CAP 15 CAP 4 - Part 1 - Concept Submissions

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Well, there isn't much for me to say in direct reply to anyone regarding my concept, Weather Equalizer. However, I do want to clarify something about the concept.

The point of Weather Equalizer is not to create the largest possible dent in Sand and Rain usage. While elevating another weather to the level of Rain and Sand would necessarily lower the usage of the two currently dominant weathers, the real goal of the concept is to make the usage of sun or hail rise to ~33% (probably lower since there still is a fourth weather, and non-weather teams are available). Such an occurrence would surely shake things up quite a bit, but it's not so much a "tear down the metagame" thing as an "expand the metagame" idea.

If the usage of Rain and Sand plummeted to below, say, 20% with this concept, it would be a sign we had created too powerful a CAP; if this happened, it would still probably be a great learning experience. Whatever happens to the metagame will give us insight into why the metagame today is centralized around two weathers while leaving the other two in relative obscurity.
Since everybody's doing it, I would like to show my support for Capefeather's Risky Business, as it is a tricky and well-thought-out concept, yet exceedingly simple.

I also think that Ugly Duckling and Three Ways To Play are great concepts, unique and challenging.


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EM hit it right on the head with the analysis of Perfect Mate and Perfect Nemesis. The general consensus was that Perfect Mate was a very successful CAP project, even though we ended up with a perfect mate for Zapdos instead of Togekiss. We had many great in-depth discussions about team cores, and the discussions were among the most focused in CAP history because we were tied to a single Pokemon (Togekiss). Even the discovery after the project that Zapdos was a better mate than Togekiss, was itself a cool learning experience and made us all examine the reasons that came about. I realize I am quite biased towards the Voodoom project, but I'd love if we did another project that ended up anything like it. I think Birkal has come up with a very cool twist on the concept that makes it completely different from Perfect Mate, but at the same time draws on many of the same strengths that made that project so interesting and fun.

I still support Risky Business too, because I think the self-balancing nature of the concept would be fun to wrestle with as a group. The "let's make this amazing" crowd will have a voice, and the "let's nerf this" crowd will have a voice too. In the end, we'll have to do both to succeed. I don't know if any CAP project has ever given such complete legitimacy to BOTH factions in the same project. That game of tug-of-war will be epic. I suspect I would switch sides frequently!


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Aw, you're closing the thread already? Why so soon, and before looking at my idea? =(
To be fair I did give a 20 hour warning, but I never said I wasn't looking at your idea.

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I'm not terribly keen on this concept, largely because it doesn't strike me as being particularly enlightening as an idea. There are quite a few Pokemon already that only suddenly become monstrously threatening after a boost - Shell Smash Cloyster is the very obvious one. I don't see us finding this a great challenge necessarily, nor really learning a lot from it.

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I know you're not finished yet, but I wanted to comment briefly on it. Attempting to counter Keldeo, Landorus-T, Tornadus-T, Thundurus-T, Genesect, and Meloetta all at the same time is almost impossible - even checking one of them is hard enough. I don't think that the concept is thus feasible for our purposes, sorry.


***I will edit this post if any other concepts come up. 1 hour remaining.
I am somewhat confused by this concept - is the idea behind the concept to force two other Pokemon to form a core through the mere presence of CAP 4 in the metagame? If so, I'm not entirely sure how you would start - and I'm not entirely certain that the presence of one Pokemon even can force a core of two Pokemon to form. I assume that it's a challenge and a half, but I think there's a limit to how complex a concept can be. Possibly we could accomplish it, but it's a logistical nightmare that I could do without.
The goal with my concept is to make two Pokemon be able to form a core/team by breaking or dulling the wall that makes them incompatible. This does not neccecarily mean they have to be a perfect two like SkarmBliss CeleTran and FerroCent, but they can help each other out in areas only one Pokemon cannot provide.


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And with that, we're closing.

I had to cut down my original short list of 15 to just 7 - so, as you'll understand, I had to remove a lot of concepts that I thought were very good and that had real potential. Please don't feel bad or take it as a slight if I didn't include your concepts - this was a difficult slate to make, though I think I'm happy with it.


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Risky Business
Weather Equaliser
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Higher Ground
Perfect Nemesis


Vote thread will be up in a bit. Stay tuned.
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