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  • Got uxie cloned, and no I don't need a copy of p2 (got mine when I got the other copies).

    Heading back on with the original uxie + 2 copies :)
    alrighty, sounds good. Will you need any clones of Uxie? because it's really no trouble for me to clone the mons :)
    OK, got the gyarados and p2 all cloned with the original + 2 copies of both, heading back on now :)
    ok it's working again. I'll be in wifi for a short while.
    edit: I can see you on standby at least.
    okay, I can do that. My SS FC is 2709 5214 9088.

    I'll head online right after I boot up my game with the AR code in place :)

    EDIT: which FC should I add for you?
    I have a lvl100 smeargle to spare with Mean look/spore/false swipe/foresight at 4th and 5th gen if you still need one
    I can trade now, but first if you could tell me what mons you need cloned and how many copies you want back, I can get set up :)
    I can clone on gen4 no problem (I use an AR). It's 5th gen that I have more trouble with, since my AR is old enough that it can't be updated to work with BW :/

    If you're fine with me AR cloning your mons, then I can give you back as many copies as you want :)
    EDIT: I'd like all three NN'd uncapped if possible, thanks :)

    Both salamence and zapdos are NN'd uncapped as the default, though togepi isn't (since it can evolve in a 5th gen game and gain a lowercase name).
    whenever ready to trade from 4th gen, use FC: 4383-6929-7278 as I believe you wanted the HP-Ice variant.
    That works out just fine, though I'm only available to trade later on today (like in 6 hours or so from the time of this VM). :)
    crown raikou is not nicknamable since it was a wondercard. Is the shiny bold porygon in 4th gen or 5th gen?
    Please remind me of our pending trade? I probably won't be able to trade until tomorrow anyways.
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