Smeargle Card Project


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Arkeis I never remember your new username (´・ω・`)

Yeah go ahead guys, but I'm gonna start freeing up more cards so be on the look out, or just VM me if you want a card and I'll open one up for you
Well, my tablet just fucked itself up big time, and I'll be off to camp for 9 days starting tomorrow. I don't see any way I can get this done within the next two weeks, and I really don't have a spare three hundred lying around to buy a replacement tablet. I'll just do the right thing and bow out. Jack of Spades is open again, if anyone wants it.

For anyone who's interested, this is as far as I got.

defno16, It's a really nice image, but the colour of the paint and Smeargles expression makes it seem like he's not using "paint", but a different substance.
Lol, sorry about that, didn't think about it that way!
I changed the saturation but if that's still not good enough, I'll probably just drop my reservation cause I don't have too much time to redo it. Sorry!
Queen of Spades is still available, right? If so, I'll reserve it and do Gardevoir.
Sorry Arkeis, I already did Queen of Spades with Milotic, it's on the previous page. I don't know why icepick hasn't brought it on the OP yet though :P

Edit: My Crobat too. [4 of Clovers]


she brings the rain
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Ah, sorry Arkeis, I somehow missed Magistrum's card (which is amazing btw). I've fully updated the front page and kicked off some squatters so there should be no more confusion.
Hey ice, I was wondering if you could replace my Jack of Hearts with this one? Because, I'd thought I'd improve it a while back. Thanks!
Also, is there a limit to how many cards you can do? I'm curious because I don't want to be greedy (I've did 4 cards so far).
So I have the basic format of my 2 of Diamonds done, but don't have the numeral in there yet. The diamond is pretty clear, I think. (Let me know if I should make it more clear.) Since it's unnumbered as of yet, I can change it pretty easily if others want the 2.

PSEUDO-EDIT: Whoops, 4 of diamonds is open and I have four dragons. Mind if I swap to that one?
Whoa these are all amazing... So far my favorites are the Queen of Spades Milotic, the King of Spades Honchkrow, the 2 of clubs Ambipom and the Queen of Hearts Lilligant, they really stand out! @_@
Here is the right size as the other one was the wrong size. I'm not really sure how to make it 50% and the image is a bit pixelated so I don't mind if you don't use it lol
Well, I can't help but feel that mine looks a little crappy next to some of the cards in this thread but still it was fun. Here is the Ace of Clubs, starring Giratina-Origin.

I don't know how to spoiler in this, so massive image ahoy!
I'd like to attempt 7 of Diamonds. Sounds like a good way to do something.
I'm currently making a Bisharp draft, so dibs on him please.

EDIT: Due to lack of experience and skill, I've decided to make a Solosis for this card instead. I've gotten the lineart pretty much down, and I'll post a draft soon.

Blue Frog

It's lucidity. So clear!
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I'll do 4 of Spades with Politoed. Is that ok?

EDIT: actually I just realized that Politoed's hands are shaped like clubs. I'll do 9 of Clubs.