Data ASB Gym League Signup Thread+Rewards system Included [Update RE: Training Items]

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Rules and FAQ
  • There will eventually be 13 Gym Leaders and 4 Elite Four Members. Should you defeat 12 of the 13 Leaders on their terms, you may challenge the Elite Four.
  • Each individual Gym Leader decides all the rules for each battle (switching, items, whether they send out first or not, etc.).
  • The Gym Leader has a bank of up to 3 extra Pokemon above the number used in battle that can be brought with him into any match, but the challenger can only send in as many Pokemon as the maximum number of Pokemon allowed in the match
  • You may have two open gym challenges open at one time. If you have a battle ongoing, you will automatically be placed lower in the queue than anyone without a current challenge.
  • Leaders are allowed two battles at any one time (for their own gym).
  • If you lose a Gym match as a challenger, you must wait three days before challenging again.
  • Pokemon used in the ASB Gym League can be used anywhere else in ASB (including Exclusive RP's such as TLR).
  • Rewards for Gym Battles are in line with Tower Matches. However, training items have their effect reversed.
  • The Gym Committee reserves the right to reject any and all challengers they deem unprepared for their requested gym challenge.
Upon defeating a Gym Leader you have not defeated before, you may immediately rechallenge another gym. In addition, you may claim the 10 CC Item of their type, e.g. Charcoal for the Fire Gym.

01 BADGE: 10 UC
02 BADGE: 1 Max Revive
03 BADGE: 20 UC
04 BADGE: 2 Type-Resist Berries of each Type
05 BADGE: 30 UC
06 BADGE: 1 Full Restore + 1 Max Elixir
07 BADGE: 40 UC
08 BADGE: VOPs + 1 Battle Item of Choice

09 BADGE: 50 UC
10 BADGE: 1 Master Ball
11 BADGE: 75 UC
12 BADGE: 100 UC + 1 Gem of each Type
13 BADGE: 1 Victini

Gym Leaders are assumed to have their own badge.

Frosty - Electric, Fire, Ghost, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water, Poison

Its_A_Random - Bug, Electric, Ghost, Grass, Ground, Poison, Water
Elevator Music - Electric, Fairy, Flying, Ghost, Grass, Ground, Bug


Dogfish44 - Dragon, Electric, Flying, Ghost, Water

Engineer Pikachu - Bug, Ghost, Normal, Poison

Gerard - Ground, Ice, Psychic
Texas Cloverleaf - Bug, Dragon, Flying
waterwarrior - Dragon, Flying, Ice

Pwnemon - Grass, Poison
Rediamond - Bug, Fighting
zarator - Fighting, Ghost
Leethoof - Bug, Fighting
Matezoide - Flying, Ice

Athenodoros - Flying
Birkal - Fighting
C$FP - Water
Complications - Steel
Maxim - Normal
SubwayJ - Flying
Objection - Flying
Orcinus Duo - Steel
Maxim - Normal
Ragnarokalex - Bug

We will start accepting challengers from now. Simply post the type of the gym you wish to challenge and the leader's name (the arenas are only there for reference, there is no need to copy them).

The gyms currently open are...

Type: Bug
Leader: Rediamond
W/L/T: 6 / 6 / 0 (50.00%)
Current Battles:
Arena: Arachne Manor

Deep in the heart of Viridian Forest a strange mansion dwells among the trees. It is an old manor of gray bricks; the home easily predates the first revolution. Only a handful of servants live in the recmote manor to tend to its equally reclusive but very wealthy lord.

Who is he? I wouldn't ask. He can get rather touchy about personal matters.

He spends most of his days alone, gazing at his collection. Tauros heads are mounted on plaques. A flock of stuffed Farfetch'd hang from the ceiling. A Scyther's body stands poised to strike at any unsuspecting foes, his lifeless eyes finally fitting. He worked long and hard for this collection. It was a welcome distraction from his work.

What did he do? I wouldn't ask. He can get rather touchy about personal matters.

But deep inside the home lies a room that seems out of place. It is an extremely high tech greenhouse complete with weather modification abilities. Toxic plants hang throughout as swarms of smaller bugs eat from their bark unaffected. Insects are remarkably resilient creatures. A tropical rain constantly pours down from above but the insects don't seem to mind. It is soothing and cooling in the room.

And he does not battle with actual insects. Just his Pokemon. The most prized members of his collection.


-Permanent Rain that can only be changed by weather stones for a length of 3r. At the end of the stone's effect, if it is not renewed, the weather goes back to rain.
-So long as rain is up, the attack drop from Burn does not apply
-Moves with the word "poison" in their name gain 3 base power
-4x weaknesses deal x2 damage, 8x weaknesses deal x2.5 damage
-SolarBeam, Synthesis, Morning Sun, and Moonlight work as if the weather is clear if it is raining.

Type: Dark (Closed)
Leader: LouisCyphre
W/L/T: 0 / 0 / 0 (—%)
Current Battles: vs. Geodude6
Nightfall Theatre

Off on its own on a pleasant little field in a pleasant and clean city, sits an outwardly decidedly unpleasant building. This building, named the Nightfall Theatre, houses this city's Pokémon Gym.

Inside are deep red drapes and a strong whiff of lavender, rows of gold-trimmed seats and floor-lit aisles, and a stage. Upon this stage, the Dark-type Gym Leader works his magic.

A challenger is given a seat of their choice for the entertainment to come -- a play, put on by a mix of human and Pokemon actors and accompanied by a likewise-mixed orchestra. The play is vague and meaningless to all but repeat spectators. These depict prior challengers and their tales, or ways in which Lou met each of his Pokemon. At the end, there is polite applause and a brief break for refreshments, before the main attraction is initiated.

The challenger then finds themselves striding down the center walkway betwixt a hushed and watchful audience, ready to take in the coming spectacle. Stepping up onto the stage, the challenger finds their opponent absent, only for the lights to go out throughout the theatre! A single spotlight, narrow at first but widening with each moment, focuses on a robed figure that seems to rise from the floorboards themselves. The robed figure approaches the challenger and speaks—quietly, but heard clearly throughout the silent stands:

"Shall we?"


LouisCyphre presides over this nefarious and technical Pokémon Gym. Using the tricks of stage lighting, Lou will shroud his active Pokémon in darkness, only to reveal a different battler when the lights swing back. His auxiliary team members remain concealed in the shadows, only becoming known when they're brought in to play. Lastly, Lou maintains initiative throughout the opening act, both counter-leading and counter-ordering against the challenger's decisions.

4v4 Singles or 4v4 Doubles; Leader's whim.
3 Substitutions
3 Day DQ.
Unlimited Recoveries and Chills
All abilities
Items Permitted
Switches Permitted For Challenger Only (see arena effects)

Dim the Lights (Arena Switch Mechanic)
  • At the end of each round, Lou declares a secret switch in a private message to the referee, without initiating a switch phase. This is something he must do; he cannot chose to stay in if he still has a bench. The Pokemon switched in will switch in after the round is reffed but before anyone issues orders.
    • This "free" switch is declared as part of the round, therefore effects like U-turn allow countering this switch -- the challenger sends out their U-turn target after seeing what mon Lou switches to. However, if both players use a switching move, Lou sends his switch out second in lieu of his free switch.
      • In general, the order in which switches occur is Lou's Free Switch, U-turn/Volt Switch, and then a switch phase if the challenger declares one.
    • Lou's free switch comes before all other switches.
      • Challenger switch-ins will Intimidate his free switch, for example.
    • If his free switch is to Duskdale the Colossoil, his Rebound ability will clear a layer of entry hazards before any U-turn switch-ins enter play.
      • Lou can use his free switch to pull a Pokemon out of play, and then immediately return it to play with U-turn or the like. A lot of his team knows switching moves, so be careful!
    • Rosey the Cacturne has the move Ingrain, which prevents her from switching out. In a doubles match, Lou may either switch out her teammate or have the switch fail (by targeting Rosey).
    • Lou may not initiate a normal switch phase.
    • Lou's free switch makes Perish Song extremely easy for him to abuse! Try not to get caught with a last mon standing
    • Trapping effects, such as Whirlpool, Mean Look, and Shadow Tag, fail to prevent either player from switching in this arena.
Additional Arena Effects
  • Lou sends out first in the first round. He orders second that round.
  • Both Lou and his challenger reclaim items from their Pokemon whenever they switch out or are KO'd. A new item can be issued to a given mon every time it enters play.
    • This might mean you'll end up with some partially-used berries, which are discarded after the match.
    • The same item can be issued to each member of a player's team. A player that owns but a single Expert Belt may take it from their switch-out and immediately give it to their switch-in, if they so choose.
  • Lou's challenger may initiate switches as normal, after Lou's free switch has been revealed. This does have the normal ramifications of either giving Lou a counterswitch or giving him second order. Lou may counterswitch to the mon that he just switched out if he so desires. Lou's counterswitches also yield second order to the challenger, as normal.
Arena Properties
  • Nature Power calls Role Play.
  • Secret Power reduces evasion by one stage 30% of the time.
  • Camouflage converts the user to the Ghost-type.
  • Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys (all), Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, Cresselia, Shaymin-S, Arceus, Terrakion, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem-B, Kyurem-W, Keldeo

Type: Dragon
Leader: Texas Cloverleaf
W/L/T: 4 / 2 / 0 (66.67%)
Current Battles: vs Its_A_Random
Arena: The First Lair

Here in the caldera of a long dead volcano the highest caste of Pokemon commune in the way that they know best, they speak a language that is universal to all dragons and all beings, the language of claws and power, of blood and pain, here the dragons fight.

The spoils of victory line the walls of the caves where the natives live, and in the center itself the ground is packed tight and cracked from pressure; for since the dawn of dragons there has never ceased to be a fight. They fight not for power, not for status, they fight because it runs in their marrow. These majestic beings fight because to conquer and subject is in their nature.

This is where the dragons originated. All species of dragons were born in this very place. Here they gathered together and tested their power against each other. This created a pressure of the very essence and soul of dragons that diffuses in the air. Dragons not used to this environment are overwhelmed by the assault of draconic power and as a result cannot harness their own innate abilities until they have adjusted. (Challenger Dragon Pokemon do not receive STAB benefits for 3a of battle time)

Recently, the Dragon Sords convened and granted an outsider special exception among their ranks. Charizard, the Dragon that never was, has been reborn as kith and kin through commune with humans. The Dragon Lords have permitted them into the pack on the condition that they only enter into the lair already in their draconic state. (Charizard may be brought by the Gym Leader and is always Mega evolved, holding Charizardite-X)

The dragons were born to rule and abhor all that would hold them back. This desire fuels the dragon's spirit, the spirit that infuses every substance near the lair. As a result, the tools of the dragons to defeat their natural adversaries are strengthened by the collective desire of all dragons to maintain their rightful place as Lords of all Pokemon. (+2 BAP to Fire-, Poison-, and Steel-type moves)

Hotfix: Rivalry's debuff against opposite gender Pokemon does not occur.

Type: Electric
Leader: dogfish44
W/L/T: 17 / 3 / 0 (85.00%)
Current Battles: N/A
Arena: HMS Tesla
Field Type:
Electric, Water
Complexity: Moderate
Format: Doubles

It had always been interesting, the way in which Gyms come and go. Indeed, it was only 10 years ago when it would've been odd for anyone to consider Castelia City hosting the Electric Gym, but it was now. The HMS Tesla stands proudly in the port, although it normally sails a mile away from the port for the purpose of battles. The ship is a fairly standard ship, from the Falklands era. It has been fitted to accommodate battles, and notably on the main deck you can see what appears to be a giant crown - 4 golden arches curve around to support a giant gemstone above the deck.

Entering the ship, you immediately enter what appears to be a relatively fancy restaurant, quite busy. Looking around, there appears to be a window viewing the arena directly, as well as several plasma screens showing the currently empty arena. As you look around, you're greeted by a man in yellow and black attire.

"Hello there, welcome aboard the HMS Tesla. Are you here for the restaurant or the gym? The Gym? Well, this is special, the guests tonight will get a lovely show. We'll probably be ready to battle in about half an hour or so, so until then feel free to sit down and order a coffee."

Indeed, the ship does get rather full, and as the sun sets the ship begins to move out to sea. As you finish your coffee, the man returns - at this stage, you're fairly certain this is the gym leader. You're beckoned outside, and see the arena is stationed below the crown shape. However, you can't take in the beauty before the leader speaks again...

"Emolga, give us some light will ya!"

An Emolga pops out of the leader's Pokéball, and sends a small shot of lighting at the gem in the centre of the crown. It absorbs the electricity and lights up, revealing itself to actually be a giant ThunderStone. Impressive...

"Now then, a few things before we begin. Whenever you send out a Pokémon this giant rock will zap the item. Don't worry about it, it'll be perfectly safe. It just prevents it from being a drag for when your team is moving around. We also have plants and grass available on the arena as you should see, not to mention the small amount of water that surrounds this ship. You'll also note that this ship, whilst much of it has been replaced and altered, is still of British origin and has brought the weather along with it..."

The leader clicks his fingers, and on cue a light rain smothers the arena.

"Finally, good luck, and make sure you provide a good show!"
  • All Pokémon who benefit from the item ThunderStone instantly gain the effect.
  • No Pokémon is treated as holding an item for the sake of Acrobatics BAP.
  • During "Clear" weather, a light rain falls, which acts as normal rain, except with only ±1 BAP on Water/Fire Moves
  • There is no restriction on natural substances (Natural water, Grass, Rocks, etc.) to attack with.

Type: Fairy
Leader: Elevator Music
W/L/T: 0/0/0 (0%)
Current Battles: vs Gerard
The ASB TournamentFairy-type Gym Arena

Surrounded by thousands of screaming Pokemon fansFairy-type Pokemon, the ASBFairy-type Gym Arena can be best described as a standard Pokemon battling arena. In the center of the arena lies a dirt-based floor outlined to show two separate sides (with a white Pokeball center). Surrounding the dirt is a moat filled with water. The moat is about fifteen feet wide and creates a perimeter around the dirt arena. The arena itself is eighty feet wide, one hundred feet long. All moves, weathers, and abilities are legal for the match, since it's an outdoor arena with a large water source and packed dirt. Pokemon must stay in the arena (or the dimensions of the arena in the case of Flying Pokemon, who cannot leave the arena and cannot fly higher than sixty feet). This prevents Pokemon from injuring the crowd watching the tournament. There are ALMOST no outside interruptions by fans, Pokemon, or other elements not associated with the current battle. However, the Fairy spectators are impatient and want to see a match. If a trainer hesitates excessively during the battle (read: goes over DQ), they will swarm and attack.

- Standard rules
- If you go over DQ (however slightly), the fairies will brutally muder you [Note: if you post in LOA, or give a not-shitty reason AHEAD OF TIME, I won't DQ you]

Type: Fighting
Leader: Birkal
W/L/T: 1 / 1 / 0 (50%)
Current Battles: vs deadfox081
Arena: Nowhere in Particular

The hot stench of the metropolis suffocates all newcomers. The streets bustle with activity: businessmen scurry, children yell, and the homeless beg. The hustle-and-bustle city is tireless; it is clockwork. Everyone lives within their own microcosm, content to keep their head down and live another day.

Rather, most are content. There are those who know how to escape. They yearn for something greater, something primal. They gather at a pub down by Main Street and 10th called The Antidote. No, they're not there for the tempting booze or the allure of getting laid. They come to fight. A man with a missing eye and ripping biceps guards the back doorway which presumably leads to the basement. He spits on the ground and address you firmly.

"Oi, where you off to?" he grumbles.

"Nowhere in Particular," you reply candidly.

The man gives a knowing nod and steps out of the way. It worked!

Down and down the concrete stairs go. They lead you into a cavernous underground room. The basement: Nowhere in Particular. Its floor is cold pavement and its brick walls are unforgiving. Metal folding chairs, wobbly card tables, and other materials litter the room. But none of that matters; what catches your eye is the middle of the room. Underneath the flickering fluorescent lights is a battle. A formidable Fighting-type Pokemon slams an unsuspecting foe into the floor with a deafening thud. Its trainer sticks a fist pump of pride into the cool air, as the basement reverberates back to silence.

"Nice fight," calls a blond-haired figure with green pants, sitting backwards in a chair. "But I believe our training is over... We have a visitor."

They both turn towards you. A lithe young woman with short pink hair grunts and stamps her foot into the ground. "LET'S DO THIS."

The blond makes a motion to stop her. "Easy there, Maylene." He approaches you and offers a firm handshake. "Hi there, I'm Birkal!" he says, brimming with enthusiasm. "Welcome to Nowhere in Particular. Or more formally, welcome to Fight Gym. Let me give you a quick rundown on the rules here."

"Rule Number One: You do not talk about Fight Gym."

"Rule Number Two: Each Pokemon battles for the knock out. Here at Fight Gym, if a damaging combination brings its opponent's HP to zero and scores a KO, that move has no cooldown. Passive damage from combinations will not work; the combination must KO outright with damage output alone. Go nuts."

"Rule Number Three: All Fighting-type Pokemon can equip Expert Belt or Black Belt on top of their held item. They've trained hard enough that they've earned their stripes."

"Rule Number Four: This one's a flurry of minor rules, so stick with me here. All Special Attacks cost two more energy. Our low ceiling prevents Bounce, Sky Drop, and Fly from being used entirely. Fire-types and Dark-types have a flat 10% accuracy boost due to the darkness. Vacuum Wave and Mach Punch receive a +1 priority boost. And finally, Hidden Power is a physical-type move down here."

"Think you can handle all that?" Birkal asks with a smile. "Let me know if you have any questions."

"UGH, SHUT UP," Maylene shouts angrily. A small crowd emerges from the shadows; their interest is piqued. "ENOUGH CHAT. LET'S GET THIS FIGHT STARTED."

Type: Fire
Leader: Frosty
W/L/T: 2 / 0 / 0 (100%)
Current Battles: vs Matezoide, vs Elevator Music
Arena: Lost Woods

Following the instructions of the Gym League people, you rent a Gogoat, mount it and enter a strange forest. "Search for the Sound of Music", the instructions said.

"What a lousy advice. How can I find Music in these Woods?" - You say to yourself.

Still, you heard that the Fire Gym was an easy target, so you move on. Somewhere in the trail, you feel...weird, as if you were not there anymore...or as if "there" wasn't there anymore.

"I knew I shouldn't have eaten those nachos..." - You speak loudly to yourself before dismissing the feeling entirely.

You and your rented Gogoat continue to move forward, following the trail. You can find footprints of many species...and yet you don't recognize any of them. Also, the woods seem to...shine? Despite being really late, there are enough sources of light around, allowing you to see your way quite clearly.

"Too many weird Fireflies here...well, at least it isn't dark" - you think. Well, aren't you naive?

After a good hour, the trail divides into two. Before falling to despair, you manage to hear a faint sound. A song of sorts. Well...strap me a bow and call me Snubbull, music in the woods. You decide to follow it and in no time you find...


You yell, after seeing the such an odd kid. Needless to say, your Gogoat fled before you could say "what the fuck".

"Heheh, Are you looking for someone, big guy?" - The kid asks.

"Erm...I am looking for the Fire Gym Leader." - You answer.

"I don't know any 'Fire Gym Leader', Tee Hee Heee! But if you want some fire, there is this guy here who has been wandering around for quite some time. He was with a strange Fox with Nine Tails and a Flaming big Pig. Maybe he is the one you are looking for? If so just follow the music." - The kid says.

After thanking the kid you follow the music, running as fast as you can for some time when suddenly...


"Ouch! That hurts! You should pay attention!"​

"Sorry! I was looking for the Fire Gym Leader. I was told by a very scary kid that he was here" - You say.

"Ah, then look no further, I am the guy you are looking for. I am Frosty, Fire Gym Leader, owner of the Bonfire Badge, at your service"​

"Awesome! Then let's head to your gym so I can defeat you!" - You say.

" is the thing. I heard that there is some kind of abandoned temple here from where this music is supposed to come, so I thought I might as well open my gym there, since I like music and why not? But I can't seem to find it haha. So we will battle here! Just don't disturb the fairies and spirits of the woods and you will be fine trust me you won't want to disturb them. Also...erm...can we battle while running? I don't think staying put here is the best idea *gulp*"​

You take a good while to check your surroundings and you notice the following aspects of the Woods:

- There is a water pond, grass source, some rocks and you can see the sky. And the sun is starting to raise and shine amid the treetops. Every move can be used here, with the sole exception of Fissure, as that will probably disturb the woods, and that would be bad. Also, you don't think you will manage to summon Hail or Sandstorm without the respective stones;
- Dense Woods means that spread moves (Surf, Hyper Voice, Lava Plume, Heat Wave, Blizzard, Rock Slide etc etc etc) won't....spread that easily. Also, the sturdy roots weaken the power of EQ, Bulldoze and Magnitude. Spread moves will have the damage dealt multiplied by 0.5 instead of just the bap by 0.75 when used in doubles+;
- No move or ability or item, with the sole exception of Fake Out, can Flinch. All pokemons are already scared enough at the Woods, they won't pay attention at trickery for the most part.
- You are in the middle of a forest, so Grassy Terrain is always up, stacking with other "terrains".
- The battle occurs in movement, as both you and the dumb gym leader are trying to escape the dangerous woods. Because of that, hazards (Sticky Web, Stealth Rock, Spikes and Toxic Spikes) have no effect and moves such as Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, Magic Room, Trick Room, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Hail, Sandstorm, Water sport, Mud sport have their duration lowered by 1 round/3 actions as they won't be able to keep up with you for that long.
- Fairies are everywhere and can be summoned at will by any pokemon for assistance. Every pokemon can use the move "dazzling gleam".
- Finally, the free spirits like, and won't let any one take that from them. Because of that the ability "Air Lock" is negated by the wicked magic that is around. Be happy that you didn't turn into a pig.

"You are quite the observer, haha. It seems that you are ready, so let's begin this. En Garde!"​

- All moves, except for Fissure, can be used. Hail and Sand can't be summoned without the respective stones.
- Instead of using the 0.75 BAP multiplier, the entire damage dealt by a spread move is multiplied by 0.5. So the formula is: ((BAP [Ignore standard spread modifier] *Screens + stuff - stuff)*Weakness/Resistance+Stat Stage Differences+Type-Specific-Item)*0.5 = Damage
- No flinches (except for fake out)
- Hazards are useless and other field effects's duration is lowered by 1 round/3 actions
- Grassy Terrain is always up, stacking with others if needs be
- Every pokemon can use Dazzling Gleam.
- Air Lock has no effect.

Type: Flying (Closed for Arena revamps)
Leader: Objection
W/L/T: 0 / 0 / 0 (--%)
Current Battles: N/A
Drifloon Valley

Somewhere north of Kalos, beyond Azure Bay and the Sea Spirit’s Den, there is a strange spot of land where Aipom and Ambipom live in crude, simple villages while the wildlands are inhabited by Drifloon and Drifblim. The owner of the Flying gym has set up in this strange spot of land, specifically in a valley travelled by many Drifloon. The valley has ample vegetation, so much so that moves like Nature Power treat the valley as an area of tall grass. A river runs through the valley, providing a source of water while the banks of the river have plenty of rocks that can be used. The main reason for these highly-populated Drifloon pilgrimages is the heavy winds experienced in the valley.

Here are some more details about this arena’s features:

Mild Sunlight

The weather in Drifloon valley is often quite pleasant, with the sun shining (but not too hot) and few (if any) clouds in the sky. This weather has the same effect as Sunny Day, except it does not alter the Base Attack Power of Fire- and Water-type attacks and does not cause Pokemon with Dry Skin to take ongoing damage. This form of sunlight is the default weather of the arena, replacing the normal clear weather. All other weather effects are permitted and work as normal, except that any Fog weather has its duration halved (rounded up to the nearest action)

A Lot of Drifloon

So many Drifloon travel along this valley that, if a Pokemon were to somehow fly above them, it would be partially concealed by them from the Pokemon below and it would have a degree of cover from such Pokemon. Thus, a Pokemon in the evasive stage of Bounce, Fly or Sky Drop cannot be hit by Pokemon not in that same stage, even by moves that normally can target them, unless either the user of the move or the target has No Guard. However, the concealment effect goes both ways, and so Fly has its base accuracy reduced to 85% and Bounce has its base accuracy reduced to 75%. Sky Drop doesn’t rely on being able to perceive a target on the ground while the user is in the air, so its accuracy is unaffected.

Heavy Wind

The strong wind currents the Drifloon use to float along the valley make aiming many projectile attacks harder. All attacks that require an external rock source have their base accuracy reduced by 10%, as do all attacks that Pokemon with the Bulletproof ability are immune to, with the exceptions of Gyro Ball and Ice Ball. This accuracy reduction is suppressed any time there is exactly one Tailwind effect up.


  • Enough external sources and stuff for all moves to be used
  • Terrain-based moves like Nature Power use "tall grass" setting
  • Clear weather < Sunny Day minus Fire boost, Water nerf and Dry Skin damage
  • Fog duration halved
  • Pokemon in evasive stage of Bounce/Fly/Sky Drop can't be hit at all without help from No Guard
  • Fly has 85% acc, Bounce has 75% acc
  • Moves that need rock source and moves that Bulletproof Pokemon are immune to (other than Gyro Ball and Ice Ball) are 10% less accurate unless one team has Tailwind up

Type: Ghost
Leader: zarator
W/L/T: 7 / 5 / 0 (58.33%)
Current Battles: vs Texas Cloverleaf
Arena: The Forlorn Graveyard
Restrictions: None

People have stopped burying people in this abandoned graveyard for centuries, but there is still an eerie aura all over the place. The grass looks more grey than green (despite this not affecting Grass-type moves at all), and most Pokemon and people avoid the place instinctively. Some trainers however still visit this place to strengthen the link with their Pokemon, especially Ghost-type ones. A still lake formed in a fissure in the ground, however the dark water makes it impossible to see what lies in its depths

The odd aura of this graveyard has several effects in battle:
  • Focus Blast has 100% accuracy, and the base power of Aura Sphere and Hidden Power is raised by (2). It is very easy to focus oneself's soul in this place.
  • Will-O-Wisp has 100% accuracy. There are always wisps floating around to provide decent enough fodder for this wicked spell.
  • Pain Split has its base energy cost reduced by (2), and all draining attacks are empowered as if the Pokemon were holding Big Root, but without incurring the extra energy cost (this effect doesn't stack with Big Root itself). Life energies are easier to drain and consume in this place.
  • All Pokemon's max HP are reduced to 90. The aura of sorrow which permeates this place withers the strength and the resolve of all the Pokemon battling in its surroundings - even Ghost-types.
  • There are some leftover scrap parts, scattered around the arena. Rotom can tap into them, raising its Special Attack and Special Defense by 1 rank as long as it stays in its original form (without any appliance).

Type: Grass
Leader: Pwnemon
W/L/T: 5 / 2 / 0 (71.47%)
Current Battles: vs Rediamond, vs Starwarsfan
Welcome to Pwnemon's Nature Emporium!

...What, are you surprised that I'm leading you indoors? You say a Nature Emporium should be out in nature? You know I'm always in pursuit of the best: Nature wasn't natural enough for me, so I made an arena that was supernatural! No, wait, that word's been taken... HYPERNATURAL! Pwnemon's Hypernatural Emporium. I like it.

Anyway, what do we do in here? We stimulate the senses of grass-type Pokemon by rapidly cycling between all the common natural types of weather—sun, rain, and sandstorms (no, you're not the first person to point out that sandstorms aren't common, shut up and battle me). Such stimulation drives these Pokemon into overdrive, unleashing their full natural talent. Unfortunately, it also causes them to produce bucketloads of sap—even the ones not based on trees shut up—which is a bug that will be fixed at a later date but until then grants them all the ability Sticky Hold! So yeah, aside from the endangered animal pet store in the back of questionable legality, that's basically all we do here. Now let's battle!

Summary: (if youre really too lazy to read my minimal flavor smh)
  • Cycles between Rain, Sand, and Sun every round
  • Grass-types all have Sticky Hold

Type: Ground
Leader: Its_A_Random
W/L/T: 6 / 3 / 0 (66.67%)
Current Battles: vs Dummy007, vs Pwnemon
Arena: Ground Gym
Field Type
: Ground
Complexity: Intense
Format: All

Restrictions: No Natural Grass, No External Water Source, Only Sandstorm & Clear weather permitted, Indoor Arena

Description: TBD

  • Nature Power calls Land's Wrath. Secret Power has a 30% chance to lower the foe's Speed by 1 Stage.
  • The mixture of sand & dirt makes Dig easier to execute & gain height on attack, reducing its Energy cost by 2, & enabling the user to hit a target under the effects of Levitate/Magnet Rise/Telekinesis irrespective of Size Class.
  • Pokémon cannot have their typing altered through any means, while Double Team & Illusion have no effect. The lights in the arena shine brightly enough to expose the disguises a Pokémon may have.
  • Grassy Terrain's duration is halved. The sand-dirt mixture does not really allow for grass to grow, making it wilt very quickly.
  • Sandstorm when summoned lasts for five rounds as opposed to four (eight with a Smooth Rock). The sand on the arena floor provides enough fuel for a Sandstorm to last longer.
Summary: Another Ground-type Gym I guess?

Type: Ice
Leader: waterwarrior
W/L/T: 2 / 2 / 0 (50.00%)
Current Battles:
Arena: Northbrook Island Harbour
"Ugh, I've been on this lousy ship for almost five hours now. When are we-"
Your boat comes to a stop. You've finally arrived at your destination. You step out of the slightly dilapidated ship, pay the captain your fare with a half-mumbled thank you, and walk towards the end of the dock. You've heard of a Gym here, and you need to get closer to that Victini, so here you are, wearing 4 layers of clothing and still cold. There's snow all around covering the ground, but there seems to be a path that leads off somewhere into the distance. You look at the captain and confusedly point to it, and the captain slowly nods his head. You shrug and begin down the path.

Approximately a half-mile down the road, you spot a figure, but you swear it has to be an illusion. It looks like a young man walking towards you, but that can't be. Wearing just a sweatshirt over a t-shirt and a pair of jeans in the middle of the Arctic Circle? That's crazy! However, as you approach him, you see that he is in fact real, and it looks like he's actually out for a stroll with a Weavile, obviously his partner.

The strange man looks at you and speaks, in a loud and clear voice, "Hey there! I don't exactly get many people here, and this isn't exactly what you'd call a scenic sight, so I'm guessing you're here for the Gym?" You start to answer, but he cuts you off, saying "No need to answer that. Even my own mother wouldn't pay me a visit out here if she wasn't gonna battle me. Name's waterwarrior by the way. Yes, yes, I know that it's kinda funny that that's my name and I'm the Ice Gym leader, but once you heard how I got that name... nah, you probably don't care in the slightest. Another time maybe. Well, better make this battle worth it then, amiright?"

After walking for about five minutes and chatting with the leader, you come across a small patch of land with a white fence around it. The leader stops and takes a deep breath, but you almost keep going, almost not seeing the arena at all. The gym leader steps over the little fence and walks over to the other side of the field. You look at the field and see the regulation field- two semi-circles in the areas where the trainers stand and a Poké Ball in the middle of the field. Both of you get ready, and waterwarrior raises his hand to the sky and cries out "All right! Let's break the ice!"

Suddenly, a flurry of hail descends on the battlefield. You know this battle won't be easy, but there's no backing out now!
  • Natural weather is Hail with permanent duration. When Hail is active, it deals 4 DPA to all non-Ice types or without some sort of immunity. It also heals 4 HP per action to all Pokémon with the ability Ice Body. If Rain is summoned, the weather becomes Sleet for the duration of Rain. Sleet has both the combined effects of Hail and Rain. If Sun or Sandstorm is summoned without the respective weather stone, the weather becomes clear for 2 rounds before reverting back to Hail. Sun and Sandstorm overwrite Hail and lasts 3 rounds if summoned with the respective weather stone before reverting back to Hail.
  • Leader and Challenger may select a berry from a gym-provided list to give to their Pokemon in addition to a normal held item. (Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Leppa, Lum, Oran, Persim, Figy, Wiki, Mago, Aguav, Iapapa, Sitrus, Razz, Occa, Chople, Charti, Babiri) One berry may be chosen per Pokemon. No Pokemon can be holding two berries in this way. Knock Off removes both the normal held item and the berry from the target. If Trick is used, the user can choose to swap both items, just the normal held item, or just the berries (i.e. If a Trick user is holding an Expert Belt/Cheri Berry and the target is holding a Life Orb/Occa Berry, the trick user may exhange both items for both items, the Expert Belt for the Life Orb, or the Cheri Berry for the Occa Berry, but NOT the Expert Belt for the Occa Berry or the Cheri Berry for the Life Orb)
  • There is no external grass, but there is a small pool of water and a pile of rocks in the arena, so moves requiring external water/rocks can be used.
  • Nature Power calls Ice Beam, Camouflage grants Ice typing, Secret Power may Freeze.

Type: Normal
Leader: Maxim
W/L/T: 2 / 1 / 0 (66.67%)
Current Battles:
The Sonata Theatre

Deep in the reaches of Castelia City in the Unova region, is a small corner where the Normal Gym of CAP ASB resides. At least, that's what you were told, but after exploring the city from end to end you have found nothing. You were warned that this gym was particularly difficult to find, but you didn't expect it to be this hard. Frustrated, you decide to stop in for a drink at some random coffee shop to refuel and review the directions you were given. After just a bit more walking, you find a place called the Cafe Sonata, and walk in for a drink. After ordering one, you sit in a corner of the cafe and bring out your map.

While you are reviewing the map, a man walks over and says "Say, you wouldn't happen to be looking for the ASB Gym around here would you?" You nod, and he chuckles a bit "Yeah, a lot of people get themselves lost on the way there, but I can show you where it is if you like." You swiftly take up his generous offer, and the man guides down several streets, until you finally reach a place called The Sonata Theatre. Raising your eyebrow a bit, you explain that you're looking for the gym, to which the man responds with "Yeah, it's here all right, I find it baffling that he set up shop here of all places, but hey, what can you do?" The two of you walk in, and you immediately notice a small poster noting a schedlue. What particularly strikes your interest are the events labeled "Baron Maximus's Gym", to which your guide explains "Yeah, that's the gym leader all right, he puts up a rather interesting performance every week with his gym matches. I'm sure you'll see soon enough."

Your guide directs you into the back of the theatre, explaining that you're one of the challengers for the gym here. In the back, you find a lot of up and coming thespians, stagehands, and other such people getting ready for something. Soon after you enter, a man in a blue longcoat approaches you.

"Ah, Hello, I trust you've found this place without too many issues?"

You shake your head, to which the man responds.

"Ah blast it, how many times do I have to tell the League to put down better directions to this place? Regardless, you're here now, and not a moment too soon. A few things about the arena before we get started. First, you can tell our stagehands to roll out a "Setting" every time you switch Pokemon. Don't worry overmuch about it, it just gives your moves a bit of extra oomph. Next, you'll want to pick out some props for your Pokemon. I have a large list of rules regarding it, but suffice to say it'll change your typing effectiveness just a little bit. That's pretty much all I have to say, just don't try and knock your opponent's props off, we can't have costumes going off in the middle of the production after all!"

Effects in Detail:

The Stage is Set:
1. Every time a Pokemon is sent out onto the battlefield, the trainer must choose a "Setting" to place his Pokemon in. All that is really required here is a typing that is strong in this setting. The setting can be anything the trainer can imagine flavor-wise, so long as it's in good taste. Whichever typing you choose will get +1 BAP for all moves of that type...for both sides of the field. This setting may change every time a Pokemon comes in, even if they have been in before. Important: You MUST choose a setting and specify what effect that setting has, otherwise it will default to a Normal Arena that gives +1 BAP to Normal typed moves.

The settings, while they have a great effect on Pokemon STABs, are typically artificial, thus the following rulings apply.

a. Nature Power, Secret Power, and other moves that rely on a certain type of field are always treated as though they were in the ASB Arena.

b. Grass Pelt and other abilities and effects are not activated by the setting. (For example, in order for Grass Pelt to work in this arena the user must set up Grassy Terrain prior)

The Characters Always come Prepared!:
2. Every Pokemon sent out on the field may, if they choose to do so, equip a prop. The props in this arena have a strange effect on Pokemon, and allow them to choose a resistance to gain, but also forces them to choose a new weakness. The prop itself will be equipped in addition to the current held item the Pokemon has, and can be anything the trainer can think of, so long as it's in good taste. Do note that this is not compulsory, and the trainer can choose to not equip a prop. Unlike Settings, these props are permanent and may not be changed if the Pokemon comes out again.

Check out these rulings to make sure you use your Prop effectively if you decide to use one. Be Warned: If you use a prop that violates any of these rulings, then the prop will instead keep all resistances the same, except with a flat 2x Normal Weakness (even overrides immunity).

a. A prop ticks a resistance/weakness either one tier up/down. For instance, a Pokemon that equips a fire resistant prop will have it's weakness shift from 2x to 1x, while it could also intensify his water weakness from 2x to 4x.

b. A prop must either create or intensify a weakness. This means that it can only heighten a type effectiveness that starts at Neutral or Higher.

c. Props do not count as items for the purposes of Fling, Unburden, etc.

d. If an ability interacts with a certain typing (such as Lightningrod) then the Pokemon's weakness/resistance is assumed to be changed according to that ability. (For instance, a Pokemon with Motor Drive would be assumed to have an immunity to electric attacks, while a Pokemon with Thick Fat would be treated as though it had a resistance to Ice and Fire.)

e. Immunities cannot be affected by props at all.

f. Props cannot put a weakness past 4x, or a resistance past 1/4x.

g. The Normal typing cannot be affected by a Prop (basically, you can't say all Pokemon have Normal resistance)

h. Pokemon that can change their typing via abilities (Such as Castform, Kecleon, etc) cannot equip props.

i. Any moves that change the user's typing are considered disabled while they wear a prop. Moves that change an opponent's typing are banned.

j. Mega Pokemon whose typing changes when they Mega Evolve (e.g. Aggron) will only suffer the penalties from a prop that breaks the rulings while they are in the form that breaks the rulings. (For instance, a Gyarados equipped with a Ground Resistant Prop will only incur the 2x Normal weakness while it is in it's Normal form.)

The Show Must Go On:
3. Because it would be rude to knock off an actor's disguise during a performance, moves, abilities, etc that prohibit, knock off, destroy, or change the position of an item are not allowed.

The Script Must Be Followed:
4. If a Pokemon is forced out by a Switch-Forcing Move or a Red Card, that Pokemon's trainer can choose which Pokemon goes in next. (i.e. If the Leader's Snorlax uses Whirlwind on the Challenger's Lucario, the Challenger can choose whether to send in Slowking or Pyroak next)

A Day in the Limelight:
5. All Pokemon on the field can spend an action and 8 Energy on a Typeless Move called Shine Spotlight. This gets rid of all Evasion Boosts on the opponent and Double Team. If the target is a Ghost type, then the light additionally has the properties of Foresight for six actions, otherwise it acts like Lock-On.

An Even Playing Field:
6. All Moves used by either Pokemon will always have their mechanical typing (the one listed in their description in the DAT). Effectively, moves such as Ion Deluge and Electrify have NO effect in this arena. Abilities such as Pixilate are unaffected by this, and work as normal.

Tl:Dr Version
1. Make sure to set a typing for your Setting every time you send out a Pokemon
2. You may choose a prop to change your resistances/weaknesses by one each.
3. Items cannot be prevented from having their effect.
4. Switch Forcing moves and Red Cards allow the affected trainer to choose which Pokemon comes out, as opposed to it being random.
5. All Pokemon can use the move Shine Spotlight.
6. Ion Deluge, Electrify, and other such moves do absolutely nothing.

Type: Poison
Leader: Engineer Pikachu
W/L/T: 7 / 3 / 0 (70.00%)
Current Battles: vs Tavok
Arena: Erlenmeyer Flask
Arena Type: Urban
Field Type: Poison, Water
Complexity: Simple
Formats: All Formats

Restrictions: OHKO moves are banned.

In the beautiful world of PYREX™ lies a gigantic titration flask, half-full with some ungodly acid; the opening is barely large enough for daring trainers to slip through, and so, of course, that's where the gym battles always take place.

Anything poisonous is powered up in this flask, especially slow-acting toxins. Yet, the water content is enough those who need it to draw their power from. Despite borosilicate's resistance to thermal expansion and network solid configuration, it's still quite fragile and vulnerable to a Pokemon's attacks. As such, the most powerful item of all – Expert Belt – is banned for eternity.

  • BPSN starts at 2 DPA instead of the normal 1 DPA.
  • Rain Dish and Dry Skin are activated at half value in clear weather.
  • Expert Belt grants +0 BAP on super effective attacks.
  • Poison-type Pokemon gain Liquid Ooze as an ability.
  • A Pokemon afflicted with PSN that would be PSNed again by an attack will have PSN replaced with BPSN which starts at 2 DPA.
  • Weather Ball is Water-type.
  • SolarBeam retains its full BAP. Morning Sun, Moonlight, and Synthesis restore default amounts of HP.
  • Camouflage replaces the user's typing with a Poison typing.
  • Nature Power will call Sludge.
  • Secret Power will afflict BPSN with a 30% chance.
Format: 3v3 Singles / 4v4 Singles / 4v4 Doubles
DQ: 48 Hours / 72 Hours
Abilities: ONE / ALL
Switch: OK
Items: ON
Substitutions: TWO / THREE
Infinite chills / Recovers

Type: Psychic
Leader: Gerard
W/L/T: 7 / 0 / 0 (100.00%)
Current Battles: vs Leethoof, vs Rediamond
Arena: Dreamlands

Summary: Huge Desert of Cristal Sand (Sand terrain)
All moves are usable (materials are generated on the spot by the user)

- All pokemon get a one stage accuracy boost boost (+1 Acc). Any change in accuracy will return to this point.
- All pokemon with a BST total of 17 or less get an increase of five (5) points to their original stats, changing rankings if the new stat passes the cutoff. (Ex. Forretress stats (75/90/140/60/60/40) become 80/95/145/65/65/45 thus gaining +1 Def, SpA & SpD along with 5 extra speed)
- Non Damaging moves cost one (1) less energy to execute if performed by a Psychic Pokemon

- Magic Room, Trick Room, Wonder Room & Gravity have their duration increased by (1) round.
- Imprison, Telekinesis, Miracle Eye & Levitate (Command) have their duration increased by three (3) actions.
- Wish, Heal Pulse & Healing Wish recover five (5) more Hp at the cost of two (2) more energy
- Ghost Moves go through the invulnerable phase of Phantom Force & their BP is doubled.

The gym leader should then accept your challenge, posting their conditions and set of Pokemon. Any approved ref may then take the match (assuming they aren't the leader being challenged).
Gem Ref Blacklist:

If you wish to get on this list, ref shittily or over DQ.

UPDATE: Also, to encourage the speedy reffing of gym battles as well as to reflect the increased challenge inherent in the better battles and more complicated arenas, refs reffing gym challenges will get an extra 0.5 UC per Pokemon (so, for example, a 4v4 doubles is 19 UC rather than 15). This also reflects the higher standard of refs and reffing required in these battles.

Please update the challenge queue each time you post.

Happy battling![/hide]
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Hello "Lord" Jesseus. You wish to challenge my gym yes? Very well, I guess the honour is mine!

3v3 Gym Singles (Challenger PMs the Referee 3 Mons, the Leader PMs 8)
1 Day DQ (Player)
3 Day DQ (Referee)
Banned Moves: N/A
Restricted Moves: Max 5 Chills Per Pokemon ; Max 2 Recovery Moves per Pokemon ; Restricted moves as per Arena
Arena: Bolt Beach
Switch: OK
Items: ON
Substitute Orders: 2

Engineer Pikachu

Good morning, you bastards!
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Can you use Pokemon that are in battles? If so I'd like to challenge dogfish44!
Hello "Lord" Jesseus. You wish to challenge my gym yes? Very well, I guess the honour is mine!

3v3 Gym Singles (Challenger PMs the Referee 3 Mons, the Leader PMs 8)
1 Day DQ (Player)
3 Day DQ (Referee)
Banned Moves: N/A
Restricted Moves: Max 5 Chills Per Pokemon ; Max 2 Recovery Moves per Pokemon ; Restricted moves as per Arena
Arena: Bolt Beach
Switch: OK
Items: ON
Substitute Orders: 2
Heh. Let's go.
Well, I don't see any problem with challenging a gym. I challenge you (Engineer) Pikachu! (This is going to be lots of fun :P)

A couple questions:
1. Can you use a pokemon in both a roleplay (TLR) and a gym match?
2. Will the haze "poison" activate any abilities, like Guts?

Engineer Pikachu

Good morning, you bastards!
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Well, I don't see any problem with challenging a gym. I challenge you (Engineer) Pikachu! (This is going to be lots of fun :P)

A couple questions:
1. Can you use a pokemon in both a roleplay (TLR) and a gym match?
2. Will the haze "poison" activate any abilities, like Guts?
1. No.
2. Yes. The haze counts as poison for all intents and purposes with the exception that it stacks with other poison.

That being said, I accept your challenge!

3v3 Singles (B3P3 for Challenger, B8P3 for Leader)
DQ: 48 Hours
Switch: OK
Items: ON
Abilities: ONE
Substitutions: TWO
2 Recovers / 5 Chills
Arena: The Wasteland (duh)

Let's see how this goes.
Well, I don't see any problem with challenging a gym. I challenge you (Engineer) Pikachu! (This is going to be lots of fun :P)

A couple questions:
1. Can you use a pokemon in both a roleplay (TLR) and a gym match?
2. Will the haze "poison" activate any abilities, like Guts?
That being said, I accept your challenge!

3v3 Singles (B3P3 for Challenger, B8P3 for Leader)
DQ: 48 Hours
Switch: OK
Items: ON
Abilities: ONE
Substitutions: TWO
2 Recovers / 5 Chills
Arena: The Wasteland (duh)

Let's see how this goes.
Being freshly added to the ref list I will take this one. Send me some PMs you two and I'll get this up ASAP.


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I challenge user C$FP to a duel!

Also, for those who are wondering when the Ground-Type Gym will be up, It will almost certainly be after this match is done before I formally start up the Gym in earnest. Don't worry, It will be up before you know it! :)
I'd like to note that I have SEVERE issues with Kaxtar and Athenodoros' gyms and formats. "Gym Leader Orders Second" and off-typed Stealth Rocks targetting resistances to the user's main STAB are completely absurd. Athenodoros' battle format of Bo3 is questionable at best as well, ESPECIALLY when you take into account the restriction on the Pokemon that have to be brought into the battle (which is also a big no-no).

I'm going to declare the two of them off-limits for now until I have a chance to talk to them and get things a bit more settled. When we were talking about arena effects earlier, around the time that these arenas were being formulated, the optimal arena effect was something like the other arenas- Korski's battle format is, well... weird, and probably at significant danger of being way, way too complicated and taking too long, but I'm not as worried there as I am with the others. The other 3 (Dogfish, Engineer, and CMFP) are largely spot on.

Needless to say, come find me so we can settle this.
Eh Fine.
Canceling Athenodoros Challenge until his arena gets Approved.
And now challenging a new gym leader...


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I wish to challange Dogfish (but I'm not sure how many Pokemon to bring? Hopefully it's like 3V3 and not more....)
"Ahh, fresh meat."

3v3 Gym Singles (Challenger PMs the Referee 3 Mons, the Leader PMs 8)
1 Day DQ (Player) ; 3 Day DQ (Referee)
Banned Moves: N/A
Restricted Moves: Max 5 Chills Per Pokemon ; Max 2 Recovery Moves per Pokemon ; Restricted moves as per Arena
Arena: Bolt Beach
Switch: OK
Items: ON
Abilities: All
Substitute Orders: 2


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MrcRanger97, there is a decent chance that SDS's concerns regarding the length and complexity of the match will be legitimized, so I'll give you the option of going for the entire 6vs6 match as stated in the OP or shrinking the match down to 4vs4 (Zoroark, Sableye, and two others). Also I think the ref of the match should get extra counters for their extra effort here.
I challenge user C$FP to a duel!

Also, for those who are wondering when the Ground-Type Gym will be up, It will almost certainly be after this match is done before I formally start up the Gym in earnest. Don't worry, It will be up before you know it! :)
Why. Why must you be my very first challenger. Oh well, it's not like I will back down! Bring it!

3v3 Singles
2 Day DQ
Items On
All Abilities
2 Substitutions
2 Recoveries/5 Chills per mon
And we will of course duel in my beautiful Steel Gym! (whatever it's called)


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Don't worry SDS, I never intended to have everything there included. I only meant to dump everything in an arena and then pick and choose, but I inconveniently went away and forgot.

And posting to say that I will only be open for challenges once I get back and have time to get a decent arena. Shouldn't be long though, dw.
Okay time to get this moving along. As much as I want to ref IAR and C$FP going at it I'll do the right thing and take the earliest challenge.

That means I am expecting PMs from dogfish and dragonboy when I wake up so I can get this show on the road.


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Eh Fine.
Canceling Athenodoros Challenge until his arena gets Approved.
And now challenging a new gym leader...
Okay then!

4vs4 ??? Battle (see OP for details and Arena description)
Arena: Primrose Woods
3-day DQ
Infinite Recoveries / Infinite Chills
Subs= 2 (Singles), 3 (Doubles), 4 (Triples) [per team]

Just to clarify.


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Challenging the dark gym.
And I accept your challenge!

4vs4 ??? Battle (see OP for details and Arena info)
Arena: Primrose Woods
3-day DQ
Infinite Recoveries / Infinite Chills
Subs= 2 (Singles), 3 (Doubles), 4 (Triples) [per team]

And a note to MrcRanger97 and Rediamond and also whoever refs these two battles: I have officially changed the format of my gym match to 4vs4 and as such have changed the way the GL's team is chosen and how Zoroark operates. I edited the Arena info in the OP to be accurate to how I'd like the match to go.
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