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Pretty excited about my secret santa drawing. I am promising myself that I won't take just a couple of hours on this, hehe.
Also have a cat. Zeik again, he sleeps diagonally quite often.

Trying out different..uhh, line art? I absolutely SUCK at zooming in and trying to draw smooth straight lines, so to avoid so much frustration I'm trying different things. So despite this looking like it took a couple of minutes, I actually spent quite a bit of time on getting this to look right...hope everyone likes it!!
Blazikan, the tornados thingy, spoink, jolteon, houndoom, shippo and slakoth all look so awesome! My favorites! Please do another one like the genie tornadous w/e xD (STILL trying to learn the 5th gen names. This is why when a new game comes out, do NOT name your pokes xD just makes it harder in the long run.) I end up going back and forth between styles as well. i don't think anyone should have a set style, and it's good to be able to be flexible when someone asks for something to look realistic, and be able to make something simple and chibi. Please do one like Tornados (that's what I'm calling him for now) but make it a... uhm... lemme give you a hard one.
Try and draw my fursona. I don't have a picture of her right now, but she's a merkat with like a bob (its a hairstyle btw.) and she wears blue jeans and a rainbow checkered shirt. her finger tips and toes are darker brown (she has like paws for feet, so she doesn't wear shoes. usually anyway. lol) , and the rest of her is tan except for markings around her eyes.
In all honesty, she looks like the furret meerkat thingy from the lion king, with the boar for the friend? i cant remember his name. lol. But yeah, like that but... human looking kind of. xD

(I also have a drawing of myself on my art thread (it's called bloobies blobs of art or soemthing, idunno. so if you want you can look at those and just judge waht I'd look like with meerkat fur? o.0)

if that's too difficult, idunno. xD I just like to see what other people's perspective is of my fursona. It's cool. ^^

I guess if not..... draw a uhmm...

Draw a lucario :3


Oh, and I adore that crab! :3
Aww thanks so much for the compliments!! And I will try to draw your fursona in that style, it will be kind of hard maybe but I will do it since you asked! :)
Yay! Thank you ^^
I find that the really weird requests are the most fun to draw.

You know, it just came to mind that when I first started drawing, not only was I bad, but I think I was also a little confused.

This one kid asked me to draw gold with an absol and a celebi.

I got absol and celebi right but... I drew litteral GOLD ._.

Like... absol standing on gold peices.

-facepaw- I was once such a no no...

ANYWHOOZAH... Yep yep! Keep up the awesome artwork! ^^
Welcome back buddy, glad to see a fellow cat lover returning ;)
I see that the problems you were having with lineart were posted like a year ago haha, but it seems you've improved quite a bit. It's still a bit shaky in parts, however. The thing I find helps best for lineart is to use fast strokes for lineart, so maybe try that out.
For the Meowth itself, the body is great, but I think the head is placed a bit too far back and too high, so maybe putting it forward and down a little would help.

Don't you leave again, Saeglo >:(
I still never got around to drawing all my cats, haha. :P
Thanks for the comments on the Meowth, I worked really hard on getting his front legs right. -_- I might try to fix the head eventually.

Anyways, here's a Vulpix!

For this I used a different brush, tried the faster strokes but I also go and clean everything up with the eraser.
It's not much, but here's something quick I did:

It's Teddie fanart from Persona 4, meant to kinda look like a sticker. Persona 4 has become so popular since the anime came out, so hopefully some people will recognize him. :3
Haven't really drawn much lately, but here's a few finished things. I feel like I can't post wip's 'cause I feel so self conscious, lol.

Anyways, here's a business card design I made for a friend, it was actually pretty fun to do, even though I had to revise it several times.

I felt like trying a different program so I made this little doodle in Gimp... (can't say I really liked Gimp though)

And then just made this for the mac, I don't know if it's surreal enough but just something that kinda happened, lol.

Yay, a fellow Persona 4 fan! (/^_^)/\(^o^\) Luvdisc'd

You mentioned a little difficulty on line art, maybe the photoshop's pen tool can help? It takes time but it can increase the quality of your lines. :)


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Youre secretive with your art on Pokemon; it's amazing and beautiful. The way you distorted Munna the way you did.. It's undescribable. Keep up the great drawings. :)
Thanks for the comments/feedback, made me smile :}
I will give the pen tool a try, I'm not that familiar with it though.
And the Persona series rocks :) I am really looking forward to a Persona 5, even though I'm sure it's a long way away ;_;

I don't have much time (or energy) to draw lately, so just doing quick little drawings while practicing quicker strokes.

It's a crow, hope you like it :)