YugiMafia - Day Three - More of an Edge for Yugi


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In the finals of the LEGENDARY DOOFUS TOURNAMENT, we have Yugi Muto vs Seto Kaiba. Let's recap what has happened already in the match so far:

Yugi got out to an early lead when he used some sort of bullshit to summon Slifer the Sky Dragon on turn two. But Kaiba quickly answered with his own Egyptian God Card, Obelisk the Tormentor. The two fought each other, and both died a painful death.

Dear zorbees,
You are Slifer the Sky Dragon.

You are a big red dragon with two mouths and lots of cool abilities. Yugi's first Egyptian God Card, you were featured quite a bit in the Battle City tournament. It's a shame you died so early here...

You have powerful blasts that you can emit from your mouths. At night, you may PM zorbees with "Night X - Godkill <user>". Your target will be immediately fried.

When inspected, your win condition will appear as "You are allied with Yugi Muto. You win if Exodia is successfully summoned."

You are allied with the Egyption God Coalition. You win if you don't have to godkill anyone.
Kaiba, after reading this Role PM, realized Yugi's strategy. "You're trying to summon Exodia! It's not possible! Nobody's ever been able to summon him!"

Yugi snarkily responds, "Except when I did against you that one time."

"I try to forget that..." Kaiba mutters. Kaiba then does some quick calculations. "According to 10,000 computer simulations, you should be able to summon Exodia by the end of Night 9!. And as we all know, Kaiba computers are always correct. I guess I'll have to defeat you swiftly then!"

And with that, the mafia begins!

(If you didnt' read the flavor text or want a summary, Exodia will be summoned by the end of Night 9. The village, Yugi Muto, will win if and when this happens. If the Exodia role dies before or on Night 9, Seto Kaiba, the mafia faction, wins.)


Ace Emerald
danmantincan -> Jalmont
The Royal Guard
GUARD zorbees Mk II


billymills - Catapult Turtle - Anonymous Messenger - Yugi Muto
theangryscientist - Saggi the Dark Clown -> Vorse Raider - Inspector -> Persuader - Seto Kaiba
Paperblade - Hitotsu-Me Giant - Thief - Seto Kaiba
VonFiedler - Vorse Raider -> Saggi the Dark Clown - Persuader -> Inspector - Seto Kaiba
Draycos7 -> Terria - Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon - Kidnapper - Seto Kaiba

Standard nonsense:

1. Whilst you are alive you can talk to anyone about the game. Once you are dead you cannot talk to anyone about the game, unless you have teammates mentioned in your Role PM, in which case you may talk with only those members of your team, and only for strategy purposes. Knowledge acquired after death cannot be transferred from a dead player to a living player.

2. Every user has a role PM. Role PMs may not be shown to other users on Night 0, but starting from Day 1 onwards they may be freely distributed. The exception to this rule is if you have teammates mentioned in your Role PM. Screenshotting of all forms is banned. If anyone finds a person encouraging others to take screenshots or taking screenshots and showing other people, please be sure to report it.

3. You can paste things told to you by the host. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, these can be faked. If you want to fake a log, feel free to PM zorbees for assistance. Impersonation of a host or another user however, is banned at all points. Please do not attempt to impersonate in any way.

4. Each day will have a deadline of 48 hours. You may vote to lynch users during the day by posting "lynch USER" in bold, or "No lynch" if you don't want to lynch anyone. If you change your vote, you MUST edit the bolded text out of the old post and make a new post with a new vote. Once there is a majority as determined by the host, there may or may not be a grace period of 1-3 hours, and if the majority is still in place after said grace period, the day will end. Please don't ask about when a majority is reached - once it's time for the day to end, it'll end (provided a host is there to update). The game will start on Night 1, meaning deaths can happen.

4.5. If there's a tie, no one will be lynched.

5. Each night will have a deadline of 48 hours. This gives you 48 hours to send your night action. Please state what you are doing in the PM title, it makes it MUCH easier to handle. Remember that PMs are to be sent to zorbees and NOBODY ELSE.

5.5. If you're not going to do anything at night, send a PM titled "Night X - idling". This makes keeping track of things easier and informs me that you're still playing the game.

6. Priorities have been decided beforehand and will not be revealed.

7. This game features items. Items can be used at the same time as regular night actions, unless stated otherwise. You can give an item away during either the day or night, by sending a pm to zorbees stating "Night/Day X - Give ITEM to USER." You cannot use an item during the same night you give it away, however you can use an unrelated ability whilst giving away an item. Giving away an item has the lowest priority of any actions.

7.5. There is no "Scavenger" ability. Items held by a person who is killed at night will be transferred to the killer. Items held by a person who is lynched or godkilled will be randomly distributed to someone who voted for the lynched party (or anyone in case of godkill, though please don’t make this happen).

8. Only sign up if you know you're going to be at least fairly active. If I notice that you seem to be idle, I reserve the right to have you forcefully subbed out if necessary. I'll most likely nudge first, though.

9. Anything else thats normal fare that I forgot; I copied this mostly from the thing in the Circus rules sticky.

Game specific rules:

1. This game will be a fairly standard 1v1, with one twist announced when the game starts.

2. Remember to not play NOC with UncleSam.

3. If you don’t follow the previous rule, you will be godkilled and will receive a coupon redeemable for 1 (one) public shaming.

4. I think thats it.

The IRC channel is #YugiMons, IRC is important in mafia.

It is now Night One. Kills are active, so take note. Role PMs are currently going out, I will post when all are out.
just fyi hurricane isaac is going to be doing its best to kick my ass shortly so once i leave irc tonight i probably won't be getting back until thursday at the earliest, maybe longer if i lose electricity
Alright, it's time to step up.

I have the most solid claim in the history of solid claims. I am Dark Magician, the inspector (lol).

There is really no way I could be lying about this (I'd be counterclaimed in about 10 seconds), so I would like to see you guys claim with role name and night action.

If I deem you trustworthy, we'll trade role PMs once N1 is over. There's really no way I'm going to trust anyone who doesn't claim soon. Especially you Hurricane Isaac people should contact me before the storm hits so we can get organized in a reasonably timely manner.

We can get something accomplished tonight if we act as soon as possible.

Let those claims roll in!
Alright, for those of you who have, thanks for claiming. I'm leaving for a couple of hours now; feel free to PM me on the forums if I'm not on IRC when you want to talk.


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Yugi Muto tried to regain the momentum by preparing an assault led by Catapult Turtle. He unfortunately had to end his turn before he could launch anything at Kaiba.

"HA! That's all you can do?" Seto Kaiba seemed confident that he had a good defense. He activated the Spell Card Snatch Steal, taking control of Yugi's Catapult Turtle, then tributed it for its effect, because apparently the Catapult Turtle can launch itself. (It's the Yu-Gi-Oh anime, crazier shit has happened).

"Hah, now the world can weep for your Catapult Turtle, permanently in the graveyard, no longer in the game.

zorbees said:
Dear billymills,
You are Catapult Turtle.

You haven’t been used much by Yugi since the Duelist Kingdom arc, but he still thinks fondly of you. Your special ability allows you to tribute ally monsters to inflict effect damage to your opponent. Some notable achievements of yours are forcing the Castle of Dark Illusions to come crashing down from the sky, and breaking Mai Valentine’s Mirror Wall.

You will be using your catapult to aid you in this conflict. At night, you may PM zorbees with “Night X - launch message to <user>”, with a message included in the body of the PM. The message will be sent anonymously to your target. Your target will be allowed to respond to your message the following day, reaching you by nightfall.

You are allied with Yugi Muto. You win if Exodia is successfully summoned.
Yugi declares, "billymills, your loss will not be in vain!"

Kaiba ends his move by setting two Spell/Trap cards facedown.

As Yugi draws for his turn, Kaiba activates one of his facedowns. "Remember this card Yugi? It is the mighty Lightforce Sword card!" With the activation of Lightforce Sword, penguin344 was temporarily removed from the game until further notice. He may speak on IRC but may not vote or post in the thread.

"Now its time to mount a counter! It's my move!" Yugi seems confident that he will be able to put a dent into Seto's strategy.

"I summon Exodia, the Forbidden One to the playerlist." Kaiba, confused wonders "To the playerlist? What does that mean?"

It is now Day 1. Day 1 will end 48 hours after I finish sending results. Results are currently going out, be patient, as I cannot bypass the 60 second rule thing.


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ALL RESULTS ARE OUT, IF YOU DIDNT GET ONE AND THINK YOU SHOULD HAVE, PM ME. DAY 1 ENDS 48 HOURS AFTER THIS POST. Note that I made an edit to the update after it was originally posted, if you didn't notice.
I will be needing everyone's role PMs.

In return, here's a role PM for you!

zorbees said:
Dear theangryscientist,
You are Saggi the Dark Clown.

You are a very weak monster. In fact, the only reason Seto Kaiba uses you, is because you are so weak, you can fulfill the activation requirements for the mighty Crush Card Virus. You will try your best for him, though you don’t know how good your best can be.

You will be using your prankster nature to receive vital information on your enemies. At night, you may PM zorbees with “Night X - Trick <user>”. You will trick your target into giving you his role PM.

<snip (zorbees snipped this)>

You are allied with Seto Kaiba. You win if Yugi Muto is defeated before Exodia is summoned.
I don't exactly want this guy running around too much longer, so while it pains me to lynch someone who doesn't have electrical power, we really have no choice in the matter. If you had power, I'd do the exact same thing.

Sorry tas. ;_;

Lynch theangryscientist