Does this thread need a poll?

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Hey, you did the ursaring for me a bit ago. I really like the art man.
I don't want to overload you with requests, so you don't really need to do this, but I kinda want to see a Lickilicky with a pikachu wrapped in its tongue, about to get eaten. For an avatar. But if ur too busy, u don't need to do it.
Oh your god

Shanderaa...it has just enough of that Henry Selick Nightmare Before Christmas look to suit the chandalier ghost! FUCK am I jealous of your skills.

zuruzukin IS AMAZING. Makes me want to use it in BW, when that shit drops in North America.

Erutroll...it makes me want to kick you right in the fucking head. Like push you over and kick you, with all my might, right in the temporal bone. FULL FORCE. I guess that means mission accomplished.


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FATE I LOVE YOU <333333 :)

if i could luvdisc this thread more than once, this thread would easily have hundreds and hundreds of luvdiscs; you really are good! :)


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I don't mind you using it at all, since in case you haven't noticed, the list of requests in the OP is loooooong and you'd be waiting quite a while otherwise.


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O.K, I got a lot of patience but since your resqests list shows no sign of getting smaller whenever you find the time can you like do a Shadow Lugia?

Cheers man