Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

I still have no idea who I could possibly change the Grimsley solo to D: nobody else works anywhere near as well, but it'd be remiss of me to ask somebody else to change their Scramblemon to make room for my own D:
@StallMandibuzz, I'm SINCERELY disappointed at my not being on Smogon all that often. If I was on more often... maybe I could have given you something that would made you RAGE at me and throw darts at my Avatar on here. I'm pretty sure that a Larvesta would make a pretty awesome Stupid IQ challange, but you already have 6 Scramblemons.

While I'm here, I'm just going to say that I'm almost done writing Update II of my SoulSilver Scramble! It has a Harry Potter theme.

By the way, if I find any odd friend requests on Facebook, the first place that I'm going on is here, to blame EVERYONE that posts after me.
Actually, it all depends on whether or not I accept Weaver or not. If I do, then maybe Voldemort could help with the Ghetsis battle, or at least attempt to. If I don't, it could still try to solo Grimsley. I need to think about which Scramblémons I want. O_O
Challanges are closed for Ruby! I'm going to start in the next few days so I can get an update in before I leave on my trip.

Also, I will give you guys a platinum update in there too, just haven't touched in forever.


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Good news everyone!

Chapter 7 is now up!

Well, it is good news if you like reading boring, long chapters that are only slightly more exciting than grinding. I enjoyed playing it at least, as the battles were challenging and entertaining at least. Well towards the end anyway. In any case, I wouldn't blame you if you skipped reading this one. I promise, next chapter more shit will happen and hopefully I'll be funny again because I won't be so tired from work!
Nice update as always, Jimera! DR.PROTECT got the short end of the stick as far as typing, eh? x4 Water and Ground weaknesses are always fun. :D I'm writing up my second Chapter now, and it'll be up soon. There's a bit of a twist at the beginning, and there will be more fun shenanigans with Pokémon personalities! *DUN DUN DUNNNNNN* :p
When everything has STAB Surf and Earthquakes, poor DR.PROTECT gets absolutely wrecked. Even if Voice hammers off a Surf with a Light Screen off, it's almost guaranteed that DR.PROTECT would get OHKO'd, especially with Magcargo's garbage HP and iffy Sp. Def stats. That's just me assuming, of course, but working with a Magcargo in Colosseum is very difficult. :P
Huh, really? O_O Been a LONG time since I've played Pokemon Colosseum or XD. O_O Anyways, my second chapter's being finished soon, and I never realized how much of a PAIN Bugsy's Scyther was. D:

EDIT: Decided what Pokés I'm taking for the Black Scramblé

@Wobba: Sorry, but I must respectfully decline your Poké. :S It's a bit too easy. :o

@Arceustar: Accepted, should be fun soloing N in his castle with a Krokorok. >_>

@Tetrinity: Accepted, never used a Purrloin in-game before. >:P

@KS: Accepted, but can Weaver solo Caitlin or something instead so I get to solo a Dark-typed E4 member with my kitty? :p

@Gamer: Accepted, and I'm soooo glad I'm able to connect to the Global Link, because the berry restriction thing is gonna suck if I run out of them. :c Also, after Tepig evolves, can I get rid of Smog?

@Biscuits: Accepted, but I dunno how I'm going to incorporate the Aguilera lyric thing into the story. :p

Okay, so I need one non-starter type Pokemon left, preferably a Water-type that won't have a damn IQ challange. >_>
Took me three and a half hours to get good enough Metronome rolls to actually KO the damn thing, my Togepi was getting destroyed by Technician boosted, STAB U-turns. >_> I got the battle written out, gonna make it nice and climactic.
You want hard you got hard

Take Bon Jovi the basculin wait that's not hard enough for you well this rockstar fish is a tormented soul so he is always under the effects of torment and being a rockstar he must only use super effective attacks basically if you only have 1 super effective attack he must use a non damaging move the next turn he has no non damaging move restrictions except for the torment one but if you can talk to one of the characters who changes the background music 1 restriction is lifted for 30 minutes in game time Better get cracking and aso because I'm a Derp he must solo 1 Gym Leader and the entire route 5 the restrictions dont apply when soloing

Good luck


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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I am about to blow your minds.

Chapter 8 is now up!

Yes, that's right, I did two chapters within a day of each other! Shocking I know. Basically, I've had a lot more time in the past two days than I've had in the past two weeks, so I was actually able to get some of this done. Furthermore, I actually FELT like getting it done, with more interesting battles coming up in it and also the promise of a new Black Scramble after I'm done with this one. Speaking of which, there should only be two more updates left to go for this scramble; one for this game's version of the Elite Four and another for the post game. They might take a while again to get up though, as I have less time starting tomorrow to do things.

And in response to some of the discussion about my last update, yes Surf only hits opponents in Gen III, yes it hits allies too in later generations, and yes I've noticed how much worse Magcargo is in doubles than in singles. Also, looking forward to StallMandibuzz's next update, assuming he ever gets it up :P
Prologue is up for Ruby! I plan to play Platinum tonight, update that tomorrow morning, and then get chapter one of Ruby up sometime tomorrow night or Sunday morning.

Thank you for your patience and support, and thank you for giving me challanges that allow me to write a darker story.

EDIT: Nice Chapter Jimera. I'm going to try to write a bit like you instead of just going all COD setpieces like I was going to.

EDIT: AOPSUser, you seem to have given great challanges to yourself. Keep it going! I'm excited to see how it ends.
Chapter 2 of my Honorary Black Scramble is up!


-Super Luck Tranquill is broken.
-King S (who is Female) is not living up to her name.
-It takes to long to find a Super Luck Pidove.


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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ACK I hadn't read any of your stuff for your Platinum Shiny! I don't know how I missed it but I'm catching up now. Also going to read AOPS in a moment here. Editing in comments in a few. Geeze, we all decided to update at once now didn't we?


@shinyskarmory: Platinum = funny as hell
Ruby = woah that is some heavy AUing there. Can't wait to see how this shapes up.

@AOPS I'll be honest; kind of boring. Not bad but not particularly enthralling. Don't really know what to suggest though.
@Shiny: W-O-W @_@

Have you ever though of taking up RPGing??? That was amazing!!!

@AOP: Well, King S will be the most underwhelming teammate that you have useless you do this: Coil, Leaf Blade, Return, Leech Seed