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Deoxys-D seems pretty cool, so I'm taking it up for an analysis (thanks Bloo + Rising_Dusk). This is really underrated, and it actually works very well and what it does. I encourage everyone to try it out!

QC: 1/3 Iconic, 2/3 PK Gaming, 3/3 Bloo
GP: 1/2 Calm Pokemaster, 2/2 jc104

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<p>Deoxys-D is the prime example of an often-overlooked, but nevertheless
efficient, mixed wall. With colossal defensive stats, a fantastic support movepool, and great Speed for a wall, Deoxys-D is definitely a threat to look out for. Moves such as Spikes, Taunt, Toxic, and Recover allow it to be a formidable defensive threat, and without a Tyranitar or Scizor, it can be incredibly difficult to eliminate. It is arguably one of the best Spikes users in the tier, thanks to Taunt to stop setup and status moves, along with reliable recovery in the form of Recover. Deoxys-D can also run an effective stallbreaker set, with Taunt, Toxic, and Agility. With a combination of Taunt and Night Shade, Deoxys-D is one of the few counters to Reuniclus that can be effectively used on a stall team.</p>

<p>However, Deoxys-D does have a few major flaws. It is countered easily by two of the most used Pokemon in the tier: Tyranitar and Scizor. It is also setup bait for Pokemon that come in after a KO
, as although Deoxys-D can Taunt, the opposing setup sweeper will often be faster, allowing it to set up on and break down our cosmic Pokemon. However, if used on the correct team with the right mindset, Deoxys-D is definitely a formidable team member, and should always be handled with caution.</p>

name: Spikes
move 1: Spikes
move 2: Recover
move 3: Taunt
move 4: Night Shade / Toxic
item: Leftovers
ability: Pressure
nature: Calm
evs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD


<p>This is Deoxys-D's most successful set, and with the right support, it can be used to great effect. Spikes is a great move in the current metagame, as with the
abundance of threats that can cause switches, Spikes can cause a lot of residual damage. This set will often be able to get up three layers of Spikes, thanks to Deoxys-D's great bulk and its ability to Taunt Pokemon trying to prevent setup. With such a huge amount of special bulk, Deoxys-D can set up on almost any of the absurdly powerful special threats in the tier, including Reuniclus. For example, this version of Deoxys-D takes only 58.2%-68.4% from a Timid Choice Specs Latios's Draco Meteor, meaning that it can take two hits when factoring Leftovers recovery. This allows it to Recover off the damage, and then set up Spikes as it switches out. Deoxys-D can also single-handedly defeat Virizion, Reuniclus, and Rotom-W, all of which are top tier threats in OU.</p>

<p>The other moves on the set are very self-explanatory. First, Taunt is to stop opposing setup, while also keeping Deoxys-D free of status – mainly Toxic – which is
devastating. Recover is obvious on any defensive Pokemon that can learn it, as it provides Deoxys-D with a great way to stick around and set up Spikes many times. Finally, Night Shade gives Deoxys-D a means of consistent damage, allowing Deoxys-D to counter the aforementioned threats without difficulty.</p>


<p>Deoxys-D is a very versatile Pokemon, and it can easily utilize many other options on its sets. The EV spread can easily be tweaked or changed to make Deoxys-D more physically defensive,
or EVscan be invested in Speed. This enables Deoxys-D to outrun and Taunt some prominent threats such as Gyarados before a Dragon Dance and Jellicent that invest in Speed. However, outside of the previous two Pokemon, running Speed on Deoxys-D is an unnecessary expenditure, and the EVs are better invested in Deoxys-D's defenses.</p>

<p>The last slot can be filled with a variety of different moves. Stealth Rock can be used over Night Shade, as it allows Deoxys-D to set up two different hazards, instead of just one. However, it is usually better to keep Deoxys-D's ability to counter things with Night Shade
. If you would prefer to go this way, then perhaps Deoxys-D's brother, Deoxys-S, is a better choice for you. Another option in the last slot is Toxic, and Deoxys-D makes a great status spreader. However, with Toxic, Deoxys-D loses the ability to counter Reuniclus, which is one of its main perks. Finally, Seismic Toss can be used over Night Shade to allow Deoxys-D to hit Blissey and Chansey, but Taunting them and getting up a free layer of Spikes is generally more effective.</p>

<p>In terms of teammates, a spinblocker is greatly appreciated. There is no point in setting up three layers of Spikes, only to have them spun away by a meddling Excadrill. For this reason, Jellicent is a great teammate, as it can block Rapid Spin and burn incoming switch-ins with Will-O-Wisp and Scald. It also checks the other premier Rapid Spin user, Life Orb Starmie, without difficulty, as it can take a Thunderbolt while
absorbing Hydro Pumps and taking Ice Beams without difficulty. Other good teammates include defensive Steel-types, as these make up for the lack of resistances that Deoxys-D has. Ferrothorn, Bronzong, Skarmory, and Jirachi are all great teammates, and they each have their merits. Ferrothorn can set up Stealth Rock, while being a great check to rain attackers that can spam powerful rain-boosted attacks after coming in on Deoxys-D. Bronzong can easily counter any Dragon-type bar Haxorus, and it also has the ability to set up Stealth Rock. Skarmory is a great phazer, and it can also check many of the premier threats in the metagame including Landorous, Excadrill and Gliscor without Taunt. However, as this set already has Spikes, Skarmory may be slightly redundant. Finally, Jirachi is another great partner for Deoxys-D, as it too can wall many dangerous threats, such as some Latios, Tornadus, and Thundurus, while being able to spread extra status in the form of paralysis.</p>

<p>For Deoxys-D to be effective in its role, it helps if Dark- and Bug-type Pokemon are eliminated. For example, strong Fighting-types that can switch in on the aforementioned Pokemon make great partners for Deoxys-D. Conkeldurr is one Pokemon that comes to mind quickly, as it can easily eliminate or set up on Tyranitar, the conventional check to Deoxys-D
. Scizor is another Pokemon that can give Deoxys-D trouble, and as such, you need to take care to include multiple checks to it when building a team around Deoxys-D. Skarmory once again fits the bill, as it can phaze away Scizor after it sets up, making it take residual damage from layers each time it switches in. Gliscor with Taunt can also counter any Scizor set, bar ones that are extremely offensive, as Gliscor does take a beating from Bullet Punch if Scizor invests fully in Attack.</p>

name: Toxic Staller
move 1: Taunt
move 2: Toxic
move 3: Recover
move 4: Agility / Night Shade
item: Leftovers
ability: Pressure
nature: Bold
evs: 252 HP / 56 Def / 200 SpD


At first, when seeing this, you may be confused as to why a very defensive Pokemon may choose to run Agility in one of its only four slots, but, in conjunction with the fabled Taunt and Toxic combination, Deoxys-D can stall out a huge number of threats thanks to its higher speed after an Agility. For example, one Pokemon that may switch into Deoxys-D is Dragonite. As long as Deoxys-D uses Agility on the switch, it can outspeed Dragonite and Taunt it to prevent setup, and then cripple it with Toxic as it fails miserably to do significant damage with an unboosted Dragon Claw. This set can also rip clean through stall after Steel- or Poison-types have been removed, as unless stall sports a Tyranitar, this Deoxys-D will be able to wall the entire team.</p>

<p>Each move on this set has a specific purpose. First, Taunt is used to prevent opposing Pokemon from recovering their health, also preventing opposing setup. Along with Toxic, Taunt is the crux of this set, and it is very important in fulfilling the strategy. Toxic is used, of course
, to wear down opposing Pokemon, especially if their recovery is disabled through the use of Taunt. Recover helps Deoxys-D to stick around longer, and take all the damaging attacks that will no doubt occur after the use of Taunt. Finally, Agility is used to outspeed any opposing Pokemon, meaning that Deoxys-D is able to Taunt them before it gets Taunted itself. Furthermore, this protects it from status, making Deoxys-D a very difficult wall to take down.</p>


<p>Night Shade can be used on the set to allow Deoxys-D to inflict some form of damage . However, an attacking move is not usually needed, as Toxic usually does the job. Also, without Agility, Deoxys-D
can be Taunted itself by other faster Pokemon, such as Gliscor. Night Shade does have some perks, however. For instance, with Night Shade, Deoxys-D can counter Reuniclus. On the whole, either choice is competitively viable, and both should be considered, depending on the team's needs. The EVs can also be altered in any way, to provide more bulk physically or specially, and more Speed if needed. Currently, the EVs and nature provide a perfectly balanced layout between both of Deoxys-D's defenses, but you could consider a bias to one side. Feel free to experiment to find the best combinations for your team.</p>

<p>For this set to work effectively, a few specific Pokemon need to be removed. First, Steel-type Pokemon must be removed, as Deoxys-D can do nothing to them bar use Taunt, which will only stop them setting up. The best way to remove Steel-types is to run—you guessed it
a Magnezone. SubCharge Magnezone is a very effective set in the current metagame, thanks to its ability to switch in on Ferrothorn and other Steel-types, set up a Substitute and then boost all the way up to +6 as the opposing Steel-type struggles to break it. Magnezone can often find itself taking out two or more Pokemon after switching in on a Steel-type, thanks to its great Special Attack and formidable bulk. Fire-types such as Heatran and Infernape can force Steel-types to switch out, and this can cause them to take residual damage, often removing them after a while.</p>

<p>Poison-types, although a lot less common than Steel-types, along with Gliscor, are also hard counters to this set. Psychic-types do a great job in removing them, and although they have bad defensive synergy with Deoxys-D, they are very viable teammates. Reuniclus is probably the best option, as it works well when its counters, such as Tyranitar, are poisoned, and can easily switch in on a Poison-type and set up a free Calm Mind. Other hard counters to this set are Pokemon with Taunt and Prankster, but the only way to beat these effectively is to continuously apply offensive pressure. Other good teammates for this set include Pokemon that can cover Deoxys-D's weaknesses, so defensive Steel-types such as Ferrothorn, Skarmory, Bronzong, and Jirachi are all good choices.</p>

[Other Options]

<p>Thanks to its support movepool, Deoxys-D has a plethora of other options that it can utilize to its advantage. A Cosmic Power set is viable, as when Deoxys-D
boosts its defenses just once, it becomes nigh-on impossible to take down without hax. However, this set is crippled by Toxic, and as such Sigliyph can perform better thanks to its ability—Magic Guard—which gives it immunity to residual damage. A set with dual screens can be used, but as dual screens are usually used on offensive teams, Deoxys-D may slow down momentum. Also,it is outclassed in this role by other Psychic-types, including Espeon, which has Magic Bounce; Deoxys-S, which boasts great Speed; and Latios, which can use Memento. Another option is to run a basic walling set, with Taunt, Toxic, Recover and Night Shade, although this is outclassed by some more conventional walls that have better typing, such as Skarmory, or better defenses, such as Blissey.</p>

<p>Some more gimmicky options can be utilized. For example, Deoxys-D can run a set with a Red Card and Recycle to provide
phazing support. Deoxys-D can also use Magic Coat to reflect back hazards and Taunt, but it is usually better off using its own Taunt, since it can then prevent setup too. Safeguard can be used to block status for the whole team, but once again Taunt is usually the better option. Calm Mind can also be used, but this is outclassed by Reuniclus. Ice Beam can be used on all sets to help Deoxys-D counter Dragon-types and Gliscor, but Night Shade is preferred for the constant damage. Finally, Thunder Wave can be used on any set over Toxic, but Deoxys-D is better at stalling out Pokemon than crippling them with Thunder Wave, and as such, Toxic is the preferred option.</p>

[Checks and Counters]

<p>As mentioned throughout, Tyranitar and Scizor are the best checks to Deoxys-D. Tyranitar completely walls the first set, but it can be outstalled by the second unless it has a Choice Band, and even then, Tyranitar does not like Toxic. Scizor can take on any set, and it can even set up with Swords Dance as Deoxys-D switches out. Anything that boasts a super effective move, and doesn't mind poison or Taunt is also a good counter. Gengar is a good counter, as it can hit Deoxys-D with Shadow Ball, and it also doesn't mind Taunt too much. Anything with Prankster and Taunt is a great counter. Whimsicott and Thundurus can both switch in, Taunt, and begin to set up Leech Seed and Nasty Plot respectively. Generally, if you want to counter Deoxys-D, force it to switch around and take residual damage, and you should be in a good position.</p>


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i use deo-d a lot, so i can help you if you want.

the best spread i found for him was 252hp/ 112def/ 144 spdef bold if that helps


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kk Sets that are decent

Cosmic Power/Taunt/Recover/Substitute is an excellent set when used with Toxic Spikes support

Recover/Taunt/Toxic/Agility also is frustrating to take down

Also I had a fair bit of success with
Recover/Recycle/Ice Beam/Spikes with Red Card which actually works really well at getting down Spikes and acting as a sort of "mini phaser"

Regarding Evs I personally ran 252 HP and then the nature and the other spare Evs into either Def or Sdef depending on what the team needed.

Lastly I heard that Taunt/Recover/Night Shade/Spikes is also good on stall teams and totally walls CM Reuniclus which is sometimes difficult for stall to check.
I saw a very effective set using Spikes/Taunt/Recover/Night Shade that was biased towards spDef. The cool thing is it has Skarmory's Defense on both sides and 216 starting speed. Some people also use Agility/Toxic/Taunt/Recover which in my opinion doesn't seem nearly as effective but it can be devastating if your opponent is unprepared. Always remember to max his low HP on any set first to make the most of his bulk.

Edit- ginganinja'd lmao


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Cosmic Power should suffice. On a similar experience, a Stockpile Quagsire nearly walled and destroyed my whole team, and it took a REALLY lucky Togekiss to get rid of it, since I didn't have any relevant counters or support Pokemon to shut down Quagsire. Deoxys-D has no x4 weakness plaguing it (Quagsire has trouble with Celebi and Ferrothorn), and has Taunt to prevent any attempts at Toxic or residual damage.

Since so many teams don't have relevant counters to Deoxys-D, a Cosmic Power set is really easy to put in.


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Ok thanks AG.

I think the analysis will end up looking like this:

Cosmic Power: Cosmic Power, Recover, Taunt, Filler
Taunt+Toxic: Recover, Taunt, Toxic, Agility
Spiker: Taunt, Recover, Spikes, Filler
Dual Screener: Reflect, Light Screen, Recover, Filler (this one might be outclassed by Deoxys-s, but this works better on stall. You can't run Deo-s on stall...)

Everybody agree?
taunt/spikes/nightshade/recover 252hp/252spdef calm should be the first set.

ive used this to ridiculous success on the ladder and it spikes against nearly everything specially-based. eg it can take two specs latios draco meteors.
I would disagree that many teams lack a deo-n counter, because Pokemon like tyranitar and scizor are everywhere, but that doesnt mean it isn't still a great Pokemon. Taunt + Toxic was always what I found myself using, because Deoxys' 90 base speed is beastly for a wall, so taunt + toxic + recover will bring many defensive teams to their knees. Instead of Night Shade I ran Ice Beam because deoxys works well against dragons and keeps Gliscor from annoying you with its Poison Heal (or even worse, Fling!)


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Ok, thanks Heist and Friar.
@ Heist: I will put the spikes set to the top of the analysis when I write it.
@ Friar: If Scizor and Ttar are rid of, then Deo-D is having a fun time. I guess they are the only common checks, and they're not on every team... just most. :/
I've seen some Deoxys-D running a CM set on wifi lateley and apparently it worked.

Item: Leftovers
Nature: Bold
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
- Calm Mind
- Psychic / Ice Beam
- Thunderbolt
- Recover

I think that's how it looked like. Even if you say it's not needed to give it a full set, then I'd consider mentioning Calm Mind at least in OO. Offensive capabilities of that set aren't the best but with all that boosts, Deoxys-D can reach skyhigh defenses. With access to Recover the opponent most likely relies on critical hits to even get that thing out of the way.

Oh.. and you should mention that Magic Coat also helps a lot against most Prankster abusers, especially Whimsicott.


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you should slash toxic on the cosmic power stall set, because even though its immune by more pokemon, any pokemon with a form of recovery will wall you.

also put gliscor as a counter cause with poison heal he is untouchable to deo-d and also has a faster taunt, and can set up sword dances. even the terrible acrofling set works against deo-d because he cant taunt him before hand
you should slash toxic on the cosmic power stall set, because even though its immune by more pokemon, any pokemon with a form of recovery will wall you.

also put gliscor as a counter cause with poison heal he is untouchable to deo-d and also has a faster taunt, and can set up sword dances. even the terrible acrofling set works against deo-d because he cant taunt him before hand

And that is why you mention Ice Beam to punish any Gliscor thinking they can take on Deoxys-D. It also hits Thundurus and Toenadus for some good damage and OHKOes Landorus.
I have a few recommendations.

First, after the ban of Drizzle and Swift Swim, Deoxys-D has been my Rain Dance-er of choice. I run Rain Dance / Taunt / Recover / Thunder Wave holding a Damp Rock. Feel free to change the moves however you want - the point is that Deoxys-D works amazingly well as a bulky Rain Dance-er (in my experience) and gives my Swift Swimmers life despite that crazy ban.

Second, I feel like Thunder Wave deserves a mention at least in other options. It's great for team support, and Deoxys-D is bulky enough to paralyze several of the opponent's team. I understand that Toxic works better for Deoxys-D itself, but if you want more of a team-oriented Deoxys-D, then Thunder Wave could prove really useful (especially if your team is loaded with Pokemon of average or below average Speed, like Breloom, Metagross, Carracosta, etc.)

Just a few thoughts!!


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I understand that this may seem a bit gimmicky, but have you considered running a Red Card on Deoxys-D? I've ran such a set, and it works wonders. Here it is:

Deoxys-D) @ Red Card
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 240 HP / 252 Def / 16 Spd (Note: change the EV spread to whatever you feel is comfortable with you)
Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)
- Recover
- Recycle
- Spikes / Cosmic Power
- Knock Off / Night Shade

The last two moves can be adjusted to fit the needs of your team, but the crux is Recycle and Red Card. With those, it can serve as a pHazer of sorts, ruining the strategies of many Pokemon. Judge it to see if it's worth adding to the analysis.


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^ its already in the OC, it doesn't work so well since you have to waste time with recycle rather than doin useful stuff like statusing and spiking things...
Get rid of Cosmic Power because Siglylyhausithafifhis does it a lot better thanks to its immunity to status, and it also isn't destroyed by Scizor and Tyranitar. Dual Screens can also go to Other Options since there other Psychics to use that have way more use other than just setting up screens (Latios, Xatu, Espeon, etc).

Get rid of those and this is good to go.

QC Approved 1/3