Pokémon Conquest

You say the EU aren't getting this but what is that based on? I'm pretty sure I've heard its an Autumn release here.
just based off the us/aus getting release dates and nothing for eu yet, so assuming it is causing difficulties. at least, not in the next 2 or 3 months
I'm tempted to import it in from Aus. That way it shouldn't region lock on my 3DS and I can go on WiFi.

I also hope the delay is due to European translation.
I am sad that this thread has had no posts in it since the game came out because it is fantastic. Two glaring issues in that the difficulty is way too low and there's no Wi-Fi play, which I suspect will be remedied in a sequel because it is otherwise the best Pokemon spinoff since the 90s. I wish that the enemies were about *.2 link stronger all game and that the enemy Warlords were more aggressive invading territories but the gameplay is pretty charming, I think. I'd say the art is probably the best Pokemon has ever looked in a video game and the gameplay is fun in the fleeting moments early (and sort of at the end) of the campaign and some of the extra missions where there's some sort-of-difficulty present. I'm kind of impressed by how well the usual Pokemon collection OCD is used since getting the right Pokemon on the right Warlords for their max link and then leveling to evolve and get the link up is possibly even more pointless/time consuming/addictive than collecting Pokemon in the main entries has to be.

I have enjoyed this game greatly the last 48 hours.
I been having to drive all over the my city and still yet to unable to find a copy. I visited two Targets and a when I felt desperate enough Wal-Mart. As I sprinted down to the electronic section I was met with great sorrow as everything was sold out.

I however am still really looking forward to the game and the way it looks to me, it's the best Pokemon Spin-Off out there. I heard that the story line is about 20 hours long. I hope the game also has some stuff to do at the end.
Maybe could get some discussion here of which Pokemon are the best to have? So far from my gameplay experience, gyarados and haxorus have been huge power players for me, serpirior as much as I love it still can hardly hit much for super effective although it's attack has awesome range.
Most of the fully evolved have been really effective for me. I'm trying to stick to using the best links on the story characters (outside of using Dragonair on Oichi for a while because Jigglypuff was annoying me). Have particularly enjoyed Empoleon, Charizard, Infernape(wtf Fire Spin is actually good in this game), Lairon (but not Aggron), Vaporeon of what I've used so far as far as offensive power. Have been a little underwhelmed by some stuff I expected to be better like Aggron, Wigglytuff, Steelix, Quagsire, and sort of Metagross which weren't as good as I'd expected for fully evolveds. Everyone uses them in the story but I liked Gallade and Rhyperior a lot more after I changed their abilities once you get the chance to do that into Conqueror and Bodyguard, respectively. Bodyguard in general seems really good (especially for Rhyperior since it's doing nothing half the time otherwise), I was using a lot of Pokemon with common weaknesses during the campaign which could have been a problem but whenever they were in any danger I just sat Rhyperior next to them to absorb the would-be-super-effective hits for them, was pretty handy.

In general I'm finding the characters that have a reasonable chance at killing multiple targets in one hit are preferable right now to speed shit up, if I need to defend shit or siege weak castles after the main campaign is over I'm sending solo units a lot more so stuff like Infernape and Empoleon that can take a bunch of targets down quickly are really nice.

EDIT: Also, while it's not as strong as stuff like Infernape, I would suggest Carnivine to people earlyish on. You can get it basically immediately and it has all the little stuff that make Pokemon good in this game: it has decent stats all around, an attack that hits multiple targets, and it gets a huge mobility boost from its ability that lets it avoid most of the map gimmicks in the game. Levitate in general is really good.
I got it today and am LOVING it. I haven't read everything about it (for once) in order to remain surprised, but I'm worrying about the length and difficulty of the game. I'm progressing at a nice pace and would like to lose a battle!

Synre, I've recruited both Carnivines I've seen so far. Vine Whip's spread damage is sweet!
Agreed with Synre.

This game is awesome.

If you can - buy some Power Wristbands from the shops, and equip your strongest pokemon with them for a serious attack boost.
Is this game worth getting? Why wouldn't I just stick with the normal Pokemon games...
Because it has completely different gameplay and also you are a PokeSamurai what other reason do you need. But seriously, the Pokemon series has a great track record for spinoffs and Conquest is no exception.

For everyone looking for this game: try game/electronic stores specifically, and then you'll have to hope for the best. Places like Target and Walmart usually only carry the big A list games plus things with wider mass appeal like party games. Only GameStop carried it where I live, and I had to visit two of them to find it. And when I did find it, they only had two copies of the game left! If all else fails, there's always ordering the game online.

Conquest is pretty easy but I'm enjoying it very much. I have actually lost twice, once early game when I sent only one guy int a wild battle and overestimated his strength and once to Kenshin because THAT MAP. MOVING AROUND ON IT IS THE WORST and I ran out of turns trying to KO his strong and ridiculously bulky Gallade.

Who is very good at dodging.

And was camping a banner so he got passive healing every turn too.


Won the second time though when I switched my force around to include a Staravia with an advanced partner.

I really like the viability of most Pokemon. Up until Kenshin and Shingen joined the army with their powerhouse partners, one of the mons in my army most capable of dealing damage was...a Bidoof/Bibarel. One partnered with a Warrior with the Adrenaline skill. For three turns that thing just steamrolls everything that didn't resist Normal.

Anyway, another mon you guys want early game is Darumakka. That thing is just strong. It's attack is a bit cumbersome though since it requires a free space next to the target for it, but it's not that big of a setback. If you grab one early, it will do a lot of the damage heavy lifting for you. I'm taking on the Poison kingdom next so wish me luck on my quest to rule Ransei with my army that's run by two cute girls.
I'm finding the more I play the more I'm getting picky about the movement range stat. Really annoying not to be able to get around the map quickly, especially given that if you don't have a super-effective move you need to move pretty quickly to recruit Warriors/Warlords. It's a shame there aren't more fully evolved Pokemon with 4 range, but while 3 range is fine I'm trying to just avoid 2 range Pokemon completely as much as possible now, which leaves me out of some Pokemon I otherwise like such as Dragonite, Tyranitar, Charizard, Emboar, Aggron, Rhyperior, and a couple legendaries I don't have yet. I find it pretty irritating that both of my favorite Warlord's best links are 2 movement speed Pokemon, I might just give him something suboptimal -_-

I really like the viability of most Pokemon. Up until Kenshin and Shingen joined the army with their powerhouse partners, one of the mons in my army most capable of dealing damage was...a Bidoof/Bibarel. One partnered with a Warrior with the Adrenaline skill. For three turns that thing just steamrolls everything that didn't resist Normal.
I've enjoyed that a lot, too, especially with how you'll see the post game works when you get there, as you wind up using a pretty massive variety of Pokemon. I would wager I've used about 3/4 of the Pokemon in the game for at least a couple battles already and I'm only about a third of the way through the postgame content(though I should start progressing faster now because I wasted a lot of time getting Warlords their best links), which is more than I can probably say for all of the main series entries combined over the years. I've gotten a lot of nice usage out of Pokemon that are vastly outclassed in the main series games I wouldn't normally get to use much, so that's been fun.

Also agreeing on Darumaka as a nice early game Pokemon, though I developed Charmander for my opening campaign Fire-type myself because I like it as a Pokemon more. Gyarados is pretty nice early if you can manage to carry it far enough to evolve Magikarp too, one of the best stat spreads in the game.
Viperia attack = failure because Movement boost skill + Zubat equals instant capturing of the final banner. D: If I had known it could do that, I would have camped one of the banners instead of letting it get taken with plans to retake it on the next turn. Oh well, I know better for next time. I might bring more fliers with me to this because moving around in that map is almost as bad as moving around on Illusio.

Flaafy is pretty good. Discharge + Interference makes it great for camping banners. If you can avoid putting non elec resist allies next to it, it can make short work of enemies. As long as you're not facing a team of resists, anyway.
Actually I have to wait till next week before any of my local Targets, Wal-Marts, or Gamestops get new copies. The game is sold out everywhere I went. I called a target and there was only 2 copies left at one certain branch, but it was in a bad part of town. I didn't go to it because it's not worth getting stabbed.
I got this game a couple days ago, and have really enjoyed it so far. The gameplay is fresh and exciting, and also very addictive. Pretty much my only complaints are that I don't find myself using items very often( I rarely need to most of the time) and the linking process is pretty slow most of the time. All in all I really enjoy this game and would recommend it to anyone, as it provides a new look on Pokemon in an entertaining quest.
I've heard that for the postgame, you lose most of your data, at least until you beat the postgame content. The exception is the evolutions of your warlords. My question is: do the evolutions of your warriors also carry over? I want to know before I spend any time with them...
They do, yeah. All evolutions and captures carry over, the only things that are story specific are link level, gold, and non-rare(evolution, mostly) items.

It's worth noting that evolutions you give them don't apply unless you're actually commanding them, though: enemy Oichi would always use Jigglypuff, for instance, regardless of whether or not you evolved it or you caught her another Pokemon. But if you were to recruit her you'd have Wiggly and not Jiggly if you'd evolved it in a previous campaign and she'd still be able to switch to whatever Pokemon she had available last time you had her.

The way this works is pretty handy for developing other characters since if you grab a Warlord toward the end of a story you can get them their best link Pokemon or whatever and have that ready to go next time you use them since link would have defaulted on you, anyway.
Synre (or anyone else who's finished the main story at least), about how long would you say it is? I'm thinking about getting this because it looks like a lot of fun but I don't want to spend the money on something that can be played through in a day. If the postgame or whatever adds a lot more time and is still just as enjoyable then that's probably fine too though