Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Guys, I will try to get all my scrambles done in the holiday, which starts end this week, then sometimes I will give small updates as I'm good at writing and no one even commented on the last
SoulSilver Scramble Part 2
With the first badge in hand, we leave on for route whatever south of Violet City, get the old rod of a fisherman, and get a fair share of new team members. Aquaphobia the Poliwag, deathly afraid of water, Cotton the Mareep, cotton picker premium, and Cosmic the Ledyba, from outer space. Also a Geodude no one will ever care for, for smashing rocks.

We do the jo of archaelogists at the Ruins of Alphaca, find a picnicker that makes a point of a young Gym Leader Whitney being blatantly overpowered, and reach Azalea Town.

Azalea Town which... is taken over by minions. To get Slowpoke Tails. Yeah, good luck with that. Cosmic goes and takes out Proton because hey, Rockets go to space. He also took out Hugh and his rage. And then, was the hardest battle on this adventure yet. The Gym Leader of Azalea Town, Bugsy.

Now, since Cosmic already took complete spotlight, we'll just go all the way with it and have it do it again. Since the only two moves Cosmic uses are Comet Punch (More like Comic Punch because the damage is hilariously bad) and Supersonic. First get confusion in, then use the X Defense and X Attack picked up somewhere on the way. Now, this still means that if Scyther gets a Critical hit thanks to Focus Energy, Ledyba loses immediately, but other than that, it's all fine. After a far too long of a battle, a Sitrus Berry and a Super Potion later, Scyther goes down, (3 Super Potions, X Defend, X Attack and 5 Potions) while Metapod and Kakuna are a complete non-threat.

Once again, with enough luck, and the power of item-spam, a Gym Leader falls. After the battle, Cosmic then evolves.

Team so far:
  • Meanie the Chikorita, level 14
  • Fly the Pidgey, level 14
  • Cotton the Mareep, level 14
  • Aquaphobia the Poliwag, level 13
  • Cosmic the Ledian, level 19
See here for the various restrictions on the team

I'm guessing the run will speed up somewhat. I can already tell items will play a relatively big portion in the game, so going out of my way to collect them will be a thing though.
Does anyone remember this anymore?

Well regardless of whoever remembers, my Scramble is now successfully COMPLETED!

Team (LVP to MVP):

Womanizer the Cofagrigus
Level: 57
Ability: Mummy
Nature: Rash
-Destiny Bond
-Night Shade

Comments: This guy was looking to be LVP. Until I realized that it didn't have to solo anything if it was fainted, and as long as it stayed in the battle, the opponent would never break Attract. Grinding was done by spamming male Breeders with EXP. Share. In the end, Womanizer really put the (BAN ME PLEASE) in CoFAGrigus.

Oshawott the Oshawott
Level: 15
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Hasty
-Tail Whip
-Water Gun
-Focus Energy

Comments: Ditched him, since he kept getting close to dying. The 1-month thing was nice, since I didn't have to wait too long. At least it finished off Cheren. But Saddened did more that battle.

Rival the Unfezant
Level: 63
Ability: Big Pecks
Nature: Quiet
-Aerial Ace

Comments: Rival was great later on, finishing off foes if AOp's Hi Jump Kick missed. Unfortunately, in the beginning he was all special, and sucked all kinds of shit. Still, he pulled through in the end and at least did more than Womanizer.

Kyra the Audino
Level: 64
Ability: Regenerator
Nature: Relaxed
-Helping Hand
-Fire Punch

Comments: Kyra has been steady. Well, ever since failing to 2HKO Roxie's Koffing with a +6 Pound. But its bulk is really nice, allowing me to get Iris's Archeops into Defeatist range to AOp could take an Acrobatics. Otherwise, it was really subpar. The Attack stat cannot be lower, it seems. It was a good team supporter with Heal Pulse and Helping Hand, and Work Up, but those moves have been replaced. Oh, and I needed X-Items to solo Grimsley. Lame.

Saddened the Watchog
Level: 62
Ability: Illuminate
Nature: Hardy

Comments: Saddened killed stuff with Tackle, including OHKOing Cheren's Patrat way back when with a crit Tackle. When it evolved it got better, and it was able to take down Elesa by itself. The reason I have Strength over Return is because it is stronger, since Saddened faints so much it's hard to keep up the happiness for Return.

AOp the Scrafty
Level: 72
Ability: Moxie
Nature: Docile
-Hi Jump Kick
-Work Up

Solos attained: Drayden, Marlon, Zinzolin (every time), Colress, Ghestis, Shauntal, Caitlin, five of Iris's Pokemon

Comments: Saddened was OK. AOp kicked ass. Literally and figuratively. Moxie allowed it to keep rolling, its bulk meant that missing a Hi Jump Kick every once in a while doesn't leave it dead. Hi Jump Kick OHKOs shit. While Kyra 3HKOs stuff and Saddened 2HKOs stuff, AOp OHKOs stuff with either a +1 Attack boost or a super-effective move, and sometimes it OHKOs at +0 neutrally.

These listed solos are not enough to demonstrate its power. In the PWT, it singlehandedly beat Colress. It 2HKOed Drayden's Druddigon, and then proceeded to OHKO the rest of his team, even Haxorus. Every one of Marlon's Pokemon was OHKOed, or would have been had it not been for Sturdy. The same held true for Colress's team. Ghestis's Toxicroak was 2HKOed by Hi Jump Kick at +1. It took 49 damage from Iris's Hydreigon's Dragon Pulse. I misclicked and hit Hi Jump Kick against Jellicent, and although it had been hit by Carracosta's +2 Scald, it survived two more from Jellicent, and the HJK recoil.
Hi, everyone. I'm sorry for my long, long absence, but I've been swamped, then procrastinated, then been swamped again...

I'll look at who currently needs Scramblemon soon, but first, here's the long-awaited 15th chapter of A Region In Ruins!
This chapter focuses on Punch's adventures in the Fighting Gym, a Peeping Tina, and the return of the mysterious water beast...


Chater 15: ADICT USE THE FORCE - The Disaster Artist
As he was about to enter the Fighting Gym, JB was approached by a woman looking through the window. This wasn’t the first Peeping Tom in Johto he’d given the time of day to, though it was definitely the first Peeping Tina, so he let her speak. “ARE YOU FROM THAT SIDE OF SEA? IT’S HARD FOR YOU CERTAINLY. IF THE MONSTER LEARNS FLYING STUNT,YOU ARE EASY”
JB was caught a little off guard by somebody showing him sympathy right before calling him “easy,” but he decided to address these potential red flags once he learned more about this “flying stunt.” He was sure he’d need all the help he could get…
He hoped this flying stunt was the only “good thing” Peeping Tina had in mind, and with Punch at his side, he stepped through the Gym door.

“ELF AND I AREL CLOSED FRIEDS, NONE CAN BREAK US” their first opponent bellowed. His apparent frying companion, an Elf named ZECUN, resembled a brown human torso with somewhat reptilian limbs, including long legs which seemed ideal for kicking. It looked powerful, but Bug-Eye of the Tiger was already playing in Punch’s head! His opponent was certainly tenacious, but in the end, Punch had proven that 6 arms were better than 2 legs.
After their victory, however, they were immediately cornered by another challenger. “OUR FIGHTERS ARE NOT TERRIBLE” he said in a depressingly self affirming manner before sending out another brown humanoid Elf. XIAHE, unlike Zecun, seemed more focused on punching than kicking. It was even wearing boxing gloves and what looked like a miniskirt. Creepy as it was, JB just wondered if this creature could be a distant relative of Scrafty, another clothes-wearing Fighting Elf he’d seen in the desert north of Castelia.
Punch was raring to go, but after JB saw Xiahe’s fist catching fire, he immediately switched him out & sent in Dicks for an instant win.

There were a couple more coaches up ahead for Punch to take on instead, but the massive boulders in their way proved troublesome. The Gym ceiling was too low for Fork or Punch to carry JB over, and he certainly couldn’t shift the rocks himself.
“Typical.” He thought. “The one time that advice ninja could actually be helpful, and he isn’t even here…” Fortunately, it wasn’t long before JB remembered the conversation he had with one of the Sea Men in Zhaomu City about the Stunt which could “DRIVE BIG ROCK,” and that it was probably the one he taught to Adict earlier, so he let Adict try.
JB’s first Elf easily moved the rocks out of the way, and with the next coach’s words, “CAN’T NAKE? SOLVED BY FIST!” Punch continued solving things with his own fists. With help from his new defence-boosting moves, and a couple of 50P Drugs, Punch dispatched the remaining coaches and their peculiar new Elfs, including a round, hairy pig called MONK, its evolution, SUMOY, and GELI, which was essentially a much larger Wanli with a belt.
With that, only the Curator was left…

The titan of a Gym Curator, in a feat of the most unnecessarily masculine showmanship imaginable, picked up the boulder next to him & smashed it against the wall.
“That’s, um, impressive…” JB said, “But what was the point? I mean, it’s the strength of your Elfs that matters here, not your--“
“Well… You and I both have monsters. Are we doing this?”
Zhidao assumed his battle stance. ”ALL IS READY, START THE GAME!”

Zhidao’s first Elf was another Sumoy, and with Punch’s BLOC softening the blows of his furry opponent, he eventually emerged victorious! However, when his other Elf, NILEC, was sent in, Fool eagerly burst out of his basin. Fool had never been this excited about a battle before, but JB knew he had no chance against this giant blue tadpole with fists, so he had to help his ambitious artist in any way he could…

Fool used PIN, but it was clear that Nilec didn’t even feel the needles… At least, not at first, but a few seconds later, Nilec began to cough. JB wasn’t quite sure how it managed that without a mouth, but it was clear that Fool had successfully poisoned his opponent and that fortune was on their side!
Nilec retaliated with PROTECT, an oddly-named, yet dazzling punch with incredible force! Fortunately, it missed, and Fool’s poison began to take its toll.
Despite Fool’s determination to be the only one to attack Nilec, JB knew that one hit from PROTECT would be a clean knockout, so next turn, JB briefly sent in Dicks to take the hit. It did moderate damage, but nothing the serpent couldn’t handle, although she did seem a little dizzy afterwards. However, with a change in targets came a change in tactics for Zhidao. This time, he commanded Nilec to use SPEC. As it prepared its hypnotic waves, JB had an idea & sent Fool back in to witness them. Lady Luck paid JB another visit, and although Spec missed its target, its target was completely entranced by the hypnotic waves as they passed him by.
JB took full advantage of this and once again tried to make Fool use STRUG, and with his sudden wave of inspiration, Fool began doodling Spec waves in the air, and JB knew that this meant he had learned how to use them…

Afterwards, Nilec used Spec again and successfully put Fool to sleep, but JB didn’t mind, as it was clearly a sleep of satisfaction. Zhidao must have been paranoid that Fool was a light sleeper, as he foolishly commanded Nilec to use Spec again, despite knowing that another turn wasted was another turn for the poison to weaken Nilec more & more.
JB then switched Dicks back in to take another PROTECT, which missed. The next one hit, but again, Dicks took it rather well, and was certainly in a better state than Nilec, who had almost completely succumbed to Fool’s poison.
And sure enough, after a couple more turns of switching & poison damage, Nilec falled!

“I AM LOSED!” Zhidao bellowed in utter shock! “THE KNOCKING-BADGE IS FIT TO YOU” With that, JB gained a ZHENHAN BADGE!
JB wasn’t sure if Zhidao was encouraging him to use his badge to steal Elfs from other coaches or not, but he was sure that he’d just mentioned the flying stunt that Peeping Tina had told him about. However, before JB could leave to find her, Zhidao handed him the Skill Machine for his Nilec’s PROTECT punch.
“Sounds like me in my early teens…” JB thought.

Outside, Peeping Tina was waiting for him. “THAT IS THE DUANYE BADGE, THEN TAKE THIS SECRET MACHINE AWAY” and handed him a new SECRET MACHINE.
JB was glad he found out that this woman was only peeping into the Gym because Zhidao was her husband, and even more glad upon receiving the FLEW machine. Unfortunately, none of the Elfs he had captured could use it. Not even Fork, who had lifted him into the air more than once! He figured that her wings just couldn’t handle long distances, and that he’d just have to head back to the mainland to catch a flyer.
His thoughts were then interrupted by a second voice in his head…

“Well done, JB… We must talk… Travel North to find me…”

The water beast, A’En, was once again trying to reach him through telepathy. The creature had done nothing but help him so far, so JB decided he should listen to him for now. He went as far north as the island would allow, and sure enough, A’En was waiting for him.

“Congratulations… You found the artist… and he has found his muse…”

“Well, it sure wasn’t easy.” JB replied. “I honestly don’t know if he’s picky or just lazy, but at least he has more than one move now.”
“Yes… He is difficult… That is why I led you to him…”
“So, why did you lead me to him? What exactly do you want with me?”
“At first, just to test you… But now… I am certain… You and your allies must band together… You must grow strong enough to help me…”
“Help you? With what?”
At that moment, A’En’s expression changed, and he suddenly ran off across the sea. JB called after him!
“Wait! What’s going on?!”
“I am sorry…” he called back. “We can’t talk here anymore… But once you are stronger… I will find you again… I promise…”
“… Oh, for the LOVE OF--” Feeling completely clueless, and more confused than ever, JB turned away, only to find a familiar figure running frantically towards him.

It was the Fabulous Meinaji from the Burnt Tower! “Oh, hey. So, I guess you were tracking A’En, or Shuijun, or whatever here?”
JB was beginning to wonder if this guy was the reason A’En ran off. “Um, I don’t know how to break this to you, man, but… I don’t think he wants to see you.”
Upon hearing this, Meinaji took a moment to think. Literally a moment later, he seemed to shake it off. “I WILL CHALLENGE HIM, LET HIM TO ADMIT ME. NOW START TO FUGHT AT ONCE JB!”
“OK, look Meinaji, I think… Ah, forget it. Go, Fool!”

Meinaji led with SWAB, a creepy yellow, bipedal Elf. Fool led with his brand new move, SPEC, and Swab fell asleep. The next turn, Pin was far more effective against this opponent than against Nilec, so Swab was soon defeated. Next was YUANO, a larger, inverted BILIY. However, Stats dispatched it easily with STONE, and finally, FANT, which Dicks, like so many other Fants before, defeated quickly with STARE.

After the battle, Meinaji seemed disappointed, but regained composure fairly quickly.
“I hope you’re OK, man. I, um, wish you luck on your search…”
With that, he was gone. JB knew his search would prove fruitless, as whether this creature’s name was A’En or Shuijun, he was clearly avoiding Meinaji. Although even if Meinaji did listen to the truth, the last thing JB wanted to see in this region was another breakdown.

With this in mind, he wondered whether or not he’d see A’En again himself, but in the meantime, JB decided to have Dicks take him back acrss the sea to Zhaomu. He had Secret Drugs to deliver, and a Curator to challenge!

Team Summary:

ADICT the ALIGE (Croconaw)
- AWL (Strength)
- S-PIN (Leer)
- YUJA (Rage)
- WA-GUN (Surf)

I feel lousy about leaving my starter hung out to dry for so long, but at least it'll teach him a lesson about wrestling Berries from sick cows.
At least his ability to USE THE FORCE proved useful...

PUNCH the NUXI (Ledyba)
- CRY (Supersonic)
- BLOC (Reflect)
- SHELL (Light Screen)
[Fighting-types Solo'd: 22/25]

Given that he was finally able to have the boxing matches he's always wanted this match, Punch receives the MVP award for kickin' ass Rocky style!

FORK the FORK (Beedrill)
- ! (Poison Sting)
- SAW (Cut)
- KNIF (Fury Cutter)
- PIN (Twinneedle)
[Rival Solo: Completed]
[Gym Solo: Completed]

Sadly, Fork was the only one who did literally nothing, so this time around, she is the LVP. Seriously - Why can't she learn Fly...?

STATS the BEAR (Teddiursa)
- STONE (Dig)
- S-PIN (Leer)
- AGAIN (Lick)
- MAJUS (Swift)

She'll have her shot at glory soon, I'm sure, but at least she took down creepy-stalker's Electrode this chapter.

DICKS the JINDE (Gyarados)
- WA-GUN (Surf)
- HIT (Headbutt)
- STARE (Bite)
- SMOK (Fire Blast)
[Gym Solo: Completed]

While her time in Chuck's Gym wasn't as action-packed as in Morty's, she did an admirable job as Fool's shield. He'd never have completely defeated that Poliwrath without her help!

FOOL the DEFU (Smeargle)
- PIN (Twinneedle)
- SPEC (Hypnosis)

Darknesscrusher, this is what got you on my Scramble hit list! Y'know how many tries it took for Fool to successfully "solo" that Poliwrath? At least 15! If it weren't for the speed-up function on Lameboy, I'd probably have gone insane at the time...
But at least he finally has a Sleep move.

Badges: 5
SCENES OF BLANK: 1 (It's the... Knives of the Scyther, it's the thorn in my side. Rising up, to the challenge of Gym Trainers...)
supersie, take Para the Blitzle. Para is extremely paranoid, and thus must switch out upon taking a super-effective hit or reaching yellow HP range. He is also convinced that paralyzing his opponents will somehow help him, and must keep Thunder Wave forever. Para may not use boosting moves (apparently decrease lifespan) or any non-damaging move other than Thunder Wave. Finally, it must have only one attack that is not Electric type.

To evolve, Para must solo one Gym Leader Pokémon with a super-effective move and one rival.
All restrictions still apply after evolution.

-Para the Blitzle
-Must switch out upon SE hit or reaching yellow HP range
-Must always have Thunder Wave
-No non-damaging moves (other than Thunder Wave)
-All moves except one must be Electric-type (at beginning, must forget violating moves ASAP)
-To evolve, solo one Gym Leader Pokémon that has super-effective moves (good luck with that)

Too hard? Too easy? Too complicated? Just let me know.
supersie, take Sawk named strangler
1. It can only use physical attacks in red or orange health
2. It can only use STAB in red health
3. It can only use items in green health
4. It must solo one gym leader/rival/plasma leader/E4/champion while staying in one of the three healths


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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Supersie, take an Oshawott and name it Buccaneer. Oshawott is a good old fashioned pirate, and loves to play out the role of sailing the seven seas. Required moves to learn ASAP are Water Gun (can be upgraded to Hydro Pump, which is him exchanging his pistol for a cannon) Razor Shell (can be exchanged for another cutting move, this is to be his cutlass) and Surf (to sail the 7 seas of course!). Take note, he can only switch out his cutting move once! Now that we have his weaponry sorted out, he wants to loot and plunder his way across the 7 seas. Make sure you find every item you can, and sell every last one. At least half of this money has to be spent on GROG (... basic potions) immediately upon selling the items. Finally he must defeat the privateers that hunt him; have him solo Skyla in order to evolve into Samurott and Grimsley in the Pokemon League.

-Oshawott named Buccaneer
-Learn Water Gun, Razor Shell and Surf ASAP and never forget them (except for specific replacements listed below)
-Water Gun can be replaced by Hydro Pump and Razor Shell by any cutting move (Fury Cutter, Slash, Aerial Ace, False Swipe, X-Scissor and Cut). If you swap out Razor Shell for a move, that move cannot be forgotten.
-Collect every item you encounter (use the item finder too), and sell all that can be sold (they cannot under any circumstances be used for anything but selling). At least half of the money you get from this must be spent on basic potions.
-Solo Skyla to evolve into Samurott as well as Grimsley

Good luck and have a swashbuckling-ly good time!
Supersie, take Struggler the Patrat
It may only use takle, rock smash, bite, and cut.
If it solos a gym leader/rival/E4/Alder/Cynthia, then it may replace one of its moves.
However, he must solo another one to replace any move learned that way, as well.
It also must retain a normal type move.
It must also retain one move using the mouth (bite, crunch, hyper fang, sleep talk, snore, zen headbut).
It also must retain one move using a limb (low kick, baton pass, slam, return, frustration, dig, Swords Dance, cut, strength, aqua tail, fire punch, ice punch, iron tail, thunder punch).
If cut and tackle are both replaced, the 4th move may not fit in any of those categories.
If it KOes itself through reoil in a wild battle, you must immediately run and go to a pokemon center to heal (no items, and no nurses/doctors). If it is a trainer battle, it must sit out the remainder of the battle.
LGCPR0, Start with Kickstart the Tepig. He thinks he is a Normal Type Pokemon and not a Fire Type pokemon, so he can never learn any Fire Type moves (except Ember but it cannot be used and must be replaced with a TM or Defense Curl ASAP). He must solo Cheren and then he must evolve into Pignite ASAP, then he believes he became a pure Fighting Type Pokemon and must always know at least 1 Fighting Type move. To Evolve into Emboar, he must prove he is the best Fighting Type Pokemon by soloing 25 Fighting Type Pokemon. He must Solo Marshall when you face the Elite 4.

-No Fire Type Moves at all as Tepig/Pignite/Emboar (barring the Ember Rule)
-Solo Cheren as Tepig and evolve into Pignite ASAP
-Pignite/Emboar must know 1 Fighting move at all times
-Solo 25 Fighting Types to evolve into Emboar
-Solo Marshall with Pignite/Emboar

Good Luck!


Keep moving forward
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supersie and LGCPRO, take Bag the Sandile. Bag is a punching bag. It better be a damn good punching bag, though. It may not evolve into Krokorok until it survives four super effective hits from higher-level Pokemon, and it may not evolve into Krookodile until it survives seven more of these hits. It may never use resist berries, X Defend / X SpDef, Focus Band, or Focus Sash. It must have Moxie.


P(n) = 1 - (1 - P(1))^n
Hey! I'm playing white 2, can't trade and want a challege
Catch the first Jolly or Adamant natured Solosis that you encounter in the Strange House, and name him Usain Bolt. This Solosis is different from his fellow Solosis friends in that he wants to be a fast and strong Pokeathlon champion! Unfortunately, all this athletic training has permanently left him without his psychic powers. As such, the only damaging moves he can use and learn are physical attacks. Furthermore as a display of his physical prowess, he believes himself to be a fast Pokemon, and refuses to be taught the move Trick Room. Good luck!


P(n) = 1 - (1 - P(1))^n
Its Time for a pokemopn white scramble.

No trading.
i want it hard but still fun
Supersie, take an Axew with the ability Rivalry. Because Axew really loves its tusks, Axew is constantly sharpening them and using them in combat; As such, Axew must be retaught the move Dual Chop with a Heart Scale, and can never forget it. In order to evolve into Fraxure, Axew must OHKO either N's Reshiram or your Zekrom with Guillotine (doing so will not prevent you from capturing Zekrom). Until it evolves into Haxorus, Axew can only battle Pokemon with the opposite Gender, and can never battle genderless Pokemon (besides Reshiram or Zekrom). Good luck!
@ LGCPR0: You get Liquid the Grimer.

Liquid enjoys to use moves that involve moving slimy objects or moving things that are slimy in nature. In effect, Grimer can only learn & use the following moves in battle:
-All Poison-Type moves it can normally learn except Poison Jab
-Mud-Slap/Mud Bomb
-Minimise/Acid Armour
-Flamethrower/Fire Blast
-Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse

Have Liquid solo a Gym Leader to evolve. Other than that, that is pretty much it to this challenge.

Have fun.
LGCPR0 You get Dunsparce, who refuses to surrender and he/she always gets upset whenever he/she loses in battle and refuses to battle until you have won next Gym Battle, so he/she can train in secret place (PC). If he/she is not able deal the finishing blow on the enemy he/she faces he/she gets angry and demands you to allow him/her to solo next Gym completely (if unable to do so solo the next gym or everyone except gym leader). At E4 he/she has to show you his/hers strength from the training and has to solo 0-14 E4/Champion's pokes. The number of pokes he/she has to solo is equal to twice the amount of times he/she was practicing in PC. Must be caught from Route 20

- Can't switch out or Run away
- When loses a battle you have to put him/her in PC until you have won the next Gym Battle
- If he/she is unable to land the finishing blow on enemy he has to solo next Gym completely. (Catching pokemon also triggers this)
- Must solo X number of E4/Champion's. X = 2 * "number of times in PC"
- Must be caught from Route 20
Can I get a challenge for Pokemon White? I'm dumping my starter after the first gym and trading over a Charmander.

Looks, like the site got hacked at a real inconvenient time for you. If you still want to do this challenge then take Materials the Sewaddle. Materials wants to find the ultimate materials to make clothes from, in order to do this he/she must solo one Pokemon of each type that is trainer owned and at least the same level as him/her (for a two-typed Pokemon, pick one type). Once all 17 types have been achieved Material may evolve into a Leavanny. (Materials may evolve into a Swadloon whenever.)

Aries Flame, take that Charmander, you must always try to solo every Pokemon of the type of the strongest attack you have!

Try: not if fainted, but must switch in when possible
Strongest Attack: Do not count in STAB or type effectiveness

Hope this was good, GL HF

If I got to change anything say it ^^
holy crap there's no hide tags on these forums

So, I'm sorry for being afk, but exams and the rather Hoenn-like islands of Hawaii called me. I've actually had this update ready for all of two weeks, during which Smogon was down :(

Instead of posting my massive wall of text on here. I'm going to link you to it. This is partly because my updates are always massive walls of texts, partly because the Google Docs format allows me to have much more freedom for future updates (no more reformatting when I copypaste to Smogon!), and partly because this episode has a scene near the end which some readers not familiar with the whole story so far may find unpleasant. It's at the very end of the episode, and now that I've read through it again I'm confident you won't miss any important plot details if you skip it.

In other news, though, there about 7 updates left in the story I have planned right now. I don't know how long it's going take for me to write them, because I'm pretty tapped out right now on Ruby. After copy-pasting everything into a single word document, the whole story up to this point is over a hundred twenty pages, and it's taken over a year to get this far. Let's hope it doesn't take another year to finally finish this. There may be an epilogue as well that connects this story to a SoulSilver Nuzlocke I'm doing right now, allowing me to insert Skarm in the latter story (as a side character; he's not the main character nor even an important ally).

Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope I'll be able to deliver a satisfying finale.
Okay, I am kinda bored with a long drive to Florida coming up in a few days for vacation, so I want to get a challange!

Game: HeartGold
Easy/Medium difficulty
Please give nicknames!
No preference on starter/no starter, your guys' choice
Please give me some unique pokemon
No HM slaves and please have 6 differently-typed pokemon (besides like Normal and Normal/Flying)
Probably will post very few/no updates
Just be creative!
In a forum without hide tags, only those who post short, non-sensible updates can survive.

Too lazy to link OP. Look in my sig.

Part 3: In Which we Discover Loopholes
After defeating Bugsy, we headed off to Ilex forest, but before we could enter, Silver challenged us to a battle, Silver was trounced by Behemoth, so no worries there.

It was in the Ilex forest that I found a beautiful lady who was lost and needed someone to guide her out of the forest. "Perfect," I thought, "getting some alone time with a pretty lady while I act as a knight in shining armour". But my delusions where cut short as Behomoth showed her the way out of the forest. I suppose because my entire team is female they think my flirting with NPC's is oppressive? Women, am I right?

Made it out of the forest and caught Drowsy the Drowsee. Arrived in Goldenrod and then the Togepi egg hatched, Elm was very EGGcited (get it? I'm sorry, I promise no more puns. (this is at least the second time I've made that promise)). I didn't understand why, I had already hatched the Slugma, Wooper and Mareep eggs i got from Primo, but he didn't care then. Elm wanted me to come and show him the Togepi, so I grabbed Kenya the Spearow and went back, picking up the TM for Rest thanks to the Kenya sidequest along the way. It was at this point I accidently discovered a loophole, see, the thing about Drowzee is one of their abilities is Insomnia, and the thing about Insomnia is it doesn't let you sleep, and the thing about Rest is, you need to be able to sleep in order for it to work.

So unless I catch a Drowzee with Forewarn and grind 6,000 play coins to get another Rest TM I can't do the challenge as intended, and I am not, repeat NOT grinding 6,000 play coins, I have to 2,000 play coins for Substitute late on anyway. So basically Rest is now just a move that nly serves to waste 1 turn in 1 in every 3 battles and reduce my movepool to 3 options, (one of hih has to be Hypnosis anyway).

Stopped off at the flower shop, and they told me owning a watering can would be too dangerous if I didn't have the Plain Badge, so I figured that should be my next stop.

So yeah, wasn't actually that bad. Her Clefairy pulled Outrage from Metronome, but Drowsy tanked it like a boss. And also put that Miltank to sleep... for a second, bloody thing has a Lum Berry. Ended up using Behemoth with her 70 Defense stat to win.

The team:

Support/Bayleef (F) @Miracle Seed
Lv. 22
Magical Leaf

Other than helping out a little bit in the Whitney battle, did absolutely nothing.

Behemoth/Onix (F)
Lv. 18
Rock Tomb
Rock Throw

Coming along nicely, although a very low Attack stat hurts, a lot, it is somewhat offset by that ridiculous Defense stat. I'm also doing a Nuzlocke in Platinum at the same time as this scramble, I also have a Onix in that, it's interesting to compare my playstyles between the two. I like this Onix better though, for whatever reason the other Onix always, always misses.

Drowsy/Drowzee (F) @Shell Bell
Adamant (curse is broken!)
Lv. 18
1/3 strongest gym leader Pokemon put to sleep
1/3 gym leader Pokemon solo'd

It's kind of disappointing with the whole, Insomnia thing, but for the purposes of role playing, i guess it makes sense. Also, taking an Outrage! OMG, what even? She took both hits of the Outrage no problem, I was so impressed! New favourite team member!

Next update hopefully won't take as long, I kept putting playing this game off because I forgot about the Kenya sidequest and I really didn't want to have to grind 6,000 play coins, that and I'm really into Monster Hunter at the moment. I sure hope the image link tags still work.
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