Internet Mafia - GAME OVER! Epic Let's Players win!


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Approved by LightWolf. Player's list randomized by billymills.

At first, there was nothing. Just an endless white space.

Then, one by one, 27 figures appeared. It wasn't a slow, gradual thing - they just all blinked into existence.

26 of them looked confused, but they quickly realized that there was one man who simply sat back, looking smug about the whole thing.

The mob, not taking kindly to his smugness, stampeded over and beat the living tar out of him. In the end, all that was left was his battered, broken body and a small slip of paper.

Dear Walrein,
You are the creator.
You are allied with the Hosts.

You are the reason that the roles in this game come from such odd places. Your internet tastes are very... eclectic, and you clearly aren’t afraid to show it, considering that you made an entire mafia game about it. Surely this game will be much more well-balanced than Luigi’s Mansion, right? Right?! RIGHT?!!!!!

Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - USER has been very, very naughty”. If USER has broken any rules of the game, he will be instantly killed. This cannot be blocked by any means, be it a hook, bodyguard, or protest from the victim.

In addition, every day you may send a PM titled “Day X - Counting the Votes”. You will scroll back through the thread, counting up the votes made by the players, and the player with the majority will be sent to the most dreaded place to ever grace a computer: the recycle bin.

You are currently holding the Deus Ex Machina. While you are holding it, you may send a nightly PM titled “Night X - Pulling flavor out of my ass”. In the body of the PM, include the epic plot twist you wish to include in the flavor of the game. Note that changing the flavor will not effect the actual game, because let’s face it: all people care about regarding updates is the role PMs of the dead.

You win if the Hosts are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.
When the paper is read, the mob turns around and discovers that they had killed another person during their stampede. They rush over to find a slip of paper clenched in his red, furry jaws.

Dear Empoof,
You are Empoof.
You are allied with the Hosts.

A fresh face in the world of mafia, and a massive red panda fan, you played masterfully in MUDS Mafia, probably better than anyone in the game. Alas, a combination of bad luck and an endgame stealth lynch stole the game from your grasp. Regardless, you have decided to assist your former ally Walrein in creating the greatest mafia game in Smogon history.

Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Yo USER1, I’m really happy for you, and imma let ‘choo finish, but USER2 is the best mafia player OF ALL TIME”. USER1 will be removed from the game, and USER2 will take his place.

Unlike Walrein, you have never been lynched in your Smogon mafia career, and that isn’t about to start now. The first time you are about to be lynched, you will call on the power of one of the many lynch stops in MUDS and artfully escape. However, this will only work once.

You win if the Hosts are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.
With the death of these men, the world suddenly changes. The area is clearly divided into four sectors.

One area is filled with video games, couches, and sarcastic humor. A group of people immediately runs to this area, claiming it as the domain of the Penny Arcadians.

A second sector is full of video cameras, microphones, and Pinnacle Dazzles. The group of people that takes this land calls themselves the Epic Let's Players.

The third area is full of Pokemon. Yes, you heard right. These mythical creatures are roaming free around the land, and the Pokemon Websites immediately get to catching them.

The fourth area is filled to the brim with cats. It's a cat lady's dream - and a dog owner's nightmare. The Cheezburger Network Sites call this land home.

However, there is still a small area of land in the very center that remains white. You aren't sure, but you think you might have seen a few figures still milling around here...

DISCLAIMER: This game will feature a lot of death very fast. You will need to be quite active in your negotiating if you want to get shit done.

1. While you are alive, you may talk to anyone about the game. Once you have died, you may not talk to any living player about the game unless said living player is mentioned in your role PM. Information acquired after death may not be given to a living player. In addition, there is no way for players to come back from the dead. Ever.

2. The first night is Night 0. Kills are invalid on Night 0, but all other roles are active.

3. Role PMs may not be distributed Night 0. Starting on Day 1, you may distribute them freely. If you want help writing a fake PM, PM Walrein and/or Empoof for assistance. Note that only certain roles will receive safeclaims, but we can still help with flavor and/or formatting.

4. You may paste things told to you by the hosts. You may fake logs. You may NOT screenshot anything related to the game.

5. Grammar errors in PMs=/=fake PM. Walrein and Empoof are both human, and Walrein is Texan, so do not expect flawless PMs.

6. Each cycle will last 48 hours. When the game is cut down to a low number of people, this may be shortened to 24 hours.

7. To vote in the lynch at day, you must bold your vote while typing “[Flavor] USER”. I will be lenient on flavor formatting, but a nonbolded vote will not count.

8. Majority is reached if >50% of the remaining votes are on one player. Note that I said VOTES, not players. I will announce when majority is reached, but I will not answer questions on how close a vote is to majority, or exactly how many votes it takes to reach majority.

9. Targeting a dead user with your role will do nothing unless explicitly stated in your role PM.

10. Please send action PMs to both Walrein and Empoof.

11. Certain roles have day actions in this game. If majority is reached and there is no update, assume we are missing day actions.

12. IRC access is MANDATORY for this game. If you have not confirmed your IRC access yet and you do not show up on IRC at least once during Night 0, you will be subbed out. The official IRC channel for this game is #internetmafia.

13. Please add Walrein and Empoof to any spreadsheets, IRC channels, QuickTopics, etc etc made for this game.

14. Do not ask about priorities. Any question related to priorities will be answered with a resounding “cncnd”.

15. Talk to us during the game! Hosts get lonely too, and we are writing postgame, so let us know what’s going down.

16. If your action succeeds, you will not receive a results PM unless you possess an information role.

17. There are items in this game. To pass an item, PM the hosts with “NX/DX - Passing the ITEM to USER”.

18. Role PMs are accompanied with images on death. They are not included in the original PMs.

19. This game may or may not contain neutrals. It’s up to you to find out.

20. Don’t be a dick. Nobody likes a dick and you will probably be subbed out.

Player List
Daenym - PlayingWithMahWii - Inspector - Epic Let's Players - Won D9
Tsuk Layell - The Yogscast - Thief/Scavenger - Epic Let's Players - Won D9

kingofkongs - Smogon University - Hooker/twin/designated leader - Pokemon Websites - Lynched D1
MK Ultra - Tycho Brahe - Bodyguard/twin/designated leader - Penny Arcadians - Soul Stolen N1
Maniacal Lemon Paperblade - Art of Trolling - Hooker/Backup <snip> - Cheezburger Network Sites - Abandoned in a Ditch N1
Dummy007 - JoshJepson - Stealth Voter - Epic Let's Players - Soul Stolen N2
Leethoof - Pokebeach - Thief/Scavenger - Pokemon Websites - Pitchforked N2
Snike - I Can Has Cheezburger - Thief/Scavenger/Twin/Designated Leader - Cheezburger Network Sites - COPPA Banned N2
Da Letter El billymills - - Safeguard/Announcer - Pokemon Websites - Lynched D3
SoulTorrent - Serebii - Bodyguard/Twin/BPV - Pokemon Websites - Soul Stolen N3
Lady Salamence imperfectluck - Up Next In Sports - Item Checker/Item Searcher - Cheezburger Network Sites - Shot in the head N3
Brammi - Facebook - Odd Killer/Alliance Checker/Results Blocker - Anti-PA Neutral - Asphyxiated With Controllers N3
wickdaggler - Twitter - Even Killer/Alliance Checker/Kidnapper - Anti-PW Neutral - Lost N3
Jalmont - DIVX aka Div - Thief/Scavenger - Penny Arcadians - Lynched D4
Coronis - Memebase - Item Renewer - Cheezburger Network Sites - COPPA Banned N4
Engineer Pikachu - Myspace - Odd Night Killer/Alliance Checker/Vote Negator - Anti-ELP Neutral - Soul Stolen N4
TalkingLion - Psypoke - Inspector - Pokemon Websites - Lynched N5
Flamestrike - Chuggaaconroy - Lynch Stop/Twin/Designated Leader - Epic Let's Players - Soul Stolen N5
Ace Emerald - Google+ - Even Killer/Alliance Checker/Fake Item Maker - Anti-CNS Neutral - Hit by a car N5
Dogfish44 - Google - Killer/Hooker/Inspector/Untargetable Until N3/LPV - Wolf - Eardrums Burst N5
Spiffy - Failblog - Self Item Watcher - Cheezburger Network Sites - Lynched D6
Fancy Sceptile Quagsires - Anne "Annarchy" Brahe - Role Name Checker - Penny Arcadians - Theorylynched D7
Infinity.Cypher askaninjask - NintendoCapriSun - Mayor/Twin/BPV - Epic Let's Players - Theorykilled N7
Nightmare Jigglypuff - Kara Gabriel - Co-inspector - Penny Arcadians - Theorykilled N8
Yeti - Jonathan Gabriel - Co-inspector - Penny Arcadians - Theorylynched D9

Role PMs are going out now. When roles are all out, it will be Night 0. Night 0 will end on Monday, January 16th at 6:00 PM CST.


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To clarify something: If someone is mentioned in your PM, you may share your PM with that person and only that person tonight.


Mafia Champion
hi if all dangerous neutrals and penny arcadians would come talk to me i would really appreciate it! Even if you are not one of the above come and talk to me anyways!

(In other words, if you are a Penny Arcadian please come claim to me!)
Well may as well step up myself. Asking all the Epic Let's Players to contact me ASAP so we can get organized quickly. Also willing to talk to any neutrals willing to step out this early (though I find that rather unlikely)
I'd advise no one to claim to anyone until Day 1 when role PMs can be shared or these guys give a valid evidence they are who they claim they are!

Also Yeti sux!!!
I advise everyone to claim to me, a completely unbiased person outside of the game who wants to sub in.

Don't let my name make you think I favor pokemon at all.


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Since a couple of people have asked, the factional WCs are exactly like in the example PMs:
You win if the [Faction Name] are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.


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God damnit my faction is behind.

All Pokemon Websites, I want YOU to contact me immediately so we can get our asses in line and get caught up information wise. We don't have any time to fuck around and all the others are uniting so contact me NOW. I will rage at anyone who does not do this in postgame so better get your asses in line soldier.


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Everyone on the player list should contact me immediately so we can get rid of all neutrals not on the player sheet, who are significantly bigger threats than anyone else in the game.

Edit: Especially the Pokemon Websites, since I am a twin. Please Contact immediately, and don't be intimidated by my epic moling skills (see: mp2)