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I started to realize that it's not very clubslike (and more spades-y) in the middle of the process, but I hope that it can be interpreted as clubs.

(Thanks go to Yilx for providing the models for the background!)
yeah, maybe if you replaced a couple of diamonds on cacturne's body with clubs...might work. On the other hand, might be kind of gimmicky , idk. Cool Concept though, definately got a dark feel from it


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To everyone I VM'd, there's no rush to finish it immediately, I just want to know if you weren't planning on doing it so I can open up more cards for others.

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yo if there's nobody on that 9 of clubs i'll take it
been doing some sketches for ideas on it that i think could work

this is what im thinking on right now
just some sketched ideas to do in pshop later
maybe illustrator even with vector im not sure
i think i like bellsprout best cause you can see the 9 and the club and the pokemon
but ill fuck around some and see what looks better i dunno yet

@bluehoundoom- I really like the scraftys and the fact you included a shiny. There's only one thing I see that you might fix-the outline around the hearts is jagged - there's a very thin sliver of white that shows through.
If it's not too much to ask, I would also like to reserve Queen of Spades, before Milotic loses a queen spot. Not having Milotic as a queen is blasphemy. (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Edit: Done! (~°v°)~

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OH MY GOD MAGISTRUM! X_o .. speechless. I should hate you that you got Milotic for the card project but I'm really really happy that you gave Milotic's beauty justice with that magnificent entry.

@Ice Pick - sorry about the delay with the 8 of Hearts : Roserade. I need to reformat my laptop so I have to do it over again. The design will be up by tomorrow I promise, right after I'm done with the MAC contest sketch.
I would like to reserve Kingdra for the king of diamonds. I will try to have it up by Wednesday of this next week.

EDIT: Looks like I got done much sooner than I expected, here it is.



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I'm still on this, i'll probably upload a sketch later


here it is:

Petal dance lilligant

I hope to get it finished next week or something...


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Alice, Yilx has already used Liligant for the Queen of Hearts, so I'm afraid you'll need to pick a different pokemon. :(

Edit: Withdrawn, as Alice had called dibs on Lilligant first. :V
defno16, It's a really nice image, but the colour of the paint and Smeargles expression makes it seem like he's not using "paint", but a different substance.