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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Shotoetoe


    Jul 6, 2010
    Hello guys, I just signed up because I love the soul silver frontier, and I'd like to get some advice from the pro's :)

    After failing horribly at the factory (damn you thorton) I decided to try the arcade, which I frankly adore right now :)

    I've just beaten Dahlia for the second round, but I want to continue my streak as far as possible and I'm unsure if my team is up to it.
    I currently have:

    Bold, 252 HP, 200 defense, 58 sp.def
    Serene Grace

    Tri Attack
    Air Slash
    Heal Bell

    I really love her! The idea was to have a durable pokemon with either heal bell or aromatherapy to bail me out should I ever hit paralyse, burn, sleep or freeze. My first thought was Umbreon, but I decided to go for Togekiss because of flinchhax. She's helped me thorugh some tough spots already and she's pretty lucky as it is. Tri attack stuff faster than me for damage and condition hax, air slash anything slower for flinchhax.

    Timid, 252 Speed, 200 Sp.at, 58 Hp

    Dragon Pulse
    Calm mind

    I needed a good attacker, and this covered that. Although, I'm not all that impressed with it actually. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. I'll likely change it for something else too.

    Adamant, 252 Att, 200 HP, 58 Sp.def
    Rock head

    Head Smash
    Iron head
    Low kick
    Metal burst

    I love Aggron, but this really doesn't cut it most of the time. Togekiss needs to switch out of rock, ice and electric. Aggron can't cover much of this. Anything packing rock moves is bound to have fighting or ground attacks, and something with ice will likely have water too.
    I'm thinking of replacing it with:

    Sturdy for the OHKO

    Magnet bomb (for evasion)
    - something
    - something

    Should I go for a defensive nature, or an offensive one? What should I add as moves? :s
    Of course, this still doesn't help the fighting/ground issue, but it does help me cover my ice problem, while adding OHKO immunity and evasion pass by.

    My team has done pretty darn well on the back of Togekiss, who really shines, but I'm afraid Aggron is going to be the end of my streak :(
    Well, at 49 now, with only a single fainted pokemon so far. Not bad for a first time yes? :)

    Despite some serious luck from my side with a focus band triggering at critical moments twice for my pokemon, I still lost at battle 61 against a PI :(
    Togekiss got frozen from the roulette, Aggron got taken out in one hit Mammoswine's earthquake (naturally, sacrifice). Latios gets off a couple calm minds because Mammo insists on using Superpower and takes out Mammo. Next out is Probopass. I thunderbolt it, only for it to live with a sliver of health (which surprised me) and it explodes -.-
    Yet Latios hangs on with his focus band :D
    Next out is Bronzong. After a recover war with it constantly iron heading me for almost half my health, I get it to half health and it crits me.
    Frozen Togekiss could have had a chance, if she had defrosted in the next 5 turns.

    Too bad :(
    61 is as far as it got
  2. AndyB


    May 23, 2010
    Well I finally lost my streak in Battle Hall, and the loss was every bit as haxfull as I expected from this game. My final streak is 205 with a Garchomp very similar to the one everyone else uses. The only obvious difference is that I used a level 50 Garchomp, mostly because I raised it myself, and I was much too anxious to finally use it in the Frontier to level it past 50, not to mention the Elite Four spamming was getting old. Anyway here is the info.
    Garchomp - Sasha~ (lv.50)
    Jolly - Focus Sash
    IVs - 30/31/25/27/17/31 (not perfect, but as close as I was willing to breed considering I know nothing about RNG or all that stuff)
    EVs - 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP

    -Stone Edge
    -Swords Dance

    The strategy was pretty simple, use type coverage to OHKO as many opponents as possible, or just Outrage and maximum 2HKO pretty much anything. If I thought I couldnt 2HKO it with Outrage, I would SD up first, but the only opponents I thought this for were Skarmory and Slaking. The BIG problems for me specifically were any opponents using a sash themselves, such as Weavile, especially since it has priority to back it up. Before I got my current streak, I lost to 3 different pokemon, one of which was the Weavile, another was a Slaking that I miscalculated on Outrage damage and didnt 2HKO it (should have used SD first so it would Slack Off then I could kill it before it struck back), then I got killed by my confusion afterward. The other was Sharpedo, which makes me angry now that I've read that I could hit it with Earthquake without its Rough Skin breaking my sash. I Outraged it, its sash triggered, Rough Skin broke my sash, it OHKO me back with Ice Fang.
    Another smaller problem I saw was Gengar, which can hit with Hypnosis and wear me down. Luckily for me, the only 2 Gengar I fought BOTH missed on the Hypnosis, so I murdered them with Outrage.

    My loss was to a Venusaur, and it was exactly the play-by-play I called out in my mind before the fight began. I looked up its moveset, saw Toxic, Protect, Sludge and Frenzy Plant, and it has a Sash. I Outrage, it survives, it Toxics. It uses Protect back to back against my last 2 Outrages, I get confused, Toxic has left me with little more than half my HP. My confusion hits myself, Venusaur finishes me with Frenzy Plant. In hindsight, I should have just EQd it to avoid my confusion, I imagine it also would have 2HKOd it. Live and learn I suppose. Battle Video is 93-70561-77200.
  3. VaporeonIce


    Mar 11, 2010
    Shotoetoe, I'm impressed you got as far as you did with that team. Togekiss must be pretty damn reliable, but even then, I'd think Dahlia's Zapdos would have given you a lot of problems, unless you managed to set up Latios.

    Anyway, I've found that Calm Mind Lati@s is pretty underwhelming in the Arcade. Even against special attackers, Latias doesn't have the bulk to Calm Mind up comfortably (given the constant risk of a crit), and Latios has even less bulk.

    I tried using Magnezone in the Frontier before and was thoroughly underwhelmed. Its biggest problem is that it's so damn slow. It has good bulk, but if it takes one hit switching in and a second one because it has to move second, it's getting beat up pretty quickly. Even if you do want to use it, avoid Magnet Bomb; it's a physical move, meaning it'll do really crappy damage against anything that isn't Weavile. The only Sturdy Pokemon I'd recommend using is Skarmory, but it unfortunately doesn't mix well with Togekiss.

    It sounds like you're trying to design your team to counter everything annoying about the Arcade (and the Frontier in general), but in doing so, you lose a lot of ability to counter the thing that Pokemon is often centered around; namely, your opponents bashing your team's face in. It's really hard to make a team built around countering status, but Umbreon with Heal Bell can work well (and doesn't have so many weaknesses that make it difficult to use other good team members), and I suppose bulky Dragonite could work too. In general, having one or two guys with Rest is often as good as you're going to get, though (Natural Cure can also work well on Blissey or Starmie). OHKO is always a bitch, but a Substitute user can go a long way; if you're faster, you can just keep throwing up Subs to stall your opponent out of OHKO moves. I use Dragonite; its immunity to Fissure, good bulk, and the ability to use Dragon Dance to outspeed the opponent (and Roost to heal off damage) make it great for countering most OHKO users. Zapdos can also do this pretty well, with Pressure making stalling even easier, but anything with Sub and a recovery move works great.

    For evasion users, my strategy has always been to just have something that's so bulky that it doesn't mind missing a few times (Suicune and SubRoost Nite). If you want to use a move that always hits, though, you need to think hard about it; it doesn't matter if your move hits if you're not going to do enough damage to be able to take out the opponent before it manages a KO (see Magnezone's Magnet Bomb). Aerial Ace is usually your best bet; lots of good Pokemon with boosting moves can use it (Scizor, Salamence, Gliscor, Heracross, Infernape). But often, just having something that can take hits from the opponent's evasion user, uses 100% accurate moves, and has enough power to 1-2HKO the opponent's Pokemon is all you need. Sure, sometimes your 100% accurate move will miss five times in a row, but it's pretty rare, especially if the opponent only has one Double Team after you switch in.

    I hope this helps. It's hard to make new teams, especially if you're trying not to copy what everyone else does. Just try to combine things in new ways and use Pokemon you like, but be sure to try to design them in ways that can really threaten Frontier Pokemon. Opposing type combos are one of the most annoying things; like you mentioned, Aggron has some great resistances, but they're so often combined with its Water, Fighting, and Ground weaknesses that it's extremely hard to use it effectively (particularly because it's so slow). That's why you usually have to use things with short and predictable lists of weaknesses, or things that hit so hard and fast that it barely matters what their weaknesses are. Good luck!
  4. Shotoetoe


    Jul 6, 2010
    Thanks Vaporeonice, that's very useful information!
    I'm certainly keeping it in mind when I redesign a team :D

    In the meantime I had restarted my run with Forretress instead of Aggron and I'm gonna see how this turns out.

    Sturdy, Sassy nature
    252 HP, 252 Sp.def, 4 Def

    Gyro ball
    Pain split

    So far I haven't had any problems. I'm up to 35 now, and Togekiss pretty much soloed so far. She's really remarkably useful, especially as long as you get good hits on the roulette (all paralysed with air slash flinch is fantastic :p )

    I figured Forretress would be able to cover some glaring weaknesses, and in the worst case blow up in the face of the worst opponent. At least I'm sure they don't have focus sashes.

    EDIT: Good lord, what on earth was I thinking -.-' I could have at least taken Scizor...
    Well anyway, to the drawing board.
    With pain in the heart I'm thinking of letting Togekiss go :( She's been a blessing, but it's too hard to find offensive beasts to switch into her weaknesses (ice-water being the big dealkiller), and she really does have to be my lead to be able to perform good. *sigh*
  5. HiThere


    Jun 6, 2010
    Sigh... Opponents in battle factory started out with Shuckle and Tyranitar, and Shuckle managed to get 2 double teams and a sub up while we beat the rest of his team... It ended up being venusaur vs a Shuckle with about 4 Double Teams, Sandstorm up, and Shuckle could've just Gyro Ball'd Venusaur for an OHKO but instead it wastes what seemed like 100 turns just using Power Trick.. -___- all while I tried to break its sub with Giga Drain, which kept missing and didnt break the sub the one time it hit.
  6. AndyB


    May 23, 2010
    Wanted to thank you for the massive negativity, since that's obviously always the best way to welcome someone to a community (especially ones that need all the new players they can get). Honestly, you even went more out of your way than if you had just quoted the OP and left out the other stuff.
  7. EonADS


    Jan 7, 2010
    Back to the Hall for me. My Battle Tower streak is currently at 161, so it's going to be a while before you get a new record post from me for that.

    My Hall streak is currently at 180, using four different Infernape. I'll post the record as soon as I lose, lol.
  8. Fuzzy93


    Jun 16, 2010

    same thing happened to me, except I had a dragonite <___<
  9. Enygma


    Aug 5, 2009

    You were required to read the rules upon joining. By reading the rules BEFORE you register, the mods are training you to read the damn OP before posting anything, even if it seems tl;dr. So if you had skimmed/read the OP, you would have seen that bit of info at the bottom. I am not at fault here, you are.

    Oh, and way to take the troll bait too far up the ass. Brilliant.

    Anyways, I've been going up the Battle Tower Wifi Room again. Got back up to Rank 10. Anyone been able to challenge a room again immediately after you beat it? Every time I beat a room at Rank 10, the room says I can't challenge it again until the next update. Anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?
  10. NC


    Aug 10, 2005
    Alright I found out at work today that my boss was fired, which led to me having nothing to do at work. I had my DS which I usually play during breaks so I decided to spend my day getting paid $11 an hour to play pokemon! I did well enough to get on the leader board for both the HGSS Castle and Arcade in just one day.

    Castle: 93
    Arcade: 76
    Hall: 128

    Here is my team:

    [​IMG]Porygon-Z @ Choice Specs or nothing (NN: ILOVEYOU)
    IVs: 31 / 3 / 30 / 30 / 30 / 30
    EVs: 6 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Download
    ~ Tri Attack
    ~ Hidden Power Fighting 70
    ~ Ice Beam
    ~ Thunderbolt

    I went through many different options when deciding on the lead spot ranging from "disabling" Cresselia and Umbreon to Dragon Dance Salamence. The worst was battle 57-63 in the Castle when I experimented with Rotom-H, only to find it reverted form which wasted me a lot of CP. Porygon-Z ended up being the best option for me because of its outstanding special attack, multiplied with download hopefully and excellent coverage its moves gave. Despite this, ILOVEYOU did seem to be the weak link on the team because it gets killed easily and I am still experimenting on the lead spot.
    Sidenote: I used this in the Battle Hall as well with Choice Scarf/Choice Band/Focus Sash and Dark Pulse over Ice Beam vs. Ghosts and got a streak of 138, losing to a snorlax.

    [​IMG]Garchomp @ Choice Band or nothing (NN: none, it was traded to me)
    IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Spe
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Nature: Jolly
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Outrage
    ~ Dragon Claw
    ~ Stone Edge

    Garchomp definately lives up to its Uber hype in the battle frontier. It has everything: speed, bulk, and power to really do damage to almost anything. There is not much else to explain about this as it is pretty obvious what it is supposed to do. I may consider switching this for a bulk Choice Scarf version for the Castle.

    [​IMG]Wobbuffet @ SE reducing berry or nothing (NN: 13)
    IVs: 31 / 0 / 31 / 28 / 31 / 0
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 Sp Def
    Nature: Sassy
    Ability: Shadow Tag
    ~ Counter
    ~ Mirror Coat
    ~ Encore
    ~ Charm

    This was the star of the show for me. 13 (nicknamed after the character from House, I love that show) can take an unboosted attack from pretty much anything and is always able to kill it with Counter or Mirror Coat. Wobbuffet was especially useful in the Battle Castle where I could check the movesets of the opponent and know which counter move to use. I don't think there were any battles that I needed to use Wobbuffet in where it did not get at least one kill. I highly recommend this pokemon, it did excellent for me.

    Stragy/How I lost: There is no real complicated strategy for this team, just basically make smart decisions ._.. For the Castle, I made sure to check all the opponents pokemon and usually check their movesets and stay fully healed (in HP) before every battle. I lost basically because I ran out of CP and had to get stingy. This is mostly because of my stupid Rotom experiment which ended up being a huge dead-weight and costing me a lot of points. In the arcade, the only thing I would suggest is to aim for spots where there are 2-3 "neutral" conditions in a row rather than 1 good one- the roulette moves too fast to hit what you want to every time.

    I have only made and used this team for one day so hopefully I will be able to make good changes and drastically improve upon the records I got today.
  11. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    just a quick post with a fun mimic-rage-glitch team. this time not creating a complete freak (sheer cold machamp) but enhancing the scope of an existing idea. i've always wanted to play with a rain dance doubles team, so i cooked up the following little combination.....

    Check em out on this youtube video if you feel like it.....

    Shiny Jolteon
    Timid - Volt Absorb - Male - Focus Sash
    IVs: 31 / 4 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31
    EVs: 252 Sp Atk / 252 Spe / 6 HP
    Level 50 stats: 141 / 64 / 80 / 162 / 115 / 200
    Moves: Spore, Rain Dance, Thunder, Water Spout

    Shiny Ludicolo
    Modest - Swift Swim - Male - Leftovers
    IVs: 31 / 4 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31
    EVs: 252 Sp Atk / 132 Spe / 116 HP / 4 Def / 6 Sp Def
    Level 50 stats: 170 / 69 / 91 / 156 / 121 / 107
    Moves: Fake Out, Rain Dance, Water Spout, Grass Knot

    Shiny Kingdra
    Modest - Swift Swim - Female - Life Orb
    IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31
    EVs: 252 Sp Atk / 4 Spe / 230 HP / 4 Def / 20 Sp Def
    Level 50 stats: 179 / 103 / 116 / 161 / 118 / 106
    Moves: Water Spout, Dragon Pulse, Thunder, Close Combat

    Shiny Omastar
    Modest - Swift Swim - Male - Choice Specs
    IVs: 31 / 4 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31
    EVs: 252 Sp Atk / 244 Spe / 6 HP / 4 Def / 4 Sp Def
    Level 50 stats: 146 / 60 / 146 / 183 / 91 / 106
    Moves: Water Spout, Thunder, Ice Beam, Aeroblast

    strategy pretty simple. most battles went like this:

    1. PINA used fake out. STORM used spore. XXX fell asleep. XXX is fast asleep. YYY flinched.
    2. STORM used spore. YYY fell asleep. XXX is fast asleep. YYY is fast asleep. PINA used rain dance.
    3. PINA used water spout. XXX fainted. YYY fainted. STORM used water spout, but there was no target.
    4. PINA used water spout. ZZZ fainted. WWW fainted.
    but of course there were occasions where it didnt go as planned, and i had plenty of backup plans for these situations. these are about the same EV builds i'd go for if i made a proper team - ludi is 1 point faster than the other swift swimmers so it can set up rain first if something strange happens (or just tyranitar/hippowdon), and they all outrun electrode in the rain. and of course jolteon could set up rain on turn 2 if ludi could then get an easy OHKO on the foe who is awake - sometimes had to do this depending on various combinations of foe's berries or abilities (inner focus and/or insomnia), and it just makes the rain last one turn longer effectively - and also, why not KO a golem/whatever with a boosted water spout right away....

    anyway, this was just for fun, and the streak is not to be taken seriously or entered into the list. for the record, it ended on battle 161, and i think this is a nice example of how any team can come undone. i think any other rain dance team would have also lost in this situation, but of course this team would cope in other situations where standard movesets would have gone down (eg more OHKO's with water spout > surf, no getting hit by friendly "fire" from surf, the ability to put things to sleep quickly, insane type coverage - close combat is an easy OHKO on blissey even with modest nature, etc). here's the 161st battle:

    1. PINA used fake out. STORM used spore. Lapras fell asleep. Dewgong flinched. Lapras is fast asleep.
    2. STORM used spore. Dewgong fell asleep. PINA used rain dance. Dewgong is fast asleep. Lapras woke up. Lapras used avalanche - about 30-40% to PINA.
    3. PINA used grass knot - about 90% to Lapras. STORM used spore. Lapras fell asleep. Dewgong used sleep talk - selected rest. Lapras is fast asleep. How could anything go wrong lol!!! Both foes asleep, rain up, Lapras nearly dead. I decide to target Dewgong since i now know it's the OHKO one.
    4. PINA used grass knot - about 80% to Dewgong - salac berry raises speed. STORM used thunder for the KO on Dewgong. Lapras woke up and used aqua tail - critical hit - STORM holds on with its focus band.
    5. Out comes Froslass. Lapras used Ice shard - KO's STORM. PINA used water spout - Froslass holds on with about 1hp and Lapras absorbs water - back to about 45% (including a few turns of lefties). Froslass used hail.
    6. I send out MARY. Froslass used blizzard - PINA down to about 40% and gets FROZEN! MARY down to about 70%. PINA is frozen solid (no rain dance for me). MARY used thunder - mary's attack missed. Lapras used curse.
    7. Froslass used blizzard - CH faints PINA, takes MARY down to <5HP. MARY used thunder - KO's Lapras, but dies to life orb recoil.
    8. I send out GUS. They sent out Weavile. Fake out + shadow ball takes me to about 30% (and an unnecessary sp def drop). GUS flinches.
    9. Weavile used night slash - gets an unneeded crit and GUS faints.
    YEAH!! Bit haxy, but the only one that really mattered was PINA getting frozen...

    I saved the video, and may upload it, along with a couple of other close matches i saved along the way.
  12. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    I just lost 2 Tower streaks to stupid mistakes + hax - one streak of 280 (nowhere near my goal of 1000+) and another at 118.

    In the 281 loss, though a lead Klutz Lopunny is usually not much of a problem, it kept causing confusion with Dizzy Punch, my lead hit itself every time, meaning no Flashes got used, then Registeel suffered from the nasty crit + burn together from Fire Punch after a crit broke its Sub. Another crit followed, and by then the burn damage finished it off. Then my last poke (was using Salamence at this time) just happened to face a Tauros... with Intimidate.

    In the 119 loss, it was almost entirely due to a mistake on my part. Against a lead Sheer Cold Articuno, and it was late at night so I wasn't thinking properly, and I tricked it before using Thunder Wave... stupid because I knew it was the Sheer Cold one since I was facing one of those cursed PI trainers. And of course, it killed my team with Sheer Cold without giving a chance to Sub on either of my attacking Pokemans. The reason I Tricked is because for some reason I thought that Articuno was slow enough that my 152 speed Salamence would outspeed it even with the Scarf, but I was too lazy to check the list due to the time at night... I will always check from now on.

    Moral of the story: Don't much around with rabbits, and also, check the list rather than guessing something won't outspeed you.

    Completely different topic:

    I have a... theory as to why Bozo has seen 2 shinies in the Frontier (one in the Tower, one in Castle) yet hardly anyone else in the entire world has ever seen one there (only 1 other video on YouTube last time I checked).

    I just thought that maybe Bozo just happens to have an ID/SID combination that creates a shiny 31/31/31/31/31/31 spread, and that those Pokemon must've been generated at the time that causes that spread to be shiny. Well, that's all I can think of.
  13. Nickm65


    May 26, 2010
    Hi everyone. I'm new to posting on Smogon but i have been playing pokemon for years now. I would have posted my records on this thread sooner but i have always been one or two battles away from the top 30 on many of the records however today is VERY different!!!!

    I have obtained a 283 Battle Hall streak!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a picture as well as 2 Youtube videos as proof of this record.

    Finally got a good picture because of my friend and his really cool phone!

    Battle Hall Record: 283


    Video Links: (needed 2 videos because my phone could only send 30 seconds worth to my email =/)

    Part 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sezKiSnHCvY

    Part 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDIV-X4aOm0

    What i used and how i did it.



    Nature: Jolly (for the 333 speed)
    Ivs: hp 31/ atk 31/ def 31/ SpA 24 / SpD 31/ spe 31
    Evs: 4 hp / 252 atk / 252 spe
    Level: 100
    Item: Focus Sash

    ~Fire Fang
    ~Swords Dance

    This is the only Garchomp that i used. From battle 170 all the way to 283 i got out of so many situations that i felt were nearly impossible so i will post those in my war stories.

    To get to 170 i did the Battles in this order:


    Getting to battle 170 wasn't very difficult especially after finishing grass as i could OHKO almost everything that was left that could hit me with an ice attack. After battle 170 to get the longest streak possible I completed the types in this order:


    I chose this order because up until bug NOTHING in the hall can beat Garchomp (pretty sure on that) From there only Yanmega, froslass, polywrath, machamp, lickilicky and porygon 2 seem to be able to beat Garchomp up untill grass where abomasnow and mamoswine can be trouble. I chose to do dark before water because as long as weavile does not appear, I win as oppossed to the possibilty of getting ice beamed by a water pokemon.

    Garchomp Explaination:

    First here is my explanation on the Garchomp i chose: I couldn't find the list of battle hall pokemon and their movesets (forgot all that info is on this thread) so i just decided that having 333 speed would probably allow me to outrun all base 110 pokemon which in the end seems true. Outrage and Earthquake are obviously there for there power and stab and fire fang is for Abomasnow which would otherwise OHKO me with hail, blizzard after taking an outrage and for skarmory who is just annoying to face period. Swords Dance is there for those bulky pokemon that get 3HKOd by outrage or earthquake or pokemon that have annoying items like salac berry or abilities like overgrow or blaze.

    I was thinking about swapping fire fang with flamethrower because the inherint 5% chance of lose against Abomasnow when fire fang misses actually costed me one of my first runs to the gold print. But after some calculations and with jolly nature and 24 SPA ivs, i decided i should just stay with fang.

    How it was done:

    When people complain about the computers using total hax in the battle frontier after this 283 i realized that these obsurd and ridiculous luck hax actually apply to the PLAYER TOO!!!!!

    Lucky I didnt/did run into these pokemon:
    I never ran into Weavile once even after 12 combined ice and dark rank 10 pokemon. No mamoswine either.

    I ran into 1 Abomasnow around battle 240 and fire fang hit! I never saw any before that.

    Only ran into 1 Dewgong after battle 170! Its ice beam never froze me!

    Never ran into any Hypnosis Poliwrath or machamp the entire run!

    Ran into curse Dusknoir 6 times in a row after battle 170!

    Only ran into 1 Lickylicky the whole run!

    Wow i can't believe that happened warstorys:

    Around battle 190 i was facing a yanmega which survived an outrage and hit me with a critical hit bug buzz. Speed boost went off and i thought "game over." I went first hit yanmega and won!!! =O i was so lucky!

    Battle 240 or so facing LickyLicky. I outage to just about half health and he ice punches me. I didnt freeze (like 17th time in a row i didnt freeze so far) and my second outrage managed to KO him!!!

    Perhaps the most exciting luck hax was i was facing a Walrein at battle 270, i hit it with outrage down to red health and he blizzarded me:

    Game: "Garchomp was frozen solid!"

    Me: "i lose"

    Game: "Garchomp thawed out!" I was staring at my game with my mouth wide open for a good 7 minutes.
  14. pokemonwargeneral


    Feb 2, 2010
    Alright! Just Like Nickm65 I honestly don't now how to do this picture stuff proficiently yet so bare with me everyone. I have finaly however uploaded my pokemon battle record picture data, It is in my albums on my main smogon account page. so please go to my main page and view my albums to see my record picture proof!
  15. kd24

    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Dec 21, 2007
    bozo, i really think damp rock would be better for your team (over leftovers on ludicolo). i can't see a reason why leftovers would be more helpful than the extra rain (which would have saved you in the match you lost).
  16. pokemonwargeneral


    Feb 2, 2010
    Greetings everyone! Pokemon War General is back with three new records! and I'll start with battle arcade(stage with the Pulchritude Dahlia!).from here on out I will mention the Ivs of the pokemon I use on this site for I catch or breed the pokemon I use(I don't use RNG, or action replay,just long term legit pokemon obtaining,this I'm proud of!) I reached a streak of 72 at battle arcade using:

    Timid nature
    Ivs: hp 19/ atk 20/ def 25/ Sp.atk 14/ Sp.def 3/ spe 30
    Evs:252 Sp.atk.252 Spe, 6 hp
    Dragon pulse
    Ice beam
    Thunder bolt

    Jolly nature
    Ability:sand veil
    Ivs: hp 27/ atk 31/ def 31/ Sp.atk 13/ Sp.def 27/ spe 31
    Evs:252 atk,252 spe, 6 hp
    Fire fang
    Aqua tail

    Impish nature
    Ivs: hp 23/ atk 31/ def 27/ Sp.atk 13*/ Sp,def 22/ spe 29
    Evs: 252 hp, 252 def, 6 spe
    Bug bite
    Bullet punch
    Swords dance

    Yea, my team was doing pretty good until I made the game board speed go up. then in the match I lost I unluckily picked freeze, and they froze my scizor. the opponent from what I remember had nidoking,bronzong,and swampert*(like I said I don't remember the exact team my latios knocked out the first pokemon and lost to there bronzong(of course). sent out my scizor-didn't thaw out in time by freeze and lost to the bell pokemon. so it was up to stephanie, she was able to take out the bell but lost to an avalanching swampert. I haven't made it that high since(I keep messing up on the board and hitting swap pokemon). to me battle arcade is still pretty easy since the lovable Cpu Can't hold items like there Infamous bright powder and quick claw. the problem comes in when you make it high, the options of the gameboard aren't to great and the speed increases, thus making it harder. something that is funny is the very first time I battled at battle arcade when it came out in platinum I instantly got gold symbol. and on heart gold the very first time I fought on it I hit this big streak. Is that SKILL or what!
  17. pokemonwargeneral


    Feb 2, 2010
    As for my next two records they were obtained at the battle hall single and double. I hit a 194 streak single challenge using three different salamences:

    modest nature
    Ivs: hp 30/ atk 16/ def 26/ Sp.atk 30/ Sp.def 31/ spe 31
    Evs: 252 Sp.atk, 252 speed, 6 hp
    Item:wide lens
    Draco meteor
    Fire blast
    Hydro pump

    Naive nature
    Ivs: hp 29/ atk 27/ def 22/ Sp.atk 21/ Sp.def 31/ Spe 31
    Evs:252 atk, 252 spe, 6 sp.atk
    Item:focus sash
    Dragon dance
    fire blast/fly/brick break

    Adament nature
    Ivs: hp 23/ atk 31/ def 29/ Sp.atk 21/ Sp.def 31/ spe 31
    Evs: 252 atk, 2d2 spe, 6 hp
    Item:focus sash/choice band
    Aqua tail
    Fire fang
    Brick break/earthquake/fly

    I had fought at battle hall before with chomp but would always lose at gold argenta who would bring a perfect pokemon to stop chomp(suicune,weavile). So this time I used 3 varying mence and I hit 194 streak first try, earning me gold symbol finaly! So, can anyone guess how they lost? I beat all 17 types after gold argenta once, and I went in for the second time(I used my adament mence after the gold fight) after 7 battles I went against the ice type and they sent out their fun focus sash-ice punch,ice shard WEAVILE! rather mence is declared uber or not. no matter how hard 600 base salamence tryies, it doesn't even matter what item it has or how it is ev trained. salamence will NEVER beat focus sash Icicle punch/shard master Weavile. so yea, that's how I lost. If for some strange reason I decide to fight here again, I won't be using Mence,but adaptability porygon-z with max hidden power fire or fighting!

    And last but not least the streak of my well known CHOMP TWINS! and there double battle 179 streak at battle hall:

    Jolly nature
    Ivs: hp 31/ atk 26/ def 21/ Sp.atk 17/ Sp.def 30/ spe 31
    Evs: 252 atk, 252 spe, 6 hp
    Item:focus sash
    Aqua tail/fire fang/iron head/brick break

    Savvanah*/Garchomp(sister-*the full name of my legendary female garchomp I use on Wi-Fi and frontier is: Ms. Stephanie, Savory, Savvanah. I will refer to her last name for now.)
    Adament nature
    This version of her was caught in the wild(not bred) in a dusk ball.Ivs: hp 31/ atk 27/ def 30/ Sp.atk 17/ Sp.def 28/ spe 30
    Evs 252 atk, 252 spe, 6 hp
    Item:choice band/choice scarf
    Fire fang
    Iron head

    Apparently I'm the first person to try chomp in double battle at the hall! Yet again the twins fought well and beat all types. went for second time through the types and lost against two female slowbros with sitrus berry and Ice beam, the chomp twins went for there famous double trouble outrage frenzy(which usually takes everyone down) and it didn't cut it. The girl slowbrow on the left still took Savvanah's 390 attack choice band stabbed outrage on red Hp(it was 4 levels lower than chomp too) and downed her beautiful beyonce like body with one ice beam. her brother couldn't fend them off even with sash. but it was still a pretty good streak though.

    Like I mentioned earlier I have picture proof of all my streak data at my home page on smogon in albums for public viewing. thanks again everyone listening! hopefully I'll be back next week with some more cool streaks at the frontier!
  18. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    ouch, those losses suck man, but don't be discouraged! also, if your lead got confused and was consistently hitting you with dizzy punch, you could switch to registeel and then back to your lead (whose identity you didnt mention!) to try paralysing/flashing/whatever-your-lead-does (:P)

    i seriously considered upping the speed of my latias so it would outspeed this articuno after tricking the scarf. but in the end i'd still have to hope it would miss the first sheer cold as if it hit it would outspeed salamence (and switching to jolly salamence would mean losing the 99% OHKO on metagross with +6 outrage).

    i don't know if i'll be doing any more BT/BF until the new games come out, but it's nice to see you going at it again.

    i think i checked my ID/SID combo on all my games, and didn't have anything like that. also i don't think that's how PID's work in the frontier. since you can face the same pokemon twice and it have different gender and ability (things which are determined by PID), i think the stats/nature are fixed but the PID is allowed to vary to create the different gender/whatever - and it just happened that twice it gave me shinies.

    both were in the battle castle by the way -

    • shiny infernape - click: [​IMG]
    • shiny latios - click: [​IMG]
    my "theory" is just that i had gone through lots of battles. for example, in a 1001 win streak you see 3003 opponent pokemon. there's a (8191/8192)^3003 = 0.693.... chance you will see no shiny pokemon, meaning that there's a better than 30% chance at least one opponent will be shiny. i saw the second shiny (infernape) in battle 614 of my second big streak (that ended on 839) which i did after the first streak of 568 - that's a fair few to see, although i know not many others have seen one.

    i expected to see some during my battle tower streaks but didn't. eg you need to have 1893 battles before the odds of seeing no shinies becomes lower than 50%. there's about a 58% chance that peterko would have seen a shiny in his streak. so i'm really surprised that not more people have seen them. still the 42% chance is not negligible (and far less "haxy" than some of the things that go on in battles).

    as for videos, i've seen a couple more - the most recent one i saw - i could try and dig it up if you're interested - was from a guy who had hacked his team completely (eg drizzle latios and wondertomb - loser) but then encountered a shiny medicham in a battle and was laughing that the first legit shiny he saw was uncatchable. i'd have been pissed off myself if RNG abuse had not already been discovered when i saw those shinies - i mean it was a 31/31/31/31/31/31 timid shiny latios, and a 31/31/31/31/31/31 jolly shiny infernape lol.....

    i didnt realise there was an album lol!! to post a picture in this thread all you have to do is:

    1. right-click on the picture and select "Copy image location"
    2. in the text box when you're posting in this thread, click on the button over the text box that looks like a yellow square with a mountain and sun (to the left of the text box looking thing) - it's for embedding pictures - it'll ask you for a web address, and you just paste in the web address you copied in step 1.
    for example:


    it was actually my original plan, but first of all i didnt have a damp rock on that game or the diamond game i had trained the pokes on, and i was impatient to get started, so i just went with lefties. and then in all the matches i played, i didnt once wish i had damp rock instead of lefties. the only time i remember rain ending was the match (on the youtube video) against regice+registeel+regirock+suicune. but it didnt matter at all.

    the losing match would have ended in the same way regardless of item though, as the rain didn't run out but rather was cancelled out by the opponent using hail.

    also lefties does have its advantages in restoring my health, and therefore bringing up the power of water spout if i've already taken a bit of damage. and i'm pretty sure ludi survived a 2HKO with a sliver of health once or twice, which obviously means it would have died to the second hit if not for lefties.......
  19. VaporeonIce


    Mar 11, 2010
    My God, I've never been haxed this badly before. I lost in the Battle Castle on the 44th battle to Glaceon 4, which is easily walled by Suicune (with Calm Mind/Rest) and Blissey (with Calm Mind/Softboiled). I send out Garchomp, the opponent sends out Glaceon, I switch to Suicune. It uses Ice Beam and FREEZES, and I'm left there trying to thaw out before it kills me with Shadow Ball. I eventually switch Blissey in to start walling to crap out of it, throwing up Calm Minds until even Ice Beam is barely outdamaging Leftovers recovery. When I'm at about half health, I decide to use Softboiled, knowing that an Ice Beam crit will get me pretty low if I don't. Before I'm able to use Softboiled, it uses Ice Beam, which crits AND freezes, leaving Blissey with 13 HP. With all of the Calm Minds I had used, I probably could have lived through a freeze for long enough to thaw out; but no, there had to be a crit as well. It kills me on the next turn with Ice Beam, and obviously, Garchomp dies to Ice Beam after failing to KO with Outrage. It's times like this that the Frontier just drives me insane; Glaceon should never beat Blissey, PERIOD.
  20. Cl0wn


    Jun 13, 2005
    hax =)

    Hmm ok i have faced that Bitch! I was just funzy running BT to check out my Empoleon I bred with out rng (31/21/31/31/29/31) *flex*

    And i saw Dewgong, this poke has never been annoying for me before because i could KO it with ease...but now it just destroyed my team:

    Dewgong @ salac

    horn drill
    sleep talk

    My team:


    Hmm i guess it is getting time to get some thread up with whine comments :)
  21. EonADS


    Jan 7, 2010
    Damn, I have been on a roll these last two days. 70 wins, in about six hours of playing. I just beat Battle 259, so I'll probably surpass my record either tonight or tomorrow! I'm so happy.
  22. CBshuckle


    May 3, 2009
    Just posting to say recently I ran into a shiny machamp in the arcade... too bad I had to kill it and I had no room to record it.
  23. Zowayix


    Oct 26, 2008
    Sorry if this is somewhat off topic, but has anyone analyzed the game's code enough to find out if the Battle Frontier actually cheats?

    That is, does the game have actual coding that causes the opponents to have a higher crit rate or secondary effect rate than the player, or some other type of coding that directly gives the opponent a flat-out advantage?
  24. DukeTheDevil


    Jul 1, 2009
    I got a streak of 196 on the Platinum Doubles Battle Tower


    This is the team of smugglers I used to achieve my streak:

    Mitchunk (Heatran) (M) @ Choice Scarf
    Trait: Flash Fire
    EVs: 4 Atk / 252 Spd / 252 SAtk
    Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef)
    - Explosion
    - Heat Wave
    - Earth Power
    - Dragon Pulse

    Mitchunk uses his explosive nature to give me an early advantage. Usually he explodes first turn, however he can also deal great damage with his STAB heatwaves.

    DragonFE (Yanmega) (F) @ Focus Sash
    Trait: Speed Boost
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Spd / 252 SAtk
    Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
    - Bug Buzz
    - Air Slash
    - Detect
    - Hidden Power [Ground]

    DragonFE is the star of the team and by far the most reliable. Even on an off game, he usually gets at least one KO. I debated between focus sash and life orb, but focus sash has saved me way more times than life orb could have helped.

    Mitchell (Latios) (M) @ Life Orb
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Spd / 252 SAtk
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Dragon Pulse
    - Thunderbolt
    - Protect
    - Psychic

    Mitchell can be flakey at times, however when the job suits him, noone does it better. Mitchell is used to take out the dragons, bulky water types, and fighting types.

    Zill4 (Metagross) @ Lum Berry
    Trait: Clear Body
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Earthquake
    - Bullet Punch
    - Protect
    - Explosion

    Zill4 is the most powerful. Nuff said. He usually finishes off the people that survived the no-so-strong Mitchunk(Heatran) explosion.

    Threat List:
    1. Regice: Regice is very bulky and doesn't get 2HKO'd by anything on my team, except explosions. Its STAB ice beam causes problems for DragonFE(Yanmega) and Mitchell(Latios).
    2. Bulky Water Types: Everyone on my team except latios has trouble with bulky water types. Especially if they have Damp and I cant explode.

    How I lost:
    Here is the battle video: 72-38980-94228

    Turn 1: Mitchunk(Heatran) and DragonFE(Yanmega) vs. Steelix and Rampardos
    Mitchunk uses heatwave, it misses Rampardos and OHKO's Steelix
    DragonFE uses HP Ground and does about 80 percent of its health
    Rampardos uses Rock Slide, it misses Mitchunk and brings DragonFE to his sash.

    Turn 2: Mitchunk(Heatran) and DragonFE(Yanmega) vs. Rhyperior and Rampardos
    I switch Mitchunk(Heatran) for Mitchell(Latios)
    DragonFE uses HP Ground and finishes off Rampardos
    Rhyperior uses Fire Punch to finish off DragonFE

    Turn 3: Mitchell(Latios) and Mitchunk(Heatran) vs. Rhyperior and Gyarados
    Since Gyrados had intimidate, i knew i couldn't ko it with Explosion. So i can earthpower Rhyperior and T-bolt Gyarados for the win, right? WRONG.
    Mitchunk uses earth power on Rhyperior, he survies with about 1 hp.
    Mitchell uses t-bolt on gyarados, IT GETS DIVERTED BY LIGHTINGROD.
    Gyarados uses waterfall on Heatran who lives with 10 percent of health.
    Rhyperior uses ice punch on latios, which ohko's

    Turn 4: Zill4(Metagross) and Mitchunk(Heatran) vs. Rhyperior and Gyarados
    Since neither Zill4 nor Mitchunk could take down Gyarados, i decided the only way for me to win was to hope I was wrong about what i knew about Battle Tower rules and clear the field with a metagross explosion.
    So Zill4 used explosion, cleared the field and i lost.

    I will be going for a higher streak with essentially this same team, except I'm going to run HP grass over dragon pulse on Heatran.

  25. darkmattr


    Jan 26, 2010
    is there any magic speed number you want your sweepers to hit in the pokemon platinum battle tower? I've been seeing 150 a lot in the thread.. I always seem to lose to starmies with hydropump overwhelming my other bulky/offensive pokemon

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