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  • I'm testing out random stuff too so it would be fun! I'll catch you tonight
    Ello, we need to play for farm league. I'm on GMT -6. I been out sick but I can battle any evening but saturday. Let me know when would be good for you
    00:20 Eraddd Where's my VMs
    00:20 Eraddd Molk
    00:20 windsong you have never explained to me
    00:20 Eraddd Ugh

    your request has been taken :>
    The guy that owns Maple Radio bought SW and is trying to relaunch it.

    His latest move was to fire every single person that was associated with SW previously and then complain that he doesn't have a team to bring it back.
    ._____. O-KAY i should've known the person who told me about it was trolling me rofl ugh

    and yep i do follow tbbt ('followed' is probably more accurate at this point though) and community is definitely on my to watch list. - but what's happened to it, pushed back why? o_O

    haha, i actually haven't - i don't like the taste of alcohol tbh :/ i'll try a bit of anything for the heck of it, but so far everything ive tried has tasted like grape juice gone wrong at best and like petrol at worst - not a fan, lol. i've drunk lots and lots of tea though!! didn't expect to at all, but i fell sick shortly after coming here (gotta love freshers' flu), spammed lots of it, and it sort of became a habit XD.

    but yeah i am very amazed by people who spend the night out and still manage to show up bright and perky for their 9AM lecture.

    yeah, it really is lovely here :p i wouldn't even know where to begin, lol - from the old brick buildings and churches, to the actual marketplace stalls in market square, to even stuff like the stunning colors of fall and being calf-deep in leaves walking back from class, it's just so different from everything i'm used to, haha. my favorite part has probably got to be the buskers, though (bin man!! <3)

    haha eww gl with those! we just have mock exams during the year and only the end-of-year ones are graded, for which i am currently very grateful :p

    you pick new courses every semester? our subjects run for a whole year (we can pick from a bunch of courses for part IA (first year), then another set for part IB (second year) and so on) i can't wait for next year when i will hopefully do a subject combination that doesn't include saturday morning lectures >:(

    also i just found the set of third year chemistry lecture notes i stole from a random lecture theatre the other day and all i can gather from it is that 1) it's in english I THINK i'm not even quite sure really, and 2) i will not be doing third year chem!!

    haha, i hesitated over doing chem at all this year tbh, i was sure organic would be the death of me, but so far it's just been such a lot of physics x_x thank goodness though that our lecturer is such an amusing person, lol - he talks about the randomest things ever (C9H12 windowpane??), likes jumping on tables to demonstrate IR stretching, and apparently will do something with rice krispies soon rofl consider me very looking forward to that!
    lol, i'd forgotten i dropped SAO midway - and i never even got anywhere close to the supposedly highly graphic sex scene, damn!! maybe during winter break~

    i haven't watched anything at all since coming here, and i don't miss it as much as i thought i would - it's really quite strange! i haven't gotten any new music or even watched much news, it's like i'm living in some kind of 'cambridge bubble' and i'm not quite sure why - maybe it's because everything here is still so strange and new, and there's so much to discover and explore, lol. anyway yeah, haha, i am doing well; it's quite crazy how at home i feel here. XD

    i didnt even know you watched american tv shows, though - which others do you watch?

    haha, unfortunately i definitely get what you mean regarding burning out - all my classes are bio/ chem related so i'm trying to do random things like spanish (would have done jap but they didn't offer it!) outside of school to avoid precisely that :/ i hope i never get quite that busy though! how long more till winter break for you?

    but arent you given more freedom to pick classes where you are? or is that only for the first two years / before you declare a major or something i dont really know how you guys do things
    hello! lol, i thought you werent gonna watch anything during the school term? i couldn't even if i wanted to!!

    life here's been amazing, super fun but also so busy; it's like the third week of school and i'm already backlogged on work from monday. the bigger crisis though is that i dont know wtf to wear for halloween i never really celebrated it before!

    how've you beeeeen
    I've been rather busy today, I'll be available around 7:30 PM GMT -5. If we don't see each other after that, I'll see if I can play Sunday. Otherwise, I can give you the win.
    I know this is late, but I had some work I needed to get done Sunday so I couldn't play. I can play anytime Friday or Saturday (I'm really limited on Sunday now) so same time Friday perhaps?
    Hope all goes well, sleep > smogon, hope we'll see you back at full strength soon <3 :)
    /me pet Eraddd
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