder can give you both OT and SID.
    23. locoghoul
      can you do a BP before you quit?
    24. demondragon0
      lol yea i could trade it to you duh just tranfer it from emerald to platium then trade the pokemon to you lol hahah
    25. demondragon0
      oh yea if you find me nother spread i promose you i have it done and rng abuse tomoz ready to trade to you
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    The thread of Rysta and Diploman.
    Gave up on pokemon.


    Credit to Aragornbird for the Swinub^^.
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