The World Cup of Pokemon IV - Round 1

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We are fine in the win department despite some of us experiencing some bad luck. Don't worry about us, worry about making sure you personally get some wins of your own Ace.
Congratulations on making yourself look like a fool lol If you checked the pairings page, i have the same win / loss ratio as you =[

I'm sure you have enough worry for yourselves, without others having to worry for you!


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I'm actually 2-1 and not 1-1 like you are so maybe you wouldn't look like a fool if you read the thread sometime...

And I wasn't literally referring to your W/L record regardless, I was pretty much saying you worry about your matches and we'll worry about ours.

6A9 Ace Matador

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Stone cold you better pray you don't come up against me, because i'll give you the stone cold stunner. But unlike WWE it's gona be real, and it's gona hurt.

Also MS you are a whiny bitch

"Hip was ridiculously luckfucked :( Ah well our..."

"Gg regardless, bloody speed tie ruined my only chance to win and sweep his team but ehh thats pokemon."

"Lost 1-0 to Kaxtar. Its frustrating cause I put hours upon hours theorymonning 4 teams and that had I picked any but my Mono water, I would have won, as all the others matched up incredibly well vs..."



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I thought about editing all the shit out but fuck it, I wanna see a fight 8)


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i was up at the start but i made a huge mistake at the end...

...which Pokémon rectified. really sorry havak, didnt deserve that win
lost in a game that could have gone either way but Pokemon (the game) got in the way. Gg.

although the game did make my team better.. I think I know where to fit the missing piece now.


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Yeah Sleep Powder's miss was the beginning of the end, and one or two other things. GG I guess...
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