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  • Hm...well, I can pull up the damage calculations to show you that your team is OHKO'd, but I'll deal with his comments first.

    While your Latias set does manage to eventually beat Empoleon one-on-one, most Empoleon-based teams run a Trapper TTar of some sort, to start Sandstorm AND to trap things like Latias and Starmie, who otherwise would wall Empoleon without GK. My point was that Latias may not be alive long enough because of this fact. If you change the set, however, this is not an issue.

    ScarfRachi would also work, this is true. TPunch + faster speed does beat Empoleon, and it's not Pursuit weak. It does, however, have less overall Speed and Attack (SpA to Atk) . Each has their own advantages and such (one has insane flinchhax, the other absorbs status, etc). Jirachi would replace Magnezone's Steel typing, but in this sense, it would also bring back a EQ weakness and a Fire weakness, which does not help Scizor's cause. Starmie has Water resistances, but is Pursuit weak.
    Empoleon is definitely a threat, though, as once Latias is out for the count and TSpikes + SS is up, you're at a checkmate. Not sure why he dismissed it entirely.

    The choice between Starmie and Jirachi is better made by testing both. Jirachi, with Iron Head/TPunch/FPunch would solve Scizor/Lucario AND Empoleon, but would have a harder time against things that take neutral from these attacks. I'd say give both some consideration, test them, and see which does better.
    Hey, I don't want to clutter your RMT too much with my posts, so I'll reply about ScarfGon here.

    ScarfGon is a decent alternative in order to retain the immunity, but he actually would not counter Empoleon as well as either Rotom-H OR Starmie. Empoleon switches in, you switch out, he Substitutes. Now what? He Ice Beams you for a OHKO. Not cool. So, he actually only adds to your Empoleon problem instead of solving it. Otherwise, it would be a good choice.
    Sure. Sorry about that. I'll do it tonight. I already took a look at it, and I already have some counters I saw. I'll be happy to do it!
    Yeah, tell me when you want to use the credit in the future.

    As for now, well, I'll tell you when I'm available.
    Okay, you can post it if you're ready. I'll send the team when it's done. I'm currently testing it on Shoddy.
    Since there is no edit..

    I think you have more than enough rates, I think 35 is more than enough. Try doing some tests on shoddy and spot out some weaknesses there :/

    The RMT boards are for people who want an already made, done, complete team to be rated and to have changes made.

    The RMTers aren't building you a team.

    Besides it looks fine, i guess. Seriously though, test it on shoddy and then find your own weaknesses yourself =|
    Umm, yeah. I think you have plenty of rates. Anything any of us say will just be repetitious.
    I got you message about rating your team, but I think that it got all the rates it needed. Sorry for not rating it, but there is nothing more to cover.
    Hello Altros74! I saw you online and I wondered if you could rate my team entitled: OU Bulky Offense. Thank you for your time.
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