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Banned deucer.
refs get uc for every battle they ref, approvers get uc for approving prize claims/reg posts/trades

other than that, uc are few and far between, and explicitly stated.
If I purchase an item after a battle has started, but before the mon I wish to equip it to is sent out, am I allowed to do so? Or do I have to own the item before the match starts?
I think you'd have to own the item before the match starts, kinda like how you can't update your mons with new moves in a battle involving them even if you haven't sent them out yet.
Snatch is one of the few status moves that ignore Substitute, so yes.
For example, if Mon A has a Substitute and uses Softboiled, Mon B using Snatch will be able to take the recovery effect.
Quick question from a newbie ref.
Say someone makes the substitution "if Move X, then Counter" and the opponent uses a combination of "Move X + Move X." Is this attack counterable, and if so, will Counter be used?
Yes, the substitution will activate.
As for the move being counterable, it depends on the combo's priority. Most times the priority will be -2, so Counter will work, but if it is something like ''Focus Punch + Focus Punch'', Counter will fail.
Simple question that I should be able to answer but I can't find it directly codified anyway.

Does Evasive Agility evade Bide? Since the semi-invulnerable stages of Dig, Fly, etc don't.
DAT said:
Agility: The Pokemon focuses to increase its speed two (2) stages, enabling it to maneuver much more swiftly. Agility can also be used as a +1 Priority evasive attack. Agility will evade any slower single target attack (other than perfect accuracy attacks and No Guard attacks). If used evasively, the Pokemon does not gain any speed boost. Evasive Agility also fails if used successively, or if used after Protect, Detect, Evasive Teleport, or the Dodge Command.
Based on the bolder question, I believe that it will strike a target using Evasive Agility, seeing as it has perfect accuracy.
To add to Complications' response, Bide also hits targets using Evasive Damaging Moves & the like, so...The only way to block a Bide is through Protect/Detect/Quick Guard, I guess... :/
What's the status on Contests and the Custom Sprite Shop?

I saw posts regarding these in the Roleplaying Approval Thread from a while back, but I haven't seen any threads about them, so yeah, what's up with those?
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