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  • Hey Hozu quick question, Those injected wondercards for events that have gone in the past the only way to get them is via FlashCart or can you download them off a GTS server?
    So these Pokemon are 100% legit? I could use them in a VGC competition without any issues if I download them from the GTS?
    Haunter HP Ice
    Dragonite Adamant
    Hydreigon Modest
    Groudon Impish
    Garchomp Adamant
    Rayquaza Naieve
    Volcarona Bold
    Deoxys Mild

    Is this really all ok? :OOO
    W O W
    That is an awesome box!! You are really giving them away for free?? I definitely will NOT post them in my thread! :O
    Thank you very much for those spreads. I am somehow familiar on how to use them. My real problem lies within me though, I have never tried RNG Abuse on Emerald. Is there a step-by-step guide (lengthy or short) except for the on-site guide? I'm always getting lost when I read it. =/
    Oh god. ._. If there are 60 frames in a second, divided to 100 M 1666666 seconds / 27777 minutes / 462 hours / 7 days o_o.

    And if I fail to hit the seed, I'd have to wait for another week...

    Is there any considerably easier way of getting "parents" for breeding? :S
    Ah, forgot to mention the game. Sorry about that. It was Emerald. (Very forgetful of me to include the game.) Thanks!
    Dude, I saw you had a guide on breeding Pokemon through RNG abuse. Do you also have a guide (or can you refer me) for capturing flawless Pokemon?
    Hi Hozu,

    I was reading your guide on hidden grotto abuse and there was a line I did not quite understand. Near the end you write "In this case it's 54, which matches the frame on the Time Finder". Is this by the gender ratios of the seed I found matching that of the initial frame? I've been able to use your guide to RNG the vulpix and a poliwhirl (they both are 10F so I used the same seed), but I'm trying to get a bagon now and isn't quite working.

    Thanks in advance!

    And to recalibrate more, I just need to say... Capture a stationary NPC, put it in the IV calculator with RNGReporter (with the time I selected Pokemon White 2 from the menu screen?) and then collect results from that until I find a reliable average?

    How many attempts does it take usually to force a Pokemon into a Hidden Grotto?
    I think I edited my message too late, sorry.

    "Everytime the timer hits 0 I start the game, I've tried adding or taking 1 but I can never get it right."

    Do you have an instant messager or something we can chat on?
    So, with my previous example (the 54/ low, etc. etc.) thing, where does that tell me the date/time I have to calibrate it to?

    EDIT: nevermind, I think I figured it out.
    Everytime the timer hits 0 I start the game, I've tried adding or taking 1 but I can never get it right.
    Yeah. I'm just a bit stuck. I'll explain my situation to you and hopefully you could send me in the right direction of what I'm meant to do...

    1. I've got this in the RNG reporter after doing a search for Ditto following your guide on Smogon:
    54 / Low (2) / 000692E3 / Bashful / 0 / M / M / M / M

    2. I'm at the Hidden Grotto in White 2. I'm not really sure how to 'hit the seed' like I've been told and I'm quite stuck. What do I do in game to find the Ditto I've "searched" for?

    Thank you for the help.
    I only started reading about RNGing today so perhaps I'm just stupid but the whole concept of how it works is rather hard to grasp all at once. Mostly I'm just stuck at where to begin as I wanted to go straight into Hidden Grottos but it seems I need to know a lot more about RNGing to do so. Do you have something like Steam that we could chat on? If not, we could talk on the showdown server.
    Hey, sorry for annoying you randomly because we haven't met but I was wondering if you could give me some assistance in 5th Gen Hidden Grotto Encounter abuse. There seems to be a lot of assumed knowledge wherever I look and was wondering if you could give me a hand?
    Hey Hozu I am reading true your guide on shiny PID RNG 3rd Gen, I see that you use Eepid and Spinda Painter to find out the PID of the calibration where you use Spindas, can you transfer the baby to gen 4 instead and use Pokecheck to get the PID instead?

    I place my Spindas with the daycare right. I am going to try generating the egg. So once I get the egg I hatch it, transfer it to 4th Gen find the PID(via pokecheck) and is that what I am going to enter into Eepid?
    I know, I asked OmegaDonut a bit back and I know that form passes from the mother. And yes, I was going for Storm Drain lol I play VGC too :P
    The timer has two stages, and it's the one recommended by a guide, but I think I didn't read enough, and I can't remember which guide it was.
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