CAP 12 CAP1 - Part 7 - (Art Poll 2)

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The other designs are great too, but I love creative concepts, and Flying Kung Fu Panda is the most original design out there. Plus I love the wise master personality, as opposed to the "fight fight fight" personality of the others.
Damn it, why is this poll so hard!!??

Not that many people will read this, but I'll go through my thought process on these last three. I voted Cartoons! over the other two last time, but aragornbird started to become more and more appealing to me. Sentret's panda is also really great, but I think that it overdoes the size/bulk thing. I look at the base 85 Speed vicinity and see that it's pretty much on the line between "sure-footed" and "pretty agile", and Sentret doesn't really come close to that line. Ultimately, I decided that Cartoons! fits the HP stat better than aragornbird does. Initially, I justified aragornbird's "frailty" with the fans that acted as "shields", but the makeup of the 100-110 vicinity was resoundingly toward "pretty large" and/or "pretty fat".

I honestly had to do a lot of nitpicking to get to an actual decision, and in the end I'm going for


(Also, considering CAP 1 is a special Fighting-type, can we really say that we have precedent for what this should look like?)


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@Doug: you need to spell the name correct for the vote to count. It's Cartoons!, not Cartoons
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