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This is my first battle so I'm hoping for a somewhat newer opponent, but since one of my Pokemon is Rarity 4, I guess it can't be a beginner battle :/

2v2 Singles
Switch = KO
1 day
I guess since I'm new as well, I'll battle with ya.

No items
All abilities

How about that?
I'll ref you guys, PM me your teams please.

Also, how about a battle of my own:
3v3 Singles
2 Day DQ
2 Rec/5 Chill
Arena - A mountain. Lots of rocks all around, a little grass near the bottom, and some snow on the top. There are some pine trees scattered through out the place. No real water source, though the snow could be melted if you really want to.

I will be using mostly or all middle stage Pokemon, so equally powered opposing Pokemon would be appreciated.
Posting a Open Challenge.
1v1v1v1 Singles
2 Day DQ
2 Recoveries/ 5 Chills
Arena: Glacier Knight's No Man's Land (???)
Field Type- Neutral
Complexity- Simple
Format- All
Restrictions- Little water sources

No Man’s Land: the only remnants of a war taking place on this lonely plane are craters from cannons and two hastily made trenches opposite of one another. This place is perfect for an intense brawl of epic proportions because unlike domes, gyms, or protected forests this place is dying to be torn apart again. There are no trees or grass, just mounds of dirt and dust, with some puddles here and there from past storms. The air is stale, and you can feel the tension that was strained here years ago. Yes, this already forgotten area is perfect for rough housing and playing dirty. Summary: Dig/earthquake is allowed. Weather is allowed.​

Ohh, and inviting Galladiator, because he missed out last time. Anyways...​

1st Person Decides Tier (Strongmon, LC, etc.)
2nd Person Decides Items
3rd Person Decides Abilities

EDIT: I'll take the TheWolfe and Alphajolt's Subreffing need. Should have it up soon.​
I'll ref you guys, PM me your teams please.

Also, how about a battle of my own:
3v3 Singles
2 Day DQ
2 Rec/5 Chill
Arena - A mountain. Lots of rocks all around, a little grass near the bottom, and some snow on the top. There are some pine trees scattered through out the place. No real water source, though the snow could be melted if you really want to.

I will be using mostly or all middle stage Pokemon, so equally powered opposing Pokemon would be appreciated.
I'll ref this once it has an opponent, I guess.
Issuing a simple challenge for an idea.

1v1 Singles
2 Day DQ
0 Recovers/1 Chill
Arena: whatever challenger or ref wants

Gonna try out a new thing here, you can bring whatever poke you want although something that isnt going to just sweep me in one round would be excellent. Also I would like Items to be on for this fight if thats not a problem

i'll take ragnarokalex's challenge, if you will extend it to 2 days


I will ref shinyskarmory vs EndQuote, if they will allow me to use their battle as a tutor battle.
Looking for a ref still
4 vs 4 Doubles
3 Day DQ
2 Recoveries / 5 Chills

Arena: Shape-Shifting Arena!
Ref Instructions: At the beginning of the match, a random field will be selected from the options below. Every time a Pokemon is fainted, the arena will change again at the end of the round. If more than one Pokemon faints in the same round, then the arena will change only once. Each arena has an equal chance of being chosen. Once the arena changes, all Pokemon will automatically teleport to the center.

The arena is 50 feet wide and 70 feet long. At the beginning of the match, and after a Pokemon is KO'd, the arena can change into the following:

Grass / Standard: The arena is covered with soft grass. The soil is loamy, and Pokemon can dig on it. There are no water source.

: This arena has sand all over it, with a few sand dunes here and there. Although it is possible to dig in the sand, Pokemon who are not of the Ground, Rock, or Steel types may find this a bit difficult. In the center of the arena, a small oasis appears. This oasis is 15 feet deep and 10 feet in diameter. That is not a lot of water, so trainers are advised to use Surf carefully!

Water: This arena is almost completely underwater! There is about 10 feet of space from each side of the arena that is not underwater. In addition, there are three "islands", each with a radius of 10 feet, that are not underwater either. One "island" is at the center of the arena. The other two "islands" are 20 feet directly north and south, respectively, from this center "island". Since these "islands" are made from concrete, it is impossible to use Dig on them. The water itself is 40 feet deep.

Winter: The whole arena is covered with snow. The snow is about 6 feet deep. There is a frozen lake at the center of the arena, 15 feet deep and 30 feet in diameter. In addition, it is also snowing (not hailing), somewhat lowering visibility. Weather moves are permissible, though it will start to snow again once the weather effect is over.
I will be using four of my strongest Pokemon (well, I think they are strong), so you should bring your strongest mons too!
Limewire, consider your challenge accepted.


Now we need a ref...
Me & Limewire need a ref for this!

Also, requesting a Subref for this! Come on guys, It'll be quick...ish...
Still Open!
Since no one has taken my battle with Kax yet, I'll withdraw it and offer another challenge.

4v4 Doubles
2 Day DQ
Infinite Recoveries/5 Chills
All Pokemon must be in their first stage and be able to evolve (No mid-battle evolution though)
Arena: Unown Soup
The battlers are on a solid platform in the middle of a giant bowl filled with delicous broth. No move restrictions at all, because you can safely go seismetoad on the platform and there is plenty of broth to swampert your enemies with. In the soup, there is one of each letter unown floating in around aimlessly. They are all close enough to pick up, and a battler may use one action each round (they can't just use three unowns) to use any move that begins with that letter. Once an unown is used, it cannot be used again.


Yep, that tasted purple!
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danmantincan, I will ref that Unown Soup match because that arena is awesome.

@below, I know I'm not danman, but I can wait as well. ^_^
I'll take you on danman, provided you're able to wait for me to head off and purchase some new guys so I can actually field 4 LC pokes (it shouldn't take long at all).

Items = OFF
Switch = OK
All abilities

EDIT: All approved. PMing Flora as we speak


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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9v9 Triples (Strongmons, but this is just for Training!)
Switch = KO
3 day DQ
Infinite Recoveries / 5 Chills

Crystal Depths said:
A deep cavern lit only by a scattering of crystals in the walls. Their brilliance, however, is enough for normal light. It is not possible to summon any weather, and there is no water source. Other than those two restrictions, all other moves are usable.
I would prefer items to be off.
Two can play at that game, Alch.

9v9 Triples- Gym Training
ASB Arena, but at Night Time
1 Day DQ for battler, 2 for Ref
UNLIMITED Chills/Recoveries

And for the love of God, No Switching
Challenging anyone to a 2v2 in my new arena. Little Cup mons only, 36 Hour DQ for players, 3 day DQ for Ref. Whoever accepts can chose Singles or Doubles.

Complexity: Legendary
Format: Singles if you suck at Doubles, Doubles if you want a nostalgia trip
Arena Type: Shadow

Restrictions: At least one pokemon must become a shadow pokemon for the duration of the battle.
The Shadow Pokemon Testing Arena is very similar to the ASB arena. However, one major twist defines it. In order to fight here, you must use every pokemon you bring. Also, when you PM your pokemon to the ref, you must declare which of your pokemon will be a Shadow Pokemon for the battle. You may declare any pokemon a shadow pokemon, so long as it has one of the following moves in its moveset:

Aeroblast->Shadow Blast (lol nobody can actually have Aeroblast)

Tackle, Scratch, Pound->Shadow Blitz

Thunderbolt/Thunder->Shadow Bolt

Brick Break->Shadow Break

Ice Beam/Blizzard->Shadow Chill (does NOT restore energy)

Screech->Shadow Down

Double-Edge, Flare Blitz, Head Smash, and the like->Shadow End

Flamethrower/Fire Blast->Shadow Fire

Super Fang, Pain Split, Endeavor->Shadow Half

Block, Mean Look->Shadow Hold

Sweet Scent->Shadow Mist

Confuse Ray->Shadow Panic

Earth Power->Shadow Rave

Take Down, Wild Charge->Shadow Rush

Any weather or field effect move->Shadow Sky

Surf, Muddy Water, Lava Plume, Earthquake, etc.->Shadow Storm

Swift->Shadow Wave
For every Shadow Pokemon, ALL applicable moves become Shadow moves.

The (obtainable) Shadow Moves' power is determined by their listed power (found here) divided by 10, rounding up. Shadow Half has the same effect as Super Fang, but it affects everyone on the field at once. Shadow Sky behaves like Hail, except all non-shadow pokemon are affected. Shadow Moves cost a flat 5 energy.

Shadow moves are always 2x super effective on regular pokemon of any type, but they are 2x not very effective against other Shadow pokemon. Non-shadow moves have their standard properties.
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