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"......It is time. No use in any more dilly-dallying. It the perfect time to vie for the Leader position.. my dream. WaterWarrior! I, Glacier Knight, challenge you to the slickest of Qualifiers! Two battlers, One Victor, and the Title of ASB's First Ice Gym-Leader! Let us began as soon as possible.. I wish you the best of luck."

Challenging WaterWarrior for the Ice Gym-Leadership

4vs4 Singles (bring 4, use those 4)
2 Day DQ
Switch= OK
Abilities= ALL
2 Recoveries and 6 Chills
2 Substitutions per pokemon (plus one KO sub)
Items= ON

It's now or never..
A few months of training... hours upon hours of dedication... and it all comes down to this...

Alright! No more dramatics! We came here prepared for a battle, and that's exactly wha'ts going to help you! My Pokemon and I accept your challenge! May the best Ice-type trainer win!

Brace yourselves, everyone. It's about to get real cold in here... (and punny. Oh. So. Punny. Don't you mean it snow or never?)

Are we allowed to invoke Turn order = Coin? I would like to do that if possible.


unless someone already took this, of course.


Official Smogon Know-It-All
I thought everyone could be trusted to do all of these challenges by themselves. Honestly.

So, for Normal-Gym, and for that matter, anyone else trying to put up a gym now:
When I get back from my holiday, I'm going to actually check out these matches and the competitors. I was going away when I okay'd Yarnus, so I just assumed he checked everything, but apparently not. This means that everyone should continue matches they have already started, but other people should just stay put: you certainly don't need a best of three formats counter farm like is being suggested now. It will end up a round-robin or small knockout tournament depending on numbers, for each gym. Just wait until I get back and can do it properly on IRC.

Until then, it would help if anyone interested in a gym could PM me, even if they have before, or already have, a match up. You have until ~Wednesday to do so.

That will be all.


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Okay, so:

Maxim, Yarnus and SimonSays will all face off for the Normal gym. There will be three singles matches in a format that each pair will decide on. Whoever wins both matches gets the gym. If everyone wins one match, I'll proceed from there depending on the three matches: most likely picking two players to play a final if one player clearly does worse than the other two. But that's tbc.

So to you three: contact the other two and organise a format and arena for your match, then post for a ref here and get battling. Hopefully this won't take too long.

"To arms, gentlemen! We've gathered here today to see who can be the best of the type so plain, people sometimes forget that is a thing. Well, bully to them! We have some things that they will never have: we have spunk! We have drive! And we have diversity! And so, we will lead the charge! Prepare yourself, Maxim!"

Challenging User Maxim for the title of Normal Gym Leader!
4v4 Singles (Bring up to six)
Normal typed Pokemon only
2 Day DQ, 3 Days for Refs
5 Chills/2 Recoveries
2 Substitutions
All Abilities
Arena: ASB Arena

And yes, waiting of Yarnus to post our challenge.

PS: Maxim: Simon Says =/= SimonSays

EDIT: And Accepting that guy, down there. That one. vv

"Ah so the time has finally come hasn't it? Well, I'm not one to dissapoint, I will give it everything I've got and then some. If you hope to win, you'll have to drag me kicking and screaming to my loss. Prepare yourself SimonSays!"

Accepting SimonSays match.
Maxim, prepare to meet your loss! In have literally spent my entire career training for this one battle: I will not lose.

4v4 Singles (Bring up to six)
Normal typed Pokemon only
2 Day DQ, 3 Days for Refs
5 Chills/2 Recoveries
3 Substitutions
All Abilities
Arena: ASB Arena

"Ah yes, as for you Yarnus, the only one that will lose is yourself. You will soon find folly in your attempt at winning this gym. I will give it everything I've got, analyze every move you can possibly make, and you will not win unless you can defeat every strategy I can muster. Prepare to lose Yarnus!"

Accepting Yarnus's Challenge.
Yeah so I'm a gym committee dude now


C$FP has quit ASB. Therefore his Steel gym will be closed and the position of Steel Gym Leader made vacant. Should he return he will be allowed to reclaim his gym. If an incumbent has opened their own Steel Gym, CMFP will have the right of battling this user for leadership.

Kaxtar has been extremely inactive for a long period of time. His Fighting Gym will be closed and his position of Gym Leader made vacant. Should he return to ASB he will have to apply to be a Gym Leader once again, proving his worth and competing against any competing Fighting Gym hopefuls.

Lou has been inactive since July due to getting shot. He returned for a month and reclaimed his gym position, but ultimately disappeared again leaving his Gym empty and his challengers hanging. Should he return to ASB once more, he WILL NOT have the right to reopen his gym, but must reapply for the position through the selection process. This decision has been made due to the growing strength of potential Dark Leader candidates and Lou's demonstrable unreliability.

Have a nice day~
Relinquishing my hold on the fire gym.

I strongly recommend that e_m gets the badge because I had no chance of winning that match. If necessary I can suicide in that battle with sub 15x2 comboes.

Reffing Simon vs Maxim.
Hi there, I'm a Gym Committee Member as well (MK_Ultra/Texas Cloverleaf/Glacier Knight).

Since Orcinus has Resigned, the Fire Gym is now closed. Elevator_Music has stated above and via IRC that he will deny the Fire Badge, and will not accept it, so the battle will just be closed as it is.

Recap of Gym Updates:

-Texas Cloverleaf is the Dragon Gym Leader (Gym will open after Arena testing, etc.)
-Ice Qualifiers are underway
-Normal Qualifiers are underway (they require refs though)
-Steel, Fighting, Dark, and Fire gyms are offically closed (If you are interested in filling in the position, I suggest you start training)
-Grass is the only type left that does not have a gym/gym just got closed down/qualifiers have not begun. If you are interested, I suggest you begin training.

"Back again I see? Well, after lady fortuna's wrath in the last match, I suppose I can understand... let's see if you can survive this bout!"

3v3 Gym Singles (Challenger PMs the Referee 3 Mons, the Leader PMs 6)
1 Day DQ (Player)
3 Day DQ (Referee)
Banned Moves: N/A
Restricted Moves: Max 5 Chills Per Pokemon ; Max 2 Recovery Moves per Pokemon ; Restricted moves as per Arena
Arena: Bolt Beach
Switch: OK
Items: ON
Abilities: ALL
Substitute Orders: 2
Since I intend to challenge the Normal Gym soon, I better do some scouting now, soooo...

Taking both Yarnus vs Maxim and Yarnus vs SimonSays. PM Teams.

2 vs 2 Gym Singles
Tualang City Gym
Reasonable DQ (don't be stupid, one week max)
2 Recovers/5 Chills per mon
Items=OFF (Bar Gym Berries)
Substitutions: 1
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