Sentret's Studio

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted new stuff for a bit, Ive been busy with school and all that junk. Sorry I didn't do anybody's requests yet (I gotta do my own art sometimes!) so here is a design/WIP for a threadless tees Tshirt. Any comments or criticism?

that looks amazing already; I can't wait to see it colored in!

when I saw that shiftry, all my brain could spit out was "FUCKING BADASS."
AHAH! You guys thought I wouldn't color it didn't you! But you were wrong! Here it is in full color. Thanks for the amazingly detailed request Pokerade! I had so much fun with it! Torterra was took the longest to finish hands down.

Thanks all! Requests closed for now because I have so many and so little time! If anybody wants to update their request thats perfectly fine. Simply quote your previous request and state the desired changes! I'll try to get more up here soon!
I know, I know. I will get to your requests, but with all the finals review and homework (and the starcraft beta =3 ) I haven't had much time for arts and when I do, I have been working on non-request related art. I was inspired by Shinxies amazing art and wanted to make MY favorite pokemon of each type. So here are the two I've gotten done, Bug and Flying type.

Enjoy! Oh right, I've been expirementing with no outlines. It's interesting.
Wow, these are just incredible. The Beedrill one in particular blew me away. You should definitely keep working with no outlines, seeing as the last two you posted were phenomenal. Keep up the great work!
Man, I totally wish I could revive my thread! I just have so much going on in school. NJ had major snowage so were in school till the 25th :P
I would love to do your requests! Just lemme get the time and finish everyones in front of you :P