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Nuzlocke Challenge

Discussion in 'Stark Mountain' started by Morm, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. BlackLightAttack


    Jun 29, 2010
    The saga continues! BlackLightAttack's LeafGreen Nuzlocke run! Update #4!

    Update #1
    Update #2
    Update #3

    In this episode: Things happen! Including, but not limited to: New Team Members! Viridian Forest! Character Exposition! Comedy in a Loose Sense of the Term!

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    The three of us continued on the short path of Route 1.

    "So where are we going that's north?" asked Pratchett.

    I facepalmed. "Not this again."

    "What? What did I say?"

    "We've been discussing the same thing," Bradbury explained. "The boss has amnesia. He doesn't know where he's from or who he is, and the only reason he picked us up is to defend himself from other wild pokemon while he finds out. Right, boss?"

    I avoided his glance guiltily. "Yeah. That's pretty much it."

    Bradbury scratched his head and looked disappointedly at the ground. "I thought so."

    "But you guys are pretty cool though!" I filled in quickly. "I'm enjoying myself, you're not just like, means to an end or anything."

    Bradbury didn't seem convinced. "Right."

    Pratchett cleared his throat. "What's that sign say?"

    "Viridian City" I replied. "We're not going to be staying here long."

    We stopped quickly in the store to shoplift some more lemonades, more out of spite than thirst. The same store clerk from before was completely oblivious, apparently too preoccupied drenching his cash register with a Squirtle-shaped watering can to notice us. Bradbury looked worriedly at his vacant, slack-jawed stare as we left the store.

    We moved hurriedly through town, avoiding eye contact with any residents. Pratchett opened his mouth to ask questions a few times, but each time was quickly shushed by Bradbury. We'd almost made it out of the other end of town when a frail old man sprung from the bushes along the trail with a bafflingly nimble leap and grabbed a hold of my wrist.


    I couldn't think of anything witty to say, so instead I said, "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" and kicked him in the chest in a blind panic. We heard a gross crunching sound as he fell over and what I assume was his hip shattered. I paused for a moment to see if he was now intent on pressing charges, but I wasn't sure if I should be relieved or more terrified when he just stared blankly into the sky and produced a worn Pokeball from the fanny pack slung across his waist.

    "AHA! WER SPOTTED A WEEBLES! POKERMANSBALL, GO!" he tossed the ball straight up into the air, and it hung for a second before gravity took hold and sent it crashing back into his face, audibly knocking out a few false teeth.

    "Run," I said to my petrified companions. "Just run."

    I held onto my hat as we scampered as fast as we could toward the sign that read "VIRIDIAN FOREST." Behind us, I could hear the old man, still laying rigid on his back, say, "N' DAT'S HOW YER CATCH'UM'POKERMANS!"
  2. lucariojr

    lucariojr MS State Pokemon!!!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 2, 2009
  3. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    Time for update #13 of Flamestrike's Nuzlocke challenge! Progress into Kanto with a (somewhat surprising) loss of a member.
    Update #1
    Update #2
    Update #3
    Update #4
    Update #5
    Update #6
    Update #7
    Update #8
    Update #9
    Update #10
    Update #11
    Update #12

    Got onto the S.S. Aqua, beat up on the trainers there, arrived in Vermillion, made a beeline for the Gym. The Gym Trainers were no problem, so I finished the puzzle and headed for Surge. Led with Anthony against his Raichu, which quickly fell to Earthquake. Electrode came next, and managed to squeeze in a Screech before falling as well. The came Electzbuzz, who I expected to fall just as easily. It outsped and went for Low Kick, which after the Screech ended up being a OHKO. Not much choice but to go to Jill, who finished it off with Earthquake after it wasted a turn with Light Screen. The other Electrode and Magneton went down easily enough to Earthquakes, but needless to say the damage was done. I decided to keep just the team of 5 for the time being, and went all around Kanto, beating up on all the Gym Trainers without battling a single leader for the sake of leveling. Also caught Snorlax (male, David) and a Diglett (male, John? Can't remember the name). Halfway to Cinnabar now, where I will finish my training, then I will catch my new 6th Pokemon and start taking down the rest of the Kanto Gym Leaders!

    Alive (open)
    Matty the male Togekiss: Level 58, Quiet nature
    -Fire Blast
    -Aura Sphere
    -Air Slash
    Matty continues to hold the team together, even after the loss of Anthony. Though he wasn't as well-liked or close to them team as some of the others who have fallen, the team still grieved at his loss, but with Matty at the helm, they are still prepared to push forward.

    Jill the female Golem: Level 58, Rash nature
    -Stone Edge
    -Rock Smash
    Hurt by the loss of Anthony, Jill has focused even more energy into her training. An amazing switch into virtually any physical attacker, she is always ready to help out any member of the team, no matter the circumstances.

    Tyler the male Alakazam: Level 58, Bashful nature
    -Focus Blast
    -Shadow Ball
    Tyler's wisdom has shined yet again in the wake of Anthony's unexpected loss, helping Matty keep the team from getting too down on itself so soon after their greatest success at the Elite 4. He also leads by example in battle, taking down foes of all kinds.

    Houston the male Machamp: Level 58, Relaxed nature
    Though Houston was never a huge fan of Anthony, he was still hurt by the loss, and like the others is determined to avoid more. Although he has powerful attacks, he desperately wishes he had something to hit the Flying-types that otherwise wall him.

    Petula the female Gengar: Level 58, Rash Nature
    -Shadow Ball
    -Focus Blast
    Though the loss of Anthony hit her hard, Petula has kept up her cheerful, playful personality, and has done a lot to keep the team's spirits up. She's also a huge powerhouse in battle, scoring OHKOs everywhere.

    Boxed (open)
    Catherine the female Caterpie: Level 4, Lax nature
    Laura the female Spearow: Level 3, Sassy nature
    Kaila the female Drowzee: Level 10, Modest nature
    Zach the male Nidoran: Level 12, Lax nature
    Justin the male Kakuna: Level 13, Careful nature
    Eric the male Sudowoodo: Level 20, Lax nature
    Dylan the male Mankey: Level 15, Docile nature
    Natasha the female Flaffy: Level 16, Mild nature
    Jenn the female Rattata: Level 15, Bashful nature
    Jillian the genderless Magnemite: Level 16, Jolly nature
    Kayla the female Gyarados: Level 21, Jolly nature
    Luke the male Tentacool: Level 20, Modest nature
    Bill the male Weepinbell: Level 22, Modest nature
    Colleen the female Gligar: Level 24, Calm nature
    Ron the male Dratini: Level 15, ? nature
    David the male Snorlax: Level 50, ? nature
    John? the male Diglett: Level 17, ? nature

    Dead (open)
    Corey the male Cyndaquil: Level 13, Mild nature
    -Quick Attack
    Though shy, Corey was brave and always willing to stand up for his friends. He was my first Pokemon and I had hoped to have him along for the entire challenge. Unfortunately, Falkner ended those hopes with a critical hit Tackle from Pidgeotto that took me by surprise and ended my starter's life. RIP

    Nick the male Rattata: Level 12, Mild nature
    -Rock Smash
    -Tail Whip
    -Quick Attack
    Nick was the troublemaker of the group, but he was always ready to fight for his friends and was really close to Corey. After Corey's death I figured Nick was my best bet to finish off Falkner's Pidgeotto, but Roost gave it just enough time to kill Nick. RIP

    Andrew the male Zubat: Level 20, Careful nature
    -Wing Attack
    Andrew was the oddball of the group, and sometimes got on everyone's nerves, especially Melinda, who disliked him. However, the rest of the team liked him, and he became close friends with Jill. Sadly, he was a victim of my overconfidence, and was beaten by a Kadabra's Confusion before he had the chance to do anything. RIP

    Melinda the female Weepinbell: Level 21, Lax nature
    -Vine Whip
    -Sleep Powder
    -Poison Powder
    After the deaths of Corey and Nick, Melinda quickly became a key member of my team. While a great friend, she was rather uptight, and as a result she didn't get along with Andrew. However, after Andrew's death she was wracked with guilt, and determined to be friendly to any and every new member that joined. Unfortunately, she didn't live long enough to see a new member, as a Bite crit, Sleep Powder miss, and Ice Fang all combined to bring her down. RIP.

    Sara the female Pidgeotto: Level 22, Relaxed nature
    -Quick Attack
    My team leader after Corey's early death, Sara was easy to anger but a great friend nonetheless. She bonded well with everyone on the team, and was saddened by every loss. However, not long after Melinda's death, she fought a Charmeleon and after missing multiple Quick Attacks due to Smokescreen a Dragon Rage killed her. RIP.

    Kyle the male Chinchou: Level 48, Hasty nature
    -Signal Beam
    Kyle was a key member of the group from day 1; his combination of types plus the ability to learn Blizzard made him invaluable. The team also loved him and his carefree, friendly attitude. He certainly didn't deserve the death he got; I got greedy and was using Signal Beam to kill a Donphan when I should have played it safe and killed it with Surf, and Kyle was killed by a lucky Magnitude 10. RIP.

    Anthony the male Mamoswine: Level 50, Jolly nature
    -Ice Fang
    -Ice Shard
    When he first joined the team, he was an extremely shy Swinub, ashamed of his pitiful battle skills. Two quick evolutions later, and he was suddenly a powerful Mamoswine, clearly a major powerhouse of team. He was extremely arrogant because of this, but Kyle's death humbled him and he started to become more cooperative. He shared in the glory of the Elite 4 victory, but was killed in the battle with Lt. Surge by Electabuzz's Low Kick. RIP.
  4. smashlloyd20


    Aug 7, 2010
    Starting in Diamond now.
  5. Redyoshi2


    Jul 11, 2010
    Well I started my sapphire playthrough, and it wasn't a terrible start. I've gotten somewhat unlucky in the pokemon I've received. I already lost a team member due to stupidity, but I managed to beat the first gym leader. I wish I could say it was interesting but it went along like this:

    Bart (Grovyle) used absorb!
    Geodude fainted.
    And nosepass took a couple more hits. Maybe dewford will be more interesting

    Bart the Grovyle lv 17
    -Easily the best member of my team but the starter always have higher stats than other early pokes I guess. His rather weak absorb easily killed the first gym

    Neil the zigzagoon lv 12
    -A rather decent pokemon because he has STAB headbutt when most others have unstab tackle, and his pickup ability is giving me a quite a few good items

    Selma the dustox lv 13
    -Probably the worst member of my team, she takes a while to kill anything. However she holds up to attacks pretty well, for now at least

    Amy the tailow lv 10
    -A promising member of my team, she was killed when I tried to switch her into a nincada when she had less than 10 hp and a crit killed her before she could do anything.
  6. Dark_Valleyx


    Nov 20, 2010
    Im doing the nuzlocke challenge on Platinum.
    Rules I am using:
    Only catching first pokemon met on each route/area.
    If a pokemon faints, it is DEAD.
    If you black/white out at all, it is GAME OVER!!
    Nicknames MUST be given.
    No legendaries may be used in battle.
    Interacting with other games is out of the question! No trading pokemon to evolve them, then trading back!
  7. Pallas Athena

    Pallas Athena formerly Rediamond

    Aug 9, 2010
    I have a few very long car rides coming up, so I should be done power leveling by the end of the week, and end the story by the end of November. I have had a wave of homework, personal life, and final exam preparation strike at once, so I haven't really done much power-leveling yet. This is just a brief update.
  8. Robcore™


    May 3, 2009
    I've decided to do it via LJ, which allows me a more smooth transition and allows me to post it through many forums as a result. So, I'd like to point anybody interested in the direction of My LiveJournal.

    Expect it be written in a very heavy fanfiction way..
  9. Texas Cloverleaf

    Texas Cloverleaf meh
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    Oct 23, 2009
    Update on my non-posted LeafGreen Challenge.

    I am about to take on Sabrina but have done everything not requiring Surf plus half of the Seafoam Island Trainers. My team is shaping up with one member left to acquire.

    Presa (Lapras) @Quick Claw lv 39
    Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Psychic, Surf

    She is a powerhouse despite her low-ish stats thank to her great movepool. Caught up quickly in levels as i got her ASAP in Silph Co.

    Thorn (Venusaur) lv 47
    Razor Leaf, Return, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder

    A longtime stud he hasn't lost much as time passes. Grass/Normal coverage is meh but his stats are very solid, health recovery from Seeds are always appreciated.

    Illis (Ninetales) lv 42
    Flamethrower, Dig, Will-o-Wisp, Confuse Ray

    She has been going through a recessive period recently with a lack of suitable opponents for her Flamethrower. Despite this her Speed is amazing (And She's Sassy too) and is a general tank in battle

    Treelee (Hitmonlee) lv 42
    Brick Break, Bulk Up, Rock Tomb, Hi Jump Kick

    Similar to Illis he has gone through a period of inactivity brought on by his limited coverage. Once Earthquake and Mega Kick are obtained (soon) his star will rise again.

    Baku (Hypno) lv 47
    Psychic, Confusion, Brick Break, Hypnosis

    The current MVP she was struggling early on but shone through when the rest of the team began to struggle. When no-one else could take hits well her bulk and surprising mono-Psychic coverage were godsends. Once she gets Dream Eater she will become even scarier.

    That is the current team. The final team member will be Reczet the Aerodactyl, to be acquired in the next hour or so of gameplay. he will have Wing Attack, Rock Slide, Hyper Beam, and Fly rounding out my extremely well balanced team. Next update will be after the league.
  10. smashlloyd20


    Aug 7, 2010
    First update on my Diamond challenge!

    Special Rules:
    Buying Poke Balls is legal
    If I see a shiny...IT'S MINE.

    Started the challenge and chose Chimchar as my starter. Scrolled through a bunch of crap, made it to route 202, and caught a Starly. Smashed my way through a couple weak ingame trainers, leveled a bit, and made it to Jubilife.

    Team Summary:

    Charchar/Chimchar Lv. 8
    Naughty Nature

    Charchar, in addition to being my starter, is my first powerhouse. There's not a lot that can take two of his attacks. Although I haven't done much yet, Charchar is looking to be a great team member.

    Philip7086/Starly Lv. 8
    Hasty Nature
    Tackle/Growl/Wing Attack

    Phil begins the nickname pattern I will be using. I'll let you figure it out ;) My second Pokemon is also sitting pretty. He's been helpful in all my battles so far, with great attack and speed. He's also the best revenge killer you get at the beginning with Quick Attack.
  11. waffles101


    Mar 20, 2010
    FireRed Nuzlocke

    So I finally started my FR Nuzlocke on my iPod Touch emulator and haven't played for like weeks but I never got around to posting.

    It started off well, got a pidgey and stuff, then a Caterpie but then...

    My Squirtle died to fricking poison h4x!!!!!!!
    I reckon I would've needed to restart if it wasn't for getting Mankey so Early

    Heres a Summary of my trip so far (Im up to Cerulean and scared to fight my Rival):

    The Current Team (open)

    Tony the Butterfree Lv.10
    Met in the Viridian Forest
    -String Shot

    Muskle the Mankey Lv. 15
    Met in Rt. 22
    -Mega Kick
    -Low Kick
    -Karate Chop

    Cheepy the Pidgey Lv. 17
    Met in Rt. 2
    -Quick Attack

    500 Bucks the Magikarp Lv. 5
    Bought from the Shifty Salesman in Rt. 4

    Kobra the Ekans Lv. 10
    Met in Rt. 4
    -Poison Sting

    Suckers! the Zubat Lv. 10
    Met in Mt. Moon
    -Leech Life

    Those Over Which We Mourn (open)

    No.1 the Squirtle Lv. 9
    Picked as starter
    Lost to an Enemy Trainer's Weedle's Poision hax

    Chirp the Spearow Lv. 7
    Met in Rt. 3
    Lost while trying to catching Kobra the Ekans (took it for the team)

  12. Redyoshi2


    Jul 11, 2010
    Another update on my sapphire challenge as I have beaten the second gym leader. It was again a matter of spamming super effective attacks, this time with dustox. A 4x resistance to gym leader's type didn't hurt I guess, but I still would have liked a sableye from granite cave. (I got an aron who didn't live very long again to my own stupidity.

    Active party
    Bart the grovyle lv 19
    -Still my best team member, he hasn't changed much, though the lack of move with over 50 BP hurts
    Neil the zigzagoon lv 16
    -Again hasn't really improved, while everything around it has. His pickup is still giving me items that are way more powerful then they need to be.
    Selma the dustox lv 18
    -Having a much better time KO'ing things due to there being a large amount of flying and psychic weakness around. She's not going to be destroying everything from here on out though
    Blinky the tentacool lv 14
    -As of right now pretty useless his strongest move being poison sting. He is doing an okay job of annoying things.

    Geddy the whismur. Floppy the magikarp.

    Amy the tailow
    John the aron
    -Another potentially promising member of my team, he died because I forgot that makuhita knew arm thrust at lv 10. I should have assumed he had it and switched out.
  13. Pallas Athena

    Pallas Athena formerly Rediamond

    Aug 9, 2010
    I will have cleared the leauge by the end of break. A reference table of all chapters was included on the last page in the Chapter Nine post. If you want to understand the fanfic depiction of Chapter Ten, I would read all chapters before ten first. Anyways, I expect to get the massive fanfic power edit done by MLK day now, as finals prep and a longer-than-expected power leveling phase are keeping me from writing right now.

    EDIT: The challenge is over. I purposefully didn't level as high as I should have to make it more difficult. For what it's worth, I only brought four Pokemon with me to the League. And difficult it was. See the outcome in Chapter Ten, coming Saturday.

    On another note, since power-editing starts Monday, feel free to PM mr if there was anything that you really wanted to see or know more about in the story.
  14. LoveHurts


    Dec 12, 2009
    This looks like a lot of fun. I love reading all the stories, especially. When you're doing something like the Nuzlocke, I think you have to have some sort of way to vent, otherwise it wouldn't be as fun. I especially enjoy reading rediamond's, Jumpluff's, and Flamestrike's entries.

    This is my first Nuzlocke, so I'll be using most of the standard rules plus a few additional ones to make it easier on me.

    Show Hide
    'Standard' Rules

    ~ If a pokemon in my party faints, I must release it.
    ~ In each new area (route, cave) I must catch the very first pokemon that appears, unless
    it is a pokemon I have caught before, regardless of my current number of party members. The pokemon may be stored in the box and used as a backup.
    ~ If I am unable to catch the first pokemon I encounter in each new area, because of fleeing, knocking the pokemon out, or lack of Pokeballs, I may not catch another.
    ~ Pokemon recieved as "gifts" (E.g, Eevee, Starter) count as a pokemon caught in within the area.
    ~ I must nickname all the pokemon I have caught, as to form an attachment to said pokemon.
    ~ If every single one of my current party members faint, they must all be released. I may continue if I have boxed pokemon.
    ~ Under no circumstance am I allowed to obtain a second pokemon from any given area.
    ~ Items may not be used outside of battle.
    ~ I may not switch out before the opposing trainer sends in a new pokemon.

    Additional Rules

    ~ Berries may be farmed. They must, however, be used as held items if you wish to activate
    their effects. For example, if a pokemon is poisoned, you must equip a Pecha berry and have it
    activate within battle.

    ~ The first time I use a Pokecenter or 'Rest' at a certain location, it is free. Afterwards,
    I must pay 100p x combined levels of all pokemon in my party. For example, if I heal a team
    of Torchic (Level 10) and Taillow (Level 10) I would need to pay 2,000p (10+10=20x100=2,000). If I defeat a Gym leader that occupies the city in which the Pokecenter resides, I can heal againfor free.

    ~ I may buy up to 5 items from a Pokemart. If a Gym occupies the same city as the Pokemart, defeating the Gym leader will allow me to purchase 5 more items from the Pokemart. I may only purchase one ball (Great ball, Pokeball, Ultra ball, Dive ball) from each Pokemart, unless I have defeated the Gym leader whereas I may buy two.

    ~ All legendaries I face must be defeated in battle; at no point will I be able to capture them. If a roaming legendary appears as the first new pokemon of a route, I must attempt to defeat it. The pokemon counts as my first encounter on that route, whether I have defeated it or not.

    While the introduction only took me a few minutes to complete, the chapter that came along with it took a while to edit and format. I probably won't be as long-winded in the future chapters, once I get into the grind of find pokemon -> fight trainer -> win glory.

    Chapter 1: "Fahrenheit 386"

    Show Hide
    There is something very wrong with the universe pokemon live in. Sending children off into a world infested with grown men who enjoy playing with small animals and Pokemon that could tear your head off if you gave them the chance isn't exactly "good parenting."

    Maybe I'm just bitter. Maybe it's because I'm full of teenage angst. Maybe it's because my "mother" stuffed me into a moving truck full of boxes that are threatening to crush my skinny, angst-filled teenage body instead of actually driving me to our new house. How do you even get into Littleroot with a truck, anyway? There's virtually no road without driving through the grass or jumping over a ledge, and the trees form some sort of impermeable barrier that not even a white-haired youth full of angst could squeeze through.

    My private rant is interrupted however, as the truck jolts to a stop. Reluctant to see the pile of neglect that is my mother again, I nonetheless step outside find her in front of one of the only three houses in the neighborhood, two of which look exactly the same.

    "It must be very tiring to sit in a truck full of our things" she said, with a look that was almost motherly. Then, while I was almost convinced my mother cared about my well-being,the look disappeared from her face like a passing cloud and was replaced by cheery indifference.

    "Isn't Littleroot just /quaint/, Atlas? It's seems like such a nice place to live!" she said.

    "Yeah, if you enjoy living in a town with only wild animals and a tree-hugging scientist for company," I muttered under my breath.

    She dragged me inside, all the while talking about how absolutely /quaint/ everything and everyone was, not seeming to notice the gigantic monkey-like pokemon touching all of our stuff in
    the house. MY stuff, might I add. As she saw the horrified look on my face, she said " They're the worker's pokemon. They unpack everything and clean up afterwards. Isn't it simply convienent?"

    Before I could respond with some witty comeback concerning slave labor, Mom cut in "Your father bought you a clock, for the occasion. You should go set it!" she said as she nudged me upstairs.

    It wasn't hard to find my room, considering the entire second floor is apparently dedicated to it. It wasn't like I needed the space, since I only wear one set of clothes and can count the things I own with two hands. A round, unadorned, blue clock hung on the wall, adding to the general feel of emptiness to the place. Some present, I thought. He could've at least bought me a SECOND pair of clothes, I thought as I wound up the clock. Of course, this is coming from the son of a guy
    who wears the same damn jump suit every day of his life.

    Setting the clock back on the wall, I see a small book laying on the desk beside my computer. Most of the pages were blank, and the only two sentences in the entire book was written in such huge letters that they spanned a page each.

    "Adventure Rule No.1 Open up the Menu with START"

    "Adventure Rule No.2 Record your progress with SAVE"

    What the hell? What menu are we talking about? What's a SAVE, and shouldn't I be recording my progress with a journal or something? And more importantly, if I was going on an adventure, wouldn't tips about dealing with the wild and dangerous animals or finding food that won't
    poison you be more important than dealing with Menus?

    As I pondered these questions, Mother walked in and asked "how do you like your new room, honey?"


    "Great! Hey, why don't you go over to Professor Birch's house and say 'Hi'?"

    "I kind of don't want t-"

    "Great! You can talk to his daughter too, she's around your age, you know!" she said, and walked back downstairs, leaving me alone, mouth gaping.

    One thing about living in Hoenn is that no one seems to listen to what you have to say. It's like you're being strung along on some obscure adventure until you end up becoming inexplicably famous for doing what others told you to do, like some sort of puppet with weird hair and a ridiculous fashion sense.

    I was glad though, for having an excuse to get out of the house, I decided to avoid Birch's house and instead head for Oldale, a small town a little whiles away from Littleroot. The only way out of Littleroot is going up a small path leading through tall grass, flanked by a small girl with a red bow in her hair. I manage to get a few steps up the road before a small tug on my shirt forces me to turn around.

    "Um, um, um, if you go outside into the tall grass, wild pokemon will jump out!" she said, jumping a little at each "um". "It's dangerous if you don't have your own pokemon"

    "Fine, I'll just avoid the tall grass" I said, pushing her out of my way.

    "Um, um, um, no can do mister. You should go to Birch's house, like your mom said."

    "What do you mean, 'no can do'? And how do you know what my mom said?" I asked, turning around and attempting to be as intimidating as possible to force her to let go. She didn't.

    "Um, it would be a better idea to just not go out at all until you get a pokemon" she said. She was beginning to look a lot more intimidating than I did.

    "Listen, kid. I think I can handle a few puppies and worms. And you still didn't answer my question" I added, though the little girl's grip didn't slacken, and her eyes grew dark and cold.

    "Listen, Atlas, I told you to go to Birch's house. If you don't, you'll have a lot more to worry about than dogs and worms" she said. She began twisting, threatening to tear my jumpsuit with her surprisingly strong hands.

    "Fine! Fine, just let me go" I pleaded. "That's my only outfit, you know." This little girl was starting to scare me.

    "You going to Birch's house?" she asked, twisting harder.

    "Yeah," she didn't let go of my suit. "I promise" I added.

    She released me and retreated to the side of the road. "They're waiting for you," she said,
    almost ominously.

    Ruffled and thoroughly disturbed, I went inside the Birches house. One of the odd things about Hoenn is that no one seems to mind if you just barge into their home without knocking and striking up a conversation about pokemon. When I was a kid, some guy wearing a red hat and shirt with a Pikachu tailing him walked into our house in the middle of dinner and began going through our stuff. "What the hell are you doing?" my Dad asked, brandishing his spork like a warrior's
    sword. Scarlet, as I like to call him, didn't answer. Mom, unprompted, began discussing her favorite pokemon with him, while Dad and I stared at each other and wondered what the hell was going on.
    He eventually left, Pikachu hopping close behind. It's been like that ever since I could remember, and the only one who seems to have any idea what was going on was Mom. Dad probably decided to
    run the Gym just to avoid meeting Scarlet again.

    Mrs. Birch, however, looked up from the table and came to meet me, saying her daughter was upstairs, and that I should go meet her.

    "You mean I have to go meet her" I said bitterly. I wasn't exactly excited about making new friends.

    "No, honey, I said you should" she said, innocently.

    "I tried getting out of this godforsaken place a few minutes ago and this girl wouldn't let me leave until I came to see you" I said.

    "Did you meet our daughter yet? She's about your age," Mrs. Birch said in a monotone voice.

    "No, but..." I began, exasperated.

    "Did you meet our daughter yet? She's about your age," Mrs. Birch asked again, smile plastered on her face. If this is what women around here behave, then being gay doesn't look like too bad of an option right now.

    "Who the hell are you?" asked a voice that came from upstairs. A girl, around 16, walked down the stairs. A green scarf tied her brown hair back, a pokeball grasped firmly in her hand. She looked very irritated.

    "My mom said I should meet you" I said, still looking at her mother who was staring blankly at me.

    "My name is May" she began unenthusiastically, as if she's done the same thing hundreds of times before. "I want to be friends with every single pokemon," she added, though she certainly didn't act as though she wanted to be friends with any one of them. "I have to go catch a pokemon for my dad" she said, showing me the pokeball as if to prove this.

    "My dad is in the FOREST. He does some very DANGEROUS things you know" she said, as if she was talking to a particularly slow person, which wasn't entirely untrue.

    "Cool. Can I go now?" I asked, still a bit disturbed at everyone's strange behavior.

    "Whatever. Look, just don't end up doing something stupid like kill yourself, or else we're going to have to do this entire thing again" she said matter-o-factly, turning to go back upstairs.

    "Why would I end up killing myself?"

    May rolled her eyes and walked upstairs, leaving her mother and I in the living room alone together. "Uh...bye Mrs. Birch" I said, stepping out of the house.

    "That May!" she said suddenly, jerking out of her stupor. "I guess our child is too busywith pokemon to notice that you came by to visit us, Atlas."

    What a bunch of weirdos, I thought, as I made my way back to the road again to see if I could somehow slip past the little girl. It didn't seem like I needed to, however, as she was beckoning for me, waving her little arms in the air.

    "Hey there! There are scary pokemon out there! I can hear their cries! I want to see what's going on, but I don't have any pokemon. Can you see what's happening for me?" she pleaded looking at me with her big, brown eyes.

    "But...I don't have any pokemon either," I pointed out.

    That didn't seem to be the right thing to say. Her eyes turned cold again, and she said, her voice hard, "do we need to do this again?"

    I didn't argue. A few steps down the road, Professor Birch was running around, a black and brown, dog-like animal chasing him. He kept yelling for help, though the pokemon looked as if it would rather play catch than devour Birch. "You!" he said, looking right at me. "In my bag! There's a pokeball!"

    Looking around, I saw a brown canvas bag lying open in the middle of the field. Inside were three Pokeballs, capsules painted half-white and half-red with a small button in between for releasing and storing captured pokemon. Quickly grabbing one so as to end Professor Birch's rather feminine cries as soon as possible, I threw it as trainer-like as I could. A flash of white light burst from the capsule, and began taking shape in the grass.

    As the light subsided, an orange and red bird-like pokemon stood nipping at the grass. A tuft of yellow feathers grew on top of it's orange head, and it looked around with beady black eyes and stood on what looked like was one leg. Looking up at me, it opened it's beak and squeaked "Torchic!"

    "Uh...what?" I said. I reached down to pick a different pokeball, Chicken Little wasn't exactly cutting it for me.

    "HEEELLLPPP!" Birch screamed, as the Zigzagoon began rubbing it's nose on his pants playfully.

    I sighed. Fried chicken right here wasn't exactly my idea of a kickass pokemon, but I suppose it'll have to do. Besides, it's not like I'm going to get stuck with it for the rest of my life, right?

    "Alright Tarchip, use Pound on that thing!" I said, pointing very Trainer-like at the Zigzagoon.

    The bird cocked it's head to one side, chirping "Torchic!" as it did so. It gestured with it's foot a clawing motion towards Birch's assailant, insistently.

    "Uh...Torchic? USE CLAW!"

    Torchic wagged it's feathery head and gestured again, this time scratching my pant leg

    "Oh!" I said, finally getting it. "TORCHIC! USE SCRATCH!"

    Chirping with joy, it immediately made it's way over to save Birch. Zigzagoon, noticing a new plaything, yelped with joy and pawed the ground, rearing it's head. Torchic leaped into the air, claws bared menacingly, raking the air with it's nails. Making contact with Zigzagoon's spiky fur, it dug down even harder, causing the dog-Pokemon to yelp in pain.

    Whipping it's tail in retaliation, Zigzagoon knocked Torchic onto the ground. Pawing the grass and dirt once again, it growled ferociously as it lowered it's head and rushed at full speed towards Torchic, still lying on the ground.

    "Watch out Atlas! It's using Tackle!"

    "Oh no, how can Tarchip possibly survive a Tackle?" I said sarcastically, as Zigzagoon made contact knocking Torchic back, and the two pokemon engaged ferociously. Torchic, unphazed by the animal's assault, hopped lightly back to my side.

    "Scratch it again, Torchic!" I said, fist pumping.

    Torchic quickly obliged, jumping into the air and slashing away with it's tiny claws. Zigzagoon, unable to withstand the assault of a small bird with moderately sharp claws, was quickly sent into submission.

    "Thank you, Atlas" Birch said, sweating vigorously. "I thought I was a goner."

    Really...? I thought, nudging the stomach of the fainted Zigzagoon, which pawed at my foot in a rather adorable sort of way.

    "Anywho, this isn't the place to talk. Let's get back to my lab, shall we?"

    Birch's lab was the third building in Littleroot. Piles of books littered the ground, while huge, strange machines hummed and whirred. Birch brought me over to his desk, and layed his bag down on the floor.

    "Thanks for rescuing me today, Atlas" he said, a huge grin on his face.

    "Er, no problem Professor" I said. "How exactly do you know my name, again?"

    "Your father is a good friend of mine," Birch replied,"he's told me all about you. I was the one who convinced him to move here to Littleroot" he said proudly.

    Probably so he could convince our family to join whatever cult these people belong to, I thought.

    "I understand you don't have a pokemon" Birch said, quickly changing the subject. "Well, by the way you battled out there today, I'm willing to let you have Torchic! How about that?" he asked, as if he was the most generous person in the entire world.

    "Er..." I stammered. I didn't like pokemon. My dad had kept Slakoths and Slakings around the house before he began working at the gym, and you could say it scarred me for life. For a pokemon so fat and lazy, Slaking ate a LOT of food. The things didn't have any semblence of manners, either, eating all of my food even when it was on my plate. My mom thought it was cute and endearing, my father thought I enjoyed the company of walking trash disposals. I however, did not enjoy their company.

    Birch opened the bag that was out in the field earlier and released Torchic again onto his desk. The bird looked around and spotted me, chirping with joy. It definitley didn't remind me of Slaking, what with the lack of food crammed in it's mouth and all. "Alright" I said, beckoning Torchic to rest on my arm. It gripped my sleeves with it's one leg and gently pecked my face. It was kind of cute, for a fried chicken.

    "How about naming her, Atlas?" Birch asked. "Pokemon respond better to their trainers if they give them some sort of name" he explained.

    "How about...Elphaba?" I asked.

    "Tor...chic?" it said, cocking it's head to one side again.

    "She's a witch in one of my favorite books. She doesn't really like water so..."

    "Tor-CHIC!" it said approvingly, leaping off my arm and fluttering lightly to the ground with it's small wings. It wasn't a particularly good connection, but apparently it doesn't take much to satisfy a Torchic.

    "Elphaba it is!" Birch exclaimed, tossing the pokeball at me. "Hey, how about meeting my daughter? Maybe you can give her a few tips on becoming an awesome trainer"

    "But...I /just/ started" I pointed out. "I don't even what to do"

    "C'mon, don't be like that. How about meeting my daughter?"


    "C'mon, don't be like that. How about meeting my daughter?" he asked again, in the exact same tone of voice.

    I nodded reluctantly. Apparently the only answer you can give in this place is "yes".

    "Good! She's probably be at home...or in some tall grass somewhere" he said.

    Another case of child neglect. I have a feeling Professor Birch and my mother are going to get a long just fine in this town full of weirdos. I decided to let Elphaba run around for a little
    while outside of her pokeball. It must suck, I thought, living in such a small place for so long.

    "Well, he gave us two choices Elphie," I said. "She could either be a few steps away in her house or..." I said, as Elphaba looked up intently, "she could be lurking around, surrounded by wild dangerous animals" I said. "Where do you think she is?"

    Elphaba pointed her beak towards the tall grass and "dangerous" road leading to Oldale, chirping as she did so.

    I chuckled a little. "Well, at least I found someone with a little common sense around here," picking her up and setting her on my shoulder.

    In a world that's threatening to drive you crazy, it's nice to find someone to spiral into insanity with.

    Current Status
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    Elphaba the Torchic
    Naive, Level 5
    Met at Route 101

    Elphaba starts my Nuzlocke adventure off with it's quirky personality and offensive prowess (though really, we're just up against small woodland animals in the beginning of the game).

    Elphaba, more commonly known as the "Wicked Witch of the West" in Gregory Maguire's book Wicked, is one of my favorite characters in literature. Though her intolerance to water is main reason I named Torchic after the misunderstood witch, they share the same spunky, fiery personality. In the end, the Wicked Witch is brought to her demise by a bucket of water. Hopefully, Elphie and I won't be so quick to our doom when facing the meme-worthy mudfish.

    Holden the Poochyena
    Rash, Level 3
    Met at Route 103
    ~ Tackle

    Holden is the first pokemon I've captured in my adventure. Gaining a STAB Bite at
    level 13, he'll prove to be very useful for disposing the Ghosts/Psychics that may prove to be a problem, if he doesn't die in the process. His trait, Runaway, will also be
    useful for getting out of sticky situations.

    Holden, the main character in Catcher in the Rye, is a really swell guy. I mean, he has his problems, like running off to New York after being expelled from his school, but he's a really swell guy. He really is. Not like those big, sonuvabitch Ivy League phonies who wear sweaters and talk in their snobby, phony voices. They kill me, those phonies, they really do.

    Poochyena, though tending to be a bit rash at times, has no qualms about leaving a sticky situation unscathed. Though they both may seem be tough and intimidating on the outside, inside they both want the best for the people they love and admire.

    In a world fully of phonies, Holden is the only one keepin' it real.


    Empty (and hopefully staying that way)

  15. Pallas Athena

    Pallas Athena formerly Rediamond

    Aug 9, 2010
    Well, one of my relatives had a laptop, so here it is.

    Chapter Ten: The Legend

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    We trained for weeks with the trainers on the islands, recieving periodic reports of events on the mainland. Brock had finally allied with the rebels, forcing the empire back to Viridian City and the Indigo Plateau itself. Media had become a powerful force after some training, and barely anything could survive a single attack from it.

    When the invasion came, it was a thrilling experience. Several thousand soldiers landing in the ashes of Pallet, a memorial to the deaths in the burning, and a massive charge up Route One to destroy the empire once and for all. The initial lines of the empire were crushed very easily, and before long, only a single contingent remained locked up in the old gym in town. Rather ceremonially, I was appointed to destroy the last standing imperial army outside of Victory Road and the capitol. The first few waves were relatively easy, nothing surviving more than one or two hits from Ivy. And then we encountered the leader.

    There was an elevator leading to the roof, which of course we had to take to fight the leader. He was standing there, smiling coldly. Giovanni laughed, as stormclouds flashed across the sky. In his hand he held a grotesque parody of the seven badges, his a silver emblem with chains wrapped around it.

    "Well, well, well. So it came down to this. As I believe you've found out, those badges you have with you were my downfall in the civil war a few years back. They can control the legends of the region, when I had to rely on fear to keep the clone controlled. But I learn, I learn. I made this badge in the years since, working under the game corner. I searched for the Master Ball to fully resecure my control over the clone, but you thwarted me there as well. But it's come to pass. Lance himself gave this to me. A means to control my legend."

    As he said this, lightning flashed from the sky, and a large humanoid shape descended, encased in robotic armor. Media stood up to fight, but was blasted back almost dying from the force of the enemy. I knew it was over. There was nothing I could do against a force like that. Giovanni still stood, laughing coldly at his chance to kill me. And then something else went wrong.

    A lightning bolt arched from the sky, hitting the creature, causing it to roar in rage, glaring at the sky. Three birds flew overhead, circling the gym. The legends of Kanto. The creature flew up into the air, and a massive battle in the skies began, as Giovanni stood fuming. He whipped out a Pokeball containing a Rhyhorn and the fight began. Ivy took Rhyhorn down with a single attack, as well as killing his Dugtrio. A Nidoqueen was next, but Ivy took that and Nidoking down with powerful surf attacks. An explosion rocked the world. Simultaneously, a massive thunderbolt, blast of fire, and freezing gale struck the empire's weapon, finishing it off once and for all. But the birds didn't end there, they flew off in a rampage, destorying almost everything in thier path. I didn't know if or when they would calm down, but in the time it had taken this to occur, Giovanni was nowhere to be seen.

    Three days later

    Bill had come shortly after that. Things were collapsing into chaos around the land. Articuno had frozen all of Fuschia city, and covered everything up to Vermillion in ice. Zapdos had disrupted the power supply in Cerulean, Lavendar and Saffron. Moltres had flown to the south, destroying Cinnabar and most of the Sevii Islands in volcanic eruptions. The rebels and empire had struck a brief truce to salvage the situation. I was heading to one island in an attempt to rescue any survivors. I caught a Fearow to help with the airlift, but it was later killed by the fumes it had to drive through. Nonetheless, it fulfilled it's duty and there were survivors. On the volcano, I had met one of the elite four members, breaking open mines that had collapsed in the eruption with his Machamp. We never talked, but I began to question whether or not the league was truly evil. I met Brock after the disasters had subsided. He apologized for the earlier fights and gave me his Onix, Rocky, for the final fight. I remembered how easily it had been crushed by Ivy, but decided to keep it anyways as an act of friendship. I decided to leave Icy and Aero with Bill. I had all the friends I needed with me.

    The battle in Victory Road was intense, with the empire fielding it's greatest soldiers in one last stand. It took a while, but eventually the line broke, and the battle for the League began.

    Part Two

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    The plateau had several chokepoints, critical to capitol defense, that made it possible for only single trainers to pass at any time. I, of course, led the rebel charge. The elite four themselves held the pass. The first up was Lorelei, an Ice type trainer. She gave some quick talk to her Pokemon, but I saw her fear: she knew she was going to lose. A pool of water stood between us, so I figured that Rainbow would be best suited to the challenge. She led with a Dewgong. Rainbow let off a series of bites, with Dewgong periodically getting in an Ice Beam. She tried to keep her Pokemon alive, but it died eventually in the onslaught. Next was a Cloyster. Ivy bit it once, causing it to flinch in pain. One more bite ended it's life. A similar situation occured with her Slowbro and Jynx, and she was in tears after the losses when she sent out her Lapras. It was an awesome fight, with niether side allowing thier Pokemon to die. Eventually, I realized that I needed Rainbow for later, and couldn't afford to waste it's energy in a stall war. Media came in, took a hit like a champ, and killed Lapras with a powerful Psychic blast. She broke off in tears, promptly arrested by Bill behind me.

    In the next pass, the man from the Sevii islands waited for me. He told me he only wanted peace. He rescued in the Sevii islands for that goal. But he would not back down. The rebels had killed thousands, and he could not help them. He led an Onix, which was promptly killed by Ivy. He sent out a Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee next, both of which fell before Media, but they both left a mark on my Hypno. He sent in another Onix, which collapsed before Ivy once again. Next came a Machamp, and even though Media looked weak, I let it kill Machamp. It's Psychic left Machamp standing, and it killed Media with one critical blow to the head. As it's blood spread on the ground, Ivy charged forwards, blasting Machamp with a barrage of leafs, ending the fight with Bruno. I let him go. His intentions were good.

    At the next point, an elderly woman stood. She started to speak, "So, you're Oak's last hope are you? Oak was great once. He was the champion of a region far away, and the conqueror of this land. Wait, you didn't know that? Yes, HE was the champion before Lance betrayed. He was also my boyfriend so long ago. But he came here, while I led an empire far away. What? Are you really so narrow-minded to believe that there aren't other empires? Of course there are! Or, there used to be... I was like you once. A young trainer, conqueror of a land. I had it all going for me. And then something went wrong. I lost a battle. My team was killed. I could never move on, so I went on and found there ghosts. Oak never agreed with me about that, and we went out seperate ways. You are about to find out how it feels first-hand to watch your entire team die. Witness the power of multiple life-times of training!

    She led a Gengar, and I sent in Rainbow. A quick series of bites killed off Gengar for it's second time. Rocky proved it's worth, completly walling Golbat, and killing with a series of tackles and Rock barrages. And Arbok came next, and Rocky didn't look strong enough to take it, but I left it in. I had to heal it up after Arbok got in a powerful Iron Tail, but a series of Earthquakes ended Arbok's life. One more Gengar and a Haunter fell in the same way as the first Gengar, bit even further into the afterlife. Agatha broke down, and I ran past her as Bill walked up to arrest her.

    Part Three

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    Destiny awaited at pass four. The same man from earlier stood there, the man Agatha had called Lance. I stared at him coldly, thinking of the S.S. Anne and Pallet Town. This man would die. He introduced himself, saying how he had crushed Agatha, but was later destroyed by Oak. He wasn't as weak as Agatha though, and retrained to avenge the fallen. He was on his way to claim the throne, but had been stopped. Another champion had arisen, and the winner of this fight would be forced into battle with the new emporer. He laughed insanely, and sent out a Gyarados. I sent out Ivy. I weakened it as it slept, and then killed it. But only after it was awake. I wasn't taking any pity on Lance's team. He sent out an Aerodactyl, and I sent in Rocky. Aerodactyl tried to scratch Rocky, but was killed slowly and painfully, having it's wings clipped by rocks, and then being finished off by a massive, crushing tackle. A Dragonair came out next, followed by another Dragonair and a Dragonite. Rainbow killed them all with pulses of Aurora, but I never finished him off with a single hit. I wanted to watch Lance suffer. I silently wondered whether I had allowed myself to sink to the standards of the enemy, but I really didn't care at this point. Lance managed to get away, and I pledged I would kill him eventually. But destiny lie ahead with the final battle.

    I should have guessed it, but Gary sat in the throne. He smiled coldly, and began to talk about his rise to power, but I cut him off. He was wrong, and he would die. It was that simple, he sent out a Pidgeot, one of the Pokemon that I had battled several times, and yet never managed to kill. Rocky walled it, but was unable to actually finish it off, so Rainbow got the final kill. Exeggutor was next, put to sleep by Ivy, and killed by Rainbow in another display of partnership. Alakazam switched in next, and I silently wondered if my run ended here, as I had no more Psychic resistances. Rainbow was tired of biting, and only got in one more before it's jaw couldn't close on another thing. It took the opposing Psychic very well, however, and managed to take yet another one before killing the opponent with Surf. Gary was still looking confident, and switched in a Rhydon. Now more than ever, I wanted him dead. Any trainer who would just send thier Pokemon to die was no trainer at all. Just a tyrant. I let it sleep while it died to a barrage of leaves from Ivy. He switched in Charizard, the killer of Dawn that I had sworn to kill, and I switched in Rocky. And this is when things started going wrong.

    Rocky never stood a chance, killed by a single fire blast, a not very effective attack. I glared down Charizard in rage, now the killer of two of my partners. Not even thinking about how hard the last Fire Blast had hit, I sent in Rainbow. If I died, I would go down swinging. Charizard went for a slash from the air, and Rainbow waited until just the right moment, dodged the attack, and shot a blast of water at Charizard's tail. Causing the flame to go out as Charizard died. Gary was crushed, but got his act together and sent out a Gyarados for the final stand. There was a long and tedious stall war, as Ivy was too tired to kill it, and Gary would not surrender, but Ivy eventually won the day, and strangled Gary with the power of it's vines. Gary choked out "so... close..." as his eyes lost thier light, and he went limp, dead like his own team he handled so recklessly and all of those he had killed. I wondered if those things could be said about me, and gazed off into space as I thought over the casualties.

    To be concluded

    Epilogue Saturday. Any comments on the story, or suggestions for power-editing, feel free to tell me.
  16. Slightly


    Nov 3, 2010
    Ok, this looked fun so I thought I'd give it a go.
    Decided to try it on Pearl because I havdnt played Gen 4's story in far too long.

    I'm already sorta far in so I'll tell you what I've done so far.

    These are the routes (and pokemon on them) I've passed:
    • Lake Verity: FiremanSam - Chimchar (he evolves into a fire-fighter, so fireman makes sense right? Right?)
    • Route 201: Nothing. Wild Bidoof, but had no 'balls yet so couldnt catch
    • Route 202: ThundaKovu - Shinx (there's a lion on lion king called kovu, my shinx is male). I really wanted one of these and was pretty lucky in getting it.
    • Route 203: Psymage - Abra (couldn't think of anything better). First encounter was an abra, you have no idea how pissed I was, having no sleep move or trapper. *throws pokeball & crosses fingers* It was a lucky day.
    • Route 204: McCartney - Starly (Paul worked with Wings, Starly has wings)
    • Ragged Path: Zubat - Zubat (As I wasnt concertrating I forgot to nickname :P)
    • Oreburgh Gate: Jennay - Geodude (I immediately thought JIMMAY! from south park, but it was female so I did a more Forest Gump-ish name
    • Oreburgh Mine: Nothing. Wild Geodude , I was going to catch but it wasn't working, as many of my team (at the time) were losing a lot of health from it, I fled
    • Route 207: Zubat - Zubat. Yep my second Zubat, and fancy that, I forgot to nickname this one too. *sigh*
    • Twinleaf Town: Mr. Fish - Magikarp. (Nickname inspired by this comic: http://i53.tinypic.com/sdmubs.png) I realised I could get myself an old rod, so I backtacked to a place without grass, so i could catch me a 'Karp)
    • Floaroma Town: Nevada - Cascoon (Cascoon evolves into a moth, moths like fluro lights, Las Vegas has a lot of fluro lights, Vegas is in Nevada) I smothered honey onto the tree for this, not quite what I wanted, but you cant complain.
    • Valley Windworks: Hindenburg - Drifloon. Waited 'till after the Team Galactic part to snag myself one of these.
    • Route 205: Nothing. Wild Buizel, but I was grinding my abra (facepalm: new area) instead of switching pokemon, accidentally hit telelport
    • Eterna Forest: Playboi - Buneary (I think you know where the name came from) I had a double battle and my choice was this or a wumple, Chansey K.O.'d the worm, so I caught the bunny.
    • Route 211: Suzu - Chingling (A Suzu is a buddhist bell ceremony)
    Current Party:
    • Mr. Fish (M)
      Lv 17 (Splash, Teleport)
    • Psymage (M)
      Lv 17 (Teleport, Confusion)
    • Jennay (F)
      Lv 17 (Rock Smash, Defense Curl, Rock Throw, Magnitude)
    • ThundaKovu (M)
      Lv 18 (Spark, Leer, Charge, Bite)
    • FiremanSam (M)
      Lv 19 (Mach Punch, Fury Swipes, Flame Wheel, Taunt)
    • Hindenburg (F)
      Lv 22 (Gust, Focus Energy, Payback, Stockpile)
    • McCartney: Bad switch in against Roack's Cranidos, OHKO Before I could quick attack his one hp
    • ZUBAT: Death by wild Bidoof while grinding.

    So guys, any point going and getting a Ghastly from the Chateou, or wait for the Rotom?
    Also, any tips/advice? Or anything I'm doing wrong?
  17. smashlloyd20


    Aug 7, 2010
    Update on my Diamond challenge; up to 1st gym.

    After arriving in Jubilife City, I answered stupid clown quizzes, got a Poketch, and got the heck out. Soloed the rival battle with Starly, finally teaching it Wing Attack. Caught a Shinx on Route 203 (I think) that promptly died. Obtained two Geodudes (Oreburgh Gate and Mine) and evolved Chimchar into Monferno. Soloed the 1st gym with Geodude and Rock Smash.

    Here's my current team:

    Charchar/Monferno Lv. 14
    Met In: Starter
    Naughty Nature
    Scratch/Mach Punch/Ember/Taunt

    After evolving into Monferno, Charchar has become my massive powerhouse, as it almost always OHKOs everything it sees. It didn't see any use in the 1st gym but eh.

    Philip7086/Starly Lv. 11
    Met In: Route 202
    Hasty Nature
    Tackle/Growl/Quick Attack/Wing Attack

    With Quick Attack and Wing Attack, Phil is a great sweeper and revenge killer. He saw absolutely no use from Oreburgh Gate on so far due to all the Rock-types, but he'll be used a lot now in preparation for the Grass gym.

    Gokui/Geodude Lv. 14
    Met In: Oreburgh Gate
    Modest Nature (LOLFAIL)
    Tackle/Rock Polish/Rock Throw/Rock Smash

    When Gokui first joined my team, it didn't have a bright future. It was only Level 6, and relatively useless with all the other Rock-type running around. But against all odds, its great defense and Rock Smash allowed it to be very helpful in Oreburgh Mine, and solo the 1st gym all by itself. For sheer perseverance, Gokui, I support you.

    Jimbo/Geodude Lv. 11
    Met In: Oreburgh Mine
    Bold Nature
    Tackle/Mud Sport/Rock Throw

    Jimbo is pretty much dead weight, what with me already having another, better Geodude. He will be used as a sac switch-in very soon :p


    Earthworm/Shinx Lv. 5
    Met In: Route 203
    Mild Nature

    Earthworm was looking to be a decent physical sweeper on my team when a Bidoof crit tackled him. RIP EW.
  18. LoveHurts


    Dec 12, 2009
    @Slightly -

    You can only catch Rotom after you get the National Dex (Which is only after the Elite 4, the usual point where Nuzlocke challenges end), and Gastly might prove to be very useful if one of your pokemon faints.

    Even if you did catch Rotom at that point, it's at a very low level and probably won't be of use to you if you plan on continuing to Nuzlocke after the Elite 4.
  19. Slightly


    Nov 3, 2010
    Yeah I don't know why I said that about the Rotom, I knew that *facepalm*. I think I'll go back for the Gastly if I need to

    Bit of an update:
    Caught Singe (Ponyta), Route 206.
    Caught Quando (Machop), Mt Coronet
    Caught MUDKIPZ2.0 (Bidoof), Route 208
    Hatched Scramble (Happiny), Hearthome City
    Caught Clotting (3rd Zubat :/ ), Route 209
    Caught Who Knows? (Unown) Solaceon Ruins
    Caught Dissapoint (Geodude), Ruin Manic Cave
    Caught Imitree (Sudowoodo), Route 214

    Jennay died at level 18. She died at the hands of a magnitude 10 from a wild Geodude, 3-4 levels lower than her, after her trying a magnitude of her own which only hit a 5. Replaced her with Nevada.

    Missed out on a Chansey on route 210. Was whittling sown her health ever so slowly then BAM critical hit -.-
    Missed out on a second Kadabra on Route 215. I forgot my Luxio had rivalry not intimidate and it's bite OHKO'd it.

    Right now I'm saved in Solaceon town. And my whole team is level 22.

    Edit: In Veilstone now, ThundaKovu just died after being blocked by a Sudowoodo, (Which I ended up catching) and low kicked to death. And I need help choosing a replacement.
    My party has a Dustox, Monferno, Alakazam, Drifloon and Garados.
    My options for the last member are: Zubat, Buneary, Chingling, Ponyta, Machop, Bidoof, Happiny, Unown, Geodude or Sudowoodo.

    Probably need something not weak to rock. The routes I've encountered in are listed in this post and about 3rd last on the previos page.
  20. Pallas Athena

    Pallas Athena formerly Rediamond

    Aug 9, 2010
    The good chapters:
    Chapter One
    Chapter Two
    Chapter Three
    Chapter Four
    Chapter Five
    Chapter Six
    The crappy chapters:
    Chapters Seven/Eight
    Chapter Nine
    And in case you didn't read it Thursday...
    Chapter Ten

    Part One Epilogue

    Show Hide

    The remaining troops in Kanto surrendered after that. There was a quick break in the war effort to celebrate and mourn, but it had to end. The empire still mantained a small puppet government in Johto, and it would take two full years to fully emancipate the region. I often sat back in those two years, contemplating on the past. Agatha's words were thought about often. Other lands, far away, rotting under imperial control. Oak being the champion of the Kanto region, and an emporer across the seas. I never got to question Agatha about it. She hung herself that night. One more death on my list.

    I searched for Lance furiously, but never found him. I knew he would rebuild his team eventually, and come straight for me. I would be waiting. I wondered why Gary had decided to side with, and even lead, the empire. I never got an answer to that question either.

    The order of the world was rebuilt, with gym leaders being more powerful leaders, and a central league providing guidance. There was no champion. I wouldn't take the risk that another unstable leader could plunge the world back into darkness. I considered myself unstable now as well. I had watched the videos. Gary dying. Agatha crushed, and later killing herself, Pallet burning, the sinking of the S.S. Anne, the battle for Cerulean, the wave of disasters at the end of the war, and all of the deaths from the uprsings. All of it could be blamed on me. I stayed around for a little while, dedicating memorials. I spent a long time in the Pokemon Tower, not even caring if I broke down anymore.

    Of course, order is made to be destroyed. There had been rumors of a prophecy in Johto. Team Rocket was periodically seen. Lance himself was still alive. But for now, looking down on the world from the top of Mt. Silver, there was peace in the land.

    Part One Fin

    Those who served:

    Show Hide

    Ivy (Venusaur) Lv. 60

    Ivy was the only Pokemon taken to Mt. Silver. It was a silent powerhouse, and my most loyal Pokemon. I remember how it fought in all but two gym battles, and practically took on four by itself. It was a titan in the Pokemon league, fighting Bruno, Lance, and playing a key role in the battle with Gary. It still gazes over the world, daring anyone to challenge it.

    Rainbow (Vaporeon) Lv. 60

    Proving to be a fierce competitor in the league, it earned its vengeance in the end. I honestly considered bringing it to Mt. Silver, but in the end I decided to return it to its original trainer. It played in the fountains of Celadon, and it was perhaps the most powerful Pokemon in all of Kanto. It later fell ill due to polluted water, and has been bed-ridden for some time now. It cleared two leaders virtually on its own. In the league, it nearly took out Lorelei single-handedly, defeated half of Agatha's team, wrecked Lance, and avenged Dawn and Rocky by killing Charizard.

    Icy (Lapras) Lv. 33

    Icy was recieved as a gift from a Silph Co. employee. It was never used in battle, and was a member of Bill's team for most of the later stages of the war. It remains a prized member of Bill's collection, and a mascot for Cerulean.

    Aero (Hitmonchan) Lv. 25

    Aero was never used, and was a member of Bill's team in the later stages of the war. It remains a companion of Bill, and is said to be one of the most skilled fighters in Kanto.

    The departed:
    Dawn (Rattata) Lv. 5

    Dawn was the first Pokemon lost, killed by Gary's Charmander. It's memory was a major driving force for my actions during the war. After the war, a small shrine was placed over it's grave, and it is a frequently visited monument to this day.

    Blocker (Snorlax) Lv. 33

    Blocker was a powerful force, but was destroyed rather easily by Koga. It's death was not in vain, as it gave me a crucial oppurtunity to overcome Koga and win the battle of Fuschia. It and Racer's graves are key elements of the Fuschia City Memorial. Due to the cause of it's death, I had extreme difficulty allowing Koga into the Pokemon league, but I realized it was time to move on. Blocker was too laid back to hold a grudge.

    Racer (Doduo) Lv. 28

    Doduo was a fast and powerful offensive force, but it was killed in training by a critical blow to the neck. It's grave is in the Fuschia City Memorial.

    Media (Hypno) Lv. 56

    Media played a crucial role in finishing off Lapras and most of Bruno's team. It was a powerful force, killing most foes with one shot. It was killed by a critical hit from Bruno's Machamp. Due to the clear power demonstrated by Bruno, as well as his service on One Island, he was allowed to remain in the league, but a Hypno statue stands in the entrance of the league as a memorial to it's power.

    Rocky (Onix) Lv. 57

    Rocky was a gift from Brock. Despite losing easily to Ivy on their first encounter, it became very powerful due to Brock's training. It easily walled and killed Agatha's Golbat and Lance's Aerodactyl, but died to Gary's Charizard. He was later avenged by Rainbow. His grave is outside of Pewter gym, and the memorial is an icon of the city.

    Terra (Fearow) Lv. 38

    Terra held only a small role, evacuating civilians from One Island following Moltres' rampage. It was killed by a mad Eggsecute while escaping. A large statue of a Fearow exists on the remains of Cinnabar as a relic to its service.

    Thank you for reading Part One. Power editing begins tomorrow, with the first of five chapters written that comprise the events of the current Chapter One. Thank you once more, and may the HAX be with you.
  21. Redyoshi2


    Jul 11, 2010
    Another update since I have beaten the third gym. The complete lack of being able to hit the magneton with anything other than not very effective attacks made things more interesting. Plusle locking the magneton into thunder wave several times with encore made things a little easier. It appears my team is fairly weak, the thought of facing flannery is not encouraging.

    Active team
    Bart the grovyle lv 23
    - While useful for most of the time his inability to hit magnemites for much damage made him hard to use a lot. His moves are still rather weak. Still the strongest member of my team

    Alex the plusle lv 22
    - Suprisingly good once he got an electric move under his belt. His ability to paralyze with thunder wave and lock enemies into non damaging moves made him a critical member of my team

    Otto the gloom lv 21
    - Another grass type makes him live in the shadowof bart the grovyle but his ability to spread status is always nice

    Neil the linoone lv 22
    - The least useful member of my team his pickup isn't even useful anymore. Still I'd rather have rock smash on him than on grovyle.

    Geddy the whismur, floppy the magikarp

    Amy the tailow, John the aron
    Blinky the tentacool lv 14
    - Not much to say about him a critical killed him before he became useful

    Selma the dustox lv 22
    - Died on a turn when I decided to try and use moonlight instead of protect and wattson's voltorb self destructed on him. His death did allow plusle to come in safely against magneton. He was useful while he lived though.
  22. Son_of_Shadoo


    Apr 13, 2009
    Hey, how many of you remember me? For some reason in the middle of July, my router decided that it didn't like Smogon any more, and refused to let me access it. I have since changed routers, and am back with a vengeance! However, my Leafgreen Nuzlocke has moved on. When last we left off, I had just beaten Misty. Due to school and whatnot, I have advanced slowly, and am now at Blaine. The only other death has been Scraban the Persian (Fuck you Selfdestruct), and my team is:

    Seedan (Venusaur)
    Staran (Starmie)
    Peckan (Dodrio)
    Hypnan (Hypno)
    Zappan (Electrode)
    MANan (Hitmonlee)

    All ranging from levels 39 to 44.
  23. DetroitLolcat

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    Apr 11, 2010
    It's been a long time. I've always been bad at Nuzlockes, but that's going to change. I came to Smogon for this thread and this thread only, and though I've been to the Scramble thread more than this one, it's time for a Nuzlocke. I recently got a SoulSilver ROM (I'm not linking to it, so I'm not violating a rule), and I want to Nuzlocke it!

    But first, the rules:
    1. Catch the first Pokemon I see. Miss it? Tough shit.
    2. If it faints, it's dead. I must be very dramatic when describing the death.
    3. If every one of my Pokemon dies, then the challenge is failed.
    4. The challenge is complete once Red is defeated.
    5. I must nickname my pokemon. If I forget, it's not the end of the world.
    6. No healing items. AWW SHIT I'M GONNA DIE!!!

    It's go time.

    DetroitLolcat's Soulsilver Nuzlocke Challenge
    Part 1: New Beginning

    Lolcat rises out of bed, checks his mail, and steps down the stairs, ready for the first day of his Pokemon journey. Upon reaching the lower level of his house, Lolcat's mother tells Lolcat that the neighbor Professor Elm is searching for him and that Lolcat's Pokegear is still in the shop.
    "Damn, those guys from Tech Support still haven't finished with my Pokegear? I knew I should have gotten that antivirus software"

    -Meanwhile, people at Pokegear Inc. are laughing, knowing that they downloaded a virus on Lolcat's Pokegear knowing that he did not buy that software.-

    Lolcat's mother inadvertently breaks the fourth wall by acknowledging that there are menus that some "player" controls. There is some Bag that for some reason I need a menu to open, a Trainer Card, which allows a ten-year-old to own gigantic destructive beasts without any supervision or training, a journal to save my progress, and some fourth-wall-breaking "options" menu.

    Either way, Lolcat walks out of the house, and some stray Marill greets him. The Marill then used Hydro Pump, and Lolcat then found out it was a Level 100 Marill. The Marill then left to go with its Trainer. Good riddance. Two weeks in the hospital and six more in a rehab center, Lolcat left his house again to see Professor Elm. Worst of all, Lolcat lost the assault lawsuit that he filed against that stupid Trainer.

    Lolcat moves across the small town to Professor Elm's Lab but he sees some red-headed guy snooping into the building. Lolcat asks what the person is doing, and he then mercilessly assaults Lolcat. You can read the above paragraph again but replace the words "Marill" with "person". Two months later, Lolcat enters Elm's Lab.

    Elm explains some obvious facts about Pokemon while Lolcat mashed the A Button. He finally got to something interesting about how people walked with Pokemon before Poke Balls were invented. That would be awesome if I had a Dialga or something. Just take some ancient god and parade down the streets, doin' what I want. Bitch talk to me like dat? Roar of Time, beeotch! Well, back to reality, Lolcat gets a Pokemon. He picked Cyndaquil.

    Professor Elm then told Lolcat that he needed to meet a colleague of Elm's, Mr. Pokemon, north of Cherrygrove City. Lolcat takes his Cyndaquil and heads west, to Mt. Silver...err...I mean...Cherrygrove City. Stupid director. Wouldn't let me skip the rest of the chapters...

    Well, Lolcat steps outside and sees a trainer named Lyra with her evil Marill. Lyra tells Lolcat to occasionally talk to Cyndaquil and that Lolcat's mom should see the new Cyndaquil. Marill then talked to Cyndaquil
    "Hey Quil, remember this. I'm L100, you're 5. I'm in charge of this town, and if I see you again my Hydro Pump'll be the last thing you see."

    Cyndaquil darted into Lolcat's house with Lolcat in tow. Lolcat's mom gave him the completed Pokegear, complete with the App Store, 32 gigabytes of memory, and a radio card. But no antivirus software...! The only apps that it has are the Phone and Backgrounds. Lolcat quickly downloads Doodle Jump and plays for two weeks straight, gets an epileptic seizure, ends up in the hospital for two weeks, and you can see above paragraphs for the details. Professor Elm sends Lolcat off after eight more weeks of hospital treatment with his cell phone number.

    Lolcat treads out onto Route 29 where he kills a Hoothoot, then meets some guy who can save, and Lolcat walks uneventfully to Cherrygrove City.

    This is only the first chapter, expect longer, better chapters later.

    End of Chapter 1

    Pokemon Report!

    In Party:
    Cyndaquil @ Nothing


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    Jun 2, 2009
  25. fuck you all

    fuck you all

    Oct 18, 2010
    These aren't hard at all. I'm doing one in Platinum, though it could just be that it's easier in that game.

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