Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

Found a likely bug involving Zoroark and team display - after KOing the enemy's Zoro without breaking its illusion, the team status display doesn't show the Zoroark as fainting, instead indicating that the Pokemon it was transformed into was KOed.


The Zoro faints on Turn 37 - notice that after the obvious Zoroark disguised as Honchkrow is KOed, the team preview shows Honchkrow as KOed instead of Zoroark.
I know that the following game mechanic should exist in gen 4; I'm not sure if it should exist in gen 5.

When a Pokemon uses pursuit on another in-game, the display log tells the player if the opponent attempted to switch out. ("Gengar, come back! Weavile used Pursuit!")

However, if the opponent is killed by pursuit on the simulator, the pursuit-using trainer will never know whether the opponent attempted to switch out. This conceals information about the opponent's playstyle (aggressive/passive) and prevents the Pursuit user from learning about the bulk investment of the fainted pokemon.


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rolen120, it's a known issue that the client is non-moddable by now, and not an easy one to solve. The client was originally developed without old gens in mind, so that'll take time and you gotta remember typings that changed by now.

MeteorMiss, that's a known issue too, thanks for the report, we'll see if we can get that one right soon.

Edit: btw the change to items has been applied and now Gen 4 checks them correctly. Incidentally, when Gen 3 is ready the new check will work for it too.
This recently happened to me in my match:

Chandelure's health is sapped by Leech Seed!
The foe's Tropius was hurt by its burn!
The foe's Tropius harvested one !
The foe's Tropius fainted!

The opponent's Tropius got killed by the burn, but it still said that it harvested something.
Hey, here to report a minor thing in gen 4 ou beta, when playing earlier I was using a rotom-h and since it used to be an electric ghost not electric fire, it's typing showed up as electric fire for my opponent, causing them to predict wrongly. It's not that that's made me report this bug though, it's more for new players to gen 4 ou, the rotom form type change is not clear, so can someone try and sort the type display when you hover over the rotom formes?
Pressure for some reason do not work on Moltres (and for all I know, lots of other pokémon). I have played lots of matches were I thought I were miscountning the pp of the opponent, but here my opponent himself realises there is something wrong and notify me in chat:

EDIT: We notice at turn 37.
pressure only affects moves that target the pressure user; softboiled is a self target move and is not affected by pressure.


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dunno if this is a bug or not but its kind of an unconvienance i guess

For some reason PS stopped allowing me to search for matches with the lobbychat off (it was perfectly fine before though .-.), and gives me that message when i attempt to, if i try to turn the lobbychat back on to start searching for matches again, i get the same message for some reason, which means the only way to get out of the lock is to reset PS.

Idk whats going on right now, but i was able to search for matches with the lobbychat off with no trouble until what seems to be just now, what happened? .-.
Hi, I found one problem about Unburden just now.
Fling does not activate Unburden.

After a few tests, Unburden can be activated by consuming items and getting hit by Knock Off, which is correct. But it should be activate when the Pokemon lose its item via Fling, too. (according to Smogon's Unburden page)