YugiMafia - Day Three - More of an Edge for Yugi


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VonFiedler died:

zorbees said:
Dear VonFiedler,
You are Saggi the Dark Clown.

You are a very weak monster. In fact, the only reason Seto Kaiba uses you, is because you are so weak, you can fulfill the activation requirements for the mighty Crush Card Virus. You will try your best for him, though you don’t know how good your best can be.

You will be using your prankster nature to receive vital information on your enemies. At night, you may PM zorbees with “Night X - Trick <user>”. You will trick your target into giving you his role PM.


You are allied with Seto Kaiba. You win if Yugi Muto is defeated before Exodia is summoned.
It is now Night 3. Night 3 ends 48 hours after this post.


Chwa for no reason!
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Terria/Draycos7 died:

zorbees said:
Dear Draycos7,
You are Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

You are Seto Kaiba’s ultimate trump card, being created by fusing three Blue-Eyes White Dragons together. Since Seto Kaiba possesses the only three Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards, he is the only one who has ever summoned you.

You will be using your mighty lightning blasts to deter your opponents. At night, you may PM zorbees with “Night X - ATTACK <USER>!”. Your target will be so devastated from the blasts that he will be temporarily knocked unconscious, and will be removed from the game until he heals.

You are allied with Seto Kaiba. You win if Yugi Muto is defeated before Exodia is summoned.
GUARD zorbees Mk II has joined the playerlist.

It is now Day 3. Day 3 ends 48 hours after results are out.


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The above is entirely untruthful. But that's what you would expect from a village leader that's gone rogue!

Basically, there's an item in this game that changes the WC of a villager to the WC of the mafia. I know this because I had possession of this card. So for a while, thinking that it would be in my best interests to help the mafia in order for me to win. Then things kind of fell apart after it was stolen one night. I did not tell aska about this card when I had it (for obvious reasons). The night after it was stolen, I had an interesting convo with our dear villager leader.

Session Start: Sat Sep 08 11:16:28 2012
Session Ident: askaninjask
[11:16] Session Ident: askaninjask (synIRC, jalmont) (ninjask@y.slash.n)
[11:16] <askaninjask> hey seto jalmont
[11:17] <askaninjask> let me know if you want to get your faction changy item back
01[11:17] <jalmont> que
[11:17] <askaninjask> von told me to speak with you after his death in his place
[11:17] <askaninjask> ...
01[11:17] <jalmont> oh cool
01[11:17] <jalmont> so uh what did you guys talk about
[11:17] <askaninjask> well we talked about your broken faction change item
01[11:17] <jalmont> can you fill me in on whats happening
[11:18] <askaninjask> and how the only way you guys could possibly win this game is by converting me...
[11:19] <askaninjask> your thoughts?
01[11:20] <jalmont> well yeah our only shot atm is to convert you
01[11:20] <jalmont> i am guessing you know where the item is?
[11:20] <askaninjask> so you agree
[11:20] <askaninjask> i do know where the item is
[11:21] <askaninjask> you must agree to a couple of things though
[11:21] <askaninjask> obviously
[11:21] <askaninjask> if you know who this person is
[11:21] <askaninjask> contacting him will be a horrible idea
01[11:21] <jalmont> yeah
[11:22] <askaninjask> it will make him know that i told you who he was
[11:22] <askaninjask> which will let everyone know what's going on...
[11:22] <askaninjask> ok?
[11:22] <askaninjask> so you are going to kill this user
[11:22] <askaninjask> to get this item back
[11:22] <askaninjask> in the daytime, you will send me the item
01[11:23] <jalmont> that works for me
[11:23] <askaninjask> and then when i have the item and can confirm its legitimacy, i will let you know who exodia is and we'll win immediately
01[11:23] <jalmont> awesome!
[11:24] <askaninjask> so this user is coolking49
01[11:25] <jalmont> alright
01[11:26] <jalmont> we will make sure to kill him tonight, then pass you the item
[11:26] <askaninjask> yep
Session Close: Sat Sep 08 20:26:17 2012

In case you were wondering, von passsed me the card, and we were working together. The mafia I presume still assumed I had the card. aska however must've believed I was mafia which is entirely untrue. So using my skills at faking a mafioso I pretended to be a mafian, and we had that well, how do i put this? interesting set of logs.

It's quite clear by now that aska has this convert item, and it's safe to say we can't trust him as our village leader. Either way, it's probably best that we find another user to lead. Someone who we know we can 100% trust. I dunno whether or not the mafia knows who Exodia is, but we it's safe to say that I am being framed by aska because he is a convert. Not to mention he completely lied about what I claimed :/

A vote for the village is a vote foraskaninjask. vote askaninjask


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There are plenty of explantions on why ck didn't die. That also doesn't mean that you don't have the convert item at all. So yeah "nice try."
Vote Jalmont
Told me he was Dark Magician Girl. I am Dark Magician Girl. No brainer. I trust aska.

Edit: I'm not item checker, I'm item possession checker. I don't know what item my target is holding if i find someone who has one.


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I am honestly pretty sad to see the day where villages cannot function on their own without village leaders. I don't really understand why villagers cannot think for themselves, but hey what can I do? If you've missed out then basically a number of users have taken to trolling and insulting me in order to make me look bad, while ignoring the evidence I have provided and providing no arguments of their own. Obviously I wish I could say somethign that puts this matter beyond doubt, but I don't. I just hope that a few of you out there will listen to me and hopefully remember what I've said.

aska, congrats on doing a great job framing me, gj winning w/ the mafia as well

village, don't come crying to me when aska wins with the mafia

mafia, good job getting yourselves out of being massacred

if anyone acutally has a good argument on why aska's village please talk to me
if you have a bad argument don't expect me to respond because i am done listening to the sheep that make up this village

It's a sad day for mafia indeed.


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Did you not notice five of us yelling our own formulated reasons for your guilt at you on IRC? Or were you too busy refuting our arguments with "no ur dumb lol"
I still have the item, btw. No point in hiding it since I can give it away, whenever, and there's basically no chance of the mafia winning now unless I give the item to aska, and even then he would need to lynch off 15 villagers. It also sucks that i cant kill people. I kinda wanted the ability to do that. So yeah, I'm currently a really crappy member of the mafia who cant even kill people. Still working with the village though, since I fully intend to give the item away when we are about to win. lynch Jalmont
Eh, it really wouldn't make sense at this point. Every lynch has hit a mafia member, and if askaninjask tried to turncoat now...well for one thing it would make the game a bit more interesting...but he'd have a ridiculously low chance of winning.

Hmm, that said, it seems we are winning a bit too easily, and we did just lynch the guy who in the anime was required to activate the Crush Card.

Meh, I'm probably thinking too hard.

Lynch Jalmont.


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try giving the item to aska. we'll do a test who wins (don't actually im just trying to make a point)

either way, walrein please stop hiding the truth from the masses
Walrein's argument: "aska's great guy who would never betray the village!"
response: not disputing he isn't a great guy, but putting that level of trust in one man seems dangerous to me!

Ace Emerald's argument: "We might as well give up now if aska has the item."
response: ck still has the item, but that being said, we don't know if he's mafia. we don't know if he's a cohort of aska. right now, it's much safer to lynch than mislynch me. Nobody else has the info aska has (as far as i'm aware.) we should lynch aska, and then have someone trustworthy secretly give out actions and such.

cypher's argument: "what if this happened and what if this exists"
response: irrelevant, we could theory about what is in this game and what isn't for a very long. I'm trying to focus on the facts.

kingofkongs's argument: "you're a doo doo head"
response: doesn't disprove anything i've said lol

Yeah, i hope the members of the village will understand what i've said here, and at least consider what i've said and join me.

FYI: Try reading the mafia win condition. aska has an easier path to winning with the mafia then he does with the village.


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my other argument: you claimed the same thing as another, much more trustworthy person

<jalmont> i am backup inspect

if anyone could doublecheck the veracity of Dark Magician Girl the Backup Inspector please do so

EDIT2: if jalmont flips DMG we lynch blackhawk, obviously. jalmont being village doesn't make aska bad though


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so you're telling me "item possession checker" is a legitimate claim
yeah i don't really think so but w/e

i don't see how anyone can really check that but sure go ahead

im saying aska's going to be converted not that he's mafia already. you aren't reading my posts at all


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Item checker is a perfectly legitimate role, I've seen it used in games before and I've used it before myself.

Also, there are plenty of ways to stop coolking from passing off the item.

The fact that there was no mafia kill last night leads me to believe that the mafia hit the bodyguarded coolking, who aska told you had the alliance switch item, is another piece of evidence against you.

I'd produce a role PM if you want to be taken seriously.