Wyoming in Darkness Chapter(less) (Round) 5

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Wyoming in Darkness!

General Tournament Rules
Round 3

Standard and Unique Rules

  • Battles will conducted as a be best 3 out of 5.
  • This will be a Double Elimination tournament. This is because this tournament is truly based on luck.
  • As this tournament is based on luck, you are not allowed to bitch or moan about having bad luck. Got it?
  • Battles will be carried out on both Shoddy Battle and Netbattle Supremacy (Note: If you need help getting NBS to work, contact me or someone with Netbattle Supremacy that works to help you out).
  • Each randbat will take place in a different battle format until someone has won 3 games.
    • So, you would play a randbat first in say, GSC. The next randbat would then be a different generation other than GSC. Rinse and repeat.
      • A generation cannot be repeated in a match!
  • These are the legal randbat formats and what battle simulator they are to be played on.
    • RBY (NetBattle Supremacy)
    • GSC (NetBattle Supremacy)
    • ADV (NetBattle Supremacy)
    • ADV Doubles (NetBattle Supremacy)
    • DPP (Shoddy Battle)
      • Note: Under no circumstance is DPP allowed to be played on NBS.
  • Whoever loses the randbat decides which format is going to be played next.
Battle Rules

  • Sleep Clause
    • Two opposing pokémon cannot put to sleep by attacking methods.
  • Self-KO Clause
    • A pokémon is not allowed to use a move in a possible tie situation which forces it to KO itself.
      • Example: If one pokémon is left on each side and you have Explosion, you are not allowed to use it as it will force a tie.
        • Recoil moves (i.e. Brave Bird) are an exception to this clause. Please note that Shoddy Battle does not know what a tie is, so before using a recoil move, calculate the recoil damage to determine if a tie occurs or not.
  • Challenge Cup
    • It's what this tournament is about. All pokémon moves, attacks, and items are generated at random.
  • Level Balance (Shoddy Battle only. NBS automatically sets this up)
    • This is a reminder for DPP matches.
  • Species Clause
    • Two pokémon of the same species cannot be on a team.
  • Timed Battle
  • If a rule is broken during a battle, the person who broke the rule is given a loss for that battle. You continue onto the next battle in the match.
There are still titles to be given out to the winner and then to the losers of Wyoming in Darkness! What are they you ask? Here’s the answer.

  • 1st Place: Hero or Heroine of Wyoming
    • Discovering that you exist due to the interference of The Five Formats. You now fight them so that you can disappear!
  • 2nd Place: Snarky Sidekick
    • You help the Hero or Heroine of Wyoming in many situations, you’re also his best friend!
  • 3rd Place: Hero or Heroine Love Interest That Will End Up as a Hostage Later on and will be saved by the Hero or Heroine of Wyoming.
    • You're the sexy person in Wyoming who the Hero or Heroine of Wyoming desires most. You're average at best.
  • 4th Place: Annoying Emo Person who Thinks They’re Bad Ass but in Reality is Annoying.
    • You are almost as strong as the Hero or Heroine, but not really. The side kick is still stronger. You think you’re awesome in every way, but you’re not. The Hero or Heroine of Wyoming manages to put up with you somehow.
  • 5th Place: Traitor Guy who Redeems Him or Herself Later by Doing Something Heroic.
    • Why does this feel familiar...
  • 6th Place: Tank
    • The huge and muscular person of the group who’s not that bright, but is lovable nevertheless!
  • 7th Place: Intelligent Person who Thinks He or She is Better Than Everyone
    • God I hate this person, don’t you?
  • 8th Place: Obligatory Special Person Who Will Die Sooner or Later Before the Adventure is Done.
  • 9th to 15th Place: People Who Join the Hero or Heroine of Wyoming to Save Wyoming but are Fillers.
    • Plenty of those.
  • 16th to 32nd Place: Fallen Wyomingites
    • Wait, what?
  • Any other place: Wyomingite Who Wants to be Real
    • Who wants to live in Wyoming? Wait, that is just too unrealistic.
No story no wacky language. I'm in a dead slump. Sorry. Loser's bracket round only.

TotalPotato vs wilson46
Sapientia vs TV-Rocka
Bluewind vs billymills
Raseri vs Flamestrike
-Mind- vs Gouki
Golden Sun vs Lightwolf - coin flip
BlocksRcool vs IK. - coin flip
hanke vs dbolt
Mastadi vs B-Lulz - coin flip
Dummy007 vs Mizuno
coolking49 vs Lakers
drcossack vs Joel
_Rewer_ vs IredxL - activity
KnightoftheWind vs Synth_Metal - coin flip
NailsOU vs LinIsKorean - activity
Veedrock vs makiri - coin flip

In an amazing turn of events, we have 32 people in the LB.

Pokémon Online is available to use for battles.

Deadline is November 5th, 9:00 PM, PDT. I'm being nice to those who are buying Kinect day one. I'm not one of `em though.
vm'd lakers

edit: no response yet

11/6/10 edit: I missed his earlier message. I vm'd him again, hopefully we can finish our match soon
Activity post, neither Raseri or I could do it before today at the earliest so I'm PMing him now to try to set up a time before deadline.

EDIT: No response, but he's been online so I dunno, guess I'll just have to wait it out.
EDIT 2: Sent another PM, hoping to get a time set up soon :/
Lost to Mizuno 3-1. DPP wouldn't work, so we switched to NBS. He won both ADVs and RBY, while I won GSC. Some great games (I won the second with a Rattata :P).
Can I just give Flamestrike the win? I have no time to do this unfortunately. I don't want to drop out so late but I don't know what else to do
Lightwolf told me to pm him when I see him online but I've only seen him once and that was 5 minutes before school. Hopefully we can get it done tomorrow don't see it happening though
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