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  • Hey, sorry to bother you out of the blue like this, but do you have any knowledge with Emerald RNG on an emulator? I've been running into a problem I can't seem to figure out.
    I know, I followed both of those stories. I know I have a very, um...different view on hacks than most people. I agree that both of them deserve to be on the black list, but I don't find them as the "lying, cheating, hacking scum of the earth" as others might. I still respect them as they're both great RNGers that RNGed numerous legit Pokemon.
    I've been away for like, 3+ months. I have hardly played in that time period, so no, I haven't xD
    Hey dude, long time no talk. How have you been?

    I'll edit out such asap, it's from my old thread that I just copy/pasted from.
    I see.

    Anyway, I'm offering to do banner services, would you be interested if I made you some new banners, since I'm too busy for RNG abusing?
    I understand how you feel. I was disappointed about them getting blacklisted as well, but I would not act hostile at them because it makes people think that I'm being hateful and desrespectful like someone who doesn't give a crap about how they feel even after they already had enough about what happened which is the kind of person that I hate to be. What if you get blacklisted and some of our friends treat you the same way? How would that make you feel? I mean you do see my point, don't u?
    Hey Hozu, I like to ask you something, and I really want you to be honest with me. How would you feel and react at me if I was blacklisted? Would you actually be angry at me and react very hostile like you did to i1338 and Alexshiny if that ever happens?

    Cause after I saw what you said to a i1338, alexshiny, and Gamein99, you're starting to make me think you're talking and acting like a hostile person to newbies and blacklisted players just like eppie did when I was a newbie and got myself officially blacklisted. So what I want to know is how exactly do I know that you won't treat me the same way if I was ever a newbie or if I get officially blacklisted? =/
    Do you know the address of the seed? So i can check which seed i hit? Also i just SR? What determines the seed i hit?
    Hey Hozu i was wondering if i wanted to hit a specific seed in XD how would i go about it? Without using Ram Hack offcourse
    Yeah it looks nice as a ball, but the big unimpressive purple animation and its reputation for holding hacked pokemon make me avoid using it.
    Once tape becomes necessary, I'll use it. Thanks for your help.
    Good job on getting Kyogre btw, but ew, Master ball. Did you miss your frame and lose your patience or something?
    Replaced my battery :)
    I haven't taped it yet though, and it seems to hold just fine. Does it slip around when it's separated from the arm?
    No problem. I have abused this save file anyway. Good luck on the tour and tell me if it helped in any way
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