CAP1 - Part 14.5b - (Pre-Evo Sprite Poll 1)

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Oi. Well, I've spent the past umpteen many days finally graduating from university. I just had commencement today, so I finally have some time to sit down and go through this stuff. Hopefully that's a good enough excuse. Sorry for the delay. ;_;

Anyway, here we go, moving right along. This is the poll for the sprites to be used with Scratchet, Tomohawk's pre-evolution! The winner of this contest will have their sprites immortalized on the SU server forevermore, so pick your favorites!

The slated submissions are as follows:
Ice-cold Claws
This is an IRV poll, which means that you can vote for as many entries as you want to in order of preference. The top three from this poll will move onto the next stage. I've reiterated some rules for this vote below so that everyone knows exactly what's going on.

  • Do not bold any text other than your votes.
    The script we use to count the votes looks at bolded text, and ignores all other text. You can still write other non-bolded things in your post, but don't bold them or it will mess up your vote.
  • One vote per line.
    Do not list multiple votes on one line.
  • You may vote for as many names as you want.
  • Spell the name exactly as it is spelled above.
    It is not case sensitive, but please remember that your vote will not count unless it is the name is spelled correctly.
Here are the entries in order of submission:
*Folds arms*
*Puts on shades*
présentation finale (Final Submission)

The Pose? To make it look more like DarthVader317's sprite.
The Gender Difference? DV's sprites have gender differences. So, you know, females don't look as good with a mohawk. Oh, in Pokemon, gender differences in an evo line are not necessarily the same. Pikachu/Raichu, Wooper/Quagsire, Meditite/Medicham, Bidoof/Bibarel, Kricketot/Kricketune...and more. Point proven, I guess.
The Shiny Colors? DV's shiny colors. Bonus points for being a fitting baby blue on this cute lil' prevo! Some say that two-stage evo-line Pokemon never have the same shiny colors as their evo, but no, check out Blitzle/Zebstrika, Dwebble/Crustle (the shell), Foongus/Amoonguss (the blue part anyway).
Hair on the back of the head? It's not in the concept art, but Original Artist paintseagull said it was what she intended. While she gave us 'artistic license', I'm still sticking to the Artist's personal concept.
Which part brings out Scrappy/Prankster? Well, no part. First of all, Scrappy isn't something you have to bring out (Miltank and Taillow have Scrappy, can you see any similar traits?). Prankster...well, it's got a smirk. It doesn't have to be brought out anyway, since a thing like Cottonee has Prankster.

Yep, that's it, good luck to all the others! =)
Final Submission

Awesome work everyone! Looking at the first two pages I thought it was gonna be just me and ICC doing this, but I'm glad people have joined us haha xD

Here we go!:

Thanks to everyone for their input :D


Well, when I saw that paint's cuuuuute! prevo abilities were Scrappy/Prankster, I knew I wanted it to look fierce. I made its pose like a lunge and made its fingers more like claws that would mimic the Scrappy ability, which also coincided nicely with it being named Scratchet :D The smirk/grin I put on it is supposed to represent Prankster. I tried to retain cuteness with the eyes and egg-shaped body while still having the awkward Shinx-knows-intimidate? factor. The shiny colours I thought would work well the primary Normal typing. Grey is boring = normal is boring. I also brightened up the skin colour because ICC said it looked gloomy, which isn't what I was going for xD

And for gender differences. Although I suppose they add personality, I don't think Scratchet needs to have gender differences. Looking at the history of gender differences, the area that is different in the final evolution is almost always where the difference comes from in the preevo. Whenever it comes to fangs, spots, or hair, the entire evolutionary line follow the same gender differences unless there is a drastic difference in looks, which happens on our CaP. Tomohawks GD's are on the eyes of its hood, which don't even appear on Scratchet.
All evolutionary lines where the final evo is the only one that has a gender difference is because the area didn't exist on the preevo (with the exception of Abomasnow and Toxicroak), which is what is exactly happening here. Just look at Venusaur, Houndoom, Donphan, Cacturn, Steelix, Tangrowth, Octillery! Because of this I didn't include gender differences. Hope you enjoy it!
This is it, now or never. May as well make it final.
Alright, lets do this!

Ok lets get down to the explanation. Firstly the pose for Scratchet. I did paintseagull's original art. It is both aggressive with the arm raised and cute at the same time. Just like Cartoons! original art for Tomohawk. It goes with the the Scrappy/Prankster abilities given to it. It doesn't deviate from the original artist's ideas and artwork (unlike my Tomohawk sprites), so kudos to paintseagull for achieving all of that within a single piece of artwork
Next the shinnies. The purple and yellow work really well together in my opinion (after all they are complimentary colours). Throughout the submissions I held a mini poll with a whole bunch of shinnies that I compiled. I had some that changed the skin colours (something no one had done yet) and by a landslide the purple and yellow one won. I also didn't want to keep the same colour as DarthVader because, for the most part almost all shinnies have a different colour scheme then the evolution e.g. Charmeleon/Charizard, Cottonee/Whimsicot. I didn't want to make it the same as Ice-cold Claws either, I wanted to give you guys (the voters) more options. The shinnies I think are really cool in my opinion.
Finally for Scratchet's gender differences. I was considering making the purple eyebrows different sizes because in paintseagull's drawing it stated that the eyebrows become the purple eye spots, but I didn't. This is because of many things. As Attract said, Pokemon rarely change what the gender difference is in the evolution chain e.g. Scither has abdomen larger, Scizor has abdomen larger. Because Scratchet doesn't have the same eye hood spot it seems illogical to do a gender difference. Also for some reason or other, Nintendo has stopped doing minor gender differences in the 5th generation so it gives me less incentive to do so.

Anyways thats all for now
Good luck to all the other spriters and thank you to everyone who helped me in creating these sprites.
Final Submission

Woo! Here are my scratchet sprites. In this pose he's trying to be as big and mean as he can by spreading his arms out wide, showing he's ready for a fight. I also like how this shows off his eggy roundness. His shiny colours are teal and light orange, because that teal goes so nicely with the purple (slightly different purple than the normal version) of his spots!

The male/female difference is in the spots on his back, since those are supposed to foreshadow the eye spots on Tomohawk's faux-hawk :) So the female's are a bit smaller and there are less of them. This difference is only slightly visible in the front sprite - the male has a hint of a spot near his tail, while the female doesn't.

Thanks everyone for the help and I hope you like these! And good luck other spriters it is awesome to see my design all spritified in so many ways and styles!
Final Submission

Here's are my final entries for Scratchet's sprites. I wanted its pose and face to be cute, but also have a kind of feistiness. Although Tomohawk has gender differences, I decided against them for Scratchet because Tomohawk's differences occur in the size of eye spots on its feathered "false head," and Scratchet does not yet have those particular spots (I interpret the spots of Scratchet's back as corresponding to the markings on Tomohawk's back).

For the shiny coloration, I decided to keep the same red accents on Tomohawk (replacing the purple) but instead of Tomohawk's blue, I used a subdued chartreuse. Shiny sprites don't have to correspond across evolutionary lines (just look at Charizard) and I think it adds some more interest. Also, chartreuse is my favorite color, hehe.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions along the way and good luck to everyone else!
Here's the CAP's artwork for comparison:
Main Design

Supporting Material

Side-on pose showing spots and egg shaped body.

This Tomohawk prevo concept is a little cub with a protective fluffy egg body. The ruffles around its face show the beginnings of the feather-like fur that Tomohawk uses for flight after it evolves. Its wide, flat, oversized arms hint at wings. Tomohawk's purple markings are foreshadowed in the purple spots on cub-hawk's egg body.
Name: Scratchet
Typing: Normal / Fighting
Base Stats: 55 HP / 85 Atk / 80 Def / 20 SpA / 70 SpD / 40 Spe
Abilities: Scrappy / Prankster / Vital Spirit (DW)

Good luck, artists!
Ice-cold Claws

By the way, congratulations Rising_Dusk! My commencement's tomorrow, I'm pretty excited for things to stop being so hectic. :>
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