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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. LunaticSoul


    Jan 2, 2010
    Battle Tower D/P tradeback record: 346

    I alread posted this on a german board with a more detailed description of everything, but here is a short version:

    Battle Tower Single Record (Perl, Tradeback): 346

    The Team:

    Impish Uxie@Scarf aka „Jinchi“ (RNG-Capturing)
    IVs: 31/x/30/x/30/31
    EVs: 252 HP / 104 Def / 152 SpD (ca.)
    Trick, TW, Yawn, Memento

    Adamant Scizor@Lefties aka „Senseless“ (RNG-Breeding)
    IVs: 31/31/31/x/30/31
    EVs: 80HP / 252 Atk / 4Def / 4 SpD / 168 Spe (corrected split in the end)
    Sub, SD, BP, SP

    Jolly Chomp@Prunus aka „BF-Extend“ (RNG-Breeding)
    IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    Sub, SD, OR, EQ

    The Defeat:

    I don't want to go into detail here, but i lost in fight 347 against Veteran Mikel, with a small mistake in the beginning, which cost me the sub on chomp, a mistake in the psypokes list which made me believe that every latios would be slower than my chomp, and 2 very unlucky crits.

    Some evidence stuff:


    Video of fight 300 and 301
    (yeah i know about my language mistakes):

    More detailed post on german board
    (for german-speakers and wannabes^^):


    I guess it's pretty obvious how i got that far, since this is a pretty basic trick team. Never the less those three are my absolute favs, expacially because of their awesome type combinations. Every weakness of uxie is a resistance of scizor, the same whith scizor and chomp, and the other way round. I've had some other records before with gyara, lati@s>chomp and some other stuff, but this team rocks most!

  2. Gertle627


    Apr 11, 2010
    Nice job Lunatic. 2 days after I get on the board, I get bumped from the top 5. lol, but congrats. I'm thinking about trying the same Scizor.
  3. EonADS


    Jan 7, 2010
    Uxie should work quite well.
  4. Annoying Old Party Man

    Annoying Old Party Man

    Jul 21, 2009
    Just got 36 yesterday after a full day of the battle factory.

    I kept losing at 13, then I finally got 36.

    I don't remember my streak all too well, but I remember I had a raichu, moltres and something else, and my opponent had a cradily. I used volt tackle with raichu (should have used BB), and did about 1/3. Moltres then used overheat, and took it down to about 1/4 health. It used stone edge, and missed. I then missed the air slash follow up, and he hit with SE.

    I can take a screenshot, althought it will be difficult. Please tell me if it is needed to verify my streak.
  5. KevlarX290


    Dec 23, 2006
    lol...overkilled with hax at the Battle Hall just now. My Salamence's Outrage took Dusclop's health down to red, it retaliated with Ice Punch which I survived pretty easily - but I got frozen. I didn't even get a chance to thaw out cause Dusclop's Quick Claw activated and it striked me with another Ice Punch and got a critical hit (not that it needed it...).
  6. GoNotGently


    May 23, 2010
    Have been Factorying non-stop, currently with the following:


    Level 50 : 29 (not so bad)

    Open Level : 31 (lame, lost to Latios who str8 up critted with DM 3 times a row, wiping my team ><)

    947 | Latios | Modest | White Herb | Luster Purge | Draco Meteor | Hyper Beam | Surf | SpA/Spe

    I don't remember my 2 other pokes, only that my lead was this guy:

    875 | Crobat | Adamant | Razor Claw | Cross Poison | Brave Bird | X-Scissor | Zen Headbutt | Atk/Spe

    Outsped Lati of course, but X-Scissor isn't going to 1 hit-KO in a million years w/o crit. My other pokes didn't outspeed and lost consequently ><
    I didn't switch because I knew it wouldn't use "weak" Luster Purge and all my pokes would lose after getting hit.

    On a more happy note, I got 170 wins and counting at Battle Hall with standard:

    Garchomp: (Focus Sash)
    Swords Dance
    Fire Fang

    Lost a couple of times to weavile(beat it 1st time with FF hax burn OMG!), Scizor, Piloswine, BOUNCE Gyarados (loled at this), Matron pulled out Weavile once at 170 and I almost shitted my self, got back up again and it was Gliscor.

    Does anybody who got the symbol in HG/SS/Plat have any real tips for Factory after post round 4?
  7. Enygma


    Aug 5, 2009
    Pay attention to your opponent's Pokemons. Like REALLY pay attention, particularly to their moves an even more to how much bulk they might be running. Sometimes, Pokemon that might have good synergy to your team might not be able to place offensive pressure on your opponent, thus becoming a brick on your team. Sometimes you gotta take the really strong Pokemon.

    Factory is a hax machine. The AI will randomly select 3 Pokemon that pick at your team's main weak points. Yea, team-building also comes into play here, too.....
  8. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    hi i've currently given up on the battle tower because i was just getting board of not meeting my goal :(
    so now my goal is to get to the 100streak in the battle hall.
    the pokemon of choice is -

    name/item: Heracross - focus sash
    nature: jolly/adamant (cnt remember)
    Evs: 252 a/ 252 speed (cnt remember last bit)
    Ability : guts
    Close combat
    night slash

    i've currently done 70 battles and taking care of these sets -

    in order i've done -
    Psychic - mainly because of counter wuba
    dark - counter sash weavil ended few my pervious atemps thankfuly didnt see him
    ice - same as above and freeze factor
    ghost - just for fun really lol
    Fire - just because its a weakness
    the brain - used golduck
    rock - again for a easy 10
    Normal - was leaving it for last thinking it would be easy them remembered flying birds!
    steel - half way through

    so everything going ok atm

    this is where i need help on making a heracross capable of doing this last few sets -

    Bug - would it be good enough to just give hera arieal ace?

    Dragon - i'm really unsure what to do was thinking of a protect,counter,rock slide set?

    electric - i think my normaly used hera can do this but unsure if i should swap focus sash for lum berry? your thoughts?

    fight - again will arieal ace be enough?

    flying - dreading this one just leaving it to last cant count on rockslide to hit 10x in row

    grass - unsure if AA will do or risk megahorn?

    ground - again unsure for the ground rock close combat will do but thinking about counter? but gliscor be a major problem?

    posion - should be a stright earthquake/night shade sweep but if i draw weezing i got no idea help?

    water - this is the one i have no ideas at all for so help needed.

    i no this means i'm over 100 but would like to keep going as far as i can

    help would be great

    cheers in advance
  9. Shoeman


    Oct 12, 2008
    Water has (I think) 3 focus sash users including Sharpedo which can kill other sash users with the help of rough skin so be careful with that. As for the moveset, I'm not sure, the moveset you have now might be your best bet. Close combat should take care of most things and you'd just have to not face gyarados... somehow.

    Speaking of the hall I'm trying to get a nice streak with none other than Slaking (yes, seriously) so it may take a while especially since I can't trade to get the TMs I want. So far I've cleared water, bug and flying so I'm sure to go all the way, right? =P
  10. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009

    errrrrr lost on battle 89 :(

    beat steel no problem, then went through electric with a lum berry because i new para would end my streak, after beating electric i had 1 turn left a stupidly forgetting about i switched items clicked to go on against the last turn on the posion to draw crobat and obviously get OHKO by brave bird!!

    not happy but my own fault and will try again later tonite :)

    i have encounted sharpedo in the dark section and only just hang on after 2 rough skin damage and water fall (was bricking it lol) so i was just wondering would mach punch be a way around this? i no its special but it only needs to do 1hp damage and your not hit by rough skin. what you recon?

    btw good luck with slaking :) sounds interesting, looking forward to reading the results
  11. Shoeman


    Oct 12, 2008
    Do you mean vacuum wave? Because yeah that would work and it could kill focus sash bullet punch scizor too, have you faced that yet?

    As for the Slakings, I'm currently training my third Slakoth, it's kinda boring.
  12. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    yhyh did mean vacuum wave sorry about that. no i hadnt come across any scizors as yet but on my last run i did only do steel not bug before i got defeated :(

    i think i'm going to use the one stated above for - psychic,ghost,ice,rock,fire,flying,normal, posion, steel, electric,

    then thinking of trying something like

    vacuum wave
    close combat
    aerial ace

    for dark,bug, fighting, ground,



    for dragon and grass, protect on dragon,quake on grass

    then somethin like flameorb
    vacuum wave/protect

    for water

    but only rough ideas atm

    yh atm i only have the 1 hera (my 1st) cba to train anymore atm so going to get as far as i can with this one then get how ever many i need when the time comes lol

    what ideas you got for slaking atm?
  13. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    I haven't visited here since my 646 Tower record post, since I will forever hold a grudge against another person's illegitimate record accepted on the list, among the true records for the Tower. However, I am just posting to say that I will exact my revenge some time before we get Black and White (hope its version of the Tower is good). Also, I probably won't be satisfied until I have a 4-digit record. I'm very stubborn...

    Also, congrats to Bozo for being the King of the Castle with a streak over 1000. That must've taken a long time...

    I understood some parts of the German post since I learned it at school, and noticed in the screenshots that some of the German translations of moves and items are awesome! e.g. 'Überreste' for Leftovers, 'Prunusbeere' for Lum Berry. Lol at 'Delegator' for Substitute.
  14. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    i'm happy i beaten 100 (my aim) and currently sitting on 120 (still on going)

    order i done in is as follows

    flying.....walked through it and RS only missed once and didnt end up mattering
    dark...incase of weavil or sharpedo but neither showed
    ice...again incase of weavil and freeze but again neither happend
    pyschic...because of sash/counter wuba but he strangely mirror coated twice :S
    electric...because if para would ruin my run, swapped sash for lum berry here
    posion...mainly because of weezing but again was a no show
    normal...because of normal flying but no problems
    ghost...just a easy run, used to waste extra turns on
    steel... again rather easy apart from a close forretress crit
    rock... no problems
    fire...no problems really, infernape caused only breif scare
    bug...few scares due to ninjask and yanmega but got past it
    fighting...not much problem really
    and currently half way up in grass.

    i used the same heracross as posted before but swaped night slash for AA during the bug,fighting and grass sections.

    reason i've paused and writing is once/when/if i finish this grass stage i have
    ground left

    and i have no ideas about how to go into these stages so advice is need please. i think i'm going to go after ground next, but need to breed a counter hera because off gliscor/flygon, and just going to hope earthquake/close combat can handle the remaining pokes.

    as for dragon i am clueless and same goes for water really.

    any help givin big or small will help :)

    cheers :)
  15. RaikouLover


    Aug 31, 2006
    Blah.. I hate battle frontier / bullshit it jus grinds my gears.

    So I decided to be different and take on the Battle Hall with the lovely Milotic, trying to be the first to get on the leaderboard with it rather than everyone with Sashed Chomp / Salamence (thats no fun!).

    So I'm cruisin and pretty confident I'm going to make it to 170 til on battle 110 when I'm doing poison I come up against a fucking Roserade and I chose the wrong Milotic build not anticipating encountering any more Grass types :(.

    Anyway, the 3 Milotic builds I used were these:

    All Modest nature, can't remember all the EV spreads.

    Milotic 1 @ Choice Specs
    252 SpA, rest split between HP and some speed benchmark cant remember
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Ice Beam
    -Hidden Power Ground

    -Used for Special based types. Ended up using for Ghost, Psychic, and Poison I think (mistake).

    Milotic 2 @ Focus Sash
    252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 Spe
    -Icy Wind
    -Ice Beam
    -Mirror Coat

    Used for Electric / Grass. Was easy with this (should have used for poison ugh)

    Milotic 3 @ Leftovers / Lum
    252 HP / 160 Def / 96 SpA
    -Ice Beam / Hidden Power Electric (Water run)

    Pride Milotic. Used for everything else. Ol' reliable. Extra bulk got me through the Dragons. Toxic is for anything I can't kill that I can stall out (water types!).

    Yeah, but the way I lost just made me want to go get a Sash Chomp and be done with it ugh.

    Going through, I think I can make it to 170 I just have to get the patience to go through it again (I don't like getting close and losing)
  16. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    when i got my streak with salamence i had a couple of losses against this very dusclops. like you say, ice punch is not a OHKO (even ignoring the fact that you have a sash). it never got QC activation on the first turn, always the second.

    awesome - i saw your comment on youtube and it made me happy that you're gonna give it another go. i completely agree about grissom. but once you've gone past his record, it's not that far to beat the next guy ;)

    EDIT: now that i look it up again, grissom's salamence has 252 special attack EV's - hacker :pirate:

    thanks for the compliment on the castle - yes it did take forever (as did my other castle attempts)!! i just can't stress enough how long it takes to to analyse the opponents team, plan your course of action, sometimes with at least one back-up plan involved, and then try and win the match, while making sure your HP/PP are as full as possible at the end to avoid having to waste CP healing..... but it's so much fun :)

    i'm about to PM you btw - nothing to do with your wall post, just that i've now got a bit of free time finally! and i'll let you know what my next little endeacour is.

    i really like the idea of milotic. but don't be too disappointed with losing a bit in the battle hall. speaking for myself (and at least for peterko with blissey) i know that it's one where you will possibly have to lose a few times before you win. there's luck involved for sure, even if you have a really great strategy. but stick at it - the good thing is it doesn't take anywhere near as long as say the tower, because each battle is just against one pokemon. you'll get there.
  17. Enygma


    Aug 5, 2009

    ^ This was my record from my previous update on July 3, 2010 (which is now deleted).


    ^ This is my latest update. I just lost my streak to a critical hit on the Wifi Battle Tower. I was at Rank 10 with a streak of 106. It only says Rank 9 in my pic because you get demoted when you lose once on Rank 10.

    I pretty much lost due to hax, hence the Hax Tower. I was facing god-knows-who. I pretty much had a field day with his team until he sends out his last Pokemon. I kill his previous two Pokemon, which I don't remember. His final monster is a Breloom. I have my weakned Metagross on the field. I didn't decide to use Bullet Punch against him thinking that he would Sub, and I knew he didn't have Sash. He didn't Sub and instead uses Thunderpunch, which kills my Metagross. I send out my Gengar next, feeling pretty good because I knew I could use Destiny Bond for the kill. Instead he uses Spore. Now I'm left with a sleeping Gengar with no Sash effects because he was previously weakened by something. I knew he would Thunderpunch my Gengar for the kill, so I send out my Scarf Chomp to revenge with Fire Fang, but instead he uses Sub. Shit. I'm fucked. I click Fire Fang anyways, knowing he would Spore, but instead he uses Focus Punch. Remember when I said that Scarf Chomp only dies to crits? Yea. He gets off a crit with Focus Punch... Now I know I lost. I send in my Gengar to lose, but I knew either way I lost. My Gengar wakes up, which lets me Destiny Bond him, and he uses Thunderpunch for the kill, which ends up killing both of us. 0-0 tie, unfortunately that counts as a loss....

    Gengar AKA "Gestapo" @ Focus Sash
    Timid, 252 SpA | 252 Spe | 4 HP
    Shadow Ball | Thunderbolt | Counter | Destiny Bond

    Metagross AKA "Waffen-SS" @ Lum Berry
    Adamant, 252 HP | 252 Atk | 4 Def
    Meteor Mash | Bullet Punch | Thunderpunch | Earthquake

    Garchomp AKA "Blitzkrieg" @ Choice Scarf
    Jolly, 252 Atk | 252 Spe | 4 HP
    Earthquake | Outrage | Fire Fang | Crunch

    This is a pretty simple team to use. I used to have Infernape as a lead, but it died to too much shit. Then I saw someone using Counter Weavile, then I copied it for 10-20 battles. Later, I saw a Youtuber using a Counter Gengar anti-lead, and switched it to that since Weavile attracted way too many fire attacks and didn't let Metagross come in much. It's a solid anti-meta team that utilizes what many Japs don't recognize as a threat anymore in Scarf Chomp. This team abuses that. Scarf Chomp pretty much dies to priority Ice and crits. Gengar + Metagross defeats Ice Shard users Weavile and Abomasnow (Swine, Cloyster, and other Shard users don't see much use in high ranks). Weavile and Aboma are usually seen as leads, which means they won't be around to stop Chomp's "blitzkrieg." Oh yea, did I mention that Aboma carries is more likely to carry Shard than Weavile? Weavile's Ice Punch and high speed make Shard almost useless. Zong and Cresselia are a nuisance, but they usually die to Gengar's Destiny Bond anyways. Conclusion: this team abuses people's lack of realization that Scarf Chomp is a bigger threat than LO Latios.

    Oh, when I battled for the lower ranks, I used a Choice team to speed run it. I used Specs Yanmega, Scarf Machamp, and Band Chomp to start raping. Chomp never saw action once. How sad.

    It's funny what I saw on Rank 10, too. I saw a user with Cut Torterra on Rank 10. Like WTF? I saw a full dragon team utilizing Dragonair. What's worse is I saw a team with Piplup. PIPLUP for crying out loud! I don't know how teams like these get on Rank 10. They probably used max stats codes to get high up, which don't transfer over Wifi when you register your records. Stupid noobs. And I coulda sworn I saw a shiny Wondertomb as a lead. Too bad I never found out as I Destiny Bonded the fucker to death.

    Anyways, that's my record. Sorry I don't have a video of my losing match. I turned off my game out of fury when I lost to a crit. >____>
  18. RaikouLover


    Aug 31, 2006
    So I started my Battle Tower run and I lose at battle 45. Battle forty (John Travolta voice from Taking of Pelham 12) FUCKING five. My team was by no means bad. Here it is:

    Latias @ Choice Scarf
    Bold Nature
    252 HP / 160 Def / 96 Spe
    *Roost (cooler animation)

    Standard trick latias. 96 Speed with the Scarf outruns everything in the tower. Rest was placed in defenses for maximum survivability.

    Heracross @ Salac Berry
    Adamant Nature
    HP to make divisable by 4 / 252 Attack / Rest in speed he was 137 at Level 50
    *Swords Dance
    *Close Combat

    Standard MOP Cross

    Suicune @ Leftovers
    Bold Nature
    252 HP / 240 Def / 16 Spe (this is my Wifi Cune I just threw on here)
    *Calm Mind

    Standard BT Tower Suicune in my eyes.

    Anyway, standard trick team. I decided to use Heracross just for a bit just cause no one tried him and to be more merciful than using the overpowered Sub / SD / BP / Superpower Scizor. But the Battle Tower has no mercy and it punished me for it. The idea was to Trick everything unless it was a direct physical threat to latias like Tar or Weavile, in which case I would just Charm immediately. Then I proceed based on whatever is used. The Suicune I think I saw before.. but I just took standard Crocune and slapped Sub on it to make it Battle Tower ready. Suicune is a wonderful addition to any battle tower team, being the ultimate staller and able to stall out all Water Absorbers and pretty much beat everything else with Charm or Trick Support from Latias.

    Anyway, I lost to Lickilcky and Snorlax. Lick exloded and OHKOed Latias. I went for Cune on the double switch and was met with what I assume was a Choice Band Snorlax. I assumed Curselax and went to Heracross, which was bad as he easily OHKOed with Double-Edge. So I'm stuck with Cune against this Snorlax. I sub twice and rack up recoil damage on Lax.. then I have to go for the Calm Mind and double edge leaves me with a sliver of health. I Surf and Snorlax barely survives and kills me... In the future, when I see lick I'm simply going straight to Scizor assuming explosion.... Ugh.. now I got to start over.

    Good thing is, I've been using Jumpman's Starmie / Tyranitar / Garchomp trio to get through the first 3 rounds in about a half hour.
  19. kd24

    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Dec 21, 2007
    you don't have a scizor though
    edit (unless you plan on going back to scizor > hera)

    sucks that you got an early loss but at least its not in the 100s or something. if you think hall is a pain to get back through...
  20. RaikouLover


    Aug 31, 2006
    I do, I just didnt use it lol. I was using Heracross.
  21. AndyB


    May 23, 2010
    Hello all, I've been browsing the forums here for a few weeks now, mostly just gathering information on other peoples' team ideas and taking the time to read quite a few War Stories as well, but all in all I'm fairly new to the competitive scene. I've got a little over 300 hours already in my copy of HG, spent on breeding for IV's (something I've also only recently read up on), and I would really like to get in the community and learn what I can. Anyways, the point of me posting in this thread was to ask what all I need to post in order for my record to be put up on the front page. My current Battle Hall record is at 200 wins even, and I'm still going pretty strong. I'm using a Garchomp w/ Focus Sash (like many of the other records are using) and it's been working great for me. Just wondering in advance what all info I need to post up when I post my final record, I already know I should save the video and upload to the GTS, is there any other 'proof' I should have at the ready? Thanks in advance.
  22. Enygma


    Aug 5, 2009
    You know, if you read the OP, you wouldn't have to ask that question.

    I'm gonna quote Anonymous here, since this is the perfect situation for it.

  23. Kamisutra


    Aug 19, 2009
    Hello, first time posting in this thread, though I've been a lurker for quite a while.

    First things first, today I achieved 105 straight wins in the Battle Tower in Heart Gold, in Single Battle mode, now this of course pales in comparision to the insane records posted in this thread, but for a player like me, of a not so high level, whose main goal in HG is to get the Black Trainer Card, it is something very much to be proud of.

    As proof I've uploaded the battle video of the 105th win, to the GTS via Wi-Fi. The video code is 91-83735-83271 My in-game name is Iocus, as can be seen there.

    Back when I played through Pokemon Platinum and started trying to get all the Gold Prints(though I never managed to get the Factory one, 47 wins was the furthest I got) and a 100+ win streak in the Battle Tower, this thread was insanely helpful. Especially, Head Honchkrow's and Jumpman's teams and explanations of how a Trick lead strategy works, have been invalueable as help for me.

    Now, sadly, when I played through Platinum(13 months ago) my Wi-fi didn't work yet and so I wasn't able to post a proof of my 105 win streak in that game. But now that I have a working Wi-Fi, I promised myself this would not repeat in Heart Gold.

    Now before I post my team, I wish to explain one thing. Both my Uxie and Scizor have absolutely horrible IVs and far from perfect Natures.

    You see, I caught Uxie in May 2009, and I didn't read this thread until late June 2009, as such when I caught it, I didn't think I'd use it much(I wasn't aware of its usefulness in the BT) and ended up saving the game, as soon as it had a halfway passable Nature(Calm), only later did I bother to check its IVs which were sadly horrible(it was already EV trained at that point, too).

    Now Scizor is a different story, as mentioned above, I didn't have a working Wi-Fi in 2009 and I had only one Generation IV game(Platinum), thus to obtain a Scizor, after I read this thread, I asked the only real life friend of mine who I knew plays Pokemon(not a very popular DS Game in Poland, sadly), to give me a Scyther wearing Metalcoat, who has the Technician ability. He did, but the one he sent me had a Relaxed Nature and had rather bad IVs.

    Nonetheless, despite their weak IVs I did manage to achieve a 105 win streak in Platinum, on my 2nd attempt with a Trick team, and since it worked in Platinum I decided to use the same Pokemon in Heart Gold after transferring them(nowadays in 2010 I have 2 DS consoles).

    Please do not misunderstand all this explaining as an attempt to make excuses as to why I don't aim for a higher win streak. I'm aware of being a very average player, and I doubt I could get a 200+ win streak even with an optimal team. The reason why I mentioned all this, was merely to explain why some of the EV spreads may seem strange and why I did some moveset changes to Uxie and Scizor. It was NOT done to try to improve on what Jumpman and Head Honchkrow posted, their movesets and Nature choices are far superior, I merely made the changes to try to adapt to the not so optimal Uxie and Scizor I had.

    So after this wall of text my team:

    Uxie @ Choice Scarf **(OMNIBUS)
    Calm Nature
    EVs: 252 HP/ 252 Def / 4 Sp Def
    ~Light Screen

    Scizor @Sitrus Berry ** (no nickname)
    Ability: Technician
    Relaxed Nature
    EVs: 80HP/ 252Atk / 4Def / 172 SpD/
    ~ Bullet Punch
    ~ Brick Break
    ~ Substitute
    ~ Swords Dance

    Garchomp @Lum Berry ** (ARLONG)
    Jolly Nature
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Outrage
    ~ Substitute
    ~ Swords Dance

    Now of course since this is a team I put up using other peoples' ideas, it's not very original, and everyone already knows how this works.

    Uxie uses Trick always, unless opponent lead may have Sticky Hold or may hold a Choice item, Thunderwave immedialy after and either Memento or Light Screen+Memento depending on whether the attack the opponent is locked into is Physical or Special(and Uxie's remaining HP is a factor too of course), if opponent is locked into a stats boosting move a direct switch without use of Memento, is often preferable. Scizor is almost always selected as the set up Pokemon to perform a Sub+SD or SD+Sub(order depends on move performed by opponent and its stats). Garchomp is there to cover for the few cases when setting up Scizor would be unwise, mostly when opponent is locked into a Fire or Electric move, or OHKO move performed by a Pokemon slower(even with Scarf) than Garchomp, but faster than Scizor.

    I want to really, really, really, really thank Head Honchkrow and Jumpman, and this thread as a whole, without the info and in-sight provided here, gaining a 105 win streak would be very frustrating, if not impossible for me. And thanks to you guys, it was quite easy and doable in both Platinum and Heart Gold. Thank you very much.

    My next aim(after playing through the Kanto region) will be getting the Gold Print from the Battle Factory, since it's the only Print I never managed to obtain in Platinum. If I'm successful, I will of course post it here(though it could take months). If I get really, really frustrated with the Factory, as was often the case in Platinum, I might re-do some of the other facilities, too.

    P.S. I apologize for the lengthy post and any gramatical and spelling errors. Please excuse me, as English is not my first language.
  24. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    Lost at battle 156 which is really gutting :( used same hera as posted. Lost due to a sycther its aa got me to my sash, and mine in return failed to ko then was hit by a quick attack :(
    I no my streak isn't the best but I can give more detail etc but doubt its good enough for leader board, but if anyone wants some details just ask, goin on a 18th drinkin holiday wednesday so Pokemon aint really somethin to be taking lol, so will be sure to try again and get a better streak but prob goin to change poke.

    Like I said if anyone wants more info just ask. Cheers for anyone showing a interest :)
  25. andrewn630


    Jan 5, 2010
    HeartGold Battle Factory Doubles (Open Level): Streak 30

    This format is insane. I almost never get past Round 2, but I got some very lucky opening 6's for this streak, including Salamence, Scizor, Dragonite, among others with great type coverage, and a few good EQ/Levitate combos.

    I finally made it to Round 5, opening with an underrated 3 Pokemon, but by the 31st battle I had...

    Dragonite 3
    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Item: Expert Belt
    ~ Draco Meteor
    ~ Flamethrower
    ~ Thunderbolt
    ~ Surf

    Toxicroak 3
    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Anticipation
    Item: Wise Glasses
    ~ Sludge Bomb
    ~ Focus Blast
    ~ Shadow Ball
    ~ Dark Pulse

    Swampert 4
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Torrent
    Item: Rindo Berry
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Aqua Tail
    ~ Avalanche
    ~ Mirror Coat

    The opponent was not concerned with types, so I traded my 3rd pokemon for the Swampert. I will almost always take Swampert, he's one of the best rentals in the Factory, all four of them.

    I lead with Dragonite and Toxicroak, and the opponent leads with Electivire and Probopass.
    - I decide to Flamethrower with Dragonite and Focus Blast with Toxicroak, both on the Probopass, since I know I can take it down relatively easily.
    - I didn't know what Electivire 4 was packing, but it ended up being Ice Punch to OHKO Dragonite. That was fine, since Toxicroak was the next fastest and OHKOd the Probopass with Focus Blast, unsurprisingly.

    I throw out Swampert and hope for the best, and he sends out Roserade. Great. T_T
    - I figured with the Rindo Berry, Swampert may be able to survive a Grass attack from Roserade. I had Swampert go for Mirror Coat and Toxicroak go for Focus Blast again, but on Elevtivire.
    - Electivire hits first with an Ice Punch on Swampert, critical, taking a good 55% of his HP. Roserade savagely destroys Swampert with a Leaf Storm, and recovers the stat loss with a white herb. Toxicroak ends up with a Crit against Electivire to take it down in one shot.
    - 1v1 now, I feel Sludge Bomb is the strongest attack I have against Roserade now, being STAB and at least normal effectiveness. Roserade Leaf Storms yet again, and even though it's not very effective, it does about 60% to Toxicroak. I was pretty much screwed at this point because I know Roserade has relatively high Sp.Def. Croak deals about 40% to Roserade with Sludge Bomb.
    - My Last chance here was to hope I could get lucky, or that Roserade's Sp.Atk had been lowered enough to not kill me. Unfortunately I got neither of those circumstances and promply saved the battle video after my loss.

    Overall, I think Doubles is a nice break to the grueling Singles Factory. I really want that gold plate, and after getting it on all the other facilities, I just want to get it and be over with so I can work on some other streaks.


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