UU Can Party Too - FINALS! [Won by dragonuser]

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For those of you interested in actually watching this set, we're playing at 9pm EDT on Tuesday night on Po2 Grotto. Will post again if location changes but our time is set.
We're going to be on reborn, no alts for either party, and we're playing in about 15 minutes because I have some stuff I want to finish up real quick.

Come one, come all, or come none, it doesn't really matter^^
I played kind of bad overall. Lost 3-0 (rounds 5, 4, 1)
Du played well. I screwed up bad early in game 3 and was behind from the get-go. I was going to run Mental Herb and then panicked and changed it at the last second in case he went for Spore with a Smeargle instead. Nope. >_<

Round 4 was a nice little mirror but a teambuilding mistake on my end cost me. Oh well.

Round 5 was a nice game that I lost on a nature decision I had made. Hehh...

Oh well. Congrats man, you deserve it and outplayed me. n_n
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