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My only complaint is that the grass kiwi isn't an actual kiwi fruit (visual punssss!).

Aside from that, if gen six is disappointing, I'm sending you over to GameFreak.
These look pretty great, dude! I like the grass starters the best, I think.

Actually I think the order you have posted them is my preference order too, lol.


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the first 20 pokemon in my fakedex

Fire Starters, Grass Starters, and Water starters you guys already saw, but i did make a change to the fire starter, so look for it
That Kiwi mon design is great. I also think the catfish is ferociously awesome.

I also like the pistol shrimp mon. Speaking of which, I'm surprised isn't as popular as other animals. A shrimp capable of creating a point blank bubble with the sun's surface temperature.

And let's not forget the Mantis Shrimp, the punching version hits with the force of a bullet.


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im not 100% sure on this guy, hes too human, too lucario, too furbait. Its a coyote based on wild west bandits and the initial thought was steel type, but maybe i should just go pure dark? CC would be greatly appreciated on any and all of my fakemon, as they are all subject to change
I really like the coyote! I don't think it's too similar to Lucario, I like that he has a theme going on while Lucario just kinda reminds me of some lame sonic character...
Just from looking at him he strikes me as a ground/dark type. I think it'd be cool if he made use of sandstorm and had an ability to go along with it.


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Well possibly pure dark with Sand Veil. Its too bad that Rivalry didnt appear till gen 4, cause that would have been a great ability for him. Although, arena trap is a pretty cool idea...
Nice, but the toad looks a bit too much like a politoad fused with Seismitoad. That's just my opinion though, I think it still has a great concept behind it! If this were a pokemon I'd own it in a heartbeat.


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I updated the OP with a good 40/150+ of my fakedex and the last few caps i participated in. I'll continue to update it when i get home tonight. also, gonna fix those posts in thread that has alot of obnoxious art just laying about