Data ASB Gym League Signup Thread+Rewards system Included [Update RE: Training Items]

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It may be dumb a dumb move, but let's get it.

Challenging Gerard and the Psychic Gym

Oh, waterwarrior, I have never been blessed with a good battle against you and your team and I want to prove my mons against all kinds of treats so of course I will jumo into the opportunity to have a clash with vous.

Challege Accepted

4v4 Doubles (GL Gerard brings 6, chooses 4)
3 Day Player DQ Time
∞ Recoveries & Chills per Pokemon
2 Subs
Switch = OK
Abilities = All
Items = On
Turn Order = Coin
Arena = Moon Cave


used substitute
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I know I have been kinda inactive, but I can at least fix that when it comes to gyms, so I'll accept Glacier's challenge from last page, assuming he still wants to challenge.

4v4 Doubles
2 Day DQ
5 Chills / 2 Recovery
Arena: Flying Gym
Switch: KO
Items: Off
2 Substitutions
Faylion you have to be per approved to be able to ref gyms and you typically have to be identified as a good ref through a demonstrable body of work, which is a quality that at this point in your ASB career.

Been a while since I reffed you jas, I will take jas and glacier for the moment, will decide shortly whether to take me as well.

Engineer Pikachu

Good morning, you bastards!
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Kaxtar is gone... and everybody else seems to be getting busy, it's great to see everybody to exited in getting their first badges, but winning against such a great battler just let me looking for another, and I'm thinking I now who I want, I know you will come to my gym as soon as it opens, but meanwhile let see how you defend your toxic palace.

In short:
Challenging Leader Engineer Pikachu to a Gym Battle!
Now that the fight against IAR is done I can update my arena which means you're finally accepted. I'm really late at accepting battles, aren't I?

Format: 4v4 Singles
DQ: 48 Hours
Abilities: TWO
Switch: OK
Items: ON
Substitutions: TWO
Infinite chills / Recovers

I also request a subref here, and will subref for Frosty.

"It appears as if Lou has slipped back into the darkness. As such..."

Challenging the Psychic Gym

Bugging me already red? I was expecting this to come any time now, let's see how much we can do to prevent our little streak to come to an end though all I manage to see is a lot of chaos coming from both side of the arena, it seems this will be a good battle, so bring up the swarm...

Challege Accepted

4v4 Doubles (GL Gerard brings 6, chooses 4)
3 Day Player DQ Time
∞ Recoveries & Chills per Pokemon
2 Subs
Switch = OK
Abilities = All
Items = On
Turn Order = Coin
Arena = Moon Cave
Athenodoros said:
Orcinus Duo said:
can i take my fire gym back
Good to see you back again.

That should be fine. Just find a projmod to edit you back in, because I can't atm while I'm away. Failing that, I'll do it when I get back on Monday.
Orcinus Duo said:
Arena: Flareon Training Grounds

Long ago, Cinnabar Island was a technological mecca, a hub for the brightest minds of a generation. But a volcano erupted on the island, destroying everything there was, or ever will be. There isn’t anything here anymore, in “The Ravaged Town of the Past”…

But is there?

Finally, you reach the topmost layer of Cinnabar Island. Flashes of red dart past the corner of your eye. You turn, but see nothing. The once-charred ground stares resolutely back at you, covered by a hair of swaying grass. Another flash. Turn again, but this time, the emptiness seems to be watching you. The sun is shining brightly, but through a thin veil of steam, which the sun evaporated from the surrounding ocean. A drop of your sweat falls, caught by an outstretched blade of grass that lowers it gently to the ground. The ground here is hard, very hard. What kinds of vegetation are these?

A flash, a turn, a howl, and then you flinch. But then, in the distance, you see the rough, chalked outline of the arena. Determined, you walk to it, and release your Pokemon. The sun shines mercilessly, the steam chokes, and you have a mission to fulfil.

Welcome to the Flareon Training Grounds. After the eruption of the volcano, an elite society of Flareons have cultivated the land. Here, they practice skills that are not privy to the knowledge of the outside world. Flare blitzes right and left, the Flareon here are practically legends in their own right. Thankfully, it is not them who you will be fighting today, but Gym Leader orcinus, who grew up in Canada and hates the weather here as much as you. He’s befriended the Flareons here, and it is here that he learns from the skills of these skilled fighters to beat challengers like you.

There are some special rules here, so pay attention. Spread moves, for fear of invoking the wrath of the nearby Flareons, may not be used in their full capacity, as a safety rule set by orcinus. Instead, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Surf and the like must be focused and directed only at one Pokemon. However, while orcinus wants to obey safety rules, he does not want to disrupt the spirit of the game. And so, spread moves can still hit Pokemon that are using evasive actions, and can wipe out all of the clones of one Pokemon.

The arena is in a stage of permanent sun and steam, which is from the nearby water. This acts as sun in every respect (including the including the BAP reduction of water-typed moves, since the sun evaporates much of the water and steam doesn’t actually hurt), but one—it heals dry skin Pokemon instead of harming then.

The ground is extra hard here, and dig's priority is shifted by -2.

The Flareons have developed a hatred of Stealth Rocks. It would be wise not to irk them.

Finally, orcinus gets a fan and a cooler. You do not.

Summary: Attacking moves that affect more than one opponent must be targeted at one opponent. However, they can still hit Pokemon that are using evasive actions, and can wipe out clones from Double Team.
Permanent Sun/Steam is in effect, acting like Sun in every respect except healing Pokemon with the ability dry skin. This can only be changed by weather rock holders.
No Stealth Rock

Ullar and Zarator, if they choose to rechallenge me, will be bumped to the top of the queue because they challenged me last time.

I will accept challenges by this order: Previous challengers->Chronological order, in 3 days.

4v4 Doubles
3 Day DQ
Items On
All Abilities
2 Substitutions
2 Recoveries/5 Chills per mon

Since Ullar/Zar are both in gym matches currently I can get these matches start right away


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[BOX][08:56:39] elevator_music oh, iar is on
[08:56:45] elevator_music iar wanna ref me vs orcinus c:
[08:56:46] elevator_music :3
[08:56:50] elevator_music :D
[08:56:54] elevator_music >:)
[08:56:56] Texas timeless tower lgi
[08:56:59] IAR uhhh
[08:57:08] IAR sure, if you want lol[/BOX]
Send me teams EM & orc.

Sorry red & Gerard, this is just a request...
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