Sæglópur's Doodles

Thanks Xav, it was weird using a different brush for a change, but I think it went well. :)
And yes, Venipede is a boss, he's one of my favorites :D

Well, here's a Zoroark I just drew, what do you guys think? (Fixed the color and size) :)

EDIT: Sorry for the size, and also, I am such a newblet with color modes...all my colors come out different when I upload everything. O.o

EDIT again: Added a new picture, Kirara from InuYasha. :3
Thanks Lamprey ^^ Here's a Shippo! :D

EDIT: Just drew some scary looking werewolf. I suck at painting and blending things, but oh well, practice makes perfect ^^;
Update, spent quite a while on this. It isn't perfect, or anywhere close to it, but I think it's a pretty good start at painting. :P What do you guys think? I would really appreciate some criticism, 'cause I wanna improve damn it XP

Also, sorry for the large image, I didn't want the quality to be crappy. Inspired by all the tornadoes and storms going on here. :P
Haha, yeah, Slakoth always looks like he's high on something, gotta love it. :P And thanks. :) Here's something random I just did, no Pokemon in it...just a sunset on mars or whatever, I don't even know.

I'm still utterly infatuated with that Slakoth! The sunset is pretty cool, though. Kind of like a watercolour. *me hunts for old watercolour paintings in house* But please keep posting, your pics are always easy to look at and very refreshing! IDK why the lack of Luvdiscs.
No problem Lanturn, glad you liked it :)

Haven't really drawn much since I didn't have internet, but here's a few things:

My cat Zeik :)

Munna, lol
Kind of a lot of stuff, but they are just doodles I did in my sketchbook over a couple of days... (I also don't have a scanner, so these are extra crappy!)


I can finally comment.

These are pretty interesting, I really like all of them. Are you taking any requests? If not then of course don't worry about it but I'd like to see how you interpret a Clefairy and Gengar together.
Thanks guys, I appreciate the compliments. :D
I'm pretty excited to get a tablet so maybe I can improve and have a more definite style.
And yes I take requests, most of the time I don't even know what to draw myself, haha.

Edit: Here you go Jaxx