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  • Could you explain that a little more please? :) I don't know how to use "hide" tags is it something I have to insert myself or click on? Thank you very much for the message btw :)
    TALK about their poop? I do recall being up close and personal with your colonic emissions on more than one occasion...
    The way you grate cheese is pure poetry. I may have to compose a symphony to adequately convey just how amazing this is, or perhaps write a sonnet or two. This is the type of miracle from which folklore and legends are born. I'm in utter awe.
    Okay thanks just some friends needed help on clarifying the Calibration and stuff. But thanks alot :)
    Hey I am writing a 3rd gen RNG guide. May I have your permission to use the pics in your 3rd Gen PID guide in my guide please?
    You'd better understand just how simple and intuitive certain things can be if you didn't have to ask Google to explain them to you. Oh, and <3...
    But it's not nearly as weird as 3.25% milk. We call that "whole milk" in civilized countries.
    You should definitely get into it. When I was in my pre-teens I started playing. Back then they gave yous cheap starter decks and rulebooks to get use to the game. The game has changed drastically since then. Back in those days, they released 2 sets a year. I had the money and could afford a new deck here & there. But now they release 4 sets a year (3 every month!) and it gets too expensive. My last deck (and the last time I played competitively) was back in '08. Spent around $200 on my last deck and now it's way behind the modern sets. But it doesn't stop me from playing casual matches when I go to conventions and whatnot.

    It's a great game that involves a lot of strategy and it's super fun. I recommend you get into it. There are limitless possibilities. And you don't need too much money to construct a great deck. You can build a cheap and decent casual playing deck for $10-$50.

    ~ Aether Nexus
    Man, are we hardcore or what? Who needs sleep when you can RNG all night? We should start a club, but I get to be president.
    Indeed I shall. I may have a few other things too, but that remains to be seen... ;)
    Okay, I got the Snorlax ready. Let me know when I can send you the file with the Snorlax on it.

    It goes without saying, but thank you for doing this! You can have Redis Rights on the Snorlax if you'd like to. (and in the unlikely event you need anything I have RNG'ed on that file, you're free to keep a clone as well)
    Thanks for the offer Hozu, I'll gladly accept it :)
    I'll RNG the Snorlax when I have some free time, can I contact you again by then?
    HA! Love those pictures so much. I want one of Melia and Fiora together, but my laptop can't run RNGr, let alone an emu :/

    So who is your current profile pic of? (and believe it or not, I only just now logged in and noticed the message you sent like a month ago :p)
    Hmm, been reading your awesome thread and its rules (sorry for the flattery xD)...
    White & White 2 isn't mentioned on your retail collection, so it means you don't have them?
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