The Let's Play Competition Submissions Thread: 1st Gen

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Y'all got, like, 24 hours or so, so, if you wanna make a post, do it in the next 24 hours or so, okay? Otherwise, it's just a poll of Ratatat vs SoS >.>

Also, gonna try to get this done in time as well, I swear X__X
Trying to get this done before the deadline... here's part 1 of my LP Pokemon Blue. I'll add some sketches if I have time..

Lurking in darkness, within the depths of my nightstand’s top drawer, resides the long dormant pair of Pokemon Blue and matching blue colored Game Boy Pocket. I have never done a “Let’s Play” before but I sure as shit enjoy nostalgic trips into the old pokemon universe. What better way to do this than a return to my roots, back where it all started...

The cartridge is dusty. Per old school Nintendo bylaws, I blow any residual particles out from the bottom slot. Whether this actually does more good than harm is tough to say but it’s a force of habit. The same is done to old handheld and the two are reunited once more, just like the old days. I flick the power switch to “on” and await the falling Nintendo logo.. but nothing happens. “Oh right, I probably need to charge this thing,” I mutter to nobody in particular, suddenly realizing that I actually need.. dun, dun, dun... batteries. Believe it or not, we used to need these magical little cylinders to power our portable gaming devices. AAA, to be precise, which was always quite an oddball size, even in the late 90’s...

Fresh batteries now in place, I flick the switch to “on” once more and see the red power light flicker to the left of the screen. The screen itself, however, is blank. Did my Game Boy Pocket finally give out? Now what? Oh yes, contrast, I recall. I adjust the little pinwheel on the right side of the device as everything slowly comes into focus, in all its wonderful black and tan glory. Simpler times. I crank the volume up, watch Jigglypuff foolishly try to Doubleslap a Gengar and I’m off... Let’s play.

I ignore the intro. For those who don’t know, I’m a 25 year old male so even if I had never played this in my life, I don’t need instructions. I choose the name Blue for my avatar and as an homage to the game itself. Rival obviously gets the name Red. You all know what happens here, anyway. Once the shrink ray hits, I play a quick game of SNES, check my email at the computer and grab a potion. Fortunately, no Windows 95 blue screen.

Making a beeline to the north, I am stopped by Prof. Oak immediately, as if I’m about to commit suicide by heading any further. I guess pigeons and rats are ravenous creatures that can rip me to shreds without a guard dog of my own for protection.

Back at the lab, I am given a choice of guard dog before Oak’s own grandson. Suck it, Red! Being lazy, I turn to my right and grab the fire lizard Charmander. I was going to pick Squirtle but SoS is a dick and did that already. On the bright side, manga Blue also has Charmander so let the parallels continue! I bestow the affectionate nickname of “REDMEDICNE” after the Fugazi album (particularly for “Bed For The Scraping” but, you know, character limits..) on Charmander and await my rival’s predictable starter selection.

Red picks Squirtle like a loser, hoping to get some advantage over me, and we battle it out for trainer supremacy. I gladly accept the experience points while my rival trudges off in a huff after his defeat. He better get used to that...

Nothing much happens afterward. Kill some Pidgeys and Rattatas, obtain the free potion, grab the parcel in Viridian along with another potion, and play UPS man for Oak. Upon my return to Pallet Town, I’m told I need to enslave all pokemon I can find to catalog them in the pokedex. OK, cool, I can do that. Can I have that Bulbasaur on your desk to help get me started? No? Guess Oak doesn’t want me to complete his mission THAT badly...

Returning to Viridian, I stop at the Poke building to be refreshed and restored and then go to the Mart to load up on pokeballs. While impossible with one game cartridge (or is it???), I plan to catch as many pokemon on my journey as I can. While snagging every wild monster in my path, I run into Red again and promptly spank his ass again with REDMEDICNE. (Charmander does NOT want to be defeated.) He mentions something about Elite 4 and badges... Oh yeah, pokemon always instructs you to catch them all but actually you’re supposed to be the best, like no one ever was. Make up your mind already..

Next stop is north, having captured literally every pokedex entry in my immediate area (and promptly boxing them). Viridian Forest holds a couple bug catchers that think they can defeat a fire type but Ember roasts them. Wild pokemon avoid my now level 14 Charmander like the plague but after some pacing, I find the rarer monsters Pikachu and Weedle and declare myself done with this place.

Healing up in Pewter, I check my Pokedex: 12 Seen, 11 Owned. Too easy; let’s get some more. Attempting to head east, I am stopped and instructed to take on the local gym leader. Maybe this will be more of a challenge than the scrubs I’ve faced so far... Entering the gym, an idiot stops me with some new pokemon, babbling about lightyears. Whatever guy, Charmander knows not of physics, he is a brute who wins battles. Victory leads me to Brock, the man in charge.

While Charmander lacks an advantage here, he is REDMEDICNE and promptly dishes out his own cure to this battle... burns and special stat exploitation. Brock instructs Geodude to protect itself with Defense Curl but that’s a novice move and Charmander slowly but surely wears the boulder down. In comes Onix, the large rock snake. While appearing intimidating, it Bides its time storing energy and does not attack. Bad move. Easily exploited, Charmander patiently lowers Onix’s attack with Growl and picks its openings with Ember. The first gym badge is ours, along with the useless Bide TM, and... what’s this? REDMEDICNE is evolving???? Obtaining level 16 after defeating Onix, Charmander has now grown into a Charmeleon. Excellent, another pokedex entry. After only an hour of playtime, I save with 17 pokemon seen and 12 pokemon owned and 1 gym badge. I’m on my way...

EDIT: And I made it... route 3. Before leaving, though, I load up again on Pokeballs. At this point, REDMEDICNE the Charmander, now Charmeleon, has hogged experience points and run over every trainer and wild pokemon in his path. This doesn’t change heading east to Mt. Moon. I like Charmeleon, he’s grumpy and easy to use. Continuing to work on my pokedex, I pick up the only new pokemon available on this route, Jigglypuff.

Resting up at the Pokecenter outside Mt. Moon, a man stops me with an amazing offer: a new pokemon for my dex at the cost of only 500 pokedollars! Being that I just burned a ton of money again, I use up the majority of my 681 remaining money and purchase the KING OF KARP, Magikarp. I decide I want to work on my investment and train Magikarp up to Gyarados. Two levels later, fuck it, into the box you go.

Good fortune finds me in Mt. Moon as I don’t have to search very long for Clefable and Paras. Charmeleon beats up everyone in sight and I add 4 more entries to the dex with ease. I pick up the Water Gun and Mega Punch TMs, though no pokemon to use them on right now, the two Moon Stones, and the Dome Fossil. The dreaded level 16 Raticate was 8 levels behind me at this point so I didn’t sweat facing it. Oh yeah, and some organization named Team Rocket is doing some shit in here but I dunno what.

The bright sunlight of route 4 shines through as I reach the exit of Mt. Moon. TM04 almost drops in my lap so I pick it up and move on to the new grassy area. Nothing interesting to report but I pick up the version exclusive Sandshrew. Will this be, finally, the second permanent entry to my party? Nope, Sandshrew is level 6, I’m under a deadline, no time to level up now.

A stop at the Cerulean City Pokecenter is short lived as I find Red waiting for me just to the north. Charmeleon is so overleveled at this point that the battle should be a cakewalk but Pidgeotto gets a Sand-Attack in, and I manage to miss 8 attacks in the match. Still, a win is a win.

Nugget bridge provides a nugget and an offer to join the joke organization Team Rocket. I contemplate joining up but Arceus has other plans for me.

A small patch of grass to the north of the bridge reveals a level 12 Abra. I’m feeling lucky and toss a pokeball. Success! Those things can be annoying to catch sometimes.. Also found is a level 14 Bellsprout that I snag and nickname WEEDS. I fight a nearby trainer with a Machop and Geodue. WEEDS shows his value and proves his worth in this match. Finally, the second member of my team is decided upon.

Now, here’s where things get interesting... I head west of Nugget Bridge next and pick up the Thunder Wave TM. Not much over here so I’m about to Teleport back to Cerulean when a trainer tries to lock eyes with me for a battle. Too late! Abra sends me back to the outside of the pokecenter... but something’s... wrong. I can’t seem to open my backpack or check my pokemon. In fact, it seems as though the only thing working are my legs. Karma for not battling, perhaps?
I wander back north in search of the trainer I snubbed but make a wrong turn and end up facing a Slowpoke trainer. WEEDS comes out without any help from me, does his thing and Vine Whips until he goes down to Confusion. In comes REDMEDICNE to finish the job. Still can’t access my items or pokeballs but I know WEEDS is hurting, so I go off in search of the Pokecenter.

Then, it happened. Out of nowhere, a wild Mew appears! Even though it’s only level 7, this is something special and I drain a few pokeballs before I manage to capture it. Start menu restored, I head back to Cerulean, box Mew for now, being on a tight schedule, and move on to Bill’s house. But not before trying out this strange phenomenon a few more times (netting me a Nidoqueen, Gengar, and Cubone before getting bored).

Inside Bill’s, I find an odd pokemon that can talk but, considering I just discovered and caught Mew, this seems rather.. tame. Turns out it’s Bill and he’s turned himself into a pokemon. I help him undo his experiment and he rewards me with a boat ticket. Cash or a rare Eevee would have been cool, too, you cheap bastard.

Now that route 25 is cleared, I decide to take on the local gym leader. By now, REDMEDICNE is at level 26 and WEEDS is 19. Two warm up trainers later, WEEDS evolves into Weepinbell, just in time for a battle with Misty. The gym battle is uneventful, a snoozer you might say, as WEEDS uses Sleep Powder on Staryu, Growths 4 times and Vine Whips it to death. Starmie meets the same fate. The Cascade Badge is ours, and just in time, too.

Pokedex watch: 51 Seen, 26 Owned.

WEEDS the Weepinbell
Level 22
- Vine Whip
- Growth
- Wrap
- Sleep Powder

REDMEDICNE the Charmeleon
Level 26
- Scratch
- Dig
- Ember
- Leer


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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deciding to drop out, sorry for all of you that were waiting on my next chapter. I just have too much going on and too little drive to write what was clearly going to end up being a short novel had I continued it. I might pick it up again at some point but it'll be on my own timeline.

Sorry to disappoint anyone.


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I think I made a song, but I dunno exactly how. I'll post it when I can. Anyway, you fools have until I get sober to post. Think of it as a lucky second extension. This will go up ASAP, regardless of whether or not I learn how to post. My face feels like silly putty. I love you all. Good bye. This is waaaay to hard to type. I hate you all. Hearts and love, <3.


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Sorry, currently on my friend's netbook. Haven't had access to my laptop since that last post, so I haven't been able to post my song ;-; (I've yet to hear it sober, too. It's gonna be so bad, I'm pumped ^.^)

Anyways, the poll will be up shortly. If I get access to my laptop in the next day or so, I'll ask a SMod+ to add me into the poll. Anyone else that makes a late entry can do the same (sadly, I can't edit the poll, so you'll have to ask someone stronger >.>)


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Congrats to Ratatat for winning the first round of this ^.^

Awesome work so far from everyone who's participated. Just a reminder: the current round ends in a week, so get crackin' to the 4th gym leader :P
Well, at least I only lost this one by one vote. Ratatat, this time I will have you on a platter. Coming soon to an LP Competition near you:

The Great SoS captures three new team members!
Blunders considerably when grinding!
Wonders at the mind-boggling stupidity of Kanto!
Gets beaten by Ratatat and his amazing Nidoran F anyway!
Double post? Well, it appears I'm the only one with any interest remaining in this...

The Amazing SoS Plays Pokémon Blue Part 3 - The Overzealous A Button

When I left off, I had just beaten Misty by spamming Akihiko the Wartortle's Dig. Boring but practical. With a Wartortle and Nidoqueen feeling slightly lonely, I figured it was time to pick up team member number three between badges, and I had the perfect one in mind. Outclassed by Alakazam? Certainly. But fuck that shit, who even owns a link cable these days? This mon would be the next best thing. I headed down Route 5 and 6, avoiding as many trainers as I could - they would later be used as levelling fodder for the new member, once I caught him. Out on Route 11, I captured two Pokémon. Firstly, a Spearow to use for the in-game trade. I need a Cut/Fly slave and DUX does both. He also looks cool and carries a leek. I like leeks. Leek soup is lovely.

The second Pokémon was Ken the Drowzee, at level 13. I immediately thought "Fuck, this might take a while, especially because he doesn't have Confusion." What he did have however was Hypnosis, and I abused it maliciously. The broken sleep mechanics of Gen 1 were a godsend, locking down foes long enough for Pound to chip away at their HP until I got Confusion. At this point, Ken began to hit like a truck and I grinned like a gleeful madman all the way through the trainers of Route 6, 11 and the S.S. Anne.

Until I did something incredibly stupid.

To try and make inventory space for an item (I think it was the Rest TM, or possibly Body Slam), I decided to use TM45, Thunder Wave, on Ken. Unfortunately, I was mashing A, and overwrote the first move in his moveset by accident. Confusion. "Aw cock." After that, it was a long sigh and a mad dash through Diglett's Cave (with zero encounters without Repel what the actual fuck) to pick up the Dream Eater TM from the dude in Viridian. Hypnosis/Dream Eater proved a powerful, but highly unreliable combo, and I missed Confusion. Since my last save had been over an hour before the overzealous button mashing, I was far too lazy to reset.

Oh well, not like I need it to power through in-game RBY. Dicks challenged me again on the S.S. Anne of course. I did horrible things to every single one of his Pokémon and proceeded. Seriously, Mitsuru the Nidoqueen and Akihiko the Wartortle just pooped on him. Ken hung back for this one apart from Ivysaur, but by this point he had evolved into a Hypno, so it wasn't like he was missing out.

With that taken care of, on to Vermilion Gym. Not even going to pretend this wasn't a breeze too. I had a Nidoqueen with Body Slam. The entire gym got OHKOd apart from Surge's Raichu who took two Body Slams. Whoop-de-fuggin-doo. An incredibly boring fight. I took the Thunderbolt TM and slapped it on Mitsuru for lovely coverage. Next stop, Celadon!

Akihiko took the lead for the next portion of the journey, because damn it all I wanted my Blastoise. And a Blastoise I would have. He soloed his way through Route 9 and Rock Tunnel, only stopping to pick up a Voltorb on the way for use as a Flash slave.

I want to rant about this. Flash as an HM always annoyed the shit out of me, particularly in Gen 1 and 2. In Gen 1, it gets used in a single area - the Rock Tunnel. And because there's no Move Deleter, whatever you teach it to is stuck with it forever. It's so unbelievably pointless, and I really cannot think of a reason for it to even be in the game. I hate it more in Gen 2, where it's used in two areas - Dark Cave which is completely optional, and more annoyingly, Mt. Silver, forcing you to either waste a moveslot on a Pokémon you're bringing to the final battle, or stumble around. Absolute dickery.

But anyway, with Rock Tunnel bulldozed by Akihiko's Water Gun, on to Lavender for a quick pitstop, and then Celadon. Again I dodged all the trainers I could - I had plans for two new team members. But Akihiko did manage to hit level 36 thankfully, meaning I had my original favourite Pokémon by my side, the badass Blastoise. Fuck Charizard. Venusaur? Sounds like Penis-sore. In Celadon, I didn't bother picking up Eevee or shopping for anything other than drinks. Had to pick up Ice Beam (given to Mitsuru. Not quite Bufudyne, but it'll do, and yay BoltBeam), Rock Slide (held on to) and Tri Attack (stored, though Ken could apparently learn it to my surprise) and then got an extra Fresh Water to enter Saffron for Psychic. You can guess who got that as recompensation for my incredible stupidity in the last part.

I then went straight for the Rocket Hideout. Mitsuru and Ken pretty much double-teamed it since they were lagging behind Akihiko by about 10 levels apiece. Yay grinding. The game still refused to challenge me at all, and Giovanni went down in three hits - two Bubblebeams for the Rock types, and a Dig for Kangaskhan, the one Pokémon I can't spell after 12 years of playing. Akihiko so strongth.

Next stop, Lavender Tower for another "battle" with Dicks. Let me sum this up: Mitsuru used Thunderbolt! Gyarados fainted! Mitsuru used Thunderbolt! Pidgeotto fainted! Akihiko used Bubblebeam! Growlithe fainted! Akihiko used Bite! Kadabra fainted! Ken used Psychic! Ivysaur fainted!


Ken led the charge up the Tower because Psychic nukes the entire place and because he was still the lowest levelled. Unfortunately that ran out quickly, so I was forced to rely on the Hypno-Eater combo. This didn't go so well. Ken used Hypnosis! But it failed! Gastly used Confuse Ray! Ken is confused! It hurt itself in its confusion! Ad fucking infinitum. HNNGH. Apart from that, Psychic nukes everywhere. Marowak? Chill out bro, have an Ice Beam. Kaboom headshot. More Rockets? Again, Psychic nukes. Fuji of course then gives me the Pokéflute, and that's my cue to add my two new party members.

First, it's west to Route 16, grabbing Fly on the way because I forgot to earlier to play the aforementioned Flute (thanks for completely obsoleting Awakenings btw) for the Snorlax. Never did get why I had to wake it up to fight it, especially when I can put it back to sleep to capture it (which I did, because Hypnosis), but whatever. Have to make roadblocks somehow. Junpei the Snorlax joined the party, as did Koromaru the Vulpix on Route 8. All those trainers I missed on Routes 10 and 7? Grinding fodder for both. Suddenly I realise Koro doesn't get Flamethrower til level 35 and until then his best move is Ember off his god-awful Special. Body Slam didn't help much. Yep, wasted my Body Slam TM on him.

Koro further proved how weak he is by getting regularly poisoned, wrapped and barely 4HKOing opponents in Erika's Gym with Ember. I was seriously questioning whether he would be worth training at all from here, but I pressed on. I did always like Ninetales, and Flamethrower would make him worlds better. Junpei picked up the slack in places Koro couldn't cope. Which was a lot.

Erika herself was ok. Ken took command for Victreebel and Vileplume, and Koromaru actually managed to beat Tangela thanks to a lucky burn. Still the most challenge I've had so far thanks to my terrible Vulpix.


I've played on since, and I don't remember the team's exact levels/moveset after defeating Erika. So, here's the current team, having just beaten Sabrina! Note that I still need a sixth! Suggestions welcome.

Blastoise "Akihiko"
Level 42/136 HP/96 Atk/107 Def/92 Spd/99 Spc
-Water Gun
If there's a job that needs doing, Akihiko is guaranteed to be able to take care of it. A titanic force in my team, his unresisted coverage and powerful moveset gives him the ability to tear through everything. Soloing everything from Route 9 to Lavender Town was a highlight. And there'll be more to come...

Nidoqueen "Mitsuru"
Level 43/151 HP/92 Atk/101 Def/84 Spd/82 Spc
-Body Slam
-Ice Beam
Earthquake was a godsend to Mitsuru, who now finally has STAB - and what a STAB. Her BoltBeam combo, plus Body Slam... Mitsuru's appeal is all in her moveset and coverage with high-power moves and potential parahax - everybody's favourite kind.

Hypno "Ken"
Level 44/147 HP/93 Atk/88 Def/87 Spd/128 Spc
-Dream Eater
The early loss of Confusion was a blunder which I am still kicking myself for, though Hypno-Eater made up for it a little bit. Ken is an incredible special tank, especially because of his ability to drain a foe's health, and Headbutt works for other Psychics because he can't learn Strength. Maybe I should dig out Tri Attack. These qualities would soon come in handy...

Snorlax "Junpei"
Level 41/196 HP/116 Atk/67 Def/37 Spd/72 Spc
-Body Slam
-Rock Slide
Yeah, I really can't settle on a moveset for my tank here, but Body Slam is of course a mainstay - he really needs the paralysis support, because while Junpei has incredible HP, his defences are less than stellar...

Ninetales "Koromaru"
Level 41/133 HP/84 Atk/74 Def/96 Spd/96 Spc
-Confuse Ray
-Body Slam
LVP. Oh dear God, as a Vulpix he was atrocious. Erika's Gym was roflstomping him and he did crap for damage. Confuse Ray and Flamethrower were both godsends before his evolution, but since I'm currently in late-game, Fire isn't the best typing in the world...


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This appears to have run out of steam :/

Son of Shadoo, congrats for being the only person to finish up Round 2. That dedication makes you the overall winner of this :)

I'm locking this thread now, as a one man competition isn't really a competition. SoS, I encourage you to continue your Let's Play as it's own thread in OI (I'd like to see it done to completion ^.^)

I'd actually like to see more Let's Plays in general in OI (though Scrambles and Nuzlockes traditionally go in their respective threads) to bring a bit more diversity to the forum. So, if Carl or Ratatat, or anyone else, wants to continue their LPs, please do! Just try not to start one if you aren't sure you'll actually finish it up ;)
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