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    Was away for longer than I expected due to getting a new laptop and prioritizing some things over others.
    fyi normals/badgers/mods can't see when you delete their threads so you have to pm/vm them about why
    sort of a stupid exchange on the moves thread (if i could have, i would have deleted that post, so thanks)
    My first post was relevant to the thread, I did talk about the threats that the Bug/Psychic CAP would have to overcome, and I don't feel a delete was needed. My second post was off-topic however. Nonetheless, as a new poster on Smogon, its really sad to see some of my input just ignored.
    Capefeather, I don't know if you're participating in the new CAP4 Project, but I would like to ask your permission for something. During the Concept Submissions of CAP3, your suggestion was for a Pokemon with unconventional move/ability usage. I was in support of it before and I'd like to see it get another chance at being CAP4.

    Hence, I was wondering if I can use your OP as my submission for CAP4. I will be giving credit entirely to you should you allow it. If it is a problem, then I would ask that you resubmit it yourself. Either way, I'd hope you'd allow your submission to enter CAP4 in some form.
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    (I feel this is better than just posting LoAs all the time due to the impulsiveness of my losses of faith in Smogon and Smogon IRC. btw this is essentially for the same reasons as when I posted my LoA, and the only reason I'm here now is that Doug said he'll take realistic measures to address it.)
    Hey cape, the CAP3 Report in The Smog was incredible. I hadn't actually read it until today; I haven't really had the time, haha. You did such a great job in expressing the views of the community and dissecting the project in an understandable fashion for newer users. I was getting goosebumps at the end, no lie. Mollux really was the end of a huge era, wasn't it?

    Thanks so much for all you do =)

    God damnit I was just on youtube looking that up. The same exact video.

    You have a good sense of humor.

    Oh yeah, this to
    Hi, do you want to update your old Rhyperior analysis to fit this new meta, or do you mind if it gets revamped?

    I'm leaving it up you because you busted your ass on this one.
    you mean we can't get past the uncertainty principle with quantum computing?
    man lying people got me excited..
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