Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

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Now, my stuff:

@KS, perfect and you made it tougher. Good.

@Axmaster68, SUPER Very Hard. Bring it on! Lol
@axmaster68, I like it, I think its very difficult. The only thing I won't do is chant after every KO, I'm not a big fan real life requirements. You can add some thing else if you want to replace it, otherwise I accept it (minus the chant lol).

Also, my team so far is Eevee/Flareon, Charmander, Drowzee, Pikachu, and Jigglypuff. Just waiting on one from Treadshot.
Hey everybody, I felt like doing a Scramble. I had one before, but I picked a theme that didnt appeal to me, so here I am to try again! This Scramble will take place in Pokemon Black.

Important Stuff:
1. This will be on Black Version
2. The difficulty is Hard-Very Hard
3. The THEME is: Ultimate Villians in Sci-fi/Fantasy

Restrictions, Rules, and the Like:
1. Try to avoid major typing over laps and overkill on common weaknesses (i.e., lets avoid having 3 grass types or having 4 pokemon that are all weak to one type)
2. Creativity is a must, and please, only partake if you know about the theme.
3. The difficulty level is Hard-Very Hard. (extreme challenges are iffy, though I might accept them)
4. I dont have an action replay, game shark, or any other cheating device. Also, I do not have a White version (I have 2 Black Cartridges.) So any trades that may be required have to be compatable witth Black to Black.
5. Don't make me look for a bunch of Pokemon that have a rarity of only 10%. Let me at least find them.
6. Very Hard challenges can still have some fun aspects.
7. Reservations have a time limit of 1 hour
8. Follow the theme

Team and Smogoners:

1. Torgura the Sawk (King Serperior)
2. Darth Vader the Axew (Its_A_Random)
3. Anakin the Purrloin (Axmaster68)
4. Shai'tan the Yamask (Jimera0)
5. Megatron the Tepig (Treadshot A1)
6. Kerrigan the Pawniard (nJoyUrAIDS)
Reserving and editing.

So, you want Sci-fi?? You get a villian from one of my favorite series!!

Take Visser 3 the Venipede.

Visser 3 is plagued by the Animorphs while he is trying to conquer Earth. Help him find and kill all 6 of them.

1). Rachel: she is found in Burge's gym. Solo all trainers to smoke her out and kill her.
2). Marco: solo N at the Ferris Wheel to make him come to his aid....and Marco's death.
3). Aximilli-Esgarrouth-Isthill: his pride will be his loss as you kill him in solo of the Team Plasma in the Electric Rock Cave.
4). Tobias: you will find him in the Flying gym. Kill him via solo of the gym leader.
5). Cassie: she will Try to stop you. Kill her at the bridge before gym 8 when you solo Bianca there.
6). Jake: you will kill him when you solo Cheren just before the E4.

Now that they are out of your way, solo the Ghost E4 member in order to kill Visser 1 and take her place!!

You need your weapons in order to do this task.
- Tail Blade (Poison Tail)
- Morph (Megahorn)
- Blade Ship (Non-STAB that has a BP of 80 or more)
- Arrogance (Toxic)

Evolve once after killing two Animorphs. Evolve a second time after 4 are killed.


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For the first time in ages, I'm actually going to reserve a slot! I'll give an Axew. Editing in challenge.

EDIT: Alrightio DEMo_Gorgon47, you get DarthVader the Axew.

DarthVader is a very evil Axew indeed & to reflect this, it must know & keep as many Dark Type moves as possible. However, the good news is that's all the restrictions you get on Axew itself (As far as moves & evolution is cconcerned)! The bad news is that because you also got a Darth Vader Purrloin, this Darth Vader is very jealous of the other Darth Vader mon you got, & thinks he's the real Darth Vader. As a result...
-You cannot use this Darth Vader in the same battle you use the other Darth Vader, & vice versa.
-This Darth Vader cannot learn any move the other Darth Vader currently knows.
-Each time you solo a trainer with the other Darth Vader, this Darth Vader must solo the very next trainer you face, so it can get even with it.
-If for some strange reason, the two Darth Vaders are on the field at the same time, this Darth Vader cannot switch out & must concentrate all its attacks on the other Darth Vader, you cannot use Items when this event occurs.
That's not all. This competitive streak also means it develops a hatred for Purrloin & Liepard, meaning it must solo every Purrloin & Liepard you face from the moment you get it (This is a low priority, & is overriden by conflicting solos), & ultimately, it must solo Grimsley without any items & with only Dark Type moves.

Have fun... :/
Reserving for DEMo. Will edit in a bit.

EDIT: Will be giving a Darth Vader based Purrloin.

EDIT2: DEMo, take Anakin the Purrloin. Anakin is just a small child, so he can only use the first 4 moves he has until he proves himself. To do so, he must solo both of your rivals once, and get one move in 10 types. After this, he must learn Pursuit ASAP, as the Cancellor has started to get to him. He must then solo Burgh to prove himself to the Chancellor. At this point, he turns to the dark side. Now, he is under the effects of Taunt, Torment, and cannot hold an item other than Lagging Tail. He must learn Fake Out ASAP, and sets a BP limit on himself of 40. Now, he must solo all of Elesa's trainers and one of your rivals. At this time, he can evolve, and rename him Vader(NOT after the mod, after Darth Vader(stupid 10 charecter limit)). After this, he wants to show the world his new evil suit, so have him participate in 5 musicals, in each of which he is dressed in black. With that done, he wants to show off his skills. Now, have him solo Brycen, 20 trainers, and the first trainer in every route (seperate from the 20 stated earlier). He must also complete 5 more contests, dressing agian in all black. He must use NVE moves whenever possible, and must come in and avenge any of your fainted members (to take advantage of their power). Even so, he must fall. He attempts to solo Drayden, but fails, only KOing 1 pokemon, thus ending his life as an evil mastermind. After this, he cannot be used until the E4. He must solo 1 member of the E4 each time, and KO all Dark types owned by N and Ghestis in the final battle. All solos must be with 1 item or less.

Please, don't turn into an evil mastermind while working with this challange...

Finally, if you'd like, you can say/sing/write "I'm all right, _____ _____ ________ ________ _______" (you can go anywhere from 1 word to 5 words here).

EDIT: Since both IAR and Jimera need Drayden, and KS needs Bianca AND Cheren, have it be Clay. (I apologize if this is off timing, but what has to be done has to be done.)

EDIT#4: Well, I guess you get 2 Vaders. IAR and I had the same idea.... oh joy...


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reserving a poke for demo, will be based on Shai'tan from the Wheel of Time. Gimme a moment to decide which Pokemon.

EDIT: IAR, can I request that you change the solo from Drayden to something else? It's going to be very important solo-wise for my Pokemon that he solos Drayden.

EDIT2: It will be a Yamask.

EDIT3: thanks IAR for changing his solo to Grimsley, now I can do this as planned.

EDIT4: DEMo, take a Yamask and name it Shai'tan. Yes, that's right... The Dark One himself will be aiding you in your journey... or are you aiding him? In any case, he's here but there is a problem. You see, he's kind of really sealed away inside the prison of his mask (hey, it's a different age than the one in the Wheel of Time series. You should hear about the one where he's sealed in a literal tin can)! As such, he cannot affect the material world directly (no direct attacks) except for slowly befouling the world with his dark power (Night Shade). Instead he must act through indirect methods (status moves). He can expand to a slightly more spacious prison (evolving) by soloing both your "friends" once. There's one more issue you have to deal with him. Every time you send him out into battle, the world shifts and you suddenly feel ill fortune on yourself! This manifests itself in the form of you not being able to command Shai'tan every second turn. Instead, you must roll a die to determine your next move. 1 is the top left, 2 the top right, 3 the bottom left and 4 the bottom right. 5 means you must use an item or switch out, and 6 means Shai'tan resigns from the battle completely and cannot be used again until you reach the over world again. This restriction can be lifted though... if you can figure out why every time you send Shai'tan into battle you get cursed! You notice that for some reason you are not cursed when Shai'tan is dragged out by Roar or Whirlwind or similar moves... what could that mean? If you figure it out, message me and I'll tell you if you're right or not!

Finally Shai'tan's goal is to destroy the pattern, but in order to do that he needs to defeat the Dragon Reborn... Drayden! Defeat the Dragon and finally Shai'tan will have succeeded in his eons long goal! Except that it won't work, since it turns out that shai'tan jumped the gun by assuming Drayden was the Dragon Reborn... Well he had dragons dammit! Shai'tan will continue to search with you for him, until the wheel stops turning... and you will have no choice but to keep him with you. You didn't think you could just send the dark one away when you felt like it did you? (you can never have him leave your party).
Reserving for DEMo.
You don't mind ones from books do you? Anyway.
Take MindPrdtor the Sigilyph. It is based on the Mind Predator in Piers Anthony's Mode series. Now, MindPrdtor cannot live without the Virtual Mode, and that requires 5 anchor persons- your other teammates. Consequently, MindPrdtor cannot be used at all until all 5 other team members are obtained. It is a psychic monster, attacking anchor persons. So, it may only use Psychic-type moves. And since it is a Psychic being, it must switch out if it is hit by a physical move (unless it is a double or triple battle.) If it is ever in a double or triple battle, it must attack its teammates, and may not switch out or use items or status moves until all of its teammates are dead. Until then, it may not attack any of the opponent's pokemon. Also, since MindPrdtor is a creature of the Virtual Mode, it may not be used in any battle in a city or town, including the Pokemon League.
Yeah this is a fairly easy one, but very annoying I'm sure.
@DEmo ill give it a shot
ill reserve for you

So DEMo you get one of my favorite villains and it will be Kerrigan(the queen of blades from the starcraft series) the Pawniard.
My restrictions on this Pawniard are because it is the queen of blades all of its moves have to do with blades and if it ever has a move that is unrelated to blades it is not allowed to use that move. So basically it can only use moves like swords dance, scratch, fury cutter, night slash, slash, guillotine, i think you get the jist of it, to evolve into a bisharp it needs to solo 2 gym leaders of your choice

OH yeah and I still need one more pokemon for my leafgreen and please dont make it as stupidly hard as the worthless pikachu or deadweight the chansey
DEMo, I am replacing Visser 3 with this mon as I believe that it is significantly harder!

Take Togura the Sawk!

Togura, when you find him, has a 0% power. As such, he must only know these moves:
Bide, Focus Energy, Work Up, and Double Kick (unusable).

Beat one trainer immediately after capture to make him see his weakness. You must now make him sell his soul to you in order to gain more power.

How do you have him gain power? Simple: every 5 trainers solo'd gives him a 3% power increase. Every 5 Gym trainers gives him a 4% power increase. All major battles soloed gives him an 10% power increase.

Easy, right? Wrong!!

Here is what happens as he becomes more powerful:

0%: Bide, Work Up, Focus Energy, and an unusable Double Kick.
1%: As he has now sold his soul to you, you may now use Double Kick, but only when in the red.
5%: Replace Work Up ASAP! He goes dormant for 15 trainer battles (unusable at this time).
10%: He can use moves of a max BP of 40 now. Remove Double Kick.
15%: he learns that helping is unnatural. He may never switch in unless he is the last poke.
20%: He is tired of playing around. Kill a total of 20 birds!
25%: BP cap has increased to 55. Attempt to solo a gym without healing.
30%: if you failed the solo, increase your BP to 60 and cut off healing all together (except Pokecenters). If you succeeded, you will be granted a 10% power increase!
35%: Souls are needed to fuel you. Kill 5 children (preschoolers and similar).
40%: Must solo a rival at this stage.
45%: solo another rival using just one attack.
50%: if you failed the gym solo earlier, solo another one. If you succeeded, lay dormant in the next gym (unusable).
60%: power is increasing at a rapid pace!! Choice Locked until 70% power.
70%: you break your bonds and attack!! BP cap is increased to 75.
80%: You are tormented by the souls of the ones you have killed!
90%: solo Dragonspiral tower! BP cap is increased to 120!
105%: you are undefeated!! Solo the fighting E4!
110%: Solo N!! He is the only way to achieve victory!!

Please note that you have to reach the power level before you can do any solos.


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Oh hey, finally giving an update on my fossilized REVIVED Ruby Scramble. I am currently in Victory Road.
1. a Plusle named Joy. It must be female, and can only know one attacking move. - auramaster

2. Take a Torchic, name it Starter. It is your starter, obviously! It must always keep Sand-attack, and evolve into Combusken on Level 21. It may not evolve into Blaziken. Just for fun (meaning you have to do it), have it solo Flannery's Torkoal. - DetroitLolcat

3. a Zangoose. Once you beat 4 Pokemon with this Zangoose, its moveset must be comprised of moves of that Pokemon's main type. No running from battle either, you must battle 4 consecutive Pokemon until Zangoose defeats four. If he faints in his first 4 battles, he cannot learn a move of that type. - Dexington

4. a Geodude named Arcticblas. Can't have STAB moves. - zdrup15

5. Zubat - Flapper - Awww...It appears that your Zubat has taken one of your Cheri Berries! You try to take it, but it refuses to let it go! So it must hold a Cheri Berry for it to fight. You can evolve Zubat whenever, but for Golbat to evolve, It must solo two of Watson's three Pokemon. - Its_A_Random

6. You get a Gyarados! It may only know Special moves. No Physical, no support. It must always be your highest leveled pokemon starting at level 30. - Texas Cloverleaf

Legit. Now then, the team.

Joy the Plusle
Modest nature :D
Level 44
Thunderbolt | Baton Pass | Fake Tears | Flash

My plan is to use it to kill anything Zangoose can't muscle its way past and then Agility, Double Team and Baton Pass to Zangoose, who will then Swords Dance up and... yeah. Surprisingly, mono-Electric rules in Ruby, and she has the stats to pull it off.

Starter the Combusken
Lonely nature
Level 34
Rock Tomb | Sand-Attack | Bulk Up | Fire Blast

Kind of fell out of favor after a while, but he was a force earlier in the game. He might make it a bit higher than level 34, but I'm beginning to doubt it.

Zangoose (no nickname)
Lonely nature
Level 42
Dig | Secret Power | Swords Dance | Toxic

Also a force. This restriction was really easy to abuse (Sandslash, Spinda, Spinda, Koffing) and learning Swords Dance early doesn't hurt.

Arcticblas the Golem
Careful nature
Level 38
Hidden Power Ghost | Selfdestruct | Rock Smash | Strength

Thank God for HP Ghost. Despite a crippling restriction, I managed to pull through with her (yes, her) and do well. Takes hits well.

Flapper the Zubat
Bold nature
Level 18
Leech Life | Supersonic | Steel Wing | Astonish


Gyarados (no nickname)
Naughty nature
Level 21
Waterfall | Thunder | Dive | Surf

MSG didn't really suit me, so I'm skirting restrictions like a boss.
I would like a scramble challenge! :)

Important Stuff:
1. This will be on a Version that the first person to post will decide (the options are Platinum, HG, FR, Black and emerald)
2. The difficulty is easy.

Restrictions, Rules, and the Like:
1. Try to avoid major typing over laps and overkill on common weaknesses (i.e., lets avoid having 3 grass types or having 4 pokemon that are all weak to one type)
2. Creativity is a must, and please, only partake if you know about the theme.
4. I cannot trade.
5. I would like to have all my pokemon fully evolved at some point.
Lol, saw that C+P. Anyway, you're playing Fire Red.
Reserving a starter for crezz.

Take NinjaTrtle the Squirtle. You can also name it after a rennaissance artist if you want. Anyway. NinjaTrtle is, as his name suggests, a ninja. However, his master, Splinter, has disappeared, so NinjaTrtle must go searching for him. Eventually, he finds Splinter- solo the first Raticate you meet with NinjaTrtle. Then he may evolve into Wartortle.
Splinter tells NinjaTrtle that there is a secret, special move that it can learn, to help it become the ultimate ninja. That move is Brick Break!! Teach it to NinjaTrtle to evolve it into Blastoise, and keep it forever.
Now, NinjaTrtle must defeat his arch nemesis, The Shredder. Aka, the Master of the Fighting dojo. Make NinjaTrtle solo him!! With his dyimg breath, Shredder confers upon NinjaTrtle another secret move. Flip a coin; if heads, take the Hitmonchan and teach NinjaTrtle Mega Punch. If tails, Hitmonlee and Mega Kick. NinjaTrtle must keep this move forever, and both tutors are located just after Mt Moon. Shredder also tells NijaTrtle the location of the Ninja Master, whom NinjaTrtle must defeat to better himself. No, its not Koga. Its Bruno!! Solo him and NinjaTrtle will become the true Ninja Master!!
@crezz, after NinjaTurtle defeats Shredder, you flip a coin and receive Apprentice the Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee. He decides that NinjaTrtle will now be his master and decides to travel with you. He must always have a punching or kicking move respectfully, and must always switch in if NinjaTrtle ever faints or switches out from battling an Electric or Grass type. Since NinjaTrtle isn't soloing Koga, Apprentice decides to solo Koga to prove his skill. He must also solo 1 member of the E4 after NinjaTrtle solos Bruno. Good luck and have fun!
Hahahaha, C&P :)

I'll reserve Goku the Mankey for you. I'll edit in a moment.

Ok, this is years after Frieza was defeated. Piccolo has died and the Dragonballs of are gone. You must journey to Namik (Kanto) and find the Dragonballs.

Here are there locations:
1). Solo Nugget bridge including the rocket Grunt. He has the Ball.
2). Move the Snorlax (read solo it) at Cycling Road.
3). Defeat the Namik in a Race. This means that you must get Surf on your first try.
4). Beat an Elder in the Garden of truth (solo Erika).
5). A bad guy has stolen a Dragonball!! Track him (your rival) and defeat him in the Tower of Peace (Silph Co.).
6). This one is in the water. Solo the route between Palet Town and Blaine's island.
7). Three Bad Guys have stolen the last Dragonball!! Find and solo them!!
7A). Bad Guy #1: the trainer in Victory Road with the middle stages of all three starters. Solo him.
7B). A Pokemon Tamer in Victory Road. Solo one of them.
7C). Take out the leader!! Solo the ice type E4 member!!

Evolve after three Dragonballs are found.

Ok, you succeeded!! You wish Piccolo back to life!!
I am choosing to reject Professor Sciences challenge. For 1) It really isnt that difficult, but 2) It leaves me with a pokemon that I cannot use until right before defeating Drayden. This also leaves me with no viable pokemon to use to defeat the first gym and second Gyms (Purrloin is sort of, but it leaves me with only one pokemon for the first part of the game.) If anyone could give me a pokemon (preferably a starter or a pokemon found in one of the first 3 routes)


Crezz: I will give you Golem the Ryhorn.

Golem has heard of place where there are actual Golems (the Regi's) and aspires to become better than them. As such, he must Solo Giovanni, the master of "Golems." Also, Rhyhorn is bothered by the fact that both Brock and Bruno did not include him on their teams. As an act to reveal their ignorance to them, he must solo EVERY and ALL mountaineers you encounter after catching him. But Rhyhorn cannot stay forever in his basic form, so to become a truly fearsome Golem, he must defeat the warriors that have sworn to destroy all Golems in the world. Have Golem defeat 10 "Karate Girl/Guys" to evolve.

1. Must solo EVERY and ALL Mountaineers encountered after obtaining Golem
2. Defeat 10 Karate Girl/Guys to evolve
3. Solo Giovanni with Golem

Good Luck