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  • i am free, all times are MST (2 hours behind eastern)
    Free monday 11am-130, 630pm till 1am
    Tuesday: 11 am onwards
    Same with most other days
    hey homie,
    im back from vacay Saturday evening, so we can trade soon
    As a reminder we agreed to:
    My Shiny Timid Flawless Latios (moon ball), And japenese event shiny flawless timid sceptile and ludicolo
    for your: bold suicune, shiny landorus, and speed boost blaziken

    I also happened to notice you want a Flawless crown Raikou
    I have one with HP Ice 70.
    may i offer it for your relicanth?

    hey there! thanks for pm'ing me, im down for the trades,
    buuut im on vacay, im only back on the 9th of september
    so hopefully you can wait a little, thanks :)
    Hey, I noticed in your thread title you were looking for a Healer Blissey. Can you work with Pokecheck? If so, I have a Friend Guard Happiny available here for download. If not, I can try trading it to you the old fashion way later today.
    he hacked a gen 3 Skarmory to have an illegal egg combination (drill peck and whirlwind).
    ill rng the hydreigon and exadrill if you can get me a timid flawless genosect
    hey, I'd remove i1338's Relicanth from your thread. he was blacklisted for hacking.
    Hi those 5th gen pokemon mostly aren't mine that's why they state xtr3me in front of them but i started doing 5th gen capptures and i ll move out to breeding eventually. Just let me know what you need exactly or if you liked something with my own OT(Loukas) and we can work on the details later
    I'm sosososososo sorry for being sick >.<

    we can trade today if you want D:
    Unfortunately no, the place I'm staying at right now has a WPA connection and I'm using a DS Lite so I can't connect to Wi-Fi here.
    Cool. I'll be available for pretty much all of this afternoon, let me know when you're ready to trade.
    Unless something goes wrong I'll be available to trade between about noon and 8 pm Pacific time. Any other tutor moves you need?
    All right, I should have it done tonight, and then I can trade tomorrow (unless you can use Pokécheck).
    I can't RNG on Gen 4 :( and if I did it on Gen 5, you'd be disqualified for using BW2 tutors :/
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