Turnabout Engine: Chapter 2 (Day) - Delayed until further notice

"I checked the kitchen last night. There is quite an array of silverware in there that matches the knife perfectly; perhaps that's where the killer found his weapon last night?"
A young woman triest to stifle her cries. "OW! I c-cut my finger on the br-broken wine glass when I investigated the spilled w-wine last night. Why d-do I always g-get hurt?"

She finally pulls herself together after popping a blueberry in her mouth, and stroking her blonde, curly hair. "Anyway, I also noticed that there was some wine dripping from the bar onto the floor in addition to the wine on the floor from the broken glass. I g-guess this could be from the same glass, b-bit I don't know if that can b-be assumed..."

"It would be nice if we all introduced ourselves, seeing as we'll be stuck on this train until the m-murderer is captured. My name is A-Avery and I l-like blueberries and walking in the rain..."

She immediately shuts her eyes tightly and waits for everyone else to introduce themselves.



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As you inspect the bar, you notice that everything around Acklow is pretty clean. It probably meant that the bar attendant had cleaned everything off around Acklow, since that was where the important information was laying. however, the spill surrounding Acklow's head that came from his drink was still dripping onto the floor. Acklow himself looked particularly peaceful. As if he was in a coma. You know otherwise, however.


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Calm yourself, child. The bartender likely cleaned the bar off only because it would be repulsive to leave such a mess. No, I assure you, the murderer must be one of us.


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It appears that the one who calls himself "Aura Guardian" investigated the same carpet I did. I, for one, wouldn't be surprised if he was the one who knocked it over, considering children and how many messes they make.

Then again, I am quite disappointed that everyone is not doing more to catch this murderer. What this might do to my sales, I just don't know... In any case, I request that everyone here doubles their efforts into this investigation!
Hate to break character, but I asked Acklow for a sub and haven't paid much attention since :/ I'll do what I can in the meantime but I apologize in advance if my activity is spotty :(


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I swear this had better not turn into an inactive NOC game...Extending Deadline until further notice...

Also remember you can move to other train cars during the day!!! If you plan on doing so remember to submit this to me via IRC or PM on Smogon.
Out of character: Well, I'd talk more, but there isn't much TO talk about... we dont have the normal NOC strategy of looking at interactions and scummy/not because this is not village v mafia, but village v wolf, which means we really need more evidence...

In character: "We need more evidence..."
Summary of in character: No Lynch
Hey ho there good chums, it appears that this good person named Ditto inspected the same area as I, and he unfortunately reported back here first.

But let's all focus, we must be able to do something this day, and no dilly-dallying, you hear?

Does anybody have an idea of when the sun shall set below the clouds? Preparation is needed, since we will be most vunlerable at the hour.

Oh, and quite right you good fellows (at least some people are thinking...) No Lynch.


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"You sorry mooks are gonna let yourselves get killed? While you sit there and do nothing there is a murderer on this train."

"At least I don't need a majority vote to defend myself."
Do not be so reckless good sir, if there is one thing I hate it is idiocy. Identify the situation we are in, and it would be senseless killing one person on an off chance that we could find the murder. Sacrifices must be made, sacrifices onto glass cannons like you it would be preferable on. Sacrifices onto someone as superior to you as I? *scowls* I think not. If one person dies tonight then we can find the murderer much easier tomorrow, unless somebody happens to find some kind of evidence that would sway us towards a killer, of course. Now you people can focus and find such evidence... I need to find something else...

...something important...


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I am inclined to agree. If we assume that this demonic murderer is working alone, then it would work best to get more information. Let us not turn on one another until we have some strong evidence. Answering violence with more needless violence will only help this fiend.

No Lynch


Is she still looking at the sunset, now long vanished?
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((towards celever, who doesn't have much in the way of identifiable traits atm))

"I don't know what a glass cannon is, and even if it was some gutter slang I think I'd have read about it somewhere. But I do know when someone is talking down to me, you think that I should be sacrificed over you? Well, let's see how hard it is for the killer to get you in the infirmary." I throw off my trenchcoat and put up my fisticuffs.
I have told you once and I shall tell you again, do not be reckless. I also must inform you that picking a fight with me is not a good idea - it is pure idiocy, and I can be very... persuading. You do not want to know in what ways I can be persuading, and certainly not on only the first day of this horrific ordeal. Stop picking fights and focus, if we are to discover important people on this blasted train we must stop turning on each other and focus on the task at hand. What is that task? To destroy this satanic being in the cleanest way possible, particularly without losing people of importance.... but of importance to whom? *Gently strokes moustache whilst pacing backwards and forth*