Namh's art and stuff

Hi, this is my first post here :D I've seen some folks I know by DeviantArt in here so I decided to create this thread.

Here are some pokemon pics I've drawn maybe you've already seen some of them before

Ground n Water

Machamp VS Registeel

Machamp VS Conkeldurr


Hydreigon n trainer

Electric Legendaries

Badass Bidoof

Magmortar n Elite 4 Flint



Stadium Battle




Gallade and Giant Metagross

You can use any of my pics for any non-commercial purpose, don't need to ask my permission ^^
Oh my fucking-
All of those pieces-especially the Salamence one-are amazing. The realism in it and the way that you keep them with the original design is just-I can't even

Very nice first post.
Really intense, inspiring stuff; really impressed by the stylized realism

I particularly enjoy your forms/figures/details, especially fascinated by the muscles/fur/clouds

I hope you'll stick around a bit, haha :)


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This is amazing. Really love... well, all of them, really. Especially Machamp Pwning its puny imposter from the fifth generation.

Though, I'm unsure if Machamp is supposed to have teeth. The way I've understood it, it gained a beak to bite with upon evolution, so it didn't have teeth to lose every time somebody aimed a punch for its mouth.
Meh, artistic license. The facial expression would have been hard to pull off without.

I really hope you stick around. Luvdisc'd.
Welcome to Smogon Namh! I've seen your stuff before, and I have to say that I'm blown away with what you've done! My favourites are probably the stadium battle and the magmortar. Can't wait to see more!


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Your art is sickeningly good.

The Stadium Battle picture is one of the best pieces of Pokemon fanart I've ever seen.

Please tell me you have a higher res version of that. So sick.
Mother of god.

I am not worthy!!

I favourited your Cnk vs Champ pic on deviantart quite some time back, you are truly one of the best. Your work is inspiring and awesome.
Yey thanks a lot for this warm welcome ^^ you'll see me around here for a long time I hope :D

May I ask what program you use?
Mainly Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, any versión is ok for me, I just use the preset tools and preset brushes and preset everything xD sometimes I use mangastudio or sketchbook pro.

Here hare two walkthroughts



and some non pokemon realted pics ( paid commissions I've drawn for people) :) Hope you like it

Fantastic work! The Salamence is my favourite because it's a bit looser and the highlighting is really striking.
Thanks for putting up progress pictures! Everyone loves seeing those :)
Really love this. Machamp vs. Conk= Gen 1 vs. Gen 5 as it should be. Luvdisc'd :)

P.S: can anyone tell me what's with the wave of awesome threads coming through on smeargle's studio? Anyway, given me some inspiration to get back to the old pencils and eraser.
Thanks a lot to everybody, I'm glad you like my stuff :D

here are some traditional drawing pics (ballpoint pen)

Naruto and Hinata

Kakashi -->

Pein and Konan

And one digital yaoi pokemon pic x)

Hope you like it and thanks everybody for step in my thread ^^
Omg you did those pictures with a ballpoint pen? The fine detail and texture you managed to create with those thin lines was just incredible. I think what I envy the most about you though is your incredible grasp of anatomy and proportions @.@
This is the first time I've seen somebody who is able to draw Pokemon in a more realistic style without losing the overall character somewhat. I hope you stay and keep drawing for a long time.
Art Style

You have an awesome take on the Pokemon art style and I really enjoyed your process work. Excited to see what you will do next.
I fucking love you and your art.

Do you by any chance do avatar: the last airbender / the legend of korra fan art? I'd love to see that in your style xD

But what you have here is simply amazing.