Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Gorgon's last pokemon is frim me. just gimme a sec.

You get Megatron, the Tepig. This Tepig is just kinda...well, useless. Going off the three (really crap) films, Megatron got dumped in the ocean first movie, was The Fallen's b*tch the second, and did nothing useful the third. Your challenge will be divided into three sections as well.

In the first section, Megatron must never faint unless it is a direct result of a Water attack. And he must never live a water attack either. So basically either die to a Water attack, or don't get hit by one. If you break either criteria, one of your pokemon permanently loses a moveslot. Since Megatron couldnt finish his foe in the forest, whenever you are in a forest area, Meagtron may not make a KO. He may fight, but cannot KO anything. This counts for status moves too, so if something dies from Toxic damage, and Megatron was the one that cast toxic, you fail this restriction. Lose a moveslot upon failure, This section ends when you get your third badge. You may take back half of te moveslots your pokemon team gave up (so if you failed twice, you would gain back one moveslot).

Second section is easy. Choose one of your pokemon. Megatron becomes that pokemon's servant. That pokemon may not enter battle unless it is switched in, in place of Megatron, or if Megatron faints. Megatron may only use moves that are if a type its master can learn. This section ends upon attainment of your 6th badge.

Third section has Megatron play a useless filler role. One of your teamamates is a traitor (if you have a red pokemon, that's the traitor, if not, just pick one). Megatron may fight, however he cannot have too much screen time, so in any one battle (per pokemon, not per trainer) Megatron must be in battle for fewer turns than the traitor. Since Megatron is really useless, don't use it in any gym battles or major battles like rivals. Oh, and he must solo all wild pokemon which are black/purple/blue.

Yeah, not really feeling sadistic right now. :(
I was wondering if a challenge like that would appear. It sounds fun. Challenge accepted.

1. squirtle the ninja.
2. hitmonlee/chan the apprentice.
3. Mankey the Goku (can he evolve whenever he wants to or when all the dragon-balls are found?)
4. Rhyhorn the Golem.
Crezz, take Houdini the Drowzee (curse your inability to trade...). He's obsessed with escape tricks, and so he tries his best to escape from every difficult situation. He can never fight a Dark, Bug, or Ghost type, and must get away from them by switching immediately. He also must copy the Chinese water torture cell (solo 25 water-types, 5 of which must be Trainer-owned) to evolve. Now, because its a waterwarrior challenge, Houdini must always know 1 non-attacking and 1 TM move (it must be two different moves). He must also solo Sabrina to show that he is the greatest showman of the 20th century.

Have fun :)
challenge accepted! Nice to have some special force on this team! :)

actually I just realized that I have 2 pure figting types, and I'd like to ask if any of you guys would come up with a different challenge? :)
Reserving for Crezz. I will edit in a bit. Glad I got here in time :D

EDIT: Crezz, take Secret the _____. Secret is very secretive, and cannot be out for more than 5 turns at a time. Still, he wants to show the rest of your team his strength, so he must solo Route 6, healing up to 5 times max (there are only 6 trainers there). He also wants to have a variety of moves, so he must learn a move of 7 types (Fire, Water, etc.) at least once. He also wants to earn a lot of money for you, so he must know and keep Pay Day, and use it at least once during every battle he is in. He wants to power through at least one gym, so have him solo Koga and all of his lackies, and combine with 1 and only 1 other team member to solo Lt. Surge.

Finally, after every KO Secret makes, say/sing/write, "Shhh! The secret's _________"

Have fun and good luck!!
Nice KS!!

Also Crezz, take your pick of an early-game pokemon then, and I'll adjust my challange to that pokemon.

EDIT: I put up the battle with Archer, and I'll work on the rest later.

EDIT 2: Okay, then, replace the Pay Day part with Stun Spore, Crezz. Good luck!


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Figuring I should take a quick challange of a game I've played more often than I have Black to get me pumped and in the mood to charge through Black later on this month. Soooooo:

-Version: Ruby (I'm capable of trading, via a complete Emerald file, but will most likely only trade for evolving or game-specific Pokemon.)
-Difficulty: Hard (however, no non-evolutions or Scramblockes. Postponing evolutions are cool though.)
-Pokemon I'd Like: A starter, one Pokemon in my main team that can surf, and a Castform! Fly is not required on my main team.
-No Feebas, thanks. Nor Shroomish, I use that thing far too much.
-Reservations are cool. I understand the Super Bowl is tonight and some people are pumped for that so 24 hour reservations are a-go. Please make sure to indicate if you're going to assign my starter in your reservation so that others don't try to and I end up getting like four starters. :)
-Typing overlaps are fine, but not too many if that can be avoided.
-I'd like to have three Pokemon before Wattson, five before Winona, and all of them before Wallace. That shouldn't be too bad. (Of course, this is by no means a required catching guide. Having four before Brawly? That's cool.)
Ok Mafeking, I am giving you Luna the Solrock

Luna has always liked the night, and yerns to be like Lunatone. Therefore, she (yes I know Solrock's are genderless) refuses to use Fire-type moves of any sort as well as the move Solar Beam. Since Lunatone was always more Specially inclined, Luna wants to do the same, hense it doesnt use any physical attacks, except for one exception. Luna can use Rock Throw, as it feels that as Lunatone uses Rocks, she should be able to as well. Luna knows that to fully be like the moon, she must embrace the dark side of the moon as well. As soon as you get Shadow Ball (I believe it is in the Game Corner, as well as on it inside of Mt. Pyre) teach it to Luna. She also wants to renounce all ties to the sun. So she must be the one to Solo Tate's Solrock, while at the same time is not allowed to inflict any damage upon Liza's Lunatone. Luna may not switch out at all during the battle againt Liza and Tate. Finally, to truly become one with the moon, Luna must renounce all internal light. Have her solo Phoebe's highest level Dusclops, Bannette, and Sableye to fully achieve Luna's dream.

Good Luck =D
Reserving and editing!!!

Ok, Mafeking, You will take Flip the Nincade. As a Nincada, there is only one restriction:

Solo Brawley to evolve.

After you evolve this Pokemon, flip a coin:

Heads: Take the Ninjask.
Tails: Take the Shedinja.

The restrictions depend one what you end up with:

• One STAB move
• One non-STAB move
• Toxic
• Always solo rival after evolution.
• must hold a Nugget.
• cannot attack unless you have a Speed boost.
• Solo Sidney

• Solo a Gym leader after Wattson
• must know Toxic
• must hold the Macho Brace
• No move may be of the same type.
• Solo Glacia's Walrien.

Reserving for Mafeking.

Makeking, take College the Whismur!

This Whismur is going to college! So, it may only use moves that are used by an enemy Pokemon. He must not be out while that move is used, unless he is asleep. If you don't have access to the move yet, you can use it later. He may evolve after you solo Brawly, because he looked like he studied.
After evolution, he gets even lazier. He must learn a new move at every route. To use a TM, you have to pay (Level divided by 10) the cost of the TM. You may evolve after he has all moves of different types, use Hail-boosted Blizzards five times, and win in 3 different contests. After evolving, he gets more lazy than possible, and his moveset when he evolved is his permanent moveset. He must solo Glacia and all Ice pokemon, as they are more cold-hearted than me.

Have fun!
Reserving for Mafeking. Will edit soon.

EDIT: Will be an electric type.

EDIT2: Mafeking, take Star the Minun. Minun wants to be the star of everything, so SHE must solo the Trick House each time. She loves the electric type, and wants to take the spotlight with them, so have her solo every electric type you face (even Wattson). She hates items, and refuses all items that are not healing items, and she only gets 5 of those per gym (use them wisely). She wants to help out her teammates, so learn her Baton Pass and Helping Hand ASAP, and cannot use the moves that are in their places. She also doesn't want to overpower herself, so her max base power is 50, except for her favorite move ever, Spark. She just ADORES seeing those sparks fly, so she must use Spark first against all non-ground types she faces. She must also solo Norman, to show off her power, and must win 5 contests in each type, to show the world she is the brightest star ever! Still, she is ashamed of Luna, and that she doesn't want to be a star, so can never participate in a battle with her. Finally, every time Star KO's something, sing/say/write, "The Star's _______"

Have fun, and good luck!!
(if you need changes, I'll be happy to make them.


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Luna can use Rock Throw, as it feels that as Lunatone uses Rocks, she should be able to as well.
Does this carry over to Rock Slide as well?

@Ax: Minun? *starry eyes*

EDIT: Current Team;

-No Fire moves, nor SolarBeam.
-Fully special, except Rock Throw.
-Shadow Ball.
-Solo Tate's Solrock and do no damage to Liza's Lunatone.
-Defeat Phoebe's highest leveled Banette, Dusclops, and Sableye.

-Solo Brawly
Flipped my coin, got Heads, so I'm going the Ninjask route.
-One STAB move / one non-STAB move / Toxic
-Always solo rival after evolution.
-Must hold a Nugget.
-Can not attack unless you have a Speed boost.
-Solo Sidney

-May only use moves used by enemy Pokemon.
-After one evolution, he must learn a new move on every Route.
-To evolve again, have moves of different types, use Blizzard five times in Hail, and win 3 contests.
-This moveset is now permanent.
-Solo Glacia.

-Solo Trick House every time.
-Solo all Electric-types, including Wattson.
-Only healing items (five per Gym).
-Baton Pass and Helping Hand.
-No BP above 50, except Spark which must always be used first.
-No double battles with Luna.
-Solo Norman.
-Win 5 Contests of each kind.
-Sing a lot.

-Can only learn moves that Totadile and Oshawott can learn in Generation V.
-Only STAB move can be Surf.
-Solo (Trainerx5): Ground, Water, Grass, Fighting, Steel types. (To evolve, both times).
-Evolve after Flannery and after Tate and Liza.
-Solo Wallace.
-Wear BlackGlasses.

-No items during battle.
-Solo (Pokemonx10): Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel.
-Highest leveled member of the team.
-Eat all Rare Candies and Vitamins, must hold Macho Brace.
-Solo Drake.


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Alright, reserving a Mudkip for Mafeking, editing it in now.

And I couldn't give less of a shit about the Super Bowl :P

Mafeking take Wotadile the Mudkip. Yes, this is a challenge making fun of Wotter and Samukip. I can do it too damn it! So yeah, the only moves Wotadile can learn are moves that Oshawott and Totadile can learn in generation V. Thankfully, this actually leaves you with a pretty big movepool, but this being a water starter hybrid challenge we can't have that can we? Ok, so the only STAB move you can ever learn is Surf. Yeah, I said "ever" which means you go without STAB at all for something like 1/2 the game. You said you wanted it hard right? And since this is a water starter hybrid challenge, I need to throw in some bullshit about clans and what not, so yeah, you're a part of the Rock clan. Rock clan? Yeah that's right, screw those bitches in the Ground and Water clans. You're a renegade baby. Screw them paragons. Unfortunately this still means you have to solo some grass types, though at least the Water type solos won't be so hard. Oh wait, that's right, Rock type has like a gagillion-and-a-half weaknesses, so you're going to have to solo some fighting types and steel types AND ground types as well. I'll try to make this not to tedious on you, so let's just say 5 trainer owned versions of each, and if something happens to be a member of two clans it can count towards your total for both of them. Once you do that, you can evolve to Marshstomp, then you need to do it again to evolve into Swampert. Oh, but you also need to remain unevolved for way-to-freaking-long too, so you can't evolve into Marshstomp until after Flannery and can't evolve into Swampert until after Tate and Liza. Just be glad I'm letting you use super-effective attacks, despite how that's supposed to be dishonorable and shit. Renegade remember? And make sure you take down that watery son-of-a-bitch Wallace with him too (yes a solo). You'll teach those damn watery dipshits what they get for kicking you out. What, are you suggesting he joined the Rock clan just so he'd have an excuse to beat up on his former Water clan? Preposterous Wotadile says! Preposterous!

Oh also I'm pulling these Mass Effect references out of my ass. I've never actually played the game before but it's basically become a meme so screw that.

Oh one more thing. When you get the Black Glasses, make sure holds them all the time. A renegade has gotta look the part man!