You-Choose-It Mafia - Sign Ups

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Hey there everybody. It's that time again. This will be the next major mafia game for the forum. You might be wondering why it's being posted so early then, since Mekkah's game is only about halfway through.

Easy. Time is needed to create the game after sign-ups happen.

Here is what is going to happen...

1). You sign up in this thread.

2). After you sign up here, regardless of whether or not I confirm you, you need to send me THREE characters you wish to be in this next mafia listed in order of preference. Some of you I have already spoken to, and your characters are such that I doubt any of them will be replicated, so 3 characters are not necessarily needed. It is just highly suggested so as to avoid repeats. ANYTHING is fair game for your character. Batman, your 5th grade math teacher, a broom, whatever. It's all fair game here.

3). I and my co-host Brain will then build the game around the characters that you have all chosen to be in time to start smoothly at the conclusion of Mekkah's game.

4). The game will then go up, and pm's will be sent out (done on an anonymous forum once again). I will post a list of everyone who signed up, but NOT everyone will necessarily be in the game.

What this does...

1). Eliminates character/role predictability that themes can sometimes carry.

2). Increases amount/ease of false-claiming and deception.

3). <Broolucks> the best reason for the method of choosing characters is that it's wicked fun ;)


Anyone is allowed to sign up. I will have no reservations for people except for Mekkah and Jumpluff who are running the current game. They will both have spots saved for them if they want them.

After a while (3-5 days), this thread will be locked, and we will pick players that make the game interesting. You'll probably get a spot if your character choices are too cool to pass up. So keep that in mind. I will not spoil the exact number of players, since the theme and set-up of the game is partially dependent on what kind of characters are received. There will, as has been in the past, be NPCs.

Also, this is important: Be sure to pm your 3 character choices to BOTH me and Brain. This will make it much easier for us and you. So please abide by this.

And so, let the sign-ups begin.

1). Mekkah
2). jumpluff
3). DP Crobat
4). thunda
5). Ph3artehPh1r3
6). Serenity
7). Mordock
8). Fishin
9). demon238
10). Empoleon Guru
11). Jimbo
12). Thorns
13). Bender
14). nizik
15). Twash
16). moot
17). moi
18). Veedrock
19). dak
20). cookie
21). Hipmonlee
22). AvatarST
23). eric the espeon
24). porygon3
25). tennisace
26). bass
27). -_-
28). billymills
29). cyzir visheen
30). umbreon dan
31). Yoshi King
32). Pidgeot79
33). gmax
34). Upside
35). Earthworm
36). Jackal
37). jenigmat
38). Shiv
39). Amelia
40). wrecklesswrage
41). Toothache
42). LightWolf
43). GTS
44). aamto
45). Shade
46). Kumar
47). timw06
48). Annhialator Zero
49). Stoo
50). Sonuis
51). Galahad (someone can't take a joke...)


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in order of mafias SSB -> Partner -> Element the mafias I die early in alternate, so this should be a good game for me :)
Some precisions:

We'll pick the first character you submit unless somebody else has it as their first choice. Then we'll give *both* users their second choice. If you want, you can tell us that there is "no order" in your characters and then we'll choose for you :)

We'll pick the anonymous aliases according to a TBD theme. What you are choosing are the character names.
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