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why does everyone else have a milotic its not that great ?_?
She has been one of my favorite pokes ever since I saw her (also, being the pokemon every coordinator has doesn't happen cause you're ugly), decent bulk and nice typing, and isn't ASB a chance to use not so good pokes that are still awesome (Slowbro over Slowking forever!)


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Well I've got 4 out of the top 10 [Cyclohm (1), Gengar (3), Pyroak (3), Syclant (8) ; or 19% of my Pokemon] and yet I still feel like Pyroak is undervalued. Thing's a monster with 15 BAP Flare Blitz/Wood Hammer, 120 HP, and a Grass support movepool (oh and WoW/Light Screen). I got Cyclohm and Gengar because they were considered broken and wanted to have them because of that, but since all that's died down I am less impressed and so is everyone else I think. They'll be top dogs though so long as this census is cumulative. Finally, Syclant is good but my Syclant just came off a loss to a Colossoil in a damage contest, so I am not pleased at how exploitable its weaknesses are. I am much more impressed with its use in doubles+ because its Speed is about its only superior trait, so Icy Wind abuse and "getting the last hit first" is more important.

Moving on, I have 9 out of the top 20 [+ Hydreigon (11), Krilowatt (11), Metagross (14), Snorlax (17), Blaziken (18) ; 43% of my Pokemon]. I think Krilowatt is one of the "best" Pokes in ASB, and by "best" I am referring to +Spe Kril firing off nearly consequence-free Hydro Pumps and Thunders and Blizzards while forcing opponents to Sub against CounterCoat every Round. Oh, and it also has an incredible support movepool for doubles+ (Imprison, Me First, Follow Me, Helping Hand, Icy Wind, etc.) and can win just about any damage contest thanks to its high-BAP STABs, CounterCoat, 125 HP, and 121 Spe. I don't use Metagross because it's an asshole to train and I'm out of the reffing game for at least the time being so I can't just stuff it full of UC and then see if it's good, so no comment. Snorlax and Blaziken are both fun as hell to use, and I understand their popularity, but I'm still training mine up and don't have a full opinion on either one (tentatively, I think Blaziken is too frail to abuse Speed Boost a whole lot and a fully-trained Snorlax may in fact be the best Poke in ASB. I suppose I'll see when Census IV comes around). Finally, Hydreigon is my go-to Darkmon (besides Sableye) because of its great mix of Speed, power, and coverage. Going +Spe is essential here to ease the stress of using the Focus Blast/Fire Blast/Stone Edge missfest and is also good for avoiding stupid things like random Rock Slide or Draco Meteor misses or greedy Modest Volcarona or Adamant Kitsunoh or whatever who have to Sub for Fly or Taunt now.

I have 14 out of the top 50, [+ Honchkrow (23), Scrafty (23), Rhyperior (36), Colossoil (40), Gyarados (49) ; 67% of my Pokemon] and only really want to mention Colossoil amongst them in detail and ask why it is this far down on the list with crappy Breloom and below crappy Bisharp. Forget Rebound, Guts/Pressure ruins things trying to chip away that 120 HP and basically all slower Pokemon are putty in its hands considering all of Dig/Dive/Bounce, Encore, Taunt, Substitute, Snatch, Rank 5 Attack, and even random things like Torment, U-turn, and Fake Out that can totally ruin your Actions.

I've then got 17 out of the top 100 [+ Zoroark (57), Gallade (63), Steelix (63)], and 4 outliers [Hippowdon (104), Sableye (131), Sharpedo (158), Skuntank (158)]. These two categories are also where half my Gym team is found (who has the hipster-iest Gym let's find out). I remember being on irc months and months ago and Rising_Dusk was having a conversation with someone about Sableye (this is back when I think no one had one) and I jumped in on the conversation and at the end of it I recall we all decided that Sableye was out-of-control amazingsauce and unbeatable, and to this day I don't think that conclusion has changed for me. Out of all the Pokemon in the game I think Sableye is in the top 5 of "Subbing against this Pokemon haunts my every waking thought" with Gallade and Gengar and Dragonite and probably Metagross or Togekiss or whoever else needs 5 or more Subs to let you sleep at night, and it's not just because mine in particular has so many moves. For something with such unimpressive stats, the advantages of having no weaknesses and a diverse movepool couldn't be more apparent. Much of the time, it can outdamage opponents by the sheer virtue of having that SE multiplier all to itself. On top of that, it never ever has to waste a Sub on Counter or any particular attack type, opening up its versatility more. Its Abilities also give it near-complete control over move order within any given Round, which is incredible and a really understated advantage. Don't like having to Sub for Dig? Stall on attacking Actions and use Prankster on non-attacking Actions. Aggron used a Head Smash x2 Combo and Subbed for Counter? Stall on that Metal Burst. Stall on all Metal Bursts, for that matter. Then turn right around and whip out a +1 priority Recover or Pain Split or Taunt or Substitute or Will-o-Wisp or whatever with the same exact Pokemon. I am both surprised and not surprised that Sableye is so unpopular. The stats are a huge turn-off and probably the biggest deterrent to getting one, but after seeing mine in Action for so long I fear that the thing may be broken with better stats! But who knows, just my four cents.
I'm with Korski, when I think of your Gym, the Pokemon that I know will be an annoying bastard to take down and just to deal with it need a very good Special Pokemon, tbh he's the Pokemon I know could beat Gallade or Metagross 1v1 if I weren't careful and honestly scare the crap out of me (the only reason I don't have one being I think it's kind of ugly and I' m naturally biased against most ghost & dark types) outside of guts users with a good neutral attack and decent special or good special attackers he and Gengar scare me the most to face
Meh, I may as well do an analysis myself:

Lucario line: 40 Well, as a Riolu Skyla was actually pretty good, and I expect it to only get better once it actually has a movepool.
Togekiss line: 30 I must say, Serenity scares me a bit, Paraflinch, great coverage, and on top of that it gets a 25% crit chance with a scope lens. Ouch.

Stratagem line: 29 As the fourth pokemon I obtained, I often count Origin among my starting pokemon, and for good reason. Absurd speed, insane coverage (even getting Energy Ball) and a couple of great non-attacking moves for good measure. I'd definitely recommend this.
Scizor line: 27 Sadly, I haven't gotten around to using Imoji the Scyther much, though if the stats and his standard game record says anything, he should be pretty good.
Snorlax line: 25 Kimli has been reasonable I guess. It's not like Krillowatt which strikes fear into the hearts of many, but it's not bad either. I'm sure he'll get better once I get a lot more moves for him, but for now he's somewhat mediocre. The fact that he get's 2 HP per action from lefties doesn't hurt either.
Dusknoir line: 23 Currently a Dusclops, but Sovereign has worked out quite well for me. So well in fact that were it not for Zarator's dominance, I'd consider going for the ghost gym (I still might if Zarator doesn't meet the win quota ;) ) Absurd defenses, great coverage, and a gaggle of support moves makes him a recommendation.
Porygon-Z line: 23 Ouch. Matrix hits like a truck and, unlike Cinccino, can take a few hits before going down. It's coverage isn't the greatest, but who needs coverage when you can get a free +8 damage with a silk scarf. Curse you ghost types!
Salamence line: 23 Haven't used Bahamut much yet, but really, this thing would be a monster if he weren't outclassed so much by Dragonite. Even with the disadvantage though, I have high hopes for him.
Volcarona line: 23 As my first starter and probably my favorite pokemon this generation, Nora has been able to pull through in many circumstances. Sure it's coverage isn't the best, but Fire and Bug STAB are practically all it needs. You really should give this thing a try.
Arghonaut line: 22 Eh, I have to say, Diagnos has been rather underwhelming from day one, which is a bit annoying for a second starter. Nobody really relies on stat up moves in ASB, and it has very few tricks to utilize. Usually this thing just ends up a meatshield until I can get my act together. At this rate I'm considering trading it in for a Cloyster or perhaps a Lapras.
Starmie line: 21 Raynie's pretty good actually. Great speed, typing, and coverage makes it really quite powerful. Did I mention recover? Really the only problem is slightly underwhelming stats.

Bisharp line: 20 No Galladiator, I haven't gotten around to using Fischer more than once. That said, I don't think it's that bad, and since my normal mons just need UC pumped into them, he'll probably be getting usage before too long.
Magnezone line: 19 I got Calculus from Leethoof a while back and man it's been pretty good. Amazing typing, good defenses, and a fairly strong offense. A shame it's coverage doesn't go much farther than Electric, steel, and hidden power.
Electivire line: 18 Ah Zant. He's probably the one I have the highest hopes for, because ASB basically patches up all of the problems with him, four moveslot syndrome, lowish speed, and reliance on picking up a motor drive boost. After I get an electrizer for him, Zant's going to live up to his namesake I think.
Roserade line: 18 And finally we come to my third starter. While there are probably better grass types out there, Alurani has pulled through for me more times than one. Several nasty status moves, two entry hazards, and many other things make her a great choice.
Colossoil line: 17 One of my more recent mons, Rosch hasn't seen much use, but if the opinion of ASB veterans is any indication, this thing will kick butt when it evolves. For now though, it's somewhat mediocre.
Blissey line: 10 Well, I saw a few people recommending this pokemon as a normal mon for my gym aspirations. Unfortunately, it has been rather mediocre, as Counter abuse can be subbed against and physical attackers aren't exactly uncommon. That said, it might get better once I buy a few moves for it.
Cinccino line: 10 Only ten? Aht may be a glass cannon, but she's a monster of a glass cannon. If this thing gets into an Abilities=All situation, it'll rip everything to shreds. It even has a few support moves like thunder wave just to continue trolling any adversaries.

Aerodactyl: 9 Really, Aerodactyl is kind of a physically based Stratagem, and a pretty good one at that. Fangs for coverage, the same stats as stratagem (only inverted in terms of attack and subtracting one rank), and EdgeQuake make Korangir pretty darn good. I need to use it more.
Marowak line: 9 There's only nine of these things? With an attack up nature and a thick club, Marowak reaches a monstrous 8 Rank Attack, with one of the best STAB typings in the game. Add in Belly Drum and Perish Song and things just freaking die.
Ursaring line: 8 I kind of expected this. My feelings about Major Ursa are somewhat mixed. Give it a flame orb and it suddenly becomes very fast and very dangerous, yet it feels kind of like a glass cannon with more a rifle than a cannon. That said, a good addition to my gym team.
Castform: 6 I'm not too sure why this isn't used more. Then again, I was kind of skeptical of its usage too, until I saw Leethoof sweep the Subway with it. Its stats aren't the greatest, but being able to summon weather easier than anything bar auto weather mons, as well as getting phenominal coverage, makes Sirius a force to be reckoned with.
Ditto: 6 Only six? Being able to turn it into any of your opponent's pokemon while doubling either the speed or defenses of said pokemon? Sign me up! Really the only reason I haven't used it more is because it doesn't get any rewards after unlocking Imposter.
Crustle line: 5 Are you guys for real, five FIVE!? You'd think Emmet/Ingo would have taught you guys how good this thing is. After a Shell Smash, a Careful nature, and a White Herb, Nya gets a rather impressive set of stats, 100/5/5/4/4/90 is a force to be reckoned with. You guys need to get one.

Blaziken line: 23
Nidoking line: 22
Gallade line: 12
Glaceon line: 1
Metagross line: 28
Necturna line: ?

That's all for now.


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imho anyone who goes "hey guys i'm really cool i have bullshit terrible mons like pidgey and luvdisc" is just being stupid but hey that's the glory of the internet is that you can be as stupid as you want and i can judge you as much as I want

brb buying Sableye
After I train some of my mons, I'm also buying a Sableye... and a Minccino. But Korski had a great analysis. By far the most notable point is the lack of Collosoil. Seriously this thing is almost as bulky as Krill (5 HP Different), has great Dual STABS, killer physical movepool with STAB Moves, Rock Slide, Fangs, Fake Out!!!!!!, so much more. The fact that there are more Arghonaut than Collosoil is just bad...
...meh, Colossoil is going to be my mon 30.

adding Sableye to my "let's get this eventually" list, since after Soil I'm going to be getting various stuff for an Ice Spire run.
Eh sure, why not.

Xatu (9)
Lanturn (9)
Hariyama (6)
Dodrio (2) - What's up, Texas Cloverleaf?
Shiftry [Nuzleaf] (4)
Darmanitan [Darumaka] (10)
Froslass [Snorunt] (5)

Hipster Index ('Cause I'm too lazy to come up with another term): 6.4



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I'm aware I did a rough usage compiling for my mons on the first page, but I suppose I should go into detail...

Tomohawk (34) - The first of my "Pokemonarchs" & the most publicly used on my list. Prankster, solid typing, solid coverage, what's not to love?
Hydreigon [Deino] (29) - Another one that many users use & for a good reason. I haven't used Deino much, however...
Scizor [Scyther] (27) - Scizor is another solid, popular mon. Haven't used it much, however...
Dusknoir (23) - Another "Pokemonarch", Dusknoir is one of the best ghosts in the game, alongside Sableye & Gengar. 4/5/4/5 Offences & Defences with Quiet is excellent, & he has the coverage to boot.
Fidgit (20) - Ahh yes, one of my Gym Mons, & my highest movepool mon atm. It's easy to see why users like me would use one, massive movepool, Prankster, & has okay offences. He's one of the best supporters around (Raid Zone in particular), & it's no wonder why users use it, Fidgit's that good.
Garchomp (20) - Less Spectacular compared to other Pseudo-legends, Garchomp is another one of my Gym Mons. Brute force, excellent typing, the damage output this thing can deliver is amazing.
Electivire (18) - Another "Pokemonarch", Electivire is simply, a powerful Electric type with Electric immunity & insane coverage.
Rhyperior (18) - Another "Pokemonarch", Rhyperior is rather average. Sure he is ridiculous physically, but he's too easy to take down, especially with all the Special Water & Grass Moves running around...
Colossoil (17) - Colossoil. Is. A. Bitch. Simply, it is OP. 120 HP with Guts, Pressure, ridiculous coverage, & a zillion evasive moves, it will always land a KO in a match, whether the opponent likes it or not. I also managed to get it 5 KOC in a 6-0 thrashing of Leethoof. Anyways, USE it. It won't let you down.
Weavile [Sneasel] (17) - Haven't used Sneasel much, it is another "Pokemonarch", but seriously, Pickpocket is hilarious, especially when the opponent floods their mons with training items. :)
Gliscor (16) - And here we come to my signature mon. The head of the bunch, the trump card of the team, whatever, but there is no denying that Gliscor is without a shadow of a doubt, the best mon in my arsenal, bar none. It's ridiculously versatile, not only can it attack, but it can stall as well, & effectively too. To put things simply, when correctly played, it wins games, even if it doesn't make much of an impact HP wise. Not even DK could stop Gliscor from making an impact in our Gym Match, & that's saying something.
Rotom (16) - Mowtom is cool, it can deal lots to any water type, it can disrupt effectively, it's basically a very good Pokemon.
Eelektross (15) - I had the first Tynamo, & as a Tynamo, it was okay. Eelektross is very powerful & has lots of coverage. Eelektross is simply a really great momentum Pokemon.
Gyarados [Magikarp] (15) - Not much opinion here, as I only have a Magikarp atm.
Golurk (13) - Golurk was initially going to be part of the Gym Squad, but it quickly fell out of favour. Why? It just doesn't do much. All it has going for it is No Guard & Fly, but it's simply underwhelming.
Crobat (12) - Crobat is simply one of the best annoyers in the game. Enough said.
Excadrill (12) - Like Golurk, this fell out of favour for the Gym Squad. Sure it has ridiculous attacking capabilities, but it's a one-trick pony. That, & I didn't need another Ground Weak. Steelix is better.
Steelix [Onix] (12) - Speaking of which, I have one in the works, but it's not going to be part of the Gym Squad, simply because of the timing of getting it. Not much opinion yet, but Steelix is going to be a beast...
Camerupt (11) - Camerupt. Is. A. Fucking. Tank. Magma Armour, Solid Rock, High damage output, what's not to love?
Ludicolo (11) - Mon specifically bought & built to take on the Windburn Gulch Raid Zone. Water/Grass allows it to do a lot there, being a massive threatmaker, & being able to tank a lot of hits. Anyone going to WBG should seriously consider this guy.
Magmortar [Magmar] (10) - Yay, another "Pokemonarch"...Magmar is meh, but then again, no real opinion.
Torterra (10) - Another Gym Mon, Torterra is designed to help adress my mass water-weakness...(Watermon used Ice Beam!) But seriously, Torterra is a great mon, he can support as well...
Hippowdon (8) - One of my starting mons, Hippowdon seems unspectacular on my Gym Squad, but is necessary for the sandstorm support he brings. He's also good on the defensive side as well...
Clefable (7) - Another "Pokemonarch". Clefable is versatile, but I mainly end up using it as a Doubles+ annoyer. Just ask Lord Jesseus that. ;)
Cofagrigus (6) - The original Yamask, Cofagrigus was also my first non-Ground Type. He's got great defences & stalling capabilities, but no reliable recovery & poor coverage hurts it. Dusknoir is superior.
Slaking [Slakoth] (6) - Good news, Slaking fans, Truant got buffed! But then again, the only real niche this thing has is Choice Band Giga Impact, it's devastating, even if you have to waste an action...
Gastrodon (5) - Gastro needs more love. It's the best Water/Ground in the game, due to superior abilities & great recovery capabilities. Seriously, this thing is a staple on Ground Teams, he alone improves the team. Why so many go for Swampert, idk, but Gastrodon is a million times better, imo.
Jynx (5) - The least of the "Pokemonarchs", all Jynx has is Forewarn...But then again, Jynx is okay.
Ledian [Ledyba] (3) - Not much opinion. It's a bug. It's unspectacular.
Stunfisk (3) - Derpfish is actually not that bad in ASB, he does okay against waters, & has decent bulk. Stunfisk is awesome, & having the original one is cool.
Sunflora (3) - Like Ludi, Flora was bought & built for WBG, & Sunflora is very good mon, with her amazing damage output; Modest Miracle Seed GK from this deals 41 DMG to Groudon. Like Ludi, anyone going to WBG should seriously consider this thing.
Banette [Shuppet] (3) - Not much opinion, though 4/3/4/3 stats with Quiet as a Banette is fairly Okay.
Floatzel [Buizel] (2) - Floatzel is very similar to Simipour. It's a fast Water Taunter, good offences, & simply, very similar to Simipour. What this thing has is superior speed.
Luvdisc (2) - Loldisc! Though I wouldn't be saying that in the rain...
Pidgeot [Pidgey] (2) - Pwnemon, at least I've actually accomplished stuff on here...Anyways, I bought one for nostalgia's sake.
Simipour (2) - Simipour is underrated. Similar to Floatzel, but this has superior stats & coverage. Idk why users don't buy one...At least I convinced MK...
Hitmontop (1) - Only Hitmontop! Trolled stats are bad, but w/e.
Pachirisu (1) - Only Pachirisu! Though this is just a generic Electric Type.

Analysis done.
I owned Slakoth... Before Truant got better.
I own the only active Sawsbuck.
I owned the first Buneary.

I did it for the love of the Pokemon, not because I wanted to be first. Ya'll need to stop fussing about getting those Pokemon that no one else has. =P

EDIT: Ohh, sorry Dummy.
Hey, my Sawsbuck isn't inactive! Also, since the last time I posted in here, I have bought ASB's first Basculin and Patrat.

Basculin: 1 Basculin actually seems kind of okay, although I made the stupid (and accidental) decision to give him Ice Beam as a starting move instead of Waterfall. Lamoni's four abilities give his STAB moves a pretty fair amount of power with no drawbacks (Adaptability + Reckless + Rock Head Waterfall + Double-Edge combo, anyone?), but his stats are just so awful (92 Attack ;_;) that he can't do much damage anyway. Maybe he'd work better in Doubles, since he can Aqua Jet + Soak everything...
Watchog (Patrat): 1 Watchog's movepool is GIGANTIC, but his stats are SO TROLLISH. Seriously, Samuel started with Flail/Revenge/Crunch/Iron Tail physical coverage, Thunderbolt/Grass Knot/Shadow Ball special coverage, Super Fang, Hypnosis, Detect, Bide, Sand-Attack, and After You, and, when he evolves, he even gets Focus Blast and Flamethrower (and Giga Impact, for Giga Impact + Flail combos)! Unfortunately, Watchog's stats are so awkwardly distributed that he can't really do anything with them. He seems like he'd be okay with an Expert Belt, though.
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